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Discussion in 'Cypher' started by King Grimet, Nov 27, 2007.

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  1. V0rT3X

    V0rT3X Under Estimate Me - Pleas

    May 31, 2008
    I gotta come correct - Yes keep this shit tight
    With the Heat of the Sun and Cold of the Night
    I control the climate - I hold Life in my hands
    I make it Rain around the World - Call me the Weather Man
    I'm the Father of Apollo - I keep a Bad Bitch Hera
    Fat Joe can bring the Crack But my Squad bring the Terror
    Thunder and Lightning Bolts - That My Crack can u Hear-ah
    Too much static to wear a Cap - But This is a New Era
    I dont rep my Hood - cus we are a Bunch of Gods
    Over heard a mortal "Mt Olympus GO HARD!"
    And we don't try for real - If We did, Its Abuse
    Some call me the King - I Prefer Zeus
  2. Spatula

    Spatula New Member

    Apr 18, 2007
    I'm insane, full of insanity, yes!
    I crave panties in mesh, it's vanity fresh,
    With my finger nails stuck in the back of your flesh.
    I'm in this assault and battery mess the faculty says,
    I got lights bulbs and a mic cord inside my maggoty chest.
  3. SmilezSouthstar

    SmilezSouthstar New Member

    Jun 26, 2008
    [Southstar] (Smilez)
    Celebri-ty pop star, hoodstar, what it' do! (What it do bitch!)
    Obama Killa, Bush's niqqaz yeah we'll slaughter you
    With ya mommas, baby mommas n ya daughters, too (SOUTHSTAR!!!)
    Yeah its raw boy, so uncut boy how ya love it?
    Joyful being on top, boy? 'Star uh shoot ya the fuck up OFF IT!
    (FUCK BOY!) we V.I.P, on some nose candy shit
    We so family with Lindsay Lohan on that T.I.P (*SNIFF*)
    Clubbin', Ibiza, Berlin, we livin' the life, rich n famous
    We at Studio 54, pourin' bricks on tables
    No straws, only hundred dollar bills, we on some A grade shit (*SNIFF*)
    Smilez & Southstar get the parties poppin'
    Chargin' 50 G's each just to show up on some hip hop shit
    Hit the airport, tourin' in every state, circlin' the globe
    Raw fuckin' groupies, we stay reimbursin' on our jobs (ZHOOOOO!)
    So keep hatin' on a couple a young niqqaz from the O
    Who did make it... fuck ya punk niqqaz who stay broke.... (HAHAHAH!)

    Word on the street is ya niqqaz stay missin'.... I mean where y'all at?
    Raisin' goats in Wisconsin, niqqa get the fuck out my face!

    I mean I don't wanna disrespect our fanbase out there but forreal y'all not touchin' us, we be at the 2 million dollar studio high off the purest....

    Y'all stay at ya momma's porch burnin' that cheap dirt grass they sold u for weed.... Keep savin' yo pennys niqqa maybe some day you'll afford a nice shirt or sumthin bitches,ZHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  4. *J-BIG's*

    *J-BIG's* New Member

    Aug 6, 2008
    i aint no saint but im a lunitic
    armed wit a hammer and a bat u already know who it is
    that crazy motherfucker that they told u about
    i make em get im coolin em down
    im full of the clout when it comes to nuts
    im the type to show up to the gunfight wit nun-chucks
    no judo, tae-kwon-do or karate experiance
    but imswingin for the fences to leave u delearious
    im serious, no medicine, theres nothin you can do to jim
    ill never calm down i belong in the loony bin
    im jus too nuts i need a spiritual healer
    guz ive always dreamed to be a serial killer
  5. inFLOWenced

    inFLOWenced New Member

    Aug 12, 2008
    insanity? yes! this shits a calamity stretched
    this guy is crazier than girls gone wild sets - haha!
    inlfuenced by the best, Em is a legend to this type of mess
    fuck the stress blow the best dro trafficed from out west
    run up in stores and go gun point for bubble gum
    high strung on drugs like acrobatics in Barnum's - ha
    far from.. ordinary, tats lit up on me like Stardom
    i post up on murda scenes to beat up the deceased
    fetal positioned and ima still stomp you with cleats
    gasoline the streets until pedestrians scream
    fuck it, im done lets see what the next MC bring
  6. Graphix

