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Discussion in 'Cypher' started by Linxz, Jun 28, 2006.

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  1. Linxz

    Linxz What!

    Feb 5, 2006
    couldn’t find the quiet storm, so I put it together to hard knock it
    as if u seen me go to cop a 8th , but what I slang I pitch to stacks
    coming up from off the get back, though bitches loving my hype
    gotta make sure pheins get what they need, u get that cant lack
    how im coasting wit speed, if things was good haterz would follow me
    on another level like bill Clinton, staying in a zone to bob Marley
    you nyggaz aint fucking wit linxz, spit my name like fab im the ave
    giving u everything that u would want and need, success is in me
  2. *Iceman*

    *Iceman* New Member

    Jun 19, 2000
    So bored, O lord, help me pass the time
    XD in my waist, but a flash a rhyme
    Smash a spine, smoke a cig while i lap some wine
    Pissy drunk at the club dog i crash the line
    Alot of niggaz got trees but dog, ask for mine
    And make sure your schedules clear as ur ass reclines
    Smoked at two but didn't move until after nine
    You wont stay away, keep coming back for dimes
    First car was a bucket man they laughed at mine
    Now bitches love me because it, they be after mine
    Niggaz is often foolish, think they mastered rhyme
    But them niggaz in fault like they passed the line
  3. YuNg WiZ

    YuNg WiZ aka L.O.G.I.C.

    Aug 25, 2005
    on my way to the interview for a job you wished that you
    could have cause it's kinda new and it deal wit sellin shoes
    gotta do what i do to make some dough to take to college
    gotta pay to get an advance level of drugs and knowledge
    and if it all equals power then lemme take a quick shower
    so gimme bout an hour so I can put on my baby powder
    and get fresh and clean the kicks on the feet lookin mean
    I cause a scene when I'm seen on the scene lookin clean
    we deem this rap hot shit, freestyle off top shit
    a block hit, it's L.O.G.I.C. speakin to you wannabe prophets
    I profit dollars while ya'll profit cents
    ya'll ride the bench
    ya'll stink I can smell the stench
    an eerie smell, straight from the depths of hell
    where ya'll weak rap niggas dwell
    residin wit satan cause ya'll rhymes ain't up to par
    i spot weak niggas from afar......

    all this cause im bored....now it's time to go to my interview
  4. CaTchW0n

    CaTchW0n New Member

    Sep 18, 2001
    Dogg Im bored wit Rap cuts, niqqahs that act up
    just yesterday lil niqqa got slapped up
    Just becuz he couldnt shut his trap up
    Luckily his enemy wasnt me, maybe would of been clapped up
    Bored wit these actors looking for cross over success
    They lost need directions and a book of address
  5. Imperial

    Imperial Lex

    Oct 7, 1999
    listen junior.. ever seen a pro rip it?
    Im so gifted.. on the mic, im proficient
    wheres my drink??
    Ill tell a bitch like, go get it.. its sittin near the sink
    That aint red, ya outfit is clearly pink
    Beefin wit me? man i got you scared to think
    Prepare to lose.. i already paid my dues
    Bout to go see Yung Wiz an cop some new shoes
    Hes goin to college
    And so am i.. so you gon see a big bulge in my wallet
    while im callin the shots at some big time company
    But for right now, ill keep it like you cant fuck wit me
    In the rap race, i dust MC's
    Trust no one.. respect who you got ya flow from
    Cuz its somebody elses.. i keep it original..
    ..and direct, never subliminal, no hidden material..
    ..when ya peepin ya boy Imperial
  6. Sir Bustalot

    Sir Bustalot I am Jesus

    Feb 3, 2002
    im a fine example - my rhymes be ample
    divine assistance when my kind be trampled
    aliens use my heart beat and my rhymes ta sample
    mind landfill, my papers be so damn-ILL
    i grip the mic with my hand-skill and make em stand still
    c'mon man chill!
    rhymin's like gettin slashed by an enthusiastic virgin
    stitched crooked, busta's ya drunken plastic surgeon
    gymnastic sturgeon cuz my flow's acrobatic
    chest blows to an asthmatic - rhymes aromatic
    fuckin up the air we breathe like de-facto crack addicts
    automatic brain trauma, my aim stops the pain proppa'
    spitting insane scripture like a crazed dhali lhama
    'might be my bro but we aint from the same momma
    ive tamed brahmas so i can handle the bullshit
    play poker with a hoe card--it'll get pulled quick!
  7. Linxz

    Linxz What!

