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Discussion in 'Cypher' started by King Grimet, Nov 27, 2007.

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  1. Poetic Concept

    Poetic Concept New Member

    Mar 10, 2006
    Im raging stranger, the banga tucked underneath,
    the coats poc. my feet jock, his wrist tocks, about 40 gs
    im provoking a situation, approaching a stick, im initiatin
    eyes dialated, grippin an inhalant, a ski mask assailant,
    banged kid, im a shadow on building, a spectator,
    c.b.sin' the block, Im the Crow Poe spoke about
    My societies infection, the detested one, low tested son
    of bitch, literally, my nature illigetimate, the illiterate fogotton one
  2. GLOVE

    GLOVE If da GLOVE fits spit wit

    Feb 12, 2001
    losin my mind so please be kind like watermelon rinds
    lovin that chickin and lickin it from behind kickin it like
    back in da day when i was a kid i slid and fell
    it was hell
    went to jail
    got beat
    scraped on the floor
    felt like never before score when the warden smacked my ass
    so crass
    bang bang
    like chitty chitty
    but it was really just shitty shitty
    slangin rocks want no place fo a kid like me
    ya see i still be slippin and fallin
    like my first time on ice skates
    my mind takes
    turns and corners
    its a horner world we livin in dawg
    ya feel me ya feel me
  3. ParaN0rmal

    ParaN0rmal Its All In The Eyes

    Mar 27, 2008
    It's plain to see that my brain is entwined with insanity
    I plan to be the sickest emcee on the planet, spewin' profanity //
    I spit sick shit from five of nine intertwined split personalities
    The other four are too whack to battle me, they lack the strategy

    ehh that was kinda weak but I'm madd tired... in slow mo mode right now... I think I need to go on standby for a few hours... Yeah I don't sleep, I recharge nigga.
  4. barnizzle

    barnizzle HIP HOP

    Sep 25, 2004
    who could he actually be
    gettin a hunid views still him wit a gun to use...
    bitch wit some cut to screw fillin a blunt or 2
    Spilling seeds in grills the illest he for real this me
    how sadistic is she? i'm referrin to life
    the bitch wit black stockings up to her knees
    wearin a light dress flipped in the breeze
    imagery seen raising weeds who can shoot but cant read...
    Dreams? only dream nightmares and screams
    from fiends veins get popped, locked and leaned
    cops wit binoc's give wops to narcs
    so if the crop goes harsh spit a spark
    leave'em curtain called behind the scenes
    reportin live from the eyes of these, babylon breeds
  5. Lyrical Martyr

    Lyrical Martyr New Member

    Apr 9, 2008
    emotionoh, no where ta go,
    if I spare a flow, I'd tear ma throat.
    I wear ma clothes, pay back, swear my oath,
    vocally impared ma most, asset that'd gloat.
    Flared eyes gurgle, chokin' on bars of soap.
    Marksman's scope, target's ma dome,
    Like Cyrano, the mark parks home.
    tar soaked, limp and trudgin',
    strikin' against Gods not positioned for judgin'
    Visions punchin', bare air for a breath,
    if I stop the trust then, i'm wide open there for death.
    I stare and yet, the Mayor's beset,
    by justice, but set, didn't care if he bled.
    But dissaproved, the room unkempt,
    jacket torn for the best,
    bang on walls to feel the cushion's caress.
  6. twdIDescipleI

    twdIDescipleI New Member

    May 29, 2002
    In this day & age/Im MadMax/In a Fucked up world Atlas
    No need 2 Backtrack/My raps-Crack/itz LuNatiK Here At Last
    Talkin 2 Blades at Nite is a Sad-Fact/And thats-that
    Im ya creepy Neighbor who neva speakes and is rarely-seen
    A scary-Dream./Tie ya up/Saw 5 in this bitch/Murder ya before you have to time to barely scream.
  7. TorrMup

    TorrMup New Member

    Mar 19, 2008
    from cradle to the grave, Ive lived my life on a razor blade
    I need to get paid, sick of bein the devils slave.
    Im tired of my dirty ways, so I spit a verse and rage
    curupt at a young age, and my best friend was a gauge
    My parents never raised, they just left me for a stray
    But I gots da mary jane, its the only thing dat keeps me sane
    I sling it every day, the shit thata blow you away
    If you need to get blazed, then Im your nigga any day
  8. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Active Member

