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Discussion in ' Battle League' started by Serge dot T, Sep 23, 2003.

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  1. Serge dot T

    Serge dot T Guest

    serge dot T: this weeks in the spot light, we got rbl champ prospect j dough
    serge dot T: sup nig
    NewAge320: whats goin on serge, been a minute
    serge dot T: that its been, but lets no stray into that
    serge dot T: lets get to your rbl comeback
    NewAge320: sounds like a plan
    serge dot T: shits causin a buzz...what attracted you the the new rbl?
    NewAge320: originally I wasn't goin to do it
    NewAge320: but once I seen so many talented people signing up
    NewAge320: just seemed outta character not to throw my name in the hat
    serge dot T: true, dough the benevolent
    serge dot T: LOL
    NewAge320: haha
    serge dot T: what do you think about island
    NewAge320: u know how it is
    serge dot T: heh
    NewAge320: Island's got talent
    NewAge320: knows where to hit opponents
    NewAge320: took care of some good people too
    NewAge320: but I got all that on smash this week
    serge dot T: lol, you officially sayin youre takin it?
    NewAge320: well u know I'm already known for my awful ego
    NewAge320: so I'll keep that to a minimum
    NewAge320: and just say
    NewAge320: island already knows what the drill is
    serge dot T: lol, there ya have it, island been officially bitched, i cant wait to see the verses
    NewAge320: thats the truth
    NewAge320: please believe I got that crack this week
    serge dot T: in case you do beat him, who you think'll be comp for dethronin you...incase you win that is
    NewAge320: when I win, there's a 90% chance I'll just hand over the title
    NewAge320: this entire rbl run is nothing but a statement
    NewAge320: I did it back in the day
    NewAge320: I can win the title in the present
    NewAge320: and I'll prolly do it in the future as well
    NewAge320: nothing but knocking some sense into the heads of my disbelievers
    NewAge320: period
    serge dot T: but with risin kids like mc hott saliva, you think winnin the rbl recently even been an accomplishment
    serge dot T: ?
    serge dot T: hahaha
    NewAge320: thats not for me to call
    NewAge320: I don't care if it's hot mc saliva or bodo bunce
    serge dot T: lmao
    serge dot T: bodo
    NewAge320: I walked in at the beginning just like everyone else
    NewAge320: noone made anyone leave
    serge dot T: wordup
    NewAge320: started the race at the same point
    NewAge320: ending it on my terms
    serge dot T: anyone youd come back to battle with?
    NewAge320: yeah
    serge dot T: you know i got the pull to bring anyone
    NewAge320: oh no question
    serge dot T: heh, you KNOW
    serge dot T: who than, name names, make call outs
    NewAge320: not so much call outs, just respectable people I'd wanna go at
    NewAge320: again
    NewAge320: of course fracture
    NewAge320: we've both speculated a rematch in the future
    NewAge320: resin
    NewAge320: storm g
    NewAge320: nebs
    NewAge320: you
    NewAge320: I'm really feeling ideal right now
    NewAge320: archive is the truth as well, people better watch out for him
    NewAge320: and of course tekneek
    serge dot T: tekgeek?
    serge dot T: LOL
    NewAge320: if his intense wrestling schedule allows him to take a break
    serge dot T: archive is not to be fucked with lately....and as for me, i aint signin back in while im moddin
    NewAge320: nah, I'm just joking, tekgeek's fuckin trash and everyone knows it
    NewAge320: yea I feel u on the mod shit
    serge dot T: lmao, i'll quote that
    NewAge320: and archive's sick, point blank
    serge dot T: under rated indeed
    NewAge320: quote that and hide it in tekgeek's fortune cookie
    serge dot T: how you feel about alias rumors?
    serge dot T: pffff
    serge dot T: rumors bout chive himself, island, others too
    NewAge320: to be honest with u, I don't really care