    Feb 5, 2006
    fuck all what you wished upon my lyric shyt
    the game bout money so yes these streets my books
    gained command of the chain "WHatz my name"
    if its on me! know i'm gone eat yall gone see
    flames under my ass spitting razpy showing my teeth
    cooked beef but still hungry for steak
    how i'm dealing wit real passing the marks shaking these fakes
    cause chedddar my taste but its the american swiz
    this type a nygga trying to get aimming to win
    peep my lines flow is coke keep heads drowning wit hope
    have em caught in a zone causing throats to cough & choke
    incision is what my lyrics intented i've been sick
    mad cause you just catching on to my blueprint
    hood bound since ur eyes just found guess i'm good now
    Imperial yous a clown young wiz i aint in that gang
    note that i'm to bland explicit focus yet insane
    know that yall dont really want this
    battle most of yall and still kept my pride
    rode wit some but had to switch my lanes
    to get from jocking and swager jacking rhymes
    get up off mines just beware its soon my time
  8. Extreme Venom

    Extreme Venom Well-Known Member

    Oct 7, 1999
    I'm bored as fuck i aint feelin like typin'
    I feel like covering my grill going out knifing
    Snipin' people for cash
    Life trifling & make a couple mill for the stash
    But my connect is gone so now i just heal wit the hash
    Still wit the blast but no ak's for the street
    In NY we duck around corners & blaze wit the heat
    Better duck cause them strays'll repeat
    & if one hits.. shits layin' you deep
    Fuck 6 feet throw a faggot foo in the river
    Take his major organs out & sell them all wit the liver
    Thats makin' money wit science & biology
    fuck hustlin' shank & take money robbin' peeps..

  9. Sir Bustalot

    Sir Bustalot I am Jesus

    Feb 3, 2002
    fuck hustlin' shank & take money robbin' peeps..

    not seeking for the rich and famous like robin leech
    but rather reaching for the inaneness stopping each -
    dishonest non-popular and ones that almost breach
    talking bout the longest streaks, not what the problem keeps
    its in ya knoggin, jus open ya eyes to log in!
    in a flash like a hot trend, you can reply but do not press send
    i like the redux cuz it has the best end -
    always got ya back like a fight with you and ya best friend
    the nest egg cracked and now ya standing on ya left leg
    the best peg, carved from wood up north kinda 'round the west end
    lets pretend the stress will bend
    some of them get passed by cuz theyre waitin for the rest ta blend
    better memorize it cuz this is the lesson's end
  10. Linxz

    Linxz What!

    Feb 5, 2006
    Is it true? whatz in my head...stop spitting cut off my friends
    act lock, rest sitting admire my room like I would a cell
    start applying my will, turn the ambition to skillz
    only quote whatz real, always finish the work final the deal
    igg a hoe, off the first negative I feel
    is it really Money over bitches, or is it just that only cuz
    its a must to spend Money on bills!
    though I try, never woke up without a care
    how i rather go out by a gun, cause crack killz most of our peers
    fucked up, situations kept me lost for most my yrs
    ya net heads, don't really know what this is
    i'm pain capture in war of smoke in the midst of rain
    bring sound like horns in the last days, hoping I drain
    i'm focus my mayne, fuck fame! i'm just wanting to stand
    school got my hands tie, crew wanna dickryde, on top of that
    bitches wanna be like, Ya best beleive, i'm gone get right
  11. So Vicious

    So Vicious Death Before Dishonor

    Dec 7, 2006
    red or green light on the beam, when i cock back -
    gun so heavy, need two hands for the blow back -
    shiny chrome trigga, right below where the scope at -
    45 cal. , leaving holes where ya heart at -
    empty the clip, i know none of ya'll niggas can take that -
    hit you in the chest, the pressure still knockin off ya wave cap -
    posted on the block, same corner where the cops be -
    grind all day, and a nigga stay cocky -
    too smooth for you fucks, i'm on my job never sloppy -
    try and rob me, then i'm cathin another body -
    got a new burner, just cant wait to pop it -
    fully loaded clip, bullets flyin out like rockets -

