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    Oct 28, 2005
    Im A Grind Forever You Flow Nice But Mines Is Better
    Im Like Po No Puff Im A Shyne Forever
    I Got Mines N*****a Let Me Remind You Getters
    Seen A Lot A Young N****s Fresh Die On A Stretcher
    Broke Down Like A Shotgun When They Applied That Pressure
    Like That N****a From And One Im The Prime Objective
    Plus Your Thoughts All Wrong Get Your Mind Corrected
    Signs Detected Now I See That You Aligned With Detectives
    Now You Roll With The Boys In Blue They Poisoned You
    For What To Get A Little Paper Smoke A Joint Or Two
    You Done Joined A Crew Now You Aint Welcome Back
    Its Bye Bye N***a Once You Touch That Welcome Matt
    Thats The Main Reason I Aint Want To Help You Cats
    Something Stinks Now It Seems That I Smelled A Rat
    To Hell With That N***a Cause Im Built Like Chev's
    Plus The Game Real Deadly Youll N****s Aint Ready
  2. Da New Kid

    Da New Kid New

    Apr 7, 2003
    As a young'n a niqqa'd pushed dimes and nicks
    In school the lil' dopeheads'd want lines and shit
    Sniffin' in class got my ass kicked out of Carey
    Kept my bizz in the burbs cause Queens seemed too scary
    A niqqa looked broke like a muthafucka
    But a niqqa invested in dope like a muthafucka
    So now my cash flow is straight, muthafucka
    I got guns for sale, too... That .38 with slugs to sell you
    A niqqa word is worth gold
    I work without purpose I just want more dough
    Dom, not a flashy niqqa
    I stay on th low, since any Narc could blast me, niqqa
    My crew small but effective
    Money done changed a niqqa's perspective
    I suggest you get ya weight up and call me
    Im kind and a gentleman, niqqa, Im ballin'

    Had to edit cause I post 18 lines----
  3. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    too hot to forgive,,,,

    So we born ready to die, ready to meet,
    death in these streets,
    we got profits to make, qoutaz to meet,
    I'm the best -better than you think,
    Our life- to the streets,from the west to the east,
    greed over envy equals the evil in me,
    indeed the red skies- bleed- for me,
    How long will haters last, beef-in with me,
    Yeah! i pack the heat, concealed, and its legally,
    if I shoot you in the face- Police couldn't fuck wit me,
    God let the life of haters past,as they walk in my path,
    i won't hesitate to blast- so i know there's no forgiven me,
    the mistakes are killing me cause of what i reap,
    the chance i take- got me face to face- with the devil......
    So i pray everyday to change my wayz, but i see there's no changing me,
    watch adversaries all raze to end of dayz, from Cali to the NY state....
    I see birth-in me was a mistake..........​
  4. YuNg WiZ

    YuNg WiZ aka L.O.G.I.C.

    Aug 25, 2005
    Follow me...

    an intellectual complexed individual who's lyrical
    sellin his soul to make a buck or two still spiritual
    miracle baby, million dollar white collar
    fuck it a blue collar hard workin known scholar
    jackson state know none hotter or more lyrically gifted
    keep niggas uplifted in negro spirtuals he spitted
    ripped it hard like god and made a rhyme in 6 days
    took the last day off to go to church on a sunday
    laid back relaxed to the sounds of the sax
    every few hours checkin his messages on paxed
    ain't sayin much it's late irrate cause he got a taste
    for sumthin good, no great, fridge is dry so gotta wait
    til the mornin im mournin for more than a piece of cake
    i'm bakin and waitin for satan to show his ugly face
    the don is gone the phone off the hook just look
    you niggas is shook like a crook who got booked in the brook

    didnt really spit bout nuthin...haha
  5. B.U.Wulvz

    B.U.Wulvz Full moon swagga..

