In Disgust

Discussion in 'Open Mic' started by the omega man, Nov 27, 2010.

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  1. the omega man

    the omega man so, it goes

    Apr 10, 2003
    Topical for another website, tell me what y'all think.

    In Disgust
    (September 12, 2010)

    As I clamber through these musty halls wrought with filth and decay
    All I can remember, how we all felt before the walls went away
    Wandering aimlessly because of the calm of the day
    Despite all of the claims that nightfall's call might fall in our face

    Streets flooded, a corpse floated by
    His naked blank eye, blue veins etched on the side
    Like tributaries from the Mississippi wide
    Emptying in his eardrum, then he left with the tide

    This was symbolic of America's embryonic object
    Growing to a fetus, growing arms, growing optics
    The zygote was the Zimmerman Note and the gametes the 2 Party blockage
    No wonder we can cope with 9/11 on our conscience

    I see the death from the powers to be, devoured by greed, they scour the scene
    Hour by hour we turn on ourselves with louder decrees
    We don't trust each other we down with their team
    While they tell us the leaves are violet and the flowers are green

    So, I try to remember in the Creole spirit of Bazah
    A New Orleans Jazz Funeral for the world as it follows its consistent mantra
    It speaks to me with cadence through Barack Obama
    And coked out movie stars wearing Prada while I'm driving a Honda

    But, I don't fret, I cash my check, pay bills amongst others
    And take pride in my work and what I've built amongst brothers
    Jesus and James both showed carpentry skill amongst brothers
    So, I'm not surprise at what we can create with a little steel and some lumber

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