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  1. T.R.C....

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    Sep 5, 2010
    nobody take this personally or think im makin serious claims im just messin around

    my lyrics are cause for the floors to be populated with jaws
    an walls stained with brains from a flow without any flaws
    an i hardly pause to take a breath or give my lines any thoughts
    rhymes so cold they'll get you covered in frost but dont sweat it forget it
    call the paramedics slit their throats snatch some meds and ingest it
    an yes im advocatin all the shit that im sayin abuse perscription pills kill a cat an fillet it
    im a sick individual my actions are criminal my conscience unconscionable
    so fuck you is my response if you think im responsible im lyrically gifted my spits are pheonominal
    hate on my shit man thats comical my rhymes always hit like electric shocks
    an the flow falls into place like fuckin tetris blocks so yes im expectin props
    shouts of respect for this excellent drop an dont pretend that its not thats a fatal deed
    so just shove the criticism in ya ass and plug it up with some anal beads
    fuckin shit this profanity is damnin me its beyond absurd this kind of insanity
    but dont panic see i just do what the voices in my head are demandin of me
    not above punchin a bitch square in the mouth til my fist is stuck in her lips
    but enough of this shit im losin my edge ima go get me somethin to sniff

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