    Graphix Member

    Nov 28, 2004
    I'm looking to hang your head
    till you dangle from a hook
    Crooked and mangled
    with ya innards looking like scrambled eggs
    Hookers get strangled dead
    Then trampled with one foot
    My train of thought has been derailed
    I strain to walk wingless as an angel lost
    My brain is warped & less then ordinary
    Twisted as that misfit's who has sex in mortuaries
    Yes! Of course I'm weary...
    & ultra vexed I'm not extraordinary
    So I sulk for sex and wander around cultureless
    Plotting my suicide in a vulture's nest
    It's more then a form of depression.
    It's a morbid obsession with pulselessness
  7. Marty_MayheM

    Marty_MayheM New Member

    Jul 27, 2008
    I'm a crazed cat, my eye sockets swirl n shake,
    I take trips to day care to eat a young girls face,
    Fuck the law, i came to leave a judge's life annulled,
    Fuck a bitch, i came for head to break my dick through her skull,
    They say you're not insane, if you ask yourself that question,
    But i was asked by a burnt angel hurtled from heaven,
    Fuck ... it's hard to breathe inside this darkened insanity,
    Gat cocked in the vanity, and i smile back happily,
  8. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Active Member

    Mar 11, 2007
    Verse Came Strait From The Insane Asylum.

    I Been On Tha Hunt
    Im Hot Like Tha End Of A Blunt
    Im Bout To Kick It
    Like Tha Begin Of A Punt
    Im Standin On My Hot Spot
    So When I Shoot,i Will Not Miss
    My Flow Iz Like Hot Piss
    Honest,run Up Get Ran Down
    Over The Scanner All U Hear Iz ''man Down''
    Imma Hold Ma Land Down
    I Wanna Be A Livin Legend
    I Had That Dream Every Since I Wuz Eleven
    Livin In Hell,not Thinkin Of Heaven
    It's My Time An As Tha Clock ''tick Tick''
    I Wanna Be Great Like 2-pac Or Slick Rick
    My Passion Run Deep,i Rome Wen Tha Sun Sleep
    All Black,solo Mo Peace
    Im In-tune Wit Ma Self,u Like A Slo Mo Beat
    Only The Strong Survive,in These Low Low Streets
  9. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    Insane twisted like Freddy
    spooky like Eddie I’m a munster
    wicked sick, stiller than a still born
    still smiling still slightly warm
    I’m fresh out womb Damien scorned
    I’m so full of rage itS like a killer bee storm
    N.i.g.g.a you been warned I’m iller than bush
    I drop bombs, I love to be underestimated
    Under dog, be I y’all, I’m all beast unleashed
    with vomit flows’ acid on the face of the animated
    you castrated how you man enough to orchestrate this
    when I guillotine it, wankster get weaned by this
    flow, I’m a killer whale biting bodies,
    shredding limbs like pulled pork
    I’m bloody with Mary we collided bodies
    after drinking Bacardi’ straight from skulls of dead bodies
    Insanity is me… I created da joker bitch “HERE’S SIXFEET”
  10. T.a.C

    T.a.C Guest

    im stuck jerkin it tonight cuz my dogs blue ballin me
    im depressed cuz my favorite gay porn star got h.i.v
    my mom walked in on me touching myself
    i told her im 34, mom either join or get the fuck out
    my ex's mom fell and hit her head
    i got caught fuckin her in her hospital bed
    you guys wanna hear some shit thats more sick?
    snuck into the 49ers training facility to see Frank Gore's dick
    even my blow up doll wont fuck me
    but its not my fault when i was 3 Michael Jackson touched me
  11. Knowledge

    Knowledge Guest

    Micheal Jackson is my cousin
    Little boys we run in
    Nasty is the king pedophile
    With little kids he gets vile
    Nasty as he wants to be
    Insanity making him horny
    On the internet molesting through aims
    He cybers while doing lines of cocaine
    His favorite movie is purple rain
    Sustain the reign of Nasty's molestation
    He's masturbatin' while police be baitin'
  12. I Am Legend

    I Am Legend since 82' it ain't easy.

