i broke this down...tell me how this is trash? point out any flaws you see here.

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  1. PiffInDaBasket

    PiffInDaBasket New Member

    May 15, 2008
    im raw

    Mic check 1, 2 on the way to third
    Flow sick; put a straight jacket on my words
    So sick, they think that something's in the herb
    They think i'm gone, but i'm fine like a woman’s curves
    My personality is far from your reality, i'm closer to your girl,
    now come on ho don't embarrass me! There is no comparising

    This right here be kerosene, carousel, parasail, im higher than everything
    When I spit u cant drink it like your 17
    I can show a million pair of eyes that they’ve never seen,
    And I can do this in whatever the weather brings
    Picasso couldn’t paint a better scene, colossal
    Now give me the mike and i'll rock like a f**kin fossil
    I'm mad at the track, and i'll beat it like Hector Commadule

    What's poppin, what it do, what's happenin, what's crackin, que pasa
    The hospital, mi casa su casa,
    Bad, i'm rad, and these niggas just squares like plaid, and if they’re cool, then i'm cold, I gets money all day like the toll

    im raw (x8)
    i got my brim low, all i can see is the floor (x2)
    im raw (x8)
    im bout to - i'm bout to murder this shit (x2)

    I'm a BET soldier; an MTV gangsta
    I will be on VH1 when i'm done being famous

    Explain shit... i have made my way
    And you are just a stain bitch you will fade away
    And I only leave my house to paper chase
    Yep, off to da jungle, where I feel safe
    Like a homerun in the bottom of the 9th inning
    And im fresh like im by Minin..haa
    I'm on the clock like 5 minutes,
    tryna get passed the line of scrimmage, yeah..
    And before i leave her thighs bendin
    She give me face first like she done dived in it..hahaha
    And if she tall i can climb in it;
    I usually dont have a time limit
    And eating pussy aint a crime is it
    If so, i should start working on my jail visits(lol)
    You know...
    I'm in the game they just sell tickets
    Man i got old bread like stale biscuits
    You feeling froggy all you gotta do is yell ribbit

    Turn ya ass to a statue like an exhibit
    Now lets get it , let me at 'em
    Leave my cage open
    With no pyro i leave the stage smokin
    Yes...it's Weezy F. bitch
    the best thing since breath bitch

    im raw (x8)
    i got my brim low all i can see is the floor (x2)
    im raw (x8)
    im bout to-i'm bout to murder this shit (x2)

    It go uptown - uptown operation shut down
    Wake up to polices, go to sleep to the gun sounds

    And your not a gorilla, your a dead monkey
    Cuz i got a banana clip in these Red Monkeys
    What you said don't be afraid to say it twice,
    And they say life is cheap, until you pay the price

    It's just like shaking dice, but i hope you roll a winner
    And if you are rat, your just a cobra's dinner

    Yall aint f**kin with me, you niggas under a G.,
    Like the light part of my feet
    And so what them niggas left me
    When they get cold i turns into Wayne Gretsky
    G to the N - I do's it like it's never been done,
    So you can suck my dick with an elephants tounge
    It's weezy baby
    Mutha f**ka i spit rabies!


    Rappin Is My Hobby, My House Has A Lobby
    My Bitches Act Snobby because I Feed Them Thousands
    I Kno That Didn't Rhyme but Im Only Being Honest
    You cant Pay Me In Cash now Im Only Seein Commas.
    I Swear I got On Saks 5th Boxers Right Now
    Im Tryna Milk The Game As If The Game Was A Cow
    I Had A Eddie Bauer Expedition 7 Years Ago
    My Grandma Used To Tell Me That She Swear I Been Here Befo.

    I Used To Wear Braids Like Jasons Lyric,Whoa
    Spent A Bundle On The Cross Because Iam Spi-Ri-Tual

    And I Can Never Pass A Physical...I Stay High,
    High As The Voice Of Akon!

    And Make Mine A Straight wit No Chase
    Hold The Ice... I Got Enuff On Ne Way
    And Wen They See The Boy They Hyperventilate
    I Got Them Runnin After Me Like Im About To Win A Race.

