How to Rip DVD, Convert Video, Backup iPod info,Make iPhone Ringtone, Copy DVD on Mac

Discussion in 'Man Enough' started by nisowosi, May 12, 2010.

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    May 12, 2010
    Two years ago, I had my first Mac. Today I get my new MacBook Pro. So I am totally a Mac fan now. I enjoy my Mac very much. I always watch movies on my Mac and sometimes rip my DVD movies on it and convert video to another format. Also I make my own iPhone ringtone on it. And recently, I copy my DVDs on it as well. Now I will share my experience with you.

    My article includes 5 part:
    Part 1. How to rip DVD to video format on Mac
    Part 2. How to convert video on Mac
    Part 3. How to transfer info between iPod and Mac
    Part 4. How to make iPhone ringtone on Mac
    Part 5. How to copy DVD on Mac

    for more info please go to:
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