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  1. M-O-A Thug

    M-O-A Thug New Member

    Apr 5, 2003
    *over some crazy mix of 5-6 beats* :tongue:

    propane, Infern, will learn, concern, my turn/
    And I gotta take it, what I spit is sacred, toss you on a lakebed with wise spitted sacred//
    seals fated, been elevated, different terms and terminology, follow my personal version of 'Phrenology'/
    Cuz ain't no way possibly, you can fug with the velocity, of a man made 12-gauge/
    Ready to engage, my pen blaze, blow kid's back's out/
    And I hate to be negative, let's keep it all selective kid's though sometimes
    we misbehave//
    With this 4-alarm blaze, lettin' shot's off from the shoulder/
    Sometime's my mood get's kind of colder, as I get older givin' props to soldiers//
    Overseas fightin' on the frontline, while type and waste time, with a punk rhyme//
    And we shit on each other, for personal advacement, when in reality it's not important/
    besides business, and as my witness, I spit this sickness//
    while you spit the slickest, just to 'toot your own britches'/
    what if me and you where on the frontlines fightin?
    would it really matter, you did your job correct in the eyes of a buisness license?//
    If it still did, I guess I can't change it, the way game has been arrange with/
    pure-utter, spit-dewwy, make me studder, but I'm still thankful,
    And I take full responsibily, this lyrical ability, is in the vacinity/
    Of poetical misery, sick-lyrical-wizardry, growin hairs on me physically//
    I can't help-it, with felt-tip, pen I meld-shit, all together/
    Call me 'Birdman'... Cuz I'm fly in Bad Weather,//
    Hit you like "teather-ball", ain't no way you down to brawl/
    It's over for you, you don't need another curtain-call//
    Bizkit, he be wreckin' ya'll.. like a cannon-ball,/
    Preparin' for your down-fall, man... I fades ALL YA'LL//
    Stand's tall-all, shine like Paul Waul's mall----store/
    this you could'nt possiblly afford, unless you had cash with an unmeasurable value/
    Deep like "Eve's bayou", put you on trial, with a Sonic Boom, just like Guile//
  2. M-O-A Thug

    M-O-A Thug New Member

    Apr 5, 2003
    thought schemes, give birth like offstring, bossing, your lossing's/
    costing, kids alot of money, alot cat's is dummy's, softer than playboy bunnys/
    and to me it's funny, I mean really thunny.. your nothing more than a crashtest dummy's/
    gettin' grumbly, while lyrically stumbling to your defeat, I hit kids with football cleats/
    who wanna compete, and think they can speak, on what's going on/
    man I'm going strong, sort of like a phenomenon, this kid be bombin-on//
    All you wanna-be's what you wanting, g?, wanting with me/
    There's is no comforting, on what I spit, times I rip/
    there's time to trip, times to heart beat skip/
    kit-that's what they call me, the sky is falling, just look above/
    all this buisness got me seeking out for the love//
    and trying my hardest at school, though I seem like fool/
    26 years old, sometimes I feel swole, yeah... inside,/
    my pen provides, a lot of "why cries", while I'm 'wide-eyed'//
    like "my, oh, my", why ask why, why I try? to be so foolish/
    sometimes I feel kind of foolish, trying to understand who the rule is?/
    And how do I do this, to be the lyrical truest, while taking care of myself//
    which is more neccessary, my lyrical treachery, sometimes I feel is unncessary/
    I mean bless the fairy, from hear to february, '08, so-wait./
    oh-straight, piece-of-cake, I think I need a ciggarette break//
    yeah give me 10 minutes, until I'm back up in it./
    Yeah, back to win it, like Popeye after Spinach//
    say that with a Grimace,/
    prettier than a smile worked on by a Dentist, I'm finished.//
  3. CaTchW0n