  12. NAiT

    NAiT myself

    Jul 6, 1999
    apparently you and your moms never coddled
    now you busting off bottle rockets calling it cannon fodder
    I'll spit from the same yap while you got the same strap
    gave a nudge and he slipped on his lame ass try'n to aim that

    if you claim that better go do what makes a name that
    spitting inane raps about wood grain whips and flashing caps
    fuck flashy raps cause half you cats can't explain where it's at
    when time came to go past the illusion you mind frame caste
    pain relapsed, mad, cause they never gave you that
    well I'm giving you tracks, try'n to keep living in fact
    this livings a tax, even when you die they keep asking for stacks
    everyday life verse what's below the black mask
    feel like I wanna blast back, and empty out the cash stack
    of every retailer consuming the block
    like bombs on a harbor dropped
    hit every sailor perusing the docks
    Every whaler hoisting his stocks
    Every jailer chained to a chopping block
    every patient insane til' the madness stops
    every single one of them shit eating cops
    hoist the tourniquet until the bleeding clots
  13. callacedkeys

    callacedkeys thinksome

    Jan 24, 2007
    looked at rapmusic and got mad board/
    shit been used more the 12 crack whores/
    see all this shits, just politics, we needa just rap more/
    im an annoyd emcee/
    cuz i cant even just join a league/
    read a little bit closer and ull understand where my point'll lead/
    most here is just like speds/
    it used be just nice heads/
    would come for adio or text/
    i dont know wat it was that just stopped though flow im vexed/
    these choppy flows have hexed/
    the dope open micers, and all of those sick cyphers/
    now its just dick writers/
    shit typers who stay soft like they was impetent/
    where skills used to be wide spread and infinite/
    now kats is tacky mine as well call this a pinup board/
    needa start feedin these babies so they could spit up more/
    and u might ask y rapmusics in my palms ripped up for/
    ill reply with a sigh and say shit im bored/
  14. Sir Bustalot

    Sir Bustalot I am Jesus

    Feb 3, 2002
    ill reply with a sigh and say shit im bored/...

    I bring up the curiosity like cries to tha lord
    i wont die by the knife cuz i survive by the sword
    with prehistoric dinosaur type savagness
    i rule the earth animals and stars, and all of its savages
    ravenous mic styles cut deeper than sad truths
    my punches givin business to more dentists than bad tooths
    bad roots and mental hauntings in the past made my soul acrid
    in my left i hold love but in my right hand holds hatred
    i roll sacred ritualistic spliffs of this sick shit
    trust me if you aint a god like me you aint gonna stick with it
    i spit liquid drowning out more sorrows than liqour
    my ever evolving viruses will mutate as i keep gettin sicker
    i reach weapons quicker than demon assasins-
    cant keep me from blastin all youll see is some flashes
    my knee then some crashes and evil like slashes
    leavin enemies in ashes, and egos in tatters....
  15. N. Cognito

    N. Cognito As Himself

    Jun 1, 2007
    leavin enemies in ashes, and egos in tatters....

    tweetle dumb, tweetle dee im tha master/ Cognito da bachelor / pissed off drinkin a glass of vodka /
    i drop heat on da track / ya cough chiefin a sack / and talk weak cuz you actors lack tha posture /
    to stand tall like how i'm doin in this bored cypher / sword slice ya / im sharp and deadlier than jun-gle vipers /
    yes its me / the first initial is N. / on a mission to win / got rubber like my name was Michelin, N./
    perverted thoughts enter my numb/ mind while im sippin my rum/ slizzurd i drum / beats in my head / keystyle, mouse click and my thumb /
    taps tha space bar / spewin my rhymes in nick names' shit / losin my mind / bout to get up on some rick james shit /
    abusin the lines / use drugs to escape reality / hopin in time, that all the self hate leaves out of me /
    arguments and fist fights / fraudulents who switch sides / all too quick to dick ride / it dont cost a grip to spit lies /
    talk is cheap, people nowadays aint worth a coupon / luke warm weather makes em sweat like a summer in tuscan /
    arizona / pass the mari-wona / smashin twelve coronas / my ass is sailin over the clouds
  16. M-O-A Thug

    M-O-A Thug New Member

    Apr 5, 2003
    clouds, make you say wow, for a week or for a while/
    my kind of style'll singe ya surprised eyebrows//
    I chow, on flows for dinner, I'm winner/
    Playin' "Gone 'till November", shiver me timbers, it's colder than December//
    I remember, when Nas' first album/
    Turned up the volume, and listened to him stylin'//
    On him wildin', stories of his way of life/
    Short album, that got 5-mic's//
    You'll miss wide right without the proper aim/
    this lyrical propane, cause 'mo-pain than needing to be treated with Novacaine//
    you know what's the name, I don't need to spell it out/
    Watch me turn it out, and let you know what I'm about//
  17. Bonnie Bathory

