I hurt feelings

Discussion in 'Open Mic' started by Tacky Jones, Nov 13, 2012.

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  1. Tacky Jones

    Tacky Jones www.TaCsmassivecock.gov

    Feb 25, 2008
    I hurt feelings, fuck your sensitivity
    and say a fuckin prayer for the bitch who has a kid with me
    i mean, the bitch who has to live with me
    cuz any bitch says shes havin my kid, i'll split the shit instantly
    spit the shit visciously, like the bitches in 2 girls, 1 cup
    whattup, tonight I'm layin with 2 girls, 1's drunk
    the others under age, blind, mute and retarded
    lift her up out of her wheelchair and lets get started
    fuck, i think the deaf bitch farted
    all good, cuz i gotta give my next bitch hard dick
    smoke it if ya got it, so the bitch sparked it
    beatin my dick as she gives the crack pipe a hard hit
    then i gave her crack like a hard lick
    hit it raw, cuz I'm at war with Trojan like a Spartan
    im about to bust, put it in your mouth and gum it fast
    shes blowin the big cheese like her gummint cash
    bitch get some dentures, get some fake teeth, get a grill
    you're pissing me off, but like Clay Aiken, I wont hit a girl
    After 3 hours of pokin it hard
    "Baby I'll be right back, i left my smokes in the car"

    My boy was sad, so i made my girl suck his dick
    then i left the chick for cheatin, that fuckin bitch
    i always been like this, a pig a prick, a douche
    but feminist bitches who get offended should just eat a dick or 2
    or get a dick? you seen those bitches? who would fuck?
    id amost rather fuck a tranny, cuz it looks like they gave you the tuck
    you a punk, im a sexist cuz you dont get nookie
    ugly bitches can get some, take notes from Snooki
    ive always been like this, a sick white kid
    lookin to fuck your mind, so i stuck my dick in your eye lid
    i got fired from my first job for sexual harassment something
    Trust me, when i said her ass meant nothing
    true story, i really got fired for sexual harassment something
    motherfucker and i mean it when i said her ass meant nothing
    dont be blushing, B, put trust in me and stop blushing, see
    I aint mad, I'm as happy as a preacher at Chuck E Cheese
    So suck on these, and gimme a blumpkin' please
    i dont care if its your face in the toilet, get on your fuckin knees
    and die from AID's in the gutter just like a broke maggot
    Seroiusly, if i offend you, learn to take a joke, faggot
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