    Mar 11, 2007

    Thinkin Shyt Sweet,betta Gone Head-
    Hell Yea Nigguh,imma Eat Ma Cone Bread-
    If Ya Wanna Take It,den Try Yo Luck-
    I Bet U Wont Make It,bye Bye Duck-
    Conversations With The Devil Iz Makin Me Sin-
    Im Gone Offa Gin,one Man Army Dont Need No Freind-
    Cuz Dey Be Da Main Ones Who Cross Ya In The End-
    Can U See Dat,a Real Nigguh Imma Be Dat-
    Every Body In Ma Circle Blowin Weed Sacks-
    We Need Stacks-
    Run Up In The Store Demandin Cheese Ma Eyez Bloody To-
    Prolly Getcha Foe Yo D'z An Rob Ya Buddy To-
    Take Ya T.v'z An Ride Off In Yo Cuddy Too-
    Go Back To Yo Spot,kick The Door An Fuck Ya Slutty Boo-
    Buss In Her Face,an Leave Ya Sheets Nutty Too-
    Me An Ma Thugz Make Moves We Smart Wit It-
    Wen We Were Givin Life We Wuz Gaven A Heart Wit It-
    Im Bout Wuteva Lil Daddy Come See Me Son-
    I Stand Tall,hearin Sirens Iz The Only Time U See Me Run-
  9. Providoxx88

    Providoxx88 Divine

    Apr 27, 2008
    the mind is a terrible thing to waste
    thats why i kill people eat their brains not their face
    people call me insane but i'm really not
    how could i be insane when i read alot?
    Came from the same gene pool as hannibal
    he was insane but i'm a whole nother animal
  10. Justify

    Justify Lyrical Maddness

    May 3, 2008
    They cant call me insane, im just crazy,
    its not even a mentle thing when im sufficatein these ladies,
    im fuckin drunk when im stalkin em, cant stand
    execpt when I kill em and Im spillin their adrenalin glads,
    just to use it... rock it up and smoke it with coke and abuse it,
    its how I live, this is the shit that Im gettin in
    and livin, bairly ever spittin couse Im gettin high and stickin my
    little dick up into the middle of senior Citation woman ribs,
    im disgusting, hold em retake their verginity with a rusty knife when i thrust it,
    ima sick-o and ima bang you in the anus if for one you cant walk and two your a dieing widow,
  11. jpizzle19

    jpizzle19 I got NEXT

    Sep 11, 2004
    lost in the daze from a thick cloud of haze
    tricks my mind plays blind in the lions cage
    im lost in the maze of fulminating rage
    heart rate elevated everything in my path desimated
    like a steem roller im a screamin soldier
    leave a murder scene evil like sepentines
    your either crazy or sane no in between
  12. M-Famous

    M-Famous Maserati is back...

    May 18, 2008
    267 man can damage me, i'm to hard
    no weapon formed against me shall prosper, says GOD
    in my head a a bit touched, you'll never see me smile
    to many sick thoughts in my brain, haven't smiled in a while
    I'm tired of having i'll dreams, and wondering what they mean
    i'm on edge, probably to many visions of murder scenes
    Graphic novels pictures, embedded in my brain like scriptures
    I write just to release, try not to let the evil getcha
  13. jdip482

    jdip482 New Member

    May 16, 2008
    spittin's like a novel, you write your life to remember/
    i write to forget, throw half my written's in the ember/
    watch the flames n' ashes take em', flake em', to nothin'/
    grab the pad again, try to turn my nothin' to somethin'/
    start from scratch, try n' match, shit written from the night before/
    my mind is blank, im high on drank, 3 a.m. knowin' i can't stay up anymore/
    hit one rhyme, one good line, start to flow, about the life i live/
    regrets, pain , misery, and knowin', always took, neva wanted give/
    thoughts of truth, and what the future might hold/
    knowin' the devil's got a grip on me, my life's already sold/
    night turns to day, the written's go back to the ember/
    goes back to the fact, i write not to remember/
  14. harsh_times86

    harsh_times86 Maserito

    May 5, 2008
    the grass is greener, real calm in my twilight/
    the highlights of life, in my high life/
    with two blades and a chaser- champagne memory/
    burning the page, i'm overcome with jealousy/
    with slim in the drivers seat, i reached for his neck/
    ripped tiny stones from his chest, left a hawk in his chest/
    stunned by the sight of his flesh, finally he caught himself/
    and quickly pulled a knife from his belt..
    kicked the door im on my feet, hes swinging his piece/
    ran out the lot to the street, wide grin showing my teeth/
    the necklace broken in the car, running empty pockets/
    atleast now i know that faggot cant rock it./
  15. jdip482