    NewAge320: I come in week in and week out to do what I do
    NewAge320: thats win
    NewAge320: whoever's there, I take a look at what they do and their weakness
    NewAge320: then capitalize on that
    NewAge320: Phenom woke me up
    NewAge320: knocked some sense into me and had me rethinking how I went at people
    serge dot T: you under estimated calvin
    NewAge320: nah
    NewAge320: calvin's one of the best ever
    serge dot T: hence my point
    NewAge320: if people don't know that by now, I don't know what to tell u
    NewAge320: nah, I didn't under estimate him, just came with the wrong style
    NewAge320: he came at my character instead of typing some corny punches like I did
    NewAge320: he had the formula and helped me adjust my style at the same time
    serge dot T: he use any of them pattented chin punches?
    NewAge320: haha
    serge dot T: theyd be funny is used right
    NewAge320: I agree
    NewAge320: I don't remember any specific lines he used
    NewAge320: but that dough jordan hamper shit
    NewAge320: that wuz hilarious
    NewAge320: the man is a great, end of story
    serge dot T: some real shit from a real head
    NewAge320: I'm just honest with it
    serge dot T: so again, if incase you do take the title
    serge dot T: you htink the recent rbl's seen its greatest moments after ya gone?
    NewAge320: naturally I'm always gonna add something to it that nobody else can cuz I crafted half the styles people use today
    NewAge320: so no one can do it like the creator and pioneer himself
    NewAge320: like I said, after my points been proven
    NewAge320: I won't pay attention until I sign back in
    serge dot T: must you be so humble?
    NewAge320: like I said
    NewAge320: trust is truth and people can ask around
    NewAge320: I don't see old ass vets who been on the board for years doing me
    serge dot T: speakin of old ass vets
    NewAge320: where's rev? where's pnut? where's saga? where's corm?
    NewAge320: I don't wanna hear any excuses from them, come do what I'm doing and shut me up
    serge dot T: lmao, corm
    serge dot T: what about storm
    serge dot T: you agree hes fallen off?
    NewAge320: phenom and jowelz doing their thing tho
    NewAge320: gotta respect that
    serge dot T: or that kids are just dumber these days
    NewAge320: storm has never fallen off
    NewAge320: no, not dumber either
    NewAge320: it's just that his concepts and his way of viewing things was so ahead of his time
    NewAge320: people can't appreciate him
    serge dot T: hence him losin to people like slyson
    NewAge320: his shit is 5 years ahead of time
    NewAge320: storm g doesn't mix all elements of battle
    NewAge320: when he should
    NewAge320: he relies solely on witty concepts and ahead of his time punches
    NewAge320: that clever shit only works for so long
    serge dot T: major character flaw?
    NewAge320: it's dope, don't get me wrong
    NewAge320: but personals win battles alot too
    NewAge320: yea, it is a character flaw
    NewAge320: it's not a knock on him cause I just gave him his respect
    NewAge320: but read any storm g battle and tell me those verses couldn't be used against any opponent
    NewAge320: he's got a one size fits all style
    serge dot T: wordup
    NewAge320: just how I see it
    serge dot T: n where do you stand when it comes to the whole ''text is dead'' thing
    serge dot T: or ''its just the net''
    NewAge320: haha
    NewAge320: that shit is corny
    serge dot T: big excuses frombig losers
    NewAge320: if u feel like doing text, do it
    NewAge320: if u feel like doing audio, do it
    NewAge320: I'm better than 99% of the audio heads
    NewAge320: but I'm in studios where it counts
    serge dot T: sonned
    NewAge320: not in my room with a locked door recording audios on my pc with some 20 dollar equipment
    serge dot T: jada dough lettin them know?
    NewAge320: word up
    NewAge320: yessir
  2. Serge dot T

