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  1. TheBigPayback

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    Jun 28, 2010
    The evidence for a universal begining point.
    The ending of avtheory of an eternal universe.

    S= the second law of thermodynamics
    the second law states, among othet things, that the universe is running out of useable energy.
    which contradicts the first law of thermodynamics that states the anount of energy in the universe is constant. Meaning the universe has a finite amount of energy.

    U=The universe is expanding. If its expanding that would imply a begining.
    which colaborates a big bang aaccount. as well as something coming from nothing.

    R=Radiation from the big bang( and radiation afterglow)
    This is the intensity of the glow that radiated from the big bang.
    Arno Penzias discovered the faint radiation left over from the big bang
    which is what scientists would expect to exist had this bb occured.
    This detection destroys any hope for a steady state universe.

    G=Great galaxy seeds
    this is the slight variations and ripples in the temperatures of the cosmic background radiationPenzias and Wilson discovered. These tenperature ripples enabled matter to congregate by gravitational attraction into galaxies. these galaxy seeds are the largest structures known to man with the biggest extending into the 10 billionto 10 billion trillion lightyears in legnth

    E= Einsteins theory of General Relativity
    His theory is the fifh line of evidence that the universe had a begining.
    and a nail in the coffin for an eternal universe. the theory itself verfied to five decimal places. and IT demands an absolute beginingbof time, space and matter. it shpws also that theu are co relative. meabingvu cant have one without the other.
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    Nov 4, 2012
    You failed science class, huh?
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