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  1. Lucifa

    Lucifa Viva La Eva

    Jul 14, 2001

    -- RSTL Divisional Format Rules --


    Verses Are Due No Later Than Friday @ 11:59pm EST
    There Are NO Extensions!
    Votes Are Due By Monday @ 10:00am GMT

    When Moderators Close Threads


    Verses Must Be No Longer Than 72 Lines
    The Opponent Can Deduct 1 Vote Per 2 Lines Over
    Verses Must Be No Less Than 12 Lines
    Anything Less Than This Will Be Considered A No-Show
    Verses Must State And Relate To The Chosen Topic(s)
    Topics Taken From First Post Of [TOPICS] Thread In Stick Area
    Verses Must Not Be Edited After The First Vote Is Cast
    Any Verse Edited After The First Vote Will Be Disqualified
    You May Ask A Moderator To Edit Your Post If Needed


    Votes Must Be No Less Than 2 Lines Of Feedback Per Writer
    Failure To Meet The Minimum Will Disqualify The Vote
    Voting On The League CHAMPIONSHIP & CONTENDERSHIP Matches Is Mandatory
    See Points Explained For Details
    Votes Edited After 1 Hour From Post Stamp Will Be Disqualified
    You May Ask A Moderator To Edit Your Post If Needed
    Voting A Tie Result Is Deemed A Failure To Vote
    So Don't Be A Cunt, Pick A Winner

    Other Shit

    Recycling Is Strictly Forbidden
    If Proven, You Will Be Deducted Wins & Points
    You Are Limited To 3 Posts In Your Match-Up Thread
    You Will Be Deducted 1 Vote Per Excessive Post
    You May Only Post Your Vote In Other People's Matches
    Use The Sticky Threads To Air Opinions & Beefs
    Moderators Word Is LAW
    Boy Better Know!

  2. Lucifa

    Lucifa Viva La Eva

    Jul 14, 2001

    -- RSTL Divisional Format Explained --

    Win a Championship match and you slap your name on the Champ Gauge:

    You can not win a Champ Gauge via No-Show.

    How you climb the ranks depends on your own input.
    The division is ranked by "Worth" which are points you earn.

    Points Explained

    Win Your Match-Up = +2pts
    Lose Your Match-Up = -1pt
    Tie Your Match-Up = 0pts
    Win A 3-Way Match-Up = +3pts
    Lose A 3-Way Match-Up = -1pt
    Rank 2nd In A 3-Way Match-Up = +1pt
    No-Show Your Match-Up = -2pts
    Win Your Match-Up By No-Show = +1pt

    You can however Opt-In to the Alternate System.
    This will change how the points work for you.
    Opting to Alternate will give you a better chance of an open match-up thread.
    This is because Alterantes are given fresh opponents if they are No-Showed against.
    Alternates include splitting up a 3-way match with a random opponent.
    However, you can only be swapped if you have stated you wish to Alternate.

    Alternated Win = +2pts
    Alternated Loss = 0pts
    Alternate Opted No-Show Win* = +2pts

    *If you Opt to Alternate and are no-showed but a fresh opponent can't be found for you.
    You MUST Opt-In BEFORE Your Verse Is Posted !!!
    It makes sense to Alternate kids!

    There are also a few extra points you can pick up along the way.

    Every Valid Voting Link You Post = +0.5pts
    Posting 0 Voting Links = -1pt
    Failure To Post League Champ & Contender Voting Links = -1pt Each

    To be clear: 0 links = -1pt + -1pt (champ) + -1pt (contender) = -3pts !!!
    5 links without Champ & Contender = +2.5pts + -1pt + -1pt = -0.5pts !!!

    Early Bird : Post Your Verse First = +1pt
    Win A Bounty Match = +1pt

    So you are rewarded and 'punished' via your own effort.
    Once you manage to climb divisional ranks and enter the league matches:

    Contendership Win = +4pts
    Contendership Loss = 50% Point Deduction

    Championship Win = +6pts
    Championship Loss = 50% Point Deduction

    Signing Out = Points Reset To 0

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