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Discussion in 'Cypher' started by Sqwurl, Feb 14, 2007.

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  1. Sqwurl

    Sqwurl New Member

    Feb 14, 2007
    aight, u spit some shit that is so fuckin intelectual its hard as hell 4 a nigga 2 break it down, hence some lupe shit
  2. Sqwurl

    Sqwurl New Member

    Feb 14, 2007
    so i guess since i started this shit ill go first

    sqwurl nut entertainment lol

    I sit back and curse my midsummersnight dream/as i watch the definite ruby red flavored laser beam/go past my face wit category 5 wind speeds/that push out wheater predictions like socrtese/it cuts my face like a razors bleeding breeze/but as pleasin as a gurl whoes on her knees/death or pain/i plead the 5th and take the tazers please/to kill the nerves and drain the pain caused by the bullets blood stain/and my nostradomus fame is dragged down the street by my handicaps cain/but that leaves me with no where to rest my feet/ and no where to sleep/ except under six feet/which is like 2 divided by three/which is only rounded to 3 sixes but 4 numbers past the decimal/and all my narrow minded aerial shrapnel/ has dwindled because the blacks whites are the greys capital/ and our dreams as a whole about fames and fortunes/got us restricted to dames and courtrooms/filled with grey rains pain and misfortune/and our hate is breathed in through the lungs/ and relieved with gusts of fists/till momma karma comes to grab us by the wrist/to pay us in full for our misdeeds/given u a casheers check 4 your withdrawel/atleast until death gets ya phone number and starts to call/ but since death wont show up on ya caller id youve got no where to hide/ and no one to confide/its gets dark were all alone and we die
  3. Sqwurl

    Sqwurl New Member

    Feb 14, 2007
    idk if i like this
  4. CaTchW0n

    CaTchW0n New Member

    Sep 18, 2001
    catchw0n will give you a dosage of dopeness beyond milligrams
    doctors cant advance the chemistry I understand
    its contraband, destributed across the land
    therapeutic damage to the cranium cavity command
    attention, physicians must authorize usage
    lyrically abusive so bad its hazardous with music
    you think thats sick, like dslelyics past tense
    it'll cause constipated patients to have bowel accidents
    the flow radius is equated distance from al-quaeda
    right now brain waves within radar
    previous 8 bars fed em circuits with enough fission to split like razors
    rock hard like heavy metal to assemble and make cars

    ?? lol
  5. Sqwurl

    Sqwurl New Member

    Feb 14, 2007
    Life and death fictions/
    Soul out on a break says he went fishin/
    Waitin for his return so upon stars I be wishin /
    For his return into the host body his home vessel/
    If another tries to claim me soul society will wrestle/
    And I don’t wont my mind open for the clinic to meddle/
    So I take Tylenol to cure my symptoms of the virus known as money/lol
    For this asset people die everyday so I guess its not funny/
    And it tempts me everyday so I dont keep it far from me/
    yet its always in my pocket so i guess im keepin my enemies close/
    My body turns to mush and can barely stay together/
    As I turn as unpredictable as the possibilities of forever/
    My limbs stay attached by clones of bones I call tether/
    I can barely think I cant stay like this forever/
    However My soul will be back soon/
    by submarine or a hot air balloon/lol
    Until then my body drools and I cant help but look like a loon/
    So until then upon stars I be wishin for my soul to return soon/

    Now that I’ve finally found my soul/
    My body is missing cus it was outta my control/
    Where it is, is a mystery as juicy as dole/
    Everywhere I look no dice it seems like that every time I roll/
    Whats the point of havin my soul if it has nowhere to rest/
    So for safe keeping I hide him in my dead mans chest/
    So wish upon another star as I wait for my bodies return/
    “keep body on leash” is my last lessoned learned/
    if I cant get my soul back to my body soon i have plenty of reason to be concerned/
    my soul will prolly toil boil and burn/
    (two days later shocking news)
    my souls been takin by the GOP
    the good old party always wants ta fuck wit me/
    givin me good lies like the army is there for you/
    and about how much they care for you/
    then they send yo ass ova seas and u turn around like where were u?/
    biopower got me down so i go huntin
    first stops the cia who tells me its classified but i should assume D.O.A./
    but was i K.I.A. or was i taken away/
    to be continued lol
  6. Knowshun1

