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Discussion in 'Cypher' started by Shogun..., Feb 6, 2006.

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  1. R3DRUM

    R3DRUM Capo

    Jul 13, 2005
    ANTI UP! im standin up.. mutha fuckaz know im maan enough!
    Im handed bucks..Watch what u say cuz u caan Get Knucked!
    My motha fuckin supper's ready, so im figna step out..
    And ima mutha fuckin high, so u dont get what im bout-
  2. Sir Bustalot

    Sir Bustalot I am Jesus

    Feb 3, 2002
    And ima mutha fuckin high, so u dont get what im bout

    never on a rhyme drought,
    known ta spit sick when guzzling fine stout
    mind scout, puttin up lyrical plackards-
    all along the known roads and i follow the signed route
    journeyman, rhyme assassin-
    known ta school fools when i be learnin em, i outclass em
    outlast em, like hitler im known ta gas em at random
    i rap tandem, supernatural like a phantom
    id be the last man standin' in a crash landin'
    strictly professional and my enemies act bantom
    even im overwhelmed my encompassing textpansion
    on to the next rhyme like a thief's on to the next mansion
    so sick im the cure for all diseases, i never miss-step
    like dope they'll still fiend for me even though this cure is-death
  3. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    like dope they'll still fiend for me even though this cure is-death

    I bye-pass death cause he’s bad 4 my health
    I keep step-in- skip-in 2 a diff beat, undeneath
    I’m a writer, thinking of many style wrote by biters
    I inspirer, to be the best in the biz, I handle it like a pro,
    the pressure-the hate and adversaries in all, call me Dstro
    I’m a real live G.I. Joe, from the state of OH!.I!..O!..,- Flows
    with life and dice those who try and sacrifice my flow
    I got it down to a T, those I cross, and- I -got those dotted,
    Just for the thieves spotted, they won’t be stealing from me,
    I got the love of the biz in my chest, no diamonds for me,
    Just the diamond mine for me, watch how I set up shop, indeed.
    I proceed to supercede those who ain’t about headless prez,
    stacked in safety deposit boxes, filled full like ft. Knox deposits
    I love Goooooold.... Call me a gold member, I need cribs like Powers,
    I need a Austin -in wet black , red, and green, flat screens project 4 hrs,
    surround sound towers, blast in hoods like drive bye shooters,
    Hour after hour money and power seen in my material street dreams
    brings pleasure and pain, the same thing I tame, to regain balance,
    never caught in the violence, I avoid all that,
    My street credit stacked in the tilt of my hat
    So access granted and I can always go back
    to the hood where every things good on a Friday
    Saturday got party spots hot and blocked till Sunday
    I’m every where life is. It’s ashes off the blunt in the end......Lets GO!!
  4. CaTchW0n

    CaTchW0n New Member

    Sep 18, 2001
    exhale out what you like
    aint holdin it in As long as the corner right
    I know where this going I corner life enjoying moments
    not unsure despite opponents stay true to compromise
    because im sticking to a promise
    that my journey dont go over board
    with these comments when its off shore
    shredding water drowning.
    o my lord.. im getting honest....View my compliments and complain,
    go extra hard at a populus as many years 4 u earning a doctorate,
    the stocky kid, cocky lisp
    even knocking on record books type rhetoric lets get it in
    theres more butter for toast in the morning,
    thats why my cusp runner you over 'eth, and recieve honors
    rather instituted or street distribute scholars
    for us to understand power, aint play with a coward
    raving about towers makin it a dollar
    instead of shaking up mountains out for Osamah... grip Bin Ladens
    I rip pads and flip cash over increments..
    put in a decade just with cadence dont feel its brash out for the taking
    jump badd, feel like you lifted off launch pads,
    my mans eating he's keeping a lunch pass
    soft ass getting beat to the punch and past
    only let chicks eat my meat I slaughter aves
    storming jabs just to give all I have
  5. usfastsupport

    usfastsupport New Member

    Dec 1, 2009
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  6. .X.PlisiT.