    CaTchW0n New Member

    Sep 18, 2001
    over some dj primo jaunt...
    where some end, Im getting my second wind Im trying to get in, more "holmes" than a mexican.. thongs of a sexy chick, ya mans a petty prick
    Catchw0n wont catch a brick uh.... My Bars you'll dodge like chargers, I Pack like Brett Farve you hold my clipboard like Aaron Rogers,
    My teams built for every problem, you gotta be sippin vodka tryin to rob us...... Im getting mine yup, for the 07 plus..... cake is a must keep ya women in cuffs, pour remy in cup or just henny it up Get at you full throtle like a hemi in trucks
    let loose bucks like young buck at source awards you gotta knife I gotta sword
    swore my life can only go to the lord, not over a war make sure the producer crashing the boards like a power forward... the truths always avoid
    these decoys need proof on its own only time they in the booth they speak on the phone im on top like a roof cuz I be in the zone, I started from the root
    and grew on my own, you think you saw Luke how these bitches exposed
    aint no tellin who might be in ya home with the chrome ya smell me?
    try to catch me slippin but I knew Duke like coach Krzyzewski..Im a pro test me
    I go indepths so deep subconciously....... my thoughts are so concrete but I always fall for a Blow job B taught even with wins, theres no celebrating its the celebrity
    Gettin so high im almost levitating.. I blow Lye, bye slow minds like cars accelerating
    Call ya chick a bitch, yeah I said it lady battle me is a death in waiting no ands ifs or maybes
  4. M-O-A Thug

    M-O-A Thug New Member

    Apr 5, 2003
    Over *Come Home with Me*, *Dipset* : )

    Early 90's it was'nt pearly on shiny, I was certainly grimy/
    Compared to me all you rappers, are heiny//
    Bizkit, stay mad grimy, to the point, kids look up to me as the truth/
    Got more fire than the a house that's "Water Proof"//
    I'm all up in the booth like this was BET/
    Leave immediately, when you see, my technical pedigree//
    Lyrical weaponry, shock kids, electrically, with mad watt-power/
    The Headless Horseman, Gift stay enforcin', like Arn Anderson/
    Watch me start slam-dancin' and, just start to tramplin'//
    Show's I'm cancelin', start romancin' and, ya girl marolyn'and/
    Carol'and, bring double-barrel's-in, flight of the sparrow'an//
    Jack Sparrow, sippin' on a Jack Daniels, rudy-poo mc's get manhandled/
    this is street rap, for whatever it's worth//
    I rather sit on the corner and burst, a freestyle verse/
    Cuz it's like my own personal worth, it's like playin' hoop for fun//
    not in front of everyone, though I'm scary one/
    And I don't drink beer, I just spit it for my peers//
    And hope that they can here, what I think is ill, for this hemisfear/
    not for any cheers, just for hip hop, not for any cheers, just for hip hop//
    Like Phase and Cope 2, paintin' the buildin', Like breakers touchin' the ceiling/
    I just hope these lyricals, is an expression relievin', somethin' we personally can relate to//
    cuz I don't got on a cape, fool/ KRS said, fear and MC'n don't go together/
    So I guess it's now or never, for this lyrical beretta//
  5. 27SOSA

    27SOSA the finisher

    Jul 17, 2000
    So Lonely - Joe Buddens

    See i'm rippin thru ruthlessness,
    y'all ain't happy i'm here,
    y'all is like Sosa
    still rappin shit
    and his game still screwin it,
    I give a fuck if Jada flow thru these veins
    i'm doin it,
    you haters can't ruin it
    I rip shit,
    and if it ain't rip I clip up
    and shootin right though the shit,
    I'm the fuckin assasin,
    my shit be for hire,
    you askin
    im blastin the fire,
    I'm a psycho,
    when the mic blow,
    when the red light on,
    it's tonights show,
    when the red light off,
    the shows over,
    you motherfuckers still lookin for
    slow rollers, muthafuckas with cold shoulders
    but this is the last of the best,
    forget your distress,
    my style is smooth as a satin red dress,
    fuck the haters that be hatin'
    and realize the realness is riight on your steps,
    i'm the best emcee on the site,
    you fucking right,
    my shit is similar to a nuns night,
    perfect and calm,
    quit as fuck,
    but my guns drawn,
    fuck you all,
    you sweet but done quick like bon-bons
  6. M-O-A Thug

