If u EVER heard me or NEVER heard me u need 2 hear this "Whatever it Takes" droplinks

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  1. Priceless

    Priceless Like I'm doin it for TV

    Aug 30, 1999
    Whatever it Takes (100 Bars)
    The realest shit I ever wrote.


    (written/performed by: Priceless)

    If it goes to the wire
    I will never fall, I got the soul of a fighter
    Walk barefoot over the coal, over fire
    Nobody gonna love me like me so I'm my sole provider

    First off I kno I start a lot of raps wit “first off”
    But that’s cuz I’m the first off…
    The first off the blocks, the first off my block
    The thirst caused me to be the last off the clock
    To be the cause of wreckage but this is off the record
    N I ain’t want nothin more than gettin on a record
    So when it’s on I’m a drop the bomb
    I wasn’t raised for no beef I never bought the farm
    But at the same time I wasn’t raised no chicken
    I aint pay no business if my flesh taste no different
    I never claimed I’m the frame of fitness
    Still sexy enough to get play from b**ches
    So health wasn’t my concern til the coin dropped
    Heard pops had somethin growin on his voicebox
    Wish it was a lie, surprise didn’t register
    Between my pops lips was a Winston regular
    N it sat there all the years I known him
    That’s 22 of mine, add 16 before em
    Thought he was an alcoholic, cigs? I ignored em
    He ain’t pick his affliction, God did it for him
    I’d a took twice the pain from the liquor
    If he quit the cigs quicker cuz he still got a liver
    Couldn’t afford to get the PET scan first
    So the chemo to get him better might just make it worse
    Now this the priority first
    A thirty thousand dollar debt n my pops can’t work
    Applied for SSI n the medicaid but
    This year my moms took a fifty percent paycut
    Pops I got ya back for what u hopin for
    The rest is up to God, He got ya vocal chords
    This not a rap, this a prayer to the Heavens
    I kno God’ll let u sing Always n Forever
    We never had it that bad, it could be worse
    Well, it’s gettin worse… but we still got each other
    N even if the worse gets to the worst
    It still could be worse… cuz I’m always gon love ya
    N now the love is spreadin…
    Been wit my girl for a year a couple pounds forget it, yo I aint sweat it
    Til… we ain’t get out the bed in a while
    N I realized that shorty ain’t bled in a while
    Got the EPT the answer from it was this
    There was a jitterbug growin in her stomach
    Oh God now this I couldn’t bare
    But I gotta be responsible, I put it there
    In just a few more months I’m a be daddy
    Bringin this little boy or girl into the family
    N it’s no way to make it so
    The baby don’t see grandpa wit a hole in his throat
    Damn… I wish it could be different
    But u get nowhere in the world by just wishin
    Now I got two jobs a n*gga fenced in
    Don’t like neither but diapers are expensive
    Hate where I live but I afford the rent, s**t
    Plus I’m still goin to school, don’t let me mention…
    We got an album out, but they won’t buy it
    They hear it, like it, but they don’t buy it
    The DJs love us but we get no spins
    On 95 or 102 cuz we got no ends
    U can’t sell without the money to back it
    N we got no money without sales n that’s it
    If u seen us on stage u kno we good
    But we don’t got a manager to get us booked
    Now I see why the whole game is filled wit crooks
    They shook, cuz one look n the fans be hooked
    But these are my issues, I ain’t the one to be said
    Cuz I got wild issues, but none a gun to the head
    N I could cry wit u, I’ll try to run it instead
    Cuz what’s done is done n I ain’t come to be dead
    Ocean’s wit me, he got my back
    You ain’t heard the half from him off a Dear Iraq
    Matter fact we won’t get into Ocean intimate
    Yall hear from him if n when he choose to get into it
    Til then this is just me, adjust please
    Even the lives of the sexy can get ugly
    N I still don’t like when people touch me
    I’m givin yall my heart, so I’ll kno that u love me
    It’s some heartless people I’d never deal wit
    We’ll kno by the end of the song who didn’t feel it
    With that, lets get back into my rant let me vent
    They wanna evict my folks cuz they can’t pay their rent
    I know ya need ya money dog I understand ya
    But how you so demandin? My pops got cancer
    How he supposed to leave n stay on his feet
    Let me take away ya job n throw u on the street
    Everything’s about the benjamins its hateful
    I don’t even think it’s anything u could relate to
    Won’t go any further, we gon make do
    Cuz u let the money make you, I can’t hate you
    They say u’ll never understand til u in the same shoes
    What these size 13’s have seen may amaze you
    My n*ggas D, KB, yall run for fame too
    It’s TNS for life, then it’s TNS for angels
    N the rain is daily thing
    So when it pours don’t get caught in the storm
    But I kno deep inside this is my part
    So I’ll rise above the water like Noah’s Ark
    Until my pops gets better, until my baby’s born
    Until Orlando Magick’s sellin out the stores
    Get on my grind til I grind away
    N I’m a do whatever it takes to find away…
  2. Cardo