    Ima Beast, Ima Dog.
    Bitch Ima Beast, Ho Ima Dog
    Yea U Kno That Im A Beast, Ima Dog
    Ima Beast, Ho Ima Dog. You Know That

    [Verse 2:]
    Never Entertain The Suckas Wit The Hatin Bidness(Nah Never Did That)
    Im On A Yacht Playin Table Tennis
    Expensive Lenin,Women Sinning
    Adultery... Compulsively
    Im An Arsenist On The Beat...Blaze Fire
    The Door Close To The Booth I Feel Like A Caged Lion(Rawr)
    Yea, Let Me Loose(Rawr) Now Let Me Get'em(Rawr)
    Cuz I Aint Goin Back And Forth Like Badmitton
    No I Will Never Drop The Ball Like Badmitton
    And I Aint Being Conceited Im Just Ad-Mittin
    I Flow Cocky... Got Hand Rhythm
    I Got This Bitch On Lock Like San Quentin
    Im Tough Daddy Whats Poppin Gangsta(Bloods!)
    [Sirens In The Background]
    Im Tryna Keep My Pockets Fat Like Opera Singers
    So Sharp If U Touch Me Ill Chop Ya Fingers
    Im On Top Of The Game
    Like Helicopter Angles
    I See U Niggas, I Hope U Havin Fun
    I Hope U Have A Gun(Gunshot) This Shit Is Crazy
    Its Little Baby, Im Here To Take It
    And Its Lookin Vacant. Cuz...
    [Sirens End]

    [Chorus x2]

    Ok... Now Ima Go Off On'em
    At First I Was Goin Soft On'em
    But Now Its Time To Go Hard!
    Bustin... Bangin Boguard[?]
    Take A Shit In Yo Yard
    Take A Piss On Yo Broad
    Make A List Of Yo Boyz
    And Go And Murder Them All(Haha)
    Life Is A Short A Midget Told Me That
    And I Allways Thought I Was Fly Like I Had A Pidgeon On My Back
    But I Got Decisions On My Back
    Vision On My Back
    So Dont You Ever Run Up On Me I Got Precision Wit That Gat
    I Dont Rat-Ta-Tat-Tat-Tat
    All I Got To Do Is Tat!
    Bet I Hit My Tar-Get
    Like A Fuckin Dart Mat
    My Address Is Cloud Nine
    See And U Shall Find
    Weezy On Da Grind
    Im About My Frankensteins(lol)
    U Kno Me, From My Lincolns To My Franklins
    See I Make That Money Stretch And Connect Like An Anklet
    keep them Bitches Runnin In Out My House Like A Banquet
    And I Dont Even Speak Their Language
    ... Ahahah
    And If The Bitch Boyfrend Get Angry
    Then My Niggas Turn Around And Tell His Whole Clique
    Fuck That Nigga, Pussy Ass Nigga
    Fuck That Nigga!! Yea!

    [Chorus x2: To The End]
  2. PiffInDaBasket

    PiffInDaBasket New Member

    May 15, 2008

    everything is sick on in this song

    Bitch im back on my grizzy,
    Young money where ya at?,
    Two tables and a mic,
    Tell the Dj run it back,

    Bitch im back on my grizzy,
    Young money where ya at?,
    If you fuck wit Younh Money,
    Yougn Money where you at,
    Like the energizer bunny wit a battery pack,
    Boy that drummer keep drummin, like B-r-r-at-at-at-tat,
    Or B-r-r-rump-bum-bum-bum,
    Im so young but im a Giant like Fe-Fi-Fo-Fum,
    Just bought a new crib, And insides so dumb,
    Got some money put away, incase the hurricane come,

    Im a fuckin shame huh? yea i know yea i know,
    I go out the country to get all my clothes and my hoes,
    And i go out my way just to get my dro and my doe,

    Cause, I love it more than i do my hoes yes i doess,
    I got gasoline comin out my pours,
    Imma torch,
    I got glasses like that white boy Scott Storch,
    And a porshe,
    I got license for tha scortch,
    Snipers at your porch,
    Rifles by the forts,
    And we shoot up courts,
    The judge juss a bitch,
    The jury suck dick,
    Im a eastside blood,
    And i dont smoke that crip,
    I smoke that kush,,
    First name Bubba,
    First names Young,
    Last name Stunna,
    Carter in the office,
    Take notes when im talkin,
    Smooth as a cruz boat floats when im walkin,
    I boast cause im ballin,
    I boast to be ballin,
    When im on the phone wit bitches man the money keep callin,
    You aint satisfied till ya son'll be callin,
    Tellin you where to leave the money in the mornin,
    Ok you wanna zombie movie instead,
    Thats when you walk in ya house and everybody dead,

    I can take a shit where i stand,
    Where i stand...and watch you pussies piss in ya pants,

    You aint a man your a hoe,
    I can kill him with the flow,
    And then play the guitar at the fuckin funeral,
    Big guns so they drinkin big shots,
    And my gam go Saddam Hussein and missile launch,
    The Corrain call me Wayne Chain,
    Listen ma, i dont know karate, but after the brain, i kick you out,(lmao)
    You niggas suck like tony romo, no homo,
    And im all about my money, i get paid for promo yeaa,
    Im the man in this bitch, they say money talks wel..
    Im tha ventriloquist,

    And if i ever jump, il prolly land in ya bitch,
    Boy that hoe colder than my hand and my wrist,
    Boy im more cooler than a fan and a mint,
    And when im done this track we'll need a couple bandages,