    M-O-A Thug New Member

    Apr 5, 2003
    Man, I be on/ wanna-be peon's get pee'd, with neon vix freon/
    wanna-be, gonna be, another one for me to get pass, whiplash//
    raggae sunsplash, got me puffin' tokes of smoke/
    got me going out for broke, tryin' to provoke, those dope/
    tight-rope, walkin'/ quite often, no tellin' what it's costin'/
    me a couple bills? a couple thrills? a couple meals?//
    I could've got fat on, while playing John Madden/
    never hands-off, hands-on. this is what you can imagine//
    Yeah. that jawn, that joint in the backgroud, I back clowns down/
    surround your compound, with 4-pound's and quarter pound's//
    Like this was McDonald's, your dealing with the head honcho/
    John Elway Bronco, tonto, al-campo, got samples/
    this kid's shows get cancelled like the "WB", what trouble you see?//
    cause enough trouble to me, it's kind of thorough to see/
    It's kind of thorough to be, an mc, for self-e.x.p.r.e.s.s.i.o.n//
  7. Linxz

    Linxz What!

    Feb 5, 2006
    Stop Fronting beat-from ya boi Alchemist


    a lot of catz boogy downs, mind gone reason Y mouths stretch 2shout
    since fifty smash & jay tap out, i've grown on to another route
    take notice i'm focus, bitches keep the strips wet but I dont sweat
    rather feedback my money, like the clubs to the internet
    i've been a threat, into deep where the game leave most weak
    to these cut throats i'm just as bleak, buying crack like bleach
    pass those whose scare, that like to take peaks of these mean streets
    cause as to karosine & ovens, i'm known to kick spits to bring heat

    So while ya catz on some clue shyt, i'll be seen as paste on that new shyt
    like whatz the news kid, blood i'm try'n 2shake gold outta tulips
    get you lost in a mind of a mind in the time of the times where moments defind
    black holes I've worp those gone shine as I devise while you divine
    coasting inline paraelle to visions, must be mistaken if ya think ya stopping mine
    get scared from ya belly to ya throat What! Its Linxz that ya fuck'n wit
    to far gone to be caught in the mix, so like musturd ya need to catch up wit
    fix ya face or get a taste from the clip, haterz I dont bother......... cause
  8. M-O-A Thug

    M-O-A Thug New Member

    Apr 5, 2003
    *Crazy mix of beat's again* lol..

    Metaphysical-minds correlate, to a status that's sort of great/
    overweight, what ever you want to call it, but don't want to brolic, cuz it's mad wild like an alcoholic//
    I've seen plant hills, in man made movies that was sort of like flicks stand still/
    this man's ill, like he had the flu or somethin', tell these guys to quit with all the gum-bumpin'//
    before the can of worms opens up and it turns into somethin'//
    this here's for daily consumption, the way I be dumpin',/
    Prolly fug's up the city's Waste Consumption//
    Now ain't that somethin', or an assumption, like what's presumably gonna happen/
    in the future, whether it happen's or not is a whole nother story//
    this is mandatory, for me to grab mics, and stand right, and make sure my stance is right/
    Over bass and drum's plus a sample of the sickest Scottish-Bagpipes//
    You got that right, or left, old school, like "Mega Death"/
    Gotta problem with me? Just save ya breath//
    Cuz I'm not really sure I'll pay any attention to it/
    Like Nike, "Just Do It", Just Rule it, pursue it//
    Like a pretty girl, even if she say's no/ What a dumb, young fellow/
    Prolly better off listen to Cosby, tellin him how to make "Jello"//
    Hello, How are you doing today? my rubic's-cube'll leave College proffesors confused/
    Cuz it's so many jewels to behold, the brightest'll blind, the lyrics'll touch ya soul//
    Somethin' you can feel inside, the self expression that people usually hide/
    Everyone grab the mic, and pick it up right now,/
    don't be confused be all that you seein' now//
    Like you was Cope 2, 'cept on the vocals,/
    Ready poke through and let other rappers know you//
    Other other Graffer's know you, it all works the same/
    Like bunch of links connected-by the chain//
  9. Linxz

    Linxz What!

