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    Jun 21, 1999
    I have recently combined studios with one of my friends & we are having some issues hooking everything up correctly. We have 2 mics(Neumann TLM 103, & Groove Tubes Gt-66), 2 Pre Amps(Universal Audio LA-610, & Avalon 737sp), two interfaces(Digi 002, & RME Fireface 400), two sets of speakers(Event Tr8, & Yamaha Hs 80 ),a presonus Hp4, 3 Behringer BCF-2000 control faders, with a Intell Xeon quad core mac on which we are running both Logic Pro & Pro Tools Le
    What is the best way to hook all of this up together so that we can easily switch from one preamp to the other, one mic to the other, & back & forth between logic & pro tools?) We'd like to be able to use the Rme interface as the main interface but still be able to use the digi for the controls(at least for pro tools, but would love to be able to use it in logic as well if that's possible? Also can we use both the digi & the behringer faders together?), & we'd like to be able to have both sets of speakers play no matter if we are working in logic or pro tools. Please help me out if you can!
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