    I be wit savages and im above average,
    Im a crazy ass star like a fuckin asterick,
    You niggas cant see me, im on my casper shit,
    Runnin so much game, i fuck around and lap a bitch,
    If love like a grocery, i juss bag a bitch,
    And you kno im gonna score like Deion after picks,

    Im rollin on a pill, she get that mornin after dick,
    And when my roll came down guess whut i did after it,
    I popped and took some patrone shots,
    I pop popped and took some Grey goose shots,
    I pop popped...yea..
    Young Money bitch, and if you niggas wan' do it , we chop chop,
    Leave ya back on tha block,
    We pop cops,
    And there aint no rights on my block,
    I got shop,
    I got that dro, i got them pills, i got that yay,
    Give it to them hoes and watch them bitches freak away..
  3. Trey M

    Trey M \.=.

    May 7, 2002
    too much to read
  4. Nu'maaN

    Nu'maaN Anu'naki, Nuqqa.

    Aug 27, 2005
    wow. straight genius rap ...

    [turn] ...
  5. PiffInDaBasket

    PiffInDaBasket New Member

    May 15, 2008
    yeah, he has to have some filler. and he rapped it well

    after im bad, im raw, he says "you niggas just square like plaid"

    if their cool, then im cold, i get money all day like a toll

    he needed to say something to make it rhyme with plaid
  6. Kal-EL

    Kal-EL Krazed Familia

    May 20, 2006
    "I'm a BET soldier; an MTV gangsta
    I will be on VH1 when i'm done being famous"

    ONLY line that stood out. The man's trash the majority (97 percent)of the time, but he can show signs of greatness.
  7. JaMmY dAvIsJR

    JaMmY dAvIsJR New Member

    Jun 11, 2008
    PIFF IN DA BUTT is a dick rider
  8. Murder Ink

    Murder Ink Jigsaw

    Sep 25, 2005
  9. DHighman

    DHighman the wikedest

    Sep 23, 2002
    man that im raw shit is bomb. where is that from???
  10. PiffInDaBasket

    PiffInDaBasket New Member

    May 15, 2008
    all of it is raw

    and its from one of his mixtapes, i dont knw
  11. Uzi_'The Fam'

    Uzi_'The Fam' www.IAmFloridasFinest.com

    Jan 26, 2006
    Im the man in this bitch, they say money talks wel..
    Im tha ventriloquist

    only line that make me really smile. clever imo

    thats a very poor excuse for shitty lyrics man. he says one hot line (which is usually suspect anyway) surrounded by a bunch mediocre/garbage babble. he raps very well but is not a lyricist. he needs to stop claiming to be so great and so do his fans.
  12. PiffInDaBasket

    PiffInDaBasket New Member

    May 15, 2008
    sit down and soak in the song itself

    his lyrics are superb
  13. fishyfishy

    fishyfishy Active Member

    Jun 8, 2005
    i watched these videos...first time listening to wayne in god knows how long and nothing has changed. he is the worst rapper i have ever heard...only bizzare and flava flav come close
  14. jaykay

    jaykay New Member

    Jul 16, 2003

    mama gave me the swag, i walk like the president
    talk bout only dead presidents and big settlements
    yes i have faith in the flag, yep i'm a citizen
    i'm reppin my city that is bet is the silliest
    mama ain't teach me no betta but to get this chedda
    and that i do, and for it i get at you
    i consider you all fools, you niggas is hilarious
    young money bitches don't wanna fuck us, they wanna marry us
    now ain't that some shit
    i can't have one bitch but i just got one dick and NO
    i ain't fuckin with the faith
    i lower my hand gun with hand towels just to touch a nigga face
    i am somethin like a safe, i will never crack
    ain't no combination, nigga neva dat
    if a nigga eva said anything about weezy and meant it
    he gon get it that same evenin, pimpin
    backseat ridin like i'm mr. daisy, i am weezy f baby, don't miss the baby
    i kiss the lady on her hand, i'm a fly young man, check my wingspan
    this year, i probably do everythin, tan by crib on the sand
    gotta float to the land but don't get it twisted, i still die for me
    and do a bid for my man, do the best that i can
    cuz i'm strong, strong with a will and a plan
    there's a will, there's a way so make way for the fam
    young money, i yell it til they come for me, come get me
    i bet i'll take more than one wit me
    i know it don't take more than one shot
    and for that reason, i'm gon shoot more than one shot
    i be clickin when the gun stop, i make the body hot
    then spit on it when the body drop
    i get on it like a pot of crack
    i get at your bitch, then i tell her like a rapper.. holla back!
    i'm still askin, where the dollaz at
    i will smash em if you got em jack, i peel faster
    the lil bastard in the made back
    a young nigga, i still think savin is wack
    i eat, sleep, shit and bathe wit my gat
    i'm like, fuck pimpin, slavin is back
    they like, 'yes master, you da best master'
    my hoes need me, i'm like test answers
    you don't need me, you might catch cancer
    come back from the treatment lookin like van axil
    NO, i don't like bald head hoes
    i like a long haired diva with the bosses goals
    i'm a all day pleaser, your boy can't go
    he too proud, i go where your boy can't go, oh
    nasty ass lil boy, put my feet up on the dash, pass the grass
    enjoy, get the coke up off the glass, get the money out the drawers
    get the weed out the jars and we do it like stars
    weezy f baby
  15. jaykay

