I just started can anyone be completely honest and let me know if this is worth continueing

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    Jul 16, 2014
    lyrics by Aint Right:
    instrumental i borrowed:

    it seems like theres no one left but us//
    feelin restless from the stuff we snuffed on up//
    going hard im talkin dome under the stars//
    while we trippin off to mars and lost the keys to the car//
    but we stuck in this planet place call it fucking planet apes //
    can you please reveal a taste//
    give me something to go off//
    before i rip my fucking throat off , its just your aroma //
    your smell grabs like white with some soda//
    then you gave those eyes and my life was over//
    and i knew i wanted to own ya//
    but you were tied down to some soldier//
    nights gettin colder dont know what to do thinking shawdows are some dudes//
    and this shit just multiplys every night that seems to pass ya by//
    corrupted by a guy, cuz he knew crystal and she missed you//
    so i left it as it is, she wanted to give me her kiss//
    and i kissed back she took down , now i call every night like where this bitch gone//
    my struggle worked into my life ,pissed on by the own words that i write //
    people twistin em left and right making things up just to fight //
    no peace no quiet please just stop tryna deny it//
    im tired of these games, i was just keepin shit the same chillin bein plain//
    and you come up and start sayin im doing things im not again//
    trying to make me into something that i cannot stop or contain //
    so much anger i feel my heart gon pop//
    but i wont die because if i live a lie//
    everything spoken is all lies//
    kinda like every truth has its spies //
    im sad this is how u say your good byes//
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    Jul 7, 2010
    this beat is horrendous.. look up Nastradamus by Nas or C True Hollywood Stories by Canibus and you'll find that even the best rap artists and lyricists cannot make a great song over a terrible beat

    do not waste your time on bad beats or beats without good drum patterns or basslines.. you won't be rapping over garbage like that later on, and you'll have to unlearn all that you taught yourself while you were practicing over bad beats by random internet producers who don't even have their pictures available to the public

    Canibus himself gave me the most valuable advice I've ever received for making music.. listen to artists with dynamic flows (he recommended Kool G Rap).. and rap over their songs precisely.l. every word, every breath, etc.

    Nas - Life Is Good, illmatic, stillmatic, god's son, lost tapes.. songs like The Don, Represent, etc.

    Twista - Kamikaze

    Kanye West - Graduation, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

    Roc Marciano - Reloaded

    Canibus - Rip the Jacker (listen for lyrics, not flow, as the album was recorded prior to the creation of the instrumentals)..

    ^ those are albums where the "flow" is impeccable on every song.. good place to start

    also.. download a large collection of instrumentals by guys like 9th Wonder and DJ Premier and write to the ones that are somewhat bouncy or have instruments that you connect with emotionally... you will write better to songs with music or samples that inspire you. if you can't dance, nod your head, or allow the music to be "background music", then it's not a beat you will be able to or should write over

    do not neglect your lyrics.. the Nas, Kanye, Roc, and Canibus albums I recommended are amazing lyrically.. pay attention for imagery, poeticism, insight, etc.

    it will take time.. lots of time and practice.. but after writing to enough throwaway instrumentals, eventually, when you have your own production, or the capability to do something worthy of a really hot beat, you will write the best song of your life

    also, do your best not to post flawed music on the net, or on places like this that people can use against you and cause horrible embarrassment later on when you are dope

    make yourself unique and create a product that is new and not at all the standard radio filler, and you'll be on the right track

    good luck
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    Dec 23, 2012

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