    Serge dot T Guest

    serge dot T: one last subject i wanna tap before lettin people read this
    serge dot T: lil rhymin lisp
    serge dot T: wtf was all that about
    NewAge320: haha
    serge dot T: the diddy of rm
    NewAge320: me and him had a feud going on for a while
    serge dot T: without success
    NewAge320: i just got sick of his constant dick riding
    NewAge320: cuz it took away from me
    NewAge320: and made me look bad
    NewAge320: like I need somebody to follow me around all the time to win
    NewAge320: or soup my ego up
    serge dot T: or ask your phone number
    NewAge320: nah, I can do that myself
    NewAge320: hhaha
    NewAge320: on some stan shit
    serge dot T: or invite you to gruel dinner at the orphanage?
    NewAge320: but rhyminhood's changed for the most part
    NewAge320: he's cool now
    NewAge320: hahahahahahahaha
    NewAge320: yeah, when I brought that shit up I really struck a nerve
    NewAge320: thats in the past tho
    NewAge320: rhyminhood's cool with me, I got no problem
    serge dot T: n there ya have it, em n stan are back togather
    serge dot T: any shouts you wanna make?
    NewAge320: yeah, shout out to defc0n
    NewAge320: he makes any board he's at that much better
    NewAge320: and shout to nasif
    NewAge320: thats my sidekick
    NewAge320: he's good with a knife if u didn't know
    serge dot T: the young sifgod
    serge dot T: LOL
    NewAge320: and a special fuck u too MADDRAPPER
    serge dot T: that loser still droppin 10 verses a thread?
    NewAge320: do everyone a favor and break ur keyboard
    NewAge320: thats about it
    NewAge320: he sure is
    NewAge320: and I'm sonning him in every one
    serge dot T: well people there ya have it, j dizzough lettinem know
    serge dot T: im s dot T, yall know who he is
    serge dot T: this' been rbl in da spotlight
  3. Diphtheria

    Diphtheria Tazz Says "Fuck U"

    May 1, 2002
    NewAge320: not in my room with a locked door recording audios on my pc with some 20 dollar equipment


    hot shit fellas, hot shit
  4. The_Nebulotic

    The_Nebulotic Way Over your Heads.

    Sep 17, 2000
    lol Dough...why on earth would you wanna battle me

    we've battled like 983598395829359238592 times



    ...anyway, inciteful interview; fun read.
  5. Hash Brown

    Hash Brown New Member

    Jul 13, 2003
    Cool interview..
  6. Dough Jordan

    Dough Jordan Sky's No Limit Of Mine...

    Dec 11, 2001
    lmao @ nebs leave it alone.....
  7. Imperial

    Imperial Lex

    Oct 7, 1999
    Doughs coo.. nice interview.
  8. The Royal Penis

    The Royal Penis God.

    May 4, 2002
  9. shockgod

    shockgod 1x Rstl Champ

    Jul 23, 2003
  10. MiStA aRsOnIsT

    MiStA aRsOnIsT New Member

    Nov 10, 2001
    that was long sergical
  11. .Archive.

    .Archive. .Something Like Hova.

    Aug 18, 2003
    Much Respect Here Fellas

    Appreciate It
  12. MiC TypsOn

    MiC TypsOn informer

    Dec 30, 2001
    dope... realy lookin forward to this weeks title match!
  13. Hybrid Angel

    Hybrid Angel Inkwell Q Thompson

    Jul 28, 2003
    Nice interview.
  14. Komp Religion

    Komp Religion L to the A

    Sep 23, 2003
    Great Interview - I should get interviewed soon
  15. X sample

    X sample New Member

    May 7, 2003
    doughs extra cool
  16. aura

    aura unityyyyyy

    Feb 26, 2000
    i wouldn't mind battling dough
  17. Wordage

    Wordage The Coming of Age....

    Aug 22, 2003
    Good interview Serge n' Dough.
  18. word up

    word up i spell gud

    Aug 2, 2001
    yayyyyyyyyyyy i was mention
  19. nobody wana battle vizz no more

    much less mention me

    fun read definitely

    do this weekly its tight
  20. ×DAM×

    ×DAM× Here To Stop Ya Flow...

    Mar 2, 2002
    NewAge320: phenom and jowelz doing their thing tho
    NewAge320: gotta respect that

    <-------Gave Jowelz his 1 loss. =), haha, nice shyt
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