    Jun 20, 2008
    ayo' I spit mind boggling niggas i ain't trying confuse you,
    straight thug, wise, send Wulvz to do you,
    I know some niggas riding on some shoot'em up shit,
    so i'm leaving niggas dead swizz cheesing your outfit,
    my outfit evisu jeans button downs with fitted caps,
    either that or tim boots fatigue suites all black on black,
    skully rockin niggas with the mask attached,
    one slug from the pump i bet your lungs clapse,
    SHITT... who do donuts on front wheel donuts,
    i wouldn't fuck that bitch if i blew off with your nuts,
    who riding to this shit high as fuck on E. nigga,
    bang your ass at the red light yeah it's me nigga,
    post burn-outs blue smoke from back tires,
    chain said Flat line all black attire on,
    skied on heineken and henny plus red,
    Nas Fed the nigga Big made the nigga thorobred......
    well hell that's another one for you.
    and it won't stop !
    ha,ha,.. From: N.Y.C.-2-M.I.A.
  6. 2Xtreme

    2Xtreme a.k.a. Mad Static 4:14

    Dec 7, 2004
    Beat: Lil' Wayne- A Milli (HAD TO)

    There's a million niggas in the game, but only one's the best
    And nonetheless, this spot is reserved for me, time to rest
    Exhaling fumes forming, watchin yall throw jabs like Foreman
    But no impact, in fact to add, you quite boring
    I reside in a city, where most are known for snoring
    Never wake up, til you on TV with cake up
    But I stay up with my head high, won't stop til the bread's right
    And my family is fed right, and we sleeping in bed tight
    But shots ring when the bell tolls, and hell rolls
    Unfolds and our bodies punctured wit shell holes
    Elevating, raising my status out of the coon bracket
    Dancing for change, yet I'm enhancing my change
    Saving pennies and nickels, squeezing dollars outta dimes
    Making profit off of prophecies provided from potent rhymes
    In the purest fashion, these intruders are tourists rappin
    Flappin their gums bout riches they never once acquired
    But I desire the finer things, but one thing's for certain
    Fuck brickin', my livin's made off of workin
    Workin nine to five, til the sun dies and night arrives
    And after that, back to lab where my pad and I
    Compose poetry over the instrumentation
    Covered in samples that spill the words "A MILLI, A MILLI"
  7. SmilezSouthstar

    SmilezSouthstar New Member

    Jun 26, 2008
    [Smilez] (Southstar)
    This ya boy smilez, let me help this fuck niqqa out with this shit....
    Southstar, here we go....

    Listen up, we (back!)
    Live from Orlando, we live it up we (back!)
    We pitchin' (we stack!) you missin', how bad?
    Momma mournin', we bitchin' , we (Clap!)
    Its ova for ya no deal havin' chumps stylin' on the corners
    We get our bread, we smilin' in the courtroom!
    Damn! Damn! Damn!, ya boyz is back, just signed a new contract
    Shady Records got the door shut on they ass
    Yeah! how important this shit is
    To all rappers and CEOS of the rap businesses
    New album, three mixtapes in one week we finishin'
    On the grave of my the death mother
    SMiLeZ & SouTHSTaR 4eva, we bout to drop another.....

    [Southstar] (Smilez)
    Southstar the kid, you see me a tall ass niqqa
    The death of my child had me trippin', y'all hauled ass (niqqa!)
    we still battlin' on these mean streets
    Cashin' in on Mickey Mouse, gun machine feats
    Leave no clues (WHAT!?) we packin' clean heat
    Animal Kingdome niqqaz, keys weigh like wales
    Mathematics won't contemplate this scale
    Water gorrillaz amuzin' at the amusement park
    All tourists wonderin' what we do at dark
    (Check it!) my flow bump morphin into ya brain
    with the rawness, cocain, all offence
    Universal, Disney, pink dolphins
    Southstar uh shoot that ass up, leave kids orphans
    Fuck em take too to the morgue and we done for tonight
    Southstar done fucked ya in the ass n ya done for the night (What!!!!!)