    jdip482 New Member

    May 16, 2008
    bout to make this shit rediculous, puttin' phonies in a bad predicament/
    incon••••uous, just kickin' it, wit a bottle of henny, spittin' and sippin' it/
    the best beats to flow on, never wanted anythin' lesser/
    man i spit lethal, like an open cut wound, always applyin' pressure/
    always come stacked, top of the head, ready to deliver/
    any punks wanna battle, DONE, im ready to flow like a river/
    ill send you to the bottom of the ocean like the titanic/
    i spit one verse, punks like the people on the boat, ready to panic/
    im always holdin' it down, tryin' to keep my feet on the ground/
    but ill be up in your face the second the beat starts to sound/
    tearin' your words apart, limb by limb/
    my boys in the backround, just screamin' "GET EM"/
    i got em, its done, before this shit even begun/
  16. Ace the Prophet

    Ace the Prophet A Prophet to the Game

    Mar 23, 2005
    I write to decipher messages to all the haters
    I can't fuckin stand you and you can't tolerate it
    Because you can't decipher messages, y'all are faded
    And still can't reach my level when I'm intoxicated
    Steppin through in my Jordans, yeah, I'm rockin cradles
    Destroyin the whole room, leave nothin but Crocs and Gators!
    Dump the remains of ya skeleton right where ya papa's grave is
    And explain it to haters to create the Prophet's Paper!
    There's no stoppin me, it's The Prophecy
    I'm on top of the clouds that surround what I stand on so cockishly
    There's planets within reach so my plan is what I preach
    Blow you to fuckin bits like the sand that's on the beach

    My bars are sicker than fuck so 6 is enough
  17. barnizzle

    barnizzle HIP HOP

    Sep 25, 2004

    i'm the one, ya Lord and Majesty
    you can't forge my mastery
    slaughter faculties,
    i brings it hardcore, pornographically,
    you whores are pourin daquiris
    my pores leak yak and weed
    i turn the local morgue into an Applebees
    snack on aborted orphans corpses for calories

    lol, that was insanity, right?
  18. Ace the Prophet

    Ace the Prophet A Prophet to the Game

    Mar 23, 2005
    Haha, that applebee's line was dope B

    If only for a second you're infected you're expected
    To devour these cowards on your hourly inspection
    So let me show you the basics of Ace's arrangements
    Of bodily figures displaced in my basement
    This face's misplacement's so derranged you can taste it
    Venom and cinnamon in blood streams got her wasted
    Till she couldn't hold her poise and she rolled into her boys
    Who dun got her with my toys, I dun got her with the poison!
  19. jdip482

    jdip482 New Member

    May 16, 2008
    i always watch my back, knowin' its a hostile environment/
    if u slang as much as me, makin' cake, for an early retirement/
    keep dudes silent, from threats of a pistol/
    3 bags left for the fiends, but to them thats a fist full/
    you run that mouth, snitchin', be ready for a bullet to the dome peice/
    really piss me off, throw you in the grinder, turn you into ground meat/
    i dont mess around when it comes to my life and this cake/
    youll find yourself murdered, thinkin' you were goin' on a blind date/
    maybe ill leave you tied up, mouth stuffed, if im in that type of mood/
    3 days later come back, pummel you, turn you into some crow food/
  20. Linxz

    Linxz What!

    Feb 5, 2006
    laugh at these lil mes', so I clash what they pretend to be
    spit hotness on a clock tip, its my time to shine "B"
    nobody cares what ya life bout, unless ya drag mouths about
    i'm on my shyt, while they just fake to stunt bout
    cars, •••els, money, and hoes while chill'n up in a big house
    cats don't really understand my route, but stay picking me out
    got flows for days, practice makes perfect aint scare of try outs
    rap subjects that'll make ya lean off the topical as tropicals
    I stay getting mines in, threat to see more than hospitals
    cats act but i'm to trill for that, keep a stash "where the paper at?"
    all you text cats wack, Franchise taking over the set
    fuck text how I give you digital "visual audio flow"
    don't think so, than ya stuck becoming hoes...0_o Whoa!
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