I Need A Mp3 Site Layout and Minor Web Page Work !! ( I Pay Through Paypal )

Discussion in 'Graphic Forum' started by J-One, Oct 29, 2003.

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  1. J-One

    J-One SMELL ME !?!?

    Apr 13, 2002
    Payment: I will pay through paypal.
    Max Price I Will Spend: $50.00
    Due Date: Nov 1-4
    Site URL: www.mp3.com/PerfectBeats

    1st I need a layout for the site in a BRAND NEW color scheme.
    I still want it to match mp3.com colors but I want the layout to
    have a little light to it. Nothing dark but something with a little
    bit of shine. Pretty much lighter colors then the ones that are
    there now.

    1. I need the layout to have my AIM name: OnlyPerfectBeats on
    the left side.

    2. Right now I have little links on the site that take you to
    different areas. I will need one that says, Producer Promotion,
    Perfect Beats Store, Mailing List. These will be areas that link
    you to different areas.

    3. I also want the grey bar going across the screen. The grey
    bar that is right under Mailing List, Beat Promotion, and Hot
    Producers. On the orignal layout for Perfect Beats. On the grey
    bar I want it to say Welcome Home !!

    4. I also need this text worked into the right part of the layout in
    a very nice, but stylish manner. But in a way that can updated
    and changed with different text.

    This is the new Home for Perfect Beats. These beats have been
    hand selected to provide you with the top beats available.
    These beats are availble for your demo & mp3 sites ONLY. But
    they are all for sale at very good prices. Stay inside, get coozy
    and take a listen in your new Home.

    5. I need the little icons that go next to the beat. One that says
    NEW Perfect beat and one that says Perfect Beats in 2 color

    6. I need a small banner, a little smaller then the one that is
    there now. I need it to say, 1st Line: Interested In Purchasing A
    Beat 2nd Line: Click Here

    7. I also want a small text on the bottom right hand side of the
    layout to have html I can update. I just want it to say 0 Beats
    Sold and I want to be able to update the number as the beats
    sell on my page.

    Other then that I want you designers to add your own personal
    touch, creativty to it. I like simple, quick loading work. I am open
    to view everything that is done and have the payment ready.
    There is a 2nd part to this job so if you get selected for this one
    you will make more money with the 2nd job.

    Contact: AIM: OnlyPerfectBeats
    Email: perfectbeatz@yahoo.com

    Peace J1
  2. noVa ProductionZ

    noVa ProductionZ RS7K 4 LIFE!!! MPC BLOWS!

    Aug 20, 2002
    working on one..

    get on aim wen u see this ill show u.
  3. J-One

    J-One SMELL ME !?!?

    Apr 13, 2002
    /\ sounds good

    Peace J1
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