    jaykay New Member

    Jul 16, 2003

    Uh...I'm so Dipset - Dipsouth Baby
    If you don't like it nigga, fuck you wit a aids dick
    I hope you die 30 times, nigga murder moms
    No fast talk, I'm on that syrup, I'm on that turtle time
    If Killa say the nigga dead, then a nigga dead
    If Stunna say the nigga dead, then a nigga dead
    B.I.P. - We be them niggas bangin in the red
    Don't drink krystile no more, just pour it on white bitches head
    This aint no Tommy Hilfiger, this that Polo hoe
    We are the biggest group alive to get that solo doe
    And we gon' get that dough, until they say theres no more doe
    I smoke that ounce, I got that bounce, I got that pogo flow
    Just show a video wit R.Kelly, but no homo though
    Really didn't wanna do it but I fuck wit T, S, and Fat Joe Joe though
    I am a robot and this robot is on overload
    And bitch I always will be hot, like I'm in overcoats


    [Lil Wayne]
    Um..Dolla after dolla, holla at ya guala
    I'm rollin like the stones, I need a water bottle
    And if you need a pill, T.Streetz and Carter got em
    Supply the whole party, we got the party poppin
    We in New Orleans poppin, we way in Harlem poppin
    In California poppin, Ed Hardey rockin
    Skinny whores wit all them problems
    Bitch you can eat these pills and chill and tell me all about em
    Hold up my heart is knockin, don't worry water stops it
    Hold up your mouth is dry, don't worry water mops it
    I got a great idea, we should have sex
    Bitch I'm like Dante Hall, I just throw up the X
    My dick be still hard, I be so up for next
    Thats when you slip up and fuck around, and fuck ya ex
    That be that bullshit, but it's the fuckin best!
    I get her to pop a pill, and come and fuck the set!
    And I fuckin rep
  16. jaykay

    jaykay New Member

    Jul 16, 2003

    Give a woman none, uh-huh
    I already gave my brother some, it's my sister turn
    Ain't it funny how the fish do burn
    But your boy just relax like a fresh new perm
    Like the World in the barrel of the pistol turn
    Homie get it how we live, never live and learn
    Gotta talk about the flow cause you is concerned
    Only down south rapper could've been in The Firm
    Or the Commission or Wu-Tang nigga
    Tryna tell you I can kick it like Liu Kang nigga
    Got that Sub-Zero flow, how you want me ma'?
    Make her get over here like Scorpion
    And when it comes down to the recording
    I must be Lebron James if he's Jordan
    No, I won rings for my performance
    I'm more Kobe Bryant of an artist
    Same coach, same game, been starting
    ... Same tri-angle Offense
    I come through the lane like Dargent
    Referee niggas is lame, they call charging
    I have no brain I'm retarded
    We are not the same I'ma Martian
    You can be my Jane, I'm your Tarzan
    I'm from the jungle where the snakes is all poison
    I am magnificent like Marcus
    You might wanna fall back like August
    Or late september whatever you call it
    I hit niggaz in the head like Vonage
    I am talking to no particular audience
    But understand I'm the guardian
    And understand there won't be no guardin him
    You will just get played like an accordion
    I don't give a damn if she's bossy
    I keep pussy running like a faucet
    She better catch like she Steve Largent
    Because I'm "What's up" like "Martin"
  17. MC_Paste


    Aug 21, 2004
    thanks everybody keep it going
  18. CypherA

    CypherA Member

    Jul 8, 2002
    First song: Beat is horrible. Hook is garbage. Lil' Wayne's flow is shitty and his voice is annoying as fuck as always. Some of those lyrics are okay though.

    Second song: Terrible beat, terrible lyrics and flow, terrible hook, terrible everything. He has so many simple fucking rhymes. "So sharp I'll chop ya fingers," "Tryna milk the game as if the game was a cow." That shit is weak.

    Third song: Inane lyrics, shitty beat.

    I boast cause im ballin,
    I boast to be ballin,
    When im on the phone wit bitches man the money keep callin,
    You aint satisfied till ya son'll be callin,
    Tellin you where to leave the money in the mornin,
    Ok you wanna zombie movie instead,
    Thats when you walk in ya house and everybody dead

    Absolute trash.
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