    Y'all heard him too this boy is mad
    Im mad, we mad, Orlando is mad
    Its our time now and foreva 08 from now till 4eva
    HCeck us out on DJ Khaleds new mixtape droppin'
  8. SmilezSouthstar

    SmilezSouthstar New Member

    Jun 26, 2008
    [Southstar] (Smilez)
    Celebri-ty pop star, hoodstar, what it' do! (What it do bitch!)
    Obama Killa, Bush's niqqaz yeah we'll slaughter you
    With ya mommas, baby mommas n ya daughters, too (SOUTHSTAR!!!)
    Yeah its raw boy, so uncut boy how ya love it?
    Joyful being on top, boy? 'Star uh shoot ya the fuck up OFF IT!
    (FUCK BOY!) we V.I.P, on some nose candy shit
    We so family with Lindsay Lohan on that T.I.P (*SNIFF*)
    Clubbin', Ibiza, Berlin, we livin' the life, rich n famous
    We at Studio 54, pourin' bricks on tables
    No straws, only hundred dollar bills, we on some A grade shit (*SNIFF*)
    Smilez & Southstar get the parties poppin'
    Chargin' 50 G's each just to show up on some hip hop shit
    Hit the airport, tourin' in every state, circlin' the globe
    Raw fuckin' groupies, we stay reimbursin' on our jobs (ZHOOOOO!)
    So keep hatin' on a couple a young niqqaz from the O
    Who did make it... fuck ya punk niqqaz who stay broke.... (HAHAHAH!)

    Word on the street is ya niqqaz stay missin'.... I mean where y'all at?
    Raisin' goats in Wisconsin, niqqa get the fuck out my face!

    I mean I don't wanna disrespect our fanbase out there but forreal y'all not touchin' us, we be at the 2 million dollar studio high off the purest....

    Y'all stay at ya momma's porch burnin' that cheap dirt grass they sold u for weed.... Keep savin' yo pennys niqqa maybe some day you'll afford a nice shirt or sumthin bitches,ZHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  9. CaTchW0n

    CaTchW0n New Member

    Sep 18, 2001
    SHit, I keep heat on the hush cuz I'll squeeze at the jux
    niqqas bleed for months over a look
    SHe must have beat in the trunk
    all the way built
    kush in the blunt all the way filled
    shorty on my nuts so we slide to the tilt
    shots of patron got me on tilt
    before I beat shorty gotta douche
    mow the lawn before I touch
    I dont "beat around the bush"
    see mami took
    on the sheet all the D all of me
    after im done she suck all of me
    floors or beds on the head
    after i squat on her breasts
    nothin else no regrets or the stress
    hope I stretch the wallet to express my american express
    but, Im not trick baby, I pimp bitch pay me
    most of these chicks cant get on the A team
  10. SmilezSouthstar

    SmilezSouthstar New Member

    Jun 26, 2008

    Yeah daddy we runnin' y'all clowns out ya own threads
    we be gunnin' them down, muthafucka say a word n we shuttin' them down
    It's the S-M-I muthafuckin' to the L.... uh... E-Z
    Keep complainin' n we'll be floodin' y'all shit so EASY!
    You know you want it you need it, so much attention you lackin'
    We came in, n gave it to y'all in a second it happened
    So what, muthafucka? It's SoHH, AHH, all with the streets
    combined into one n we all came with the HEAT!
    Down South rowdy ass niqqaz, we so young n rich
    Y'all New York niqqaz stay broke, let me give ya a cameo but suck my DICK

    Damn.... this niqqa Smilez, dawg you nasty!
    Ya lyrical complex remind me of Nasier Jones back in the 90's
    Hit the block with the trenchcoat mafia, the O is a zoo
    The pressure start risin' as soon they start blowin' on you
    Its all in the plan, for its better when niqqaz know about you
    They knowledge limits itself, they don't know about •••els...

    [Smilez] (Southstar)
    Yeah we murda y'all, its the muthafuckin' truth, ya boy smilez n the boy wonder (SOUTHSTAR!!!)
    We hot.... Oh My God, we so so fuckin' hot.... we global now... (We the Best!)

    Holla at us boy if you wanna be on the winning side (muthafuckaz)
    Y'all bitch ass... y'all bitch ass (fuck you pussy niqqaz!)

