I wish by some stroke of luck that Aaron Hernandez would get acquitted.

Discussion in 'The Alley' started by King Dex, Jan 17, 2014.

  1. DannyC

    DannyC Stay golden, pony boy.

    Dec 9, 1999
    since when does brady think he's bigger than the fans.. lol on what do u base this? youre a pats hater. u have no basis, just bias.

    im not lying to myself when i say, i do not care about the superbowl. why would i? i could care less which one of two teams i hate wins. seriously, i have no interest. ill watch the commercials the next day on the interwebz.

    congrats on being the only man who cares about the probowl

    i know u hate brady, but he'll always be talked about as one of the greatest of all time ;) get over it
  2. zyclon B gas

    zyclon B gas sososerious

    Apr 23, 2002
    nobody said he wouldn't. he's just a whiner with an attitude problem.

    don't you find it just a little weird that the ONLY consistent top-level player who doesn't go to the probowl is brady, citing injuries that don't exist? brees is playing, suh, Charles, jj watt...pretty much every high echelon player is going, but brady is a sore loser and is just too good to waste his time meeting and being with fans and developing relationships with players around the league. maybe people would warm up to them if he warmed up to people.

    you're one of 2 people who won't be watching the super bowl then. the other being brady.

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