    Feb 5, 2006
    Hell Rell shyt


    i'm the prelude the recon in this rap shyt yall believe to spit
    coke & weed can get ya lit but the gats could make em lift
    fuck it my household drug infested seen more than life behind bars
    for those bitches screaming without scars I drop hard
    most end up being brauds see pass ya scrimage and yards
    play the back and still find myself on & off platforms of courts
    the boss naw just a player of sports so many cases I fought
    you catz got it confuse theres only one of the same
    thatz whatever within my frame fuck banging for fame
    let em know my name linxz the link far from a lame
    you catz traffic the same always talk more than these dames
    i'm just kicking the real while ya peak in to dip to cop a feel
    my life is surreal the savage in a beast label me the deal
    the only sosa that sauce money to smart to pitch dummies
    catz that hate turn to grass eaters lesson learn dont beef wit me
    its only two ways you can be, thatz teach or get money how I see

  10. Da New Kid

    Da New Kid New

    Apr 7, 2003
    This V-town, pussy...
    Where we mob, where ya hoz get roughed up
    Where we rob, where you hoz get stuck up
    Where its raw, where the blow won't cut up
    Where you get ya clothes soked in blood, chump
    Here I come again for a second time
    Im bound to last longer in the thread this time
    As Im sick of the bullshit, sick of the full clip
    In my heat havin' nothin' to screw with
    nuttin' but shanks and gats in my tool kit
    The arsenal I pack to make ways
    May-day, pussy, I'ma rob ya and part ways on pay day..... Fuckker.

    N I luv It.... I lUv It
  11. Da New Kid

    Da New Kid New

    Apr 7, 2003
    N I luv my God-like flow, the one God likes, wow

    N I luv watchin' the asshole when I hit it
    N I luv havin' a battle when Im spittin'
    N I luv Blue label on the rocks with redbull
    N I luv these coke lines lettin' my head loose
    N I luv some of it in my blunt, too
    N I luv the faces on niqqaz when I roll thru
    stuntin' like its nuttin in the new six
    N I luv robbin' somebody's new whip
    N I luv fuckin' them bitches raw
    N I luv how they suck the semen from my penis off
    N I luv God, myself and money
    N I luv ya hoz whorin' yaselves for money.....

    I luv it...........
  12. Da New Kid

    Da New Kid New

    Apr 7, 2003
    This V-town, (Bleep)...
    Where we mob, where ya (bleep) get roughed up
    Where we (bleep), where ya (bleep)
    Where its (bleep), where the (bleep)
    Where you get ya clothes soked in (bleep), chump
    Here I come again for a second time
    Im bound to last longer in the thread this time
    As Im sick of the (bleep), sick of the (bleep)
    .......... havin' nothin' to screw with
    nuttin' but (bleep) in my tool kit
    The arsenal I pack to make ways
    May-day, (bleep), I'ma (bleep) and part ways on pay day.....

    N I luv It.... I lUv It

    N I luv my God-like flow, the one God likes, wow

    N I luv watchin' the (bleep) when I (bleep)
    N I luv havin' a battle when Im spittin'
    N I luv Blue label on the rocks with redbull
    N I luv how these (bleep) let my head loose
    N I luv some of it in my (bleep), too
    N I luv the faces on (bleep) when I roll thru
    stuntin' like its nuttin in the new six
    N I luv (bleep) somebody's new whip
    N I luv (bleep)
    N I luv how they (bleep)
    N I luv God, myself and money
    N I luv ya (bleep) yaselves for money.....

    I luv it...........

    The Clean version, yeah
  13. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Active Member

    Mar 11, 2007

    Im Not No Pussy Cat
    So Keep Ya Feelins To Yo Self Or Else You Get A Twisted Cap
    Could Spit Dat Twista Rap
    But I Slow It Down Cuz Da Weed Goin Down
    And Da Weed Goin Roun I Sware I Think I Blow A Pound
    Hop Out Of Any Whip Yall Like Dat Boy So Versa-tile
    Do Da Soulja Boy All My Thugz Jus Lean On Em
    Yeah U Prolly Could Blind Me If Dat Light Gleam On It
    Ha Ha
    U Weak Dudes Wanna Battle So Imma Show U Where To Battle Me At
    Yo Hood I'll Come A Long And Still Bring Yall Ateries Back
    Im Untame Imma Creature Dont Need A Saddle Wit Dat
    Cuz I Got It Hard As I Speak U Cant See Im Mad When I Rap
    So Think First Befoe U Spit Dat Little Fantasy Crap
    Real Goon Keep Flowin Like A Battery Pack
  14. M-O-A Thug