    Bonnie Bathory New Member

    Sep 20, 1999
    open the blinds let the sun in...
    it runs in...
    gun tucked in by my chest...
    in the slums and drug runnin...
    big thuggin
    even blood hunts in my rest...
    wake me up drenched...
    like a run in with death...
    keep some hits by my bed...
    to help to numb up the edge...
    never fed, always eatin...
    always reachin for heat in...
    the street and sweepin...
    creeps for the weed that they're keepin...
    Always bleek...
    week days are the weekends...
    nights i stay seekin...
    your stack, and theres no peace when...
    I'm takin your stash...
    and startin some beef and...
    I clap at your crew and...
    I laugh when they bleedin...
  18. Bonnie Bathory

    Bonnie Bathory New Member

    Sep 20, 1999
    laptop on my thighs
    writin about
    my love for gettin high
    got the pipe
    got the strap on the side
    spice 1 in my ears
    bumpin rap most my life
    what you know about
    coppin e-40, Tupac
    brotha lynch, luniz,
    celly cel and mac mall
    mac dre, x-raided
    ice cube, above the law
    outlawz and
    old school snoop doggy dogg
    I play em all
    west coast keeps it raw
    what you know about it
    west coast seen it all
    and in the southwest
    we just seen the heat
    our spits start steamin
    before they even hit our streets
    I hit the pipe and
    reload it, hit it again
    its like a race to smoke it all and
    only i can win
    I'll smoke a sack
    and then I'll buy another
    Then I'll call my work and
    try to find someone to cover
    So I can smoke it all and
    buy some drinks and see my holmies
    Yo if you don't think I'm smokin now
    you must not fuckin know me
    fuck the police
    comin straight from the gutter
    and fuck your mother
    I'm jokin jeez i love your mother
    shes a fuckin 10
    id fuck her and im straight
    id even ask her on a date first
    and pick her up at 8
    nah wait a minute
    im kiddin, i dont give a shit if
    youre offended set a battle
    if you think you can win it
    ill hit this spliff and split my wig and
    you'll only need one spit
    thats half witty and sick
    to kick my shit in through my lips
    so whats good peeps
    hollar at your girl
    pop the top off your bottles and
    drop some knowledge on my world
  19. M-O-A Thug

    M-O-A Thug New Member

    Apr 5, 2003
    As the world goes around, it's like I'm seein' *stars*/
    dreams at large, in a video with El Debarge//
    Back in the 80's with a crisp new 'Jerry Curl'/
    a Michael Jackson glove, and some Karate shoes ready to serve//
    Like Karch Kiraly, and Randy Stoklos,/
    I'm throwin' low blows, dippin' low in Low-Lows//
    Feelin' oh-so, loco, off that mojo, '92 with the 'do-'do/
    psych I was in elementary playin' with Lego's//
    Ok, ready set go, here's the race going/
    this clever ace-posin, a good threat, with a hand that'll "Royal Flush", the mighty Romans//
    this here is for 'earlobing', meaning just listenin'/
    From here to Michigan, competion, I'm dribblin'//
    past them, so fast, that I lightning flash them/
    pull out a check and cashed them, constantly harrased//
    3 buck bus passed them, I don't know what gassed them/
    All's I know I had to smash them with a Donkey Kong bash done//
  20. CaTchW0n

    CaTchW0n New Member

    Sep 18, 2001
    All's I know I had to smash them with a Donkey Kong bash done

    I only got now cuz memories can only last so long
    niggahs pussy, worst than open vaginal thongs
    fuckin rookies, want whats in grasp so close
    cant be shook be, its up for grabs if you had some thoughts
    this hitting close to home, dropped out of college I was forced to rome
    the streets was my home, wanted to eat
    on my own, up for cheese better yet provolone
    I could be focused on pussy, like I was supposed to holmes
    but, bumped into a recruiter recruiting major mortgage loans
    learned ins and outs got my business out
    wasnt a friendly route, lot of politics ended how
    my side kicks was kicking kickbacks out
    corporate snuck on me, wanted a law suit
    but they got sued all charges dropped subdued to
    fraudulent shit they was used to
    now im out the game, bounced to the stock exchange
    rocking armani exchange pop up in ML 5
    should of copped the range
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