How Up & Coming Artists Like You Can Promote Themselves To Receive More Exposure

Discussion in 'Audio Help & Tips' started by Bastiani, Apr 23, 2017.


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  1. Bastiani

    Bastiani New Member

    Apr 22, 2017
    Hey guys, i'm quite new to this forum but I thought i would drop some knowledge here for young artists who are trying to get their foot in music. I hope you enjoy!

    Getting exposure as an up-coming hip-hop artist is very important. This is mainly because the success of every artist is measured with the number of fans he or she has. By having more fans you’re able to market your work more effectively. In the past artists needed to use certain methods to gain the necessary exposure. However, in the current days most of the methods that were being used by up-coming hip-hop artists are no longer as effective as they were. The new methods are more effective and convenient provided one knows the right techniques to apply. Here are helpful tips that up-coming hip-hop artists like you can use to promote themselves to receive more exposure.

    1. Using YouTube

    YouTube has in the recent past become the perfect way of marketing content for different kinds of artists. In fact, there are people who were not known but they became big celebrities through using YouTube. Even up-coming hip-hop artists can easily gain the necessary exposure through posting their work on YouTube. All you need is to post quality work which will be able to attract many people. If an artist is not conversant on how to post quality work on YouTube it is advisable to hire a professional who will provide the necessary assistance. If the posted work is of the right quality and is interesting, you will for sure be able to get the necessary exposure.

    2. Using social media

    Most young people currently use social media to interact and get in touch with other young people. This makes social media an ideal platform that can be used by an up-coming hip-hop artist to gain exposure. It’s important to select the right social media platforms that are likely to help in reaching out to more people. While using social media one should be interacting with the people who are likely to become fans. Through interacting with the potential fans one is able to get more followers and therefore anything posted will be seen by many people. This is a method that is very convenient for it is cost effective and is easy to implement.

    3. Getting a good recording studio

    As an upcoming hip-hop artist it might be challenging to work in some of the prominent recording studios. However, it is always advisable to work with a good studio that is operated professionally. The main reason behind this is that the prominent studios are very respected amongst fans. Such studios also know the ways to market songs and other contents. An up-coming artist who works in such a studio is almost guaranteed of getting the necessary exposure for the studios will often help in marketing the recorded content.

    4. Taking time to record

    Some up-coming hip-hop artists want to gain overnight fame and exposure. I can tell you that they most probably do not take time to record and as a result they are unable to record quality songs. This usually has negative effects because an artist who is not patient is usually unable to prepare quality work. As a result, it is advisable for any upcoming artist to take time to produce and prepare well so as to produce quality work that will be outstanding and therefore will be able to attract more fans.

    5. Attending many shows

    Attending shows and performing in different places is a very helpful tip to any up-coming hip-hop artist. This is because through the performances one is able to be known by more people. One can even be accepting free shows with an objective of reaching out to more people. The shows do not have to be big or have thousands of people. Instead one can start with small shows in the neighborhood before graduating and going to other places. Through performing in the small shows one is also able to get the necessary confidence and experience and therefore be able to perform better in the future. Even just attending other artist’s shows will help you to meet people that are perhaps in the music industry and you’ll be on your way to building solid connections with other people.

    It's clear that up-coming hip-hop artists need to work hard so as to market themselves and gain the necessary exposure. All the outlined tips require hard work and professionalism. Without working hard you will most likely not get the necessary exposure. You can apply a number of the outlined tips or combine all the tips so as to get the necessary exposure within a shorter period. As already outlined, an artist can hire professionals especially on the methods that require technical skills. Therefore, by applying the outlined guidelines an up-coming hip-hop artist can be able to promote himself or herself to gain more exposure.

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