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Discussion in 'Cypher' started by Letum, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. Letum

    Letum Bully

    Sep 2, 2013
    Letum have it. Some call me Unyqe and homey NYQE IS A TRIP.
    Some find me hard to handle, always SEEKIN' A FIFTH.
    Lately I'm off the bottle, but still REEK OF THE PIFF,
    as I roll on, and on, and on, puttin WEED IN A SPLIFF.
    And when I pull the HEAT TO MY LIPS, i start SPEAKING IN GLYPHS,
    so fly you 'cant believe this spit' like my BEAK IS A MYTH.
    It's that 'porn star swag' going DEEP WITH THE SPIT,
    I 'stay up' constantly like I've been TWEAKIN A BIT.
    Yeah I'm odd with the keys, but still a FREAK WITH THE WHIPS,
    I'll tell a slut 'nice job' as long as SHE'S HAD A 'GRIP'.
    But ho's save the 'drama' I'm only into 'THEATER' TITS,
    'big' props if she saves it, then I'll let her LEAK AT HER HIPS.
    Folks it's 'scary when I clown' like the READERS OF 'IT',
    teaching fake 'kings' acting like their the LEADERS OF KIDS,
    claiming their 'on top of this game' but cant even see the PEAK OF THE TIP.
    Let em have the crown if kids are that EAGER TO SIT,
    my goal is apex I'll be the KEEPER OF WIT.
    From ''thieves to ninjas'' I 'wear them all out' like my SNEAKERS OR KICKS!!
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  2. Maskil

    Maskil Last Gunslinger of End-World

    Jun 27, 2013
    My name is Maskil and most people dont know this/
    but im known for more then knockin visionaries out of focus/
    cuz I've traveled to the very outta realms of many galaxies/
    gotten drunk wit deities at high tea with their majesties/
    I shook hands with the devil, as we made a solemn pact/
    as I looked him in the eye wit fingers crossed behind my back/
    I've traveled back in time, thats why the first man was black,
    so I could put some ancient astronaut on my tracks/
    i've sold thoughts to Socrates, and ideas to dudes from Vinci/
    got high with Einstein, and been quoted too by Neitzsche/
    I gave Shaka Zula a longer stick as a back scratcher /
    and after, he used my simple gift to help him conquer south Africa/
    Sun Tzu wrote the art of war while I was talkin in my sleep/
    "Appear weak when you are strong and strong when you are weak"/
    he said that shit was dope and I was like, "well you can keep it"/
    comic writers saw my dick and then they thought up superman/
    and then he came to life and told me he's a "super fan".
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