    We out....
  11. Pencil Sharp

    Pencil Sharp New Member

    Jul 6, 2008
    smilez and southstar started, so i'll come thru and part it,
    flow so sharp witted my hair stays parted,
    rhyming since the 90's, i flow if its a nice beat,
    if not, my fist drops like i'm boxing melodies,
    i'm racing myself so no one is ahead of me,
    sucka', i'm from the bx, get your neck vexed,
    who's next? i go thru the line like coke addicts,
    and lay the competion down with courtesy on a mattress,
    want my skills? well, you can't have it!
    rappers see me and turn whiter than the name travis
  12. Played Punches

    Played Punches Punches Sooo Well Played

    Jul 8, 2008
    i dont push whips, but i got girls and hot cars
    call me a prison i got nothin but bars
    my shits outta this world, kats consider it mars
    i'll seal your fate, without usin a jar

    WIDOW MAKER New Member

    Oct 20, 2007

    I got bars like hershey yo im sweet with this flow, got cake like a baker icing watches fa'sho/...
    getting rich like its chocolate get a peice of the pie, selling CD'S like they hot cakes and stackin'em high/...
    candy paint on the chevy got the rims creamed out, crome shining like the wraper got the trunk cheesed out/...
    Im a man I like the melons and a onion no doubt, strawberry on the kisses
    in her gingerbread house/...
    I like to taste her cookies cause she sprinkle me thick, she lick me like a lollipop and glaze on the tip/...

    keep it going___
  14. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Active Member

    Mar 11, 2007
    fLAME #3

    Since Pac Dead I Got Tha Juice
    An I Aint Bout Ta Lose
    Cuz Im Breakin All Tha Rulez
    Yep Me An Ghetto Dudes
    Yep Me An Metal Toolz
    We Fool's.. Who?
    Ma Creatures,ghouls,gangstas An Goons
    Buckin Side Ta Side People Callin Us Rude
    Jeans Hangin Off Ma A55
    Dreams Of Makin It Off Ma Ave.
    I Guess That's Y Dey Hate Me So Much
    But Fukk All Them Ni99az Hatin So Wut
    I Be Drankin Too Much An Im Toe Up
    Ackin Bad Man Sumbody Gotta Blow Up
    Creepin Like A Raid An Dey Scatta Wen We Show Up
    Blat Blat Blat Leave Em Stankin An U Know Wut
    Thats Wut Dey Get Fa Tryna Act Tuff
    Wen Dey Really Didnt No Us
    See Dis Game Iz Like Pin Tha Tail On Tha Donkey
    U Rarely Succeed,an Like That A55 U'll Be Funky
    Mutha Fukka Imma Goon.
  15. Scott+Free

    Scott+Free Read me

    Jul 10, 2008
    Let me break it down – I flow so icey – I’m skatin’ now
    Made it flow so nicely, you flow so like me – take it now
    White boy say I’m settin’ trends, I say I’m raisin’ the bar
    Get on a record dissin’ ya fav’ rapper n raise hell to the stars
    Raised in hell, so I blaze on a par
    You call that shit hot, boy, its flames on my part
    Don’t JUDGE ME on my raps, its all an act
    I could still kill ya insects on my wall n leave the wall intact
    Leave ya face all – bloody - when the baseball – impacts
    Buddy – now ya face all – is cracked – dummy
    There must be a step by step book on the self for ya kind
    I suggest ya best invest in vests ‘fore a shell hits the spine
    Ya lost on words wonderin’ what the cops wanna ask
    Guarantee ya it’ll be hard enough breathin’ thru an oxygen mask
    SCoTT Free be a animal on these rap beats
    In the booth murderin’ the words written on these rap sheets

    WIDOW MAKER New Member

    Oct 20, 2007
    Check It

    I speed like its Indy till my time elapse, bust holes in ya fitted like a truckers hat/...
    see the skill of a clicker im born to clap, its no applause needed got the law for that/...
    try to battle me and get torn for that, snatch ya mental out the frame feel ya head collapse/...
    I get bread for that I get ahead for that, and I hope you stuck on stupid im prepared for that/...
    I try to stay commited the criminal inteted, becomes demented landing me in prisons/...
    Im in it to win it I never focus on the visits, just go with what ive written and plan my bail skipinz/...
  17. M-O-A Thug

    M-O-A Thug New Member

    Apr 5, 2003

    skipinz, watch it seepin' on deepends,
    this is a briefin', no more canibal, leafin'/
    just toronto, leefin', when i come in sweepin/
    like i had brush or broom, i'm stuck inside the rubberroom/
    celebrating, wit mad, skyliners, and fireworks/
    this is the patchwerk, pull the handle down, insert/
    my pen works, in exerts, it roll, flirt/

    peace... lol... :smile:
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