    Knowshun1 Knowshun

    Feb 27, 2007
    wait til the water bitters and all tribes brawl,
    I'll replace the sun with light bulbs when the sky falls,
    sleep's cousin flees, breezes rip flesh from the trees,
    the grim rests his dem debt though you've earned 10 deaths,
    vision reddens in the bloody moon's reflections,
    triple sixes read between the lines written deslexic,
    in cumaform tat'd in tablets with arabic acsents,
    nations reduced to a barren deserts of desidious ashes,
    the beast steps where mortals go purging tortured souls,
    demon snickers echo, immortal ghost infernals glow,
    lakes fade to mist, snake pits raise and hiss,
    whurl pools with streams of flames in a circular grey abyss,
    churn away and twist...the hand that rocked the cradle's missed,
    plague parades march with in the population's fit,
  7. DBrown

    DBrown New Member

    Aug 25, 2006
    Stay faded to black, charge in wit a rock in my face 'n..
    Take stock in the thought that
  8. Sir Bustalot

    Sir Bustalot I am Jesus

    Feb 3, 2002
    Take stock in the thought that -

    it takes one slip to get caught coppin a cron sack -
    im not even-steven or even right im wrong jack!
    a rap pioneer with a musket and a long cap
    i shine so bright im mistaken for spotlights and fog lamps
    lifes not a bitch its a pain in the side like jog cramps
    followin more wrong paths then lookin at wrong maps
    everything i hold's blessed like gods hands
    spitting my blood like i lost teeth in a fight
    inducing the hype, my free's are condusive to rights
    when battling a great magician the illusion's your might
    leavin emcees more burnt than the wick thats used to ignite
    show you athousand images of god till ya get used to tha sight
    its food for ya life,
    im so telekinetic wit rhymes im moved when i type
    im doom and im hype,
    causin more eclipsed moons than pollution at night
    im more dangerous than manuvering fallujah on bikes
    my rhymes set the standards,
    so sick my weapons are sets that cause cancers
    embarrassing mc's like game shows where the hosts got the wrong answers
  9. musicisvanity

    musicisvanity New Member

    Apr 24, 2006
    callobrate mental states, to recreate nightmares/
    i've studied through the light years, off light beers/
    and been more correct, than the deepest intellect/
    i intersect insect size with gorilla tactics/
    to leave spinal taps split, like oil lines in in iraq kid/
    it's mathematic, a star that's blackened on both sides/
    eclipse the moon pupil, just to blind both eyes/
    visual contact with the most high/
    leave the legalistic mystics in a ink trail of writtens/
    binary digets, aborted fetus ideas fed to the infants/
    figure 8 infinite/ elliott smith symphonist
    while you simplistics get kicks where the snares supposed to hit

    haha. just some keystyle shit. let me know what the deal is.
  10. 27SOSA

    27SOSA the finisher

    Jul 17, 2000
    Kiss has intelligence to annihilate,
    my brain mass development is to a higher state,
    treasure these words and fuck the mis-spellings,
    cuz intellect alone in the mind is whats telling..
    blunts to the head left me permanently fucked up
    any bitch the Lox hit is permanently butt fucked,
    but that ain' the real truth the world has yet to see,
    as the universe spins kiss world's eternity,
    as my rhymes be omnipresent,
    chronikly smokin bluntsmoke bombs n chokin',
    does this hurt the mind,
    when beyond the potion,
    is bleakness and darkness,
    thoughts and emotions,
    I be the realness mid life at 31,
    live for fullfilness, my wife and only son,
    big talk ain't shit except for braggers and boasters,
    keep my mind on my straight clip, do-rag, and my toaster. muah.
  11. ClaytonBigsby

    ClaytonBigsby Gots What U Need

    Jun 13, 2004
  12. BlastOff

    BlastOff Ready, Aim, Fire!!!!!!!!