    .X.PlisiT. New Member

    Dec 7, 2009
    In my hood, a vest you protect ya, like welfare need to check ya-self.
    No matter how many bars you got, one shot will erase all ya health.
    Me and my posse beat niggas to death with our bare-hands.
    This type of team will take all the audience out of their stands.
    We regulars to this fucked up life, the type to wake up without their pants.
    Face 2 blunts, with a 5th of vodka, I'll wobble but never collapse.
    Im from the 313, if you dont believe me, check out my D-Boy stanse.
  7. Henrock

    Henrock New Member

    Jan 26, 2010
    its Henrock! bitch
    watch me guzzle a fifth/ fuck tha cuddlin shit/
    shotgun dick, ya bitch'll deep throat my muzzle n spit/
    im sicka these fake gang bangers, lane changers/
    wannabe cocaine slangers who claim they smugglin bricks/
    stop all tha frontin n shit, dont care what u been thru/
    enough of that tho, my cognac flow/
    liquor sto what i been to/
    my girl kicked me to tha curb, cuz i tried to pull her friend too/
    fuck that bitch..pussy smell like a sushi chef ginsu/
  8. AhmayzinPSoup

    AhmayzinPSoup P Soup aka Ahmayzin

    Feb 2, 2010
    14 bars to sit here, and clown on ya moms
    The broads ear hair hangin low like High School Pom Poms
    Fat ass floatin biscuits in public stalls she drops bombs
    She got a weave she can't retrieve, she fucked WALL-E and the beave
    When B.I.G. died the bitch got hungry, but didn't grieve
    When Redd Foxx died she had the big one, ate again then heaved
    She smell like an old douche in an Indian chicks crotch
    That broads cheaper than your Seiko, cause she couldnt afford Swatch
    Who gots the Motts bitch?! I'd say, it be your moms
    Her Monster ass is the reason the gubment said Bear arms
    She's the reason I couldnt breath she hugged me with bear arms
    Don't let her breathe on your shapeup she might do your hair harm
    Here's my moment of calm, better yet the pause on your 8 track
    Next time I know your moms coming I'll double my plan with Aflac.


    Warming up yall.

    P Soup
  9. Sin-Razone

    Sin-Razone UnR3450n

    Nov 15, 2009
    bust shit i come straight like nails in the crucifix/
    blood red youll spit put up your defenses/
    dont mess with evil kids/
    possesed like village of the damned/
    busting evil methods/
    i persist despite end of things/
    believe the evil that i bring/
    it tears into dreams nightmares youll scream/
    dopeness is spitten..realize the level im in/
    change it up i even make cops listen to hip hop/
    with no props just rhymes and words to make your life stop/
    top notch vocals compare to prophets jesus and allah
  10. Hennrock

    Hennrock New Member

    Feb 3, 2010
    tha homies i know is fake, but skeezas is fouler/
    i drop real shit like i was leakin from bowels/
    this aint no game, like wheel of fortune seekin for vowels/
    guns is strength, i guess thats why weak rappers reachin for power/
    gangsta niggas cant fight so they rap about guns, like Sean Price/
    crack head rappers is hookers, they on pipes/
    thinkin they jay z, like shit is alright/
    they acting, cameras action, somebody call lights/
  11. AhmayzinPSoup

    AhmayzinPSoup P Soup aka Ahmayzin

    Feb 2, 2010
    I feel like Im the Jugg surrounded by Mortals
    Hittin you wit a jab send you flying through portals
    Im back mufucka and I got a bitch wit me
    Leave nings stuck on crack like Bobby did to Whitney
    Don't hit me Ike! That's what yall wack rappers is sayin
    Prolly aint got no job wit a WHITE CHICK like Marlon Wayans
    You like Tommy wit no job and they call you Head Sanford
    Bama got no G.E.D. but claimin you went to Stanford
    *sniff* I smell onions oh shit aint that your broad?
    I call myself Ahmazyin but the real name is Ahmad
    If I was Cool and shot J then my name might by Todd
    If my sons name was Jesus then you could call me God
    But Im just a puny Human bustin Free verses for humans
    Everybody before me, y'all stank, so I'll call you pew men.

    P Soup
  12. AhmayzinPSoup

    AhmayzinPSoup P Soup aka Ahmayzin

    Feb 2, 2010
    cadet karma
    sir bustalot
    and madvillain

    Respect....likin yalls flows since Ive gone back and read... 1 hunid
  13. Ackuracy

    Ackuracy New Member

    Dec 28, 2003
    Yo i got 3 g's, spent it all on butter finger BB's..
    Jacked some snickers and some reeces peeces..
    got choclate on my cd's, bout to get ticced quick..
    ate a pack of nacho flavored lipstick..
    I'll go ballistic, over some ritz *******s or triscuits..
    i'm too hungry to risk it, take my food i'll get pissed bitch..
    coming through in a humvee cause i got the munchies..
    I think i could eat another country..
    or crocodile dundee, & shit him out next mundee..
    I'm all about my paper, spend it on some Gold fish..
    You know this, i can't focus, without chicken biscuits im bogus..
    I'm packin chicken sandwhiches, I don't see guns..
    happy as long as my turkey on a sesamee seed bun..
    sittin at home butt naked beatin off to rachel ray re runs..
  14. AhmayzinPSoup

