If you could make a mobile audio-related app what would you make?

Discussion in 'Audio Producers Discussions' started by Sindustry, Sep 21, 2012.

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    May 25, 2001
    Some people may know me as a beatmaker here or other places, but I started venturing into other recording areas as well. I came up with this sleep/meditation/relaxation app for IOS which uses a little different mixing technique. Respect a lot of opinions here and would like to get some feedback. Here is my press release with info:

    Playgrind Publishing Company Releases AtmoSpheres for iPhone/iPod Touch

    GRAND *****S, MI - September 10, 2012 - Playgrind Publishing Company announced today that their first app title, AtmoSpheres is now available exclusively for iPhone and iPod Touch. AtmoSpheres is a multi-track full stereo sleep-aid, relaxation, and meditation tool. It allows you to blend up to four tracks of sound to create your own customized mix using a unique sphere-based mixer.

    In AtmoSpheres, the user can mix up to four sounds and save them as a preset for later recall. All live sounds were recorded using up to five microphones enabling stunning simulated 3-D sound. The sphere-based mixer provides one control for volume, stereo panning, pause, play, and delete. It also includes a timer feature with audio fade out. "It's beautifully simple and sounds phenomenal", said Jim Meeker, sole proprietor of Playgrind Publishing Company.

    "I'm very happy with Atmospheres; I wanted to combine my love of audio recording with my hobby of stone sphere making. As silly as that may sound, this is the result" said Meeker. "I worked extremely hard on delivering superior sound quality and seamless looping with an innovative mixer that really takes advantage of the IOS gesture based platform."

    AtmoSpheres is now available for $1.99 in the U.S. and is priced accordingly in other regions. AtmoSpheres is available world-wide from Apple's App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch here: App Store - AtmoSpheres or by visiting: AtmoSpheres

    Please visit AtmoSpheres for more AtmoSpheres information, including videos and screenshots of the application, and Playgrind Publishing Company for more company information.

    Video here: AtmoSpheres Sleep Meditation Relaxation iPhone App - YouTube
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