    Jun 4, 2005
    I'LL infiltrate ya compound like plagues from Hell's oven/
    I stay full like blue moons room consume cousins.
    dirty dozens mobbin hard on a bitch no intuition/
    and quick to stab you with a sharp chicken bone fresh out the kitchen.
    nigga listen
    if its hard to swallow, then we'll keester/
    the type to murder the bunny rabbit just to fuck up easter.
    fake niggas always claim they the sickest when tryna flow/
    but im known to rape daughters at the end of they show.
    let the sunshine in
    sip gin and play roulette/
    i can give you a bitch, but i cant promise she's wet.
    I'll take your first born and staple a suicide not under his chin/
    that says "I did it for the beer, now let the games begin"
    you laugh now but cry later cuz you fear BlastOff/
    I'll dip ya mommas corspe in acid til her skeletons soft
    you punk nigga
  13. Sir Bustalot

    Sir Bustalot I am Jesus

    Feb 3, 2002
    when speakin on my past crimes its a knifes repentance
    and when speakin on my raps nice its a life sentence
    nights are endless when youre blind sided
    usin a cain ta see in the darkness, minds collided
    telekinesis, what a helluva thesis
    the type of tongue twisting thought that leaves ya speachless
    sidestepped ya knee weakness, weve reached this-
    free freaked scripts i spit like a calligrapher does neatness
    send the rain down like artillery into the hindsight
    keeps ya mind right, rhymes tight- with endless analogies like the fi-nite
  14. M-O-A Thug

    M-O-A Thug New Member

    Apr 5, 2003
    of the finite, like Poet Laurette, this kid's is vet, wrap rap's like sandwiches/
    now watch me bandage ya rep, take advantage and set,/
    this the way they supposed to be, takin' trips to Six Flag's/
    instead of self-hatred, stayin' self-mad, what a grab bag/
    full of lyrical magic, that David Blaine could'nt picture on his "Tarrot Cards"/
    And Silvia Brown, predicted, I would realise, via "Earth, Moon, & Star's"//
    This "Charles is in Charge", of lyrical-Hypnotism, kit'll give-em/
    mental skepticism, my technical, pedigree could be used as fine tuned intellectual weaponry//
    especially, when put to test, I'll Harvard-student's gasping for breath/
    I'm blasting this text, in an effort to effect, what's next, in poetical/
    experientation, through this demonstration, I hope to cause utter damage//
  15. N. Cognito

    N. Cognito As Himself

    Jun 1, 2007
    on a fraud sucker standin/ lookin lost plus abandoned/
    cuz i'll drop heavy words while my jaws puff a branson/
    my style's core temperature is too hot, plug a fan in/
    for ya life's sake, Nito dehydrates these cock suck companions/
    trying my text word scheme, my niceness turns mean/
    perfecture in lyrical exerpts is my expertise/
    like trying to dissect a flea/
    N.'s high com-plexity/ skools guys who step to me like Devry, minus the Ed Degrees/...
  16. Bonnie Bathory

    Bonnie Bathory New Member

    Sep 20, 1999
    Insatiable she, ever the impatient breed of sagacious...
    Hard to please, but yet still thoughtful and gracious...
    Her peers mediocre at best and she yens for a challange...
    but no they lest
    for she curves the balance by exerting too much malice...
    Her heart hath calloused emotions hounded by paralysis
    Restin soundly never doubtin how astoundin all her talent is...

    this is effin boring 2 me :\
  17. CaTchW0n

    CaTchW0n New Member

    Sep 18, 2001
    Yall should already know My hypothesis, posulates I conjugated
    I gotta rock this shit not the opposite reciprocated
    This saliva I spit can't be D.n.a. and I pyrotechnic mics elibriated
    so over .008 Im wreckless, crashing on beats breakin
    Geez sake man, the heat vacated through wisdom
    evade the globe into another solar system, you can blow the whistle
    dope like its smuggled into foldger's crystal
    Seconds away from loading a missle
    Put the map at seige, Nuclear war head like a south korean
  18. M-O-A Thug

