I'm Willing to pay $100 For a Site !!!!!

Discussion in 'Graphic Forum' started by [ Yung Truth ], May 23, 2004.

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  1. [ Yung Truth ]

    [ Yung Truth ] fuck u, pay me

    May 13, 2004
    i need this site by tuesday so anybody that comes in and makes a sample of the site im about to describe and either aims me...or uploads a image of it and posts the link in here i will give them 100 dollars for it...the way i want the site....is...

    blue,light blue, and gray
    ill banner...sayin Yung Truth
    an "old" type of look to it with scratchy type font.
    i want a frame in the middle of the page..
    navigation accross the top under the banner " home, bio, music, gallery, guestbook, contact"

    a graphic wilth "GoldMind Entertainment" on it....with a gold brain and money and shit on it...and i want a lil city on the page like " http://www.hiphopmag.com/index2.php " that little outline of buildings of a city....i want that somewhere on the site.....and i want a little flash on the site..not much at all but a little to be appealing to the visitors....

    the rest of the shit...the designer can use his own creativity on...

    if anybody uploads a jpg, gif or whatever...and i like it i will send you 100 dollars to give me all the html and data or whatever....and if i dont you can just put it in your portfolio or as a template....so its win win......i need it by tuesday so hurry..

    AIM : xl Yung Truth lx

    yahoo : yung_truth

    email : yung_truth@yahoo.com

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