I'm gettin' to the monies, with an apostrophe

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    Sep 7, 2011
    Fucked her on a pile of clothes, now she a closet freak

    Yeah I bear arms, I got something up my sleeve

    And when she wit' me, she don't wanna leave!

    She just wanna freak, she don't wanna sleep

    Put it in her mouth - now she don't wanna speak!

    Yeah I'm at the club, I got strippers at my table

    I call doin' the 69, a favor for a favor

    From the cradle to the grave, shoot a nigga from his ankle to his waist

    You can tell that I'm paid cause I'm high-class

    Fucked a bitch in her eyelashes

    We in a jet, who gon' fly past us?

    Tint all on my eyeglasses, I don't see ya hater

    And bitch I don't get dropped - bitch I drop the label

  2. Kry

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    Jun 6, 2001
    Wow this shit fire yo...so many quotables, hiphop ain't dead bitches. This would def be on the Source's Quotables page back in the day

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