    M-O-A Thug New Member

    Apr 5, 2003
    A lil, Group Home "Livin' Proof" (old school, lol..)and a lil "City" by Wu-Tang, : )

    Yo, Giftshop is back... throw ya hands in the sky/
    Cuz I'm high in the sky like a sattelite passing by, on the 4th of July//
    This here it apply's, to whatever you guys/
    Possibly inply, when I try and open up you eyes//
    through these rhye's, oh excuse me, rhymes/
    I pantamime, shinin' bright like Traffic light signs//
    eat cat's like Pork Rind's, standin' ready to torch mine/
    I know you kid's prolly are, in it, like a Toffee jar//
    Full of the Hershey mix, sweeter than a Hershe Kiss/
    Wack kids I quickly dismiss, while the speaker loudly just "hiss"//
    coming through with the iron fist, in multiple palaces/
    sittin' on chrome chalaces, in a sphere-shape, none of the flatteness//
    that you possibly can find, like a couple cent's out a dime/
  15. Mikez

    Mikez Emcee Next Door

    Jul 7, 2004
    ride with me t.i

    ride in the 2 up 2 down...with the crew a black coupe...
    white walls on the herb in the air....
    got hoes on they backside...liquor in the sytem...and im jus letttin the track ride....
    swagger on Full got the pedal to the metal...and im rollin with my devil like a muthafuckin rebel....
    catch me swervin...goin bout 80 on a freeway....niggaz see da beamer...
    and they holla for a replay....
    we stay....higher than the crime in the Pj's....
    drinks on me drop a line to the DJ....
    vip...skip the line at the front door....
    cool with security and keep my tucked low...
    blowin on the fire roll the green leaf game up...
    phillies gettin old bout time that we change up...
    money gettin bigger so im bout to change the chain up...
    sold da caddy for a buck now im bout 2 bring the range up....
  16. M-O-A Thug

    M-O-A Thug New Member

    Apr 5, 2003
    "bring the range up..."

    get the new rockstar lined hair-do, cut/
    the cookie cutter, legion of mc's and what's, what//
    or what's up, pick-up like a Toyota, flatbed truck/
    as I instruct, golfers, and new guys with muscular arms that's cut//
    oh, what? oh, wait, I mean, wait a minute/
    you don't have to be master p, to know there's no limit//
    to, the parameters, measurements, by the handlers/
    just like a show manager, in front of lights and camera's//
    live at the orpheum, sometime's it feels like I'm forcin' them/
    kind of unappropriate, ball like Ryan Torrian//
    Cubic Circornian, in a uniform just tourin-in/
    lookin' at the buildings and terraces/
    rising 20ft like I did the math and measured-it//
    this lyrical cleverness, is pleasured-with some featherdness/
    like some voyeurism, or gothic vision//
  17. R3DRUM

    R3DRUM Capo

    Jul 13, 2005
    Money on my mind...

    And i got money on the kind bud,
    Fuck gettin ya shit right, this'll have ya mind stuck..
    Dont twist it too tight, i aint havin none of mine run..
    This shit's too sticky, i gotta say that its beyond skunk..
    And wit my luck, My doorstep is fulla scavengers..
    Stupid amateurs, born ready to use my cannabis..
    I stay full but can't i get a break, get ya own..
    Smokin mine, off the first puff u take,ya instant stoned..
    A menace doped out of his mind, im feelin that...
    Brain randomizes, but my rhymes are still intact..
    Got ganja fillin sacks, im never satisfied..
    I could be at war and still fathomize,
    About tokin after battlecries, n when the havok dies-
    Whose smokin? id rather fii' up a doobie..
    And choke like i was in a cheech and chong movie..
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