    AhmayzinPSoup P Soup aka Ahmayzin

    Feb 2, 2010
    As I sit here impatient I have anger
    here lingerin like a nostril cliff hanger
    knee tappin my mat, like an old country sanger
    I should grow my hair long and become and head banger
    Pull up to the bumper, you fat bitch
    Strap on your roller skates now yous my trailer hitch
    Old bay? Not for them crabs, handle yo itch
    emailed your pic, and gave my PC a glitch
    I stays on joke time like shirts stay on my belly
    The chicken grease on my lips look like Petroleum jelly
    I told this broad once to hitch a ride from a "cat", in a deli
    So she stuck her thumb in her twat, and it came out smelly
  15. Ackuracy

    Ackuracy New Member

    Dec 28, 2003
    Yo i got fitty g's, somebody hit me please..
    Bout to go all out and spend it all at Mickey dees..
    I got nifty frees, I'll rap for super size fries and pepsi..
    Then get with ya girl leslie, her pussy balder then joe pesci..
    gotta get me some yoohoo, or some nestle..
    bout to be smokin pot soon, i already got shrooms..
    Robbin liqour stores in my bozo the clown costume..
    These faggets are imposters, i'll dismantle their roster..
    Acouple blades to their back will mess up their posture..
    Hide the evidence in my locker, kickin it like soccer..
    I'm sure your parents will hate me like Gaylord focker..
  16. KriminaL

    KriminaL Guest

    yo, aint i tell you?!

    You'd say im out my mind, but it seems my oppurtunities -
    were missed because of you, the truth of what it is you do to me -
    will never be acknowledged, with no money in my wallet -
    can't afford to just be honest, no more pennies for my thought's-its ;

    a shame, when i look at what we had, the pain -
    of realizing it will never be the same - (heh)
    I guess memory lane, is closed -
    So i'm taking a stroll down resentment avenue, mad at you for things i dont know

    Cos' here, i stand - just a man, with a plan -
    Kick-back, promising myself i'll never let it happen again.
    And if or when, i ever see my-self in that position,
    I'll listen to my head and try to ignore my hearts indifference

    when first came like, then came lust -
    Love followed quickly and then came us.
    and look where that left me, although im getting better -
    I learnt just one thing, i have-to keep my head up.
  17. AhmayzinPSoup

    AhmayzinPSoup P Soup aka Ahmayzin

    Feb 2, 2010
    I say this to them you him and all
    I feel what you sayin MC Kriminal
    Ive been hated, dated, Ive waited and been elated
    Ive created, still aint made it and will relate it
    Ive paid my due worn beat up shoes
    Been the best out of half ass Hip Hop crews
    but ive lasted, opened up for naughty by nature
    Been in the casinos, and yes lost my wager
    Did a track with R&B singer you know as MYA
    Not Die-lon, but no doubt, I spit hot fiya
    In the long run, been slept on and regroup
    But still now Im nice real cat, the man P Soup
  18. mouth almighty

    mouth almighty Member

    Jul 21, 2002
    i aint new to this, a pugilist grippin a fat booda spliff
    no need to ask who's the shit, y'all usually spit ludicrous
    im truly sick, flying way beyond these lame ass rappers
    who keep falling off, like an alcoholic table dancer
    mowf's the one who stays advanced beyond your best flow with an afterthought
    cos I wont hear ya rock it raw if you become an astronaut
    and after all is said and done i'll graft ya whore and make her come
    slap my balls against her tongue and leave her ass collapsed and numb
    and that's for fun... fuck this cypher anyway its kinda wack
    and yall couldnt find a heavy flow in a bleeding vagina crack.
  19. AhmayzinPSoup

    AhmayzinPSoup P Soup aka Ahmayzin

    Feb 2, 2010
    Mowf like Arsenio got gums that ain't minty
    Sure you got raps, on your sheet, Felonies thats plenty
    Come drop your 2 cents then disrespect we just here on free spit
    You got slapped duel style, glove aint fit, must acquit
    I get it, yer a fat kid that got broom f*cked wit no lubes
    You wheeze when you walk n got man tits we call moobs
    Come wit the jokes cause in the cypha Im clownin
    then when its time to logoff Im laughin and you frownin
    a five minute killa Soup short wrecked like midget drivers
    In Lu, you won't Ganis, like Gay Pro divers
  20. tomnclick

    tomnclick New Member

    Mar 5, 2010
    Here I am again*


    Im a newbie here, although i have been watching on the sidelines for a little while.
    Im a part time librarian, love baking and my wesie Daisy. I also am way too excited about Christmas for words!!
    I cant wait to get on here some more and 'meet' lots of new people!

    Look forward to 'meeting' you all.
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