hustlin and makin money cypha

Discussion in 'Cypher' started by pac_4ever, Oct 24, 2008.

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  1. J-Alike

    J-Alike WatZ GOOD

    Feb 5, 2010
    84 was off the head
  2. Cliq Claq

    Cliq Claq New Member

    Feb 5, 2010
    check it out - this is the realest rhyme of all time.

    Yo i just woke up
    hungover like fuck
    feel just like a truck
    hit me in the stomach

    then i went to piss
    but then i said 'what's this'?
    reality hit me quick,
    i had to take a shit!

    then off to the kitchen
    to get some coffee, my mission
    but the pot was cold
    someone i wanted to scold
    but i'm not that bold

    so i opened the fridge
    poked around a bit
    saw an awesome sandwich
    one which i will damage
    later, i imagine

    but i grabbed a redbull
    my coffee substitute
    and went on this website
    lyrics cocked to shoot

    see last night was rough
    me and my buddies must
    have drank enough
    coronas to fill a truck

    and we watched the lakers
    god damn nuggets faded us
    but at least the celtics
    still remain on the best-list

    then at 4 am, i was kinda tired
    wanted to go home, but i needed time
    to clear up my mind
    ate 4 clementines
    my citrus valentines
    those things are sublime
    cuz u can peel them easily,
    and they're not as messy as regular oranges, you know?
    anyway, then i went home and went to bed

    The End ^_^
  3. fireblade900

    fireblade900 New Member

    Mar 2, 2010
    i choose to get dressed up in them cloth, used to pose, but then arose to the occasions, never cuz of the perswation, i can not live in the the slo mo, gotta say fuck the po'po's, sisters wonderin when ima grow up, well i'd rather throw it up, talkin dow cuz i got this snow, and always screamin mo, see i aint dreamin, ive been skeamin up these plans, shakin all da phenes hand, sorry mr. sam i cant live by yo hand got keep my trap up, stack up, cuz i cant go back to that city that was the gritty, see pops u got them sweaty palms and had to roll back to ya moms, u grinin when u got that pull pull. well i be grinnin when i got that 44 ridin in that 4x4, hoppin out that door strollin up to the store cuz im about to be going through the drawer, nigga hit the floor, well this nigga be on roll to this strole
  4. Sin-Razone

    Sin-Razone UnR3450n

    Nov 15, 2009
    make ends/
    pen and paper/
    money needs to come in/
    influence from family and friends/
    raise the stakes/
    victimized from bad economy/
    need to pay bills and make profits/
    cost of living goes up/
    need to make twice as much/
    cant go crooked or with crimes/

    need to keep it grimey/
    stay on edge/
    like salesmen in used car lots/
    make bread for family of ten heads/
  5. barnizzle

    barnizzle HIP HOP

    Sep 25, 2004
    read alla bout it
    shit goin wrong dont know how to stop it
    end of times livin no way up out it
    so check ya watches, see it thru my optics
    dialect heglian im jottin, last days prophet
    hustlin tryna save last days profit...
    raised in the projects
    was refused due process
    fatherless jobless
    but that was the obvious
    the place where from
    reason why i
    stay wit a gun like somalians
    prolly be polly'n wit
    people actin petty towards me
    if they come real wholesome
    guns tear'em to four somes..
    ready to eat
    hit the street and terrorize for my portions
    got a flow that could support abortions
    so find me some whores to hear'em recorded
  6. OJ

    OJ Parksvegas Sniper

    Jul 21, 2000
    I got a job,
    it pays the bills,
    but sometimes I wanna mob,
    you got gold chains and skrill?
    you got the time to be robbed,
    if you ain't flashin' it for thrills,
    I ain't tryin' to be a prob',
    pull out wads of cash though,
    gettin' your money's my job,
    and I also like to hustle,
    theres plenty marks on the streets,
    OJ's knife it will cut you,
    I come off smart when I speak,
    I roll with dimes that are sluts too,
    we will shark you and flee,
    alot of this is old days,
    my old life you see
    but keep em' in the mind of OJ,
    if i' grinding the streets,
    might have to go back to these cold plays,
    my mind is unique,
    easy to rewind and im known crazed,
    I always find what I seek,
    so don't slip or your day,
    takes a twist and your prey,
    today i'm ok,
    but it be easy go back to old ways
  7. barnizzle

    barnizzle HIP HOP

    Sep 25, 2004
    sick shit, OJ u blessed the fuck outta these threads you dropped in

    killed that shit
  8. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Active Member

    Mar 11, 2007
    Life a diva
    i treat her like my adidas
    i often dream about freedom'
    well where's tha kingdom?
    Set tha b1tch a blaze
    seperate tha fake, from tha rich & brave
    sunday meals granny is tha kitchen's slave
    kool-aid, corn bread, mac-n-cheese an some chicken made
    hug's & kisses -n- sweet wishes make b1tches faint
    sellin dreams to weak minds an lost souls
    education is key, words are bar codes
    retaliation for me, see ya at tha cross-roads.
  9. Sin-Razone

    Sin-Razone UnR3450n

    Nov 15, 2009
    spit about making it/
    world is unforgiving/
    make money grind on my shit/
    cant quit/
    creativeness needs to astound audiences/
    create a cause and effect/
    mad intellect use it to feed potential/
    keep it massive, infinite, absolute no end/
    use tools mental is first one/
    second is initiative/
    drive confidence/
    pray to god for the perfect mindset/
  10. OJ

    OJ Parksvegas Sniper

    Jul 21, 2000
    It's time to stop and explain,
    socks stuffed, wads of cash,
    As I walk in the rain,
    pockets flush, poppin fast,
    cuz they got it the same,
    shoppin' dust n swappin' sacks,
    at the top of my game,
    choppin' crushed n poppin' caps,
    my mind lost it, insane,
    gotten busted, shotten at,
    why I walk with a cane
    I am the ruler, owner,
    self employed, a loner,
    my shoulders,
    carry the load
    of many boulders,
    now i'm older,
    married to snow,
    it plenty cold,
    I control her,
    carry the blow, the cost?
    an empty soul,
    a soldier,
    buried in dough,
    it spent me whole,
    I wanna let go
    as just barely I hold
  11. Fem_bot

    Fem_bot New Member

    May 25, 2010
    Props to dude above me. Feeling it.

    Yeah i make no bucks, so what
    My minds rich
    Mad intelligent...blow nuts
    I have this shit
    On lock, billionare mind set
    Evertyhing I touch is gold
    my value is priceless
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