I just want to stay at home and play playstation.

Discussion in 'Poetry Realm' started by Warpaint, May 28, 2010.

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  1. Warpaint

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    Jul 13, 2001
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    I don't know what you're talking about
    I just want to sit at home and play playstation
    Did my research, I want to get NBA Elite 2011
    Along with the Collegiate version, so I can create myself and watch myself raise through the ranks from freshman to junior
    Three years is enough
    Export my player into the professional division, and be the best general manager you could see
    Call me a weirdo but this is heaven to me
    No flat screen, I want a projector 1080 P
    That's right techies I did my research
    I'm in love with video games
    Sometimes I go out to stores and get all natural soaps
    I like Lush because they have soap that can be used in hair
    Moantain Soap company for my locks never was there
    Forget you guys i'm onto better things
    I no longer shop at the outlet
    I want to be able to go to the real Banana Republic
    Used to be a 44 Reg, but I lost weight, so I need to get refitted
    Probably I am a 40 Reg by now, I love how the pinstripes sit on my wide shoulders
    Dark colors accentuate my skin
    I'm hoping to go the royal purple route this summer
    I think the summer is when the earth tone suits come out
    Winter and fall is when the Dark navy and the greys come out
    I'm in love with well tailored suits and nice watches
    I got myself a Tissot, wanted a Movado just for the look
    I like Automatics more so that battery operated
    Especially when the back is an open view
    I checked out a Hamilton watch but I fell in love with BlacPain
    Sorry Breitling, maybe next time
    Holt Renfrew is too expensive, I rather synergize my efforts to one company so the quality can be integrally matched
    So if I am getting ripped off I would know
    I'm not your average consumer at all
    I want to be by an eastern sea port because I need my sea food fresh
    Forget frozen lobster and week old salmon
    Pollock? thats bollocks to me
    I wanted to move to Geneva to experience the car show, maybe I'll get there next year
    I'm in love with private banking also, and I want to make a stake in intellectual property
    So all things point to Swiss
    See how i'm synergizing
    Go back and retrace the steps if you don't follow
    I even went to the Bay and checked on Strellson, they got some nice suits
    Haven't done to much reseach on shoes but I check on Brown Leather Clarks
    They have another shoe they came out with but I forgot the name
    It is much more classy, I learned this when I was at Moores - they sell them
    I learned that the E class wagon for Mercedes Benz is a nice car
    Also that E class I think stands for executive
    I remember when I thought an Impala was kick ass
    I checked up on Rolls Royce Phantoms and how you could customize it
    I wan't to get suits, no weak hopes
    I wan't them customize, what they call Bespoke
    I'm in love with the finer things in live
    I have a yearning to try other kind of eggs
    Who says chickens are the only ones you can scramble
    Those big ostritch eggs looke mighty filling
    I seen that survivor guy eat one, hard boiled
    Took 90 minutes to complete in an open fire
    You know what that means? Protein, protein, protein
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