    M-O-A Thug New Member

    Apr 5, 2003
    South Korean, I be in, over seeing, triple beams is screaming/
    With more "brain" than Bobby Heenan, Triple teaming leaving fools fleeing//
    Or clinging to life line, you can't out nice mine, I got the shine/
    pluse a technical 9, not a tech 9, I'm talking Nine technical lines//
    3 bars and a half, in case you wanna do the math/
    I burn wack rappers like "Backdraft", when I smash on this art craft//
    Like Everlast, fuggin' "House of Pain" I be, inside/
    Recouperating from the nose dive did in ya girlfriend//
    This lyrical whirlwind, blow hard like windy outdoor excursions/
    In a place you've never heard, and. start hurling//
    Or start curling, building the bicep, like nitro-glycerine was helped/
    When I came and dropped than what was previously felt//
    Sometimes I need help, but don't ask for it/
    Needin' to get excorted to the right scene//
    and right team, instead of the bad guys, with deciet on they mind/
    these lyrical lines, be indeginous at times, but I'm feeling fine//
    Got backpack on, Michael Jordan Sneakers/
    I spit heat seekers, that'll explode through the tweeters//
    my accapella, sicker Rhianna's Umbrella/
    Showin' mc's is all glass like Cinderella//
    A hell-of-a-fella, bangin' Roc-A-Fella, over Just Blaze/
    I just A-Maze, Due's get paid, ridin' the Escalade//
    in the middle of day catching some sunny sun rays//
  19. smead

    smead New Member

    Jun 24, 2007
    ey yo hiphop we at it again this time on some lyrical "ish"
    you want lyrically intelligent? check this

    My consistant bubonic logic is audio cronic
    that’s relevant like elements
    im the propulsion
    from explosions
    during showtime
    stayin complacent
    when I bang it to racists
    that hate on smead
    cuz im a chubby body boy
    that plays hits to miscreants
    poppin experimental musical lyrical flow
    like knowledge of governmental prophets
    that created my material
    from the greatest latest places of hiphop’s legends
    bitches cum taste me
    im the forbidden loin fruit
    of the poppa T tree
    who invested trust in Jackie
    and 9 months rested
    a mini version of me
    that’s right a baby smead
    now im grown
    treat the world like my thrown
    obey by rules of my own
    that’re shown
    by creative might
    learned by being flown
    in the lyrical light
    i've been respected-connected-projected
    never rejected as evil
    tho I may sin
    so do most men
    that flow between blue lines
    for show time

    thell me what ya'll think of that rhyme it's part of my track "Lyrical Shit"
    p.s. don't bite lines if you wanna use in a rhyme hit me up on aim: bigsmead, for now peace ya'll bangsta gangstas
  20. M-O-A Thug

    M-O-A Thug New Member

    Apr 5, 2003
    when I get's to scorchin men/
    it's finely tuned porcelyn//
    I'm off the course again, sort of corcican/
    sort of like a wilderbeast, eating eggs mixed with keesh//
    got me locked on a leash, just easy for me to break out it/
    ask master p, what it truly means to be "bout it"//
    He said don't doub it, be 'crunk' an hella 'hyphy'/
    hella banged-out, or in the east "wild'n out it"//
    what you smilin' 'bout? take that McDonald's cheese grin off/
    chances of beatin' me is thin as a flim Kate Moss//
    fuck Moto, I do skate-cross, with motors on my shoes/
    shit they have'nt been invented yet, but I'm here to give you the news//
    perfect tennis shoes, do finish moves when I'm blendin' through/
    out of the clear blue, or for the second time like a "De Ja vu"//
    I be hating crues, cuz they a bunch of hater fools/
    Who hated on "The Sopranos", cuz it finished with the family happy eating food//
    looking really cool, I pity fools, like Mr. T/
    this lyrical mystery, is like holdin' off on too much "MSG"//
    leave it a little regular, my extra-correcullar/
    stay correctin' ya, pen wreckin' ya, dejectin' ya//
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