I killed this local rapper's battle career.

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    Oct 24, 2002
    Peep this. I killed this kid's career. He retired from battling after this. Share it!


    So, this guy , King Thunda, been talking all sorts of shit about how he's the best rapper and the best freestyler in Columbus OH. Meta Ace from ODOT made a bunch of freestyle videos ripping the shit outta him, and this dude stays claiming the only TRUE freestyling is if you sit in a room and people NAME things in the room to freestyle about.

    Facts to remember:
    Claim to fame is that he "sounds like chingy"
    He rhymes in all single syllables
    Has a southern accent
    Claims he's ballin but owes my friend $165 from unpaid production work
    Recently threw a party with his child support check
    Claims he's the "best with the hands"
    Makes bootleg CDs
    Works a 9-5 for min wage
    The most views he's ever gotten on a song is 106.
    He announced his retirement from local battles after this and cancelled two pending battles, stating:
    "Yo im gonna quit battling, I dont wanna end up in jail. Ima focus on my kids and avoid these characters."

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