    Cardo Im Extra Scary

    Aug 7, 2002
    GOTDAMN... da fuck 100bars an shit nugga.. beat is Fiya.. lyrics is on some other shit straight fiya ( Im on 56k so I gotta use low quality an shit but still was sounding ill )
    im feeling this, some deep shit too 3rd track that I heard on the board that ima download an bump good shit..

    check ma shit.. its almost on the same shit
  3. I wArFaRe I

    I wArFaRe I Love 2 Hate

    Nov 25, 2002
    shit was ill, never really listened to ya tracks before but felt this shit.. ive loved this beat since i heard budden on it.. whered u get it.. but overall dope track, emotion was crazy as well as lyrics..
  4. 808

    808 Odds Against Me

    Dec 23, 2001
    wow.. jus wow.. i really felt this.. i dont usually listen to any full 100 bars, its too long.. but i listenned to this shit.. this shit is touching dude.. i feel your emotion.. great shit..

    and yo, i promised that i would cop your album and i still wanna.. jus had to get settled in my new house.. ill hit u up soon.. believe that.. 1
  5. Rex Skully

    Rex Skully .......

    Sep 28, 2004
    aint gonna drop a lot about this...

    but Im feeling this homie, real inspiring, love the beat, like how you approached it...

    stay up homie.
  6. Embassy Sweetz

    Embassy Sweetz 360's thee-shit,-b

    Aug 28, 2004
    : listens :

    : nods in approval :
  7. Cahhhnage

    Cahhhnage New Member

    Mar 17, 2003
    never heard you, i've heard Ocean's shit before though

    this was real nice, reminded me of that Joe Buddens shit a lot but i'm sure you knew they were similar. your quality's ass, take this to the studio and it'd be incredible.

    good shit, if you get a chance sometime, send me this beat on AIM if you dont mind @ MPKaySlay

    hate to say that i liked the song and then ask for a favor, but i really did enjoy this song a lot, and i love that beat too, sooo ya know
  8. ProFane

    ProFane dB's Finest

    Jun 27, 2001
    Shits officail.
  9. Blankk Page

    Blankk Page New Member

    Apr 3, 2004

    Price this is one of the best and deepest tracks I've heard from you, wow... Joe Budden (u know u got me on that one lol)... All this you have to go through, I wish you the best of luck and I'll pray for you. You can make it! Just keep getting aggressive and serious on your tracks, but this is the real shit right here..

    You did it P!
  10. Ildino

    Ildino New Member

    Jul 19, 2005
    Ayo... wattup son... intro sound real nice and grimy man, reminds me of some dipset shyt!! Beat is real real real sick... id love to rip this wun too. 100 BARS!! Ye speaks for itself, since this the realest shyt u eva wrote, it sound real nice man... from topic to the lyrics

    "N it sat there all the years I known him
    That’s 22 of mine, add 16 before em
    Thought he was an alcoholic, cigs? I ignored em
    He ain’t pick his affliction, God did it for him
    I’d a took twice the pain from the liquor
    If he quit the cigs quicker cuz he still got a liver "

    Yo man thats just some of the real shyt on there... buh the full thing is real yo... Im loving this fo real.. keep it up...

    Check out ma shyt homie: http://board.rapmusic.com/showthread.php?t=909835
  11. o3flame

    o3flame New Member

    Sep 29, 2003
  12. E. Fate

    E. Fate Guest

    *wipes tear*
  13. Ayem

    Ayem I Heart Myself

    Aug 20, 1999
    Price finally dropped tha club track bs n' dropped tha realness, u come'n full circle finally potna...deep song...feel'n this...g'luck wit tha baby n' keep ya head up for pops...

    it's a wrap, i'm moving to FL, hahaha j/k...
  14. SHITTY Bang Bang

    SHITTY Bang Bang freestyle fanatic

    Jun 28, 2004

    u sound kinda like king t

    but yea this shits illness
  15. R e d e e M

    R e d e e M Phuck Yew

    Jul 30, 2003
    yeah this sound was dope man...

    you spitting some real shit fam.....i aint goin thru wha ur goin thru...but props to u
    kuz that shit would b hard na mean..

    beat is nice..

    flow and delivery was on point...emotions was there..

    lyrics were nice...some heartfelt shit...

    peep the whole 100 bars...just keep ur head up

    holla back
  16. Mr.J

    Mr.J New Member

    May 16, 2004
    Beat is dope, your voice & flow nice, soundquality right, micpresence/delivery/emotions nice, some real deep Lyrics, def feelin it, one of the best Tunes I listened to the last times, keep doin your thing.....

  17. Intella-Jent

    Intella-Jent .:Intellectual:.

    Feb 1, 2004
    Very nice work.

    Its worth the whole 6 minutes of realness.
  18. ChanGe

    ChanGe Fuk wit me. not.

    Jun 21, 2000
    Nice song...deep and from the heart, that's the best kind of music. Keep pushin your shit.
  19. KaSe_MuNNy

    KaSe_MuNNy New Member

    Aug 15, 2004
    Where can I cop the album at dawg?
  20. Priceless

    Priceless Like I'm doin it for TV

    Aug 30, 1999
    tnstakeover dot com
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