    Nov 14, 2008
    i'm fucking crazy, yeah baby, in matter of fact i'm lazy
    i'll stab you with a broom, jump you wit the goons..
    you won't know who, hit you from all type of directions...
    make your bitch ass fall in sections!!
  13. C-Money

    C-Money New Member

    Dec 13, 2005
    I need my insanity controlled, shit I'm feeling loony like Hannity and Colmes
    hallucinating laying on a canopy with trolls, while they try handling my pole
    I wish I was a sane person, I wish I had money to change shirts and
    buy prostitutes, so i can fuck them in front of a cock-or-two

    chea whore
  14. Tristan.

    Tristan. took your girl.

    Mar 24, 2008
    i write for people who live through the same
    life sucks when insanity's the only thing you can claim
    living insane, whole existance crippled through pain
    old friends, walking by me saying shit is ashame
    feel like dying at night, while living in days
    twisted smoking that piffing, living in daze
    trying to find my way out like shit is a maze
    the devil had raised, a demon too set in his ways
    and he made sure that i never would stray
    noones there to remind me it's never too late
    instead of figuring out getting away
    deep down i know that it's better this way
  15. Tristan.

    Tristan. took your girl.

    Mar 24, 2008
    im crazy with this razor, with this razor im crazy.

  16. CKing

    CKing Unregistered User

    Mar 24, 2009
    trapped in a dome,
    eyes closed, gun to my dome,
    my body is here,
    but my mind, well, forever roams,
    lights on or lights off? i decide wit my mind,
    receivin strange looks from folks, but i dont really mind
    my world is my utopia, how i want it to be
    i sit and spit flows, onlookers watching quietly,
    lookin out a window, from a room in which i am stuck,
    imagination takes control, my instincts tell me to duck,
    i drop and look around, nothing to be seen.
    just a cot and cement walls, the results of my insanity,
    stuck in captivity, i forever long to be free,
    but here i will stay, cuz reality got the best of me
  17. Graphix

    Graphix Member

    Nov 28, 2004
    Numb to the world...
    I live life day by day to cum in my girl
    My hunger for words has diminish..
    My creative side is bounded by limits..
    Restricted by parallelism..
    I'm paralyzed within..
    Follow me and please don't chuckle..
    When I'm rocking mics
    & the crowd screams 'we don't love you'
    My ego crumbles to pieces,
    I'd use sarcasm as a crutch but my thought pattern is corrupt
    Orgasms is a must.. See! I'm an addict for sex.
    Not just manic depressed... I spasm to be touched!
  18. Fresh Flowz

    Fresh Flowz New Member

    Feb 24, 2009
    insane my brain is tamed to cope with this pain/
    bursting veins, and intricate plans to go against the grain/
    religious views, and political actions affecting me/
    while i sit and wonder whether God or satan's collecting me/
    paranoid dreams destroying self esteem try to avoid a scream/
    but it creeps out, secrets leak out and im afraid to speak out/
    a poster inside my head saying evil thoughts just keep out/
    voices offer concise and precise words/
    and dont think twice bout wat they advice incurred/
  19. Xquisite

    Xquisite Guest

    When u hear the click better get back
    cuz I'll pap pap pap atcha six pack
    can u dig that? yes, I got sick raps
    sicker than a motha fuckin dick rash
    yo wheres your bitch at?
    yup, I got her kidnapped
    and I gave her whiplash last night when I hit that
    plus she was fresher than a tic tac
    so I licked that and flipped that before I fuckin split that
    I peeled her wig back
    cuz the snatch flapped her god damn big trap
    lol, I kid, I kid...freestizzle lol
  20. marc antony

    marc antony It's all about da ass....

    Jun 8, 2000
    mind shows incarceration, heartless, heart was taken
    by this heartless nation i'm armed and thankin,
    the lord for the metal of the four four that i'm tastin,
    mind...terrible thing to be wasting, unless i'm already wasted,
    when i'm wasted, perhaps that balances the equation,
    the problem? how shall i put it...mayne it's
    been so long since i talked to people it's kinda hard to be explainin...
    pain & pain...knowing nothing else in this language....
    no words of which i try to say can properly describe the anguish...
    the months the years....and how i've cried all these tears...
    the friends that don't exist...subsist my need to keep people near...

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