"Inner Daemon"

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    Jul 16, 2003
    Jesus Christ!
    Joe had exclaimed
    with sheer surprise
    wrote on his face.
    His tone gave away
    a hint of resentment
    and total dismay
    the instant she mentioned
    to him she was pregnant.
    It couldn’t be true!
    They lived in abstention
    where lust was rebuked
    and stuck with it too.
    So what had occurred?
    The couple concluded
    as one that the birth
    was God and his work.
    A gift from the skies
    to honour and serve
    his siblings alike.
    Soon whispers were rife
    of the child she adorned
    and Kings would arrive
    with a guide from the North.
    The messiah was born
    in a Barn-cum-Sty
    to righteous applause
    one starry night.
    He started life
    in humble surrounds
    as far a cry
    from the wonders we now
    come to denounce
    as you can imagine.
    His avuncular grounding
    was to his advantage
    when pursuing his passion
    and teaching disciples
    numerous passages
    that would lead to The Bible.
    Believer's were vital
    to establish his role
    His key to survival
    and Christianity's growth.
    They travelled the globe
    professing religion
    recanting his scrolls
    and spreading his wisdom.
    Lead by his vision,
    and aiming to please,
    he dispensed them on missions
    to purvey his beliefs.
    Their Saviour would greet
    vast crowds in swathes
    regaling them each
    about the great
    powers he came into
    but there was a secret
    shrouding his reign
    that Mary'd been keeping.
    Her heir was a demon
    with Jesus sent to Earth
    not there to redeem them
    but oversee the Devil's work.
    An evil menace lurking
    amongst the unsuspecting
    deceitful in his purpose,
    both cunning and deceptive.
    The brother they'd accepted
    was a sophism of Satan
    governed by obsession
    to stop them contemplating.
    The 'Prophet' was a blatant fraud,
    Man-made religion is hell,
    Not so much a gift from God
    as a deal with the Devil himself...

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