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Discussion in 'Cypher' started by MadVillain413, Apr 6, 2006.

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  1. I was strolling through the woods lifted as hell
    working on my flow far from the hood I hear bells
    trees are crowded and so dark when the humids thick
    look around to see if anyones watching me do this shit
    splash through a creek then I'm on the other side
    get a sniff of what you would smell like when you died
    looking at a fence surrounding rocky mountain graves
    poisen ivy on the iron crawling up spikes I'm afraid
    for a moment but that cowerd shit won't last
    curiosity got the best of this cat I'm ready to dash
    across this field of the dead still feel the dread
    spot a church and a figure in the doorway with a severed head

    take it from here...and get creative with this. Let's do this on some stephin king shit.
  2. Sir Bustalot

    Sir Bustalot I am Jesus

    Feb 3, 2002
    rollin like severed heads kicked around by a hundred severed legs
    Reverends covered in red bluggeoned to death by the feds
    virtual dungeons of stress with vultures crapping out eggs
    laughter, doubts, and dregs - pure negativity-
    minds held open by stitches of a thousand threads
    Pain induced vomiting from bombings of napalm artillery
    stay calm?-ya killing me, ya frames numb with misery
    demons speakin in dreams when you sleepin
    wake up to ask the darkness ''whos breathing?''
    insomniac, instead of sleep Id rather choose reading
    cuz death will always choose to abuse weaklings.......
  3. symptoms

    symptoms New Member

    Feb 22, 2006
    i pick skulls searchin for reason/
    when trickles of blood streamin; leakin/
    from a weakened deakon hits me and im seein/
    his throat slash that left his clothes soaked fast/
    the killers strokes gashed/
    like swords of samurai jammed inside/
    flesh and set for death,,, i hear a sigh/
    turn and deared to die, prepare my knives with both hands and i/
    notice a man with damaged eyes/
  4. paranoid like a vampire waiting for the sunrise
    stalking this campfire fucking with they minds
    dressed in all black walking like a lumberjack
    through the rain lighting and the thunderclaps
    clothing soaked when I get ill ready for the kill
    flippin' out like doctor giggles with a drill
    sharpened a fine double tiped shiny razor edge
    chop of your dread locks play with your head
    throw it in my napsack rip up your whack raps
    when I find em' see your fears like the shining
  5. when I find em' see your fears like the shining

    Step into a realm which is most mesmerizing
    neck swings from a belt hung with suicidal timing
    as I creep through the dark deamons appear
    in the hallway and in the old bathroom mirror
    speaking in my head a message of terror
    I see my future as it happens now it's crystal
    I return to the lake where I'm from with a pistol
    scream fuck you to your sole after I dissmiss you
    it's not me the world is fucked up it has issues
  6. Kapitalizm

    Kapitalizm New Member

    Jan 5, 2006
    yo, i'm a sicko behind close doors and a savage in public, its like i'm gonna die if i don't massacre somethin', eat u with a tigers face on my hand as a puppet, so keep practicing them boxing move, i ain't gonna help, when i rip ya arms off and make u punch ya self, don't try to get a deal like u rapping too tight, cuz when i'm done with u, ya gonna need a new grill and a new life, stop spittin like rhymin is worthless, cuz when my razor done slicin, only place u'll be able to get a job is the circus
  7. I'm getting kind of nervous
    fuckin' around with all types of devil's servants
    so I grab the shovel prepare to smake the serpent
    while he's guzzling down some witches brew
    they chopin' heads off to throw em' in a stew
    it's a long nightmare and when you flow your through
    you chose your destiny
    horror core will be the death of me
  8. Cadet_Karma

    Cadet_Karma I used to give a fuck....

    Feb 6, 2006
    in my DNA, the urge to kill was set, before the birth of me
    killer instinct, my nature to go on murdering sprees
    devouring tissue, blood, and bones stuck in my teeth
    performing live autopsies and death recipes, removing organs
    while hearts still beat, decaying flesh from scalp to feet
    capturing prey from which I feed...the taste for human blood
    the hunt for more victims to supply my need...first they fight back
    then scream and plead...a swift blow to the head, from all
    orifices they bleed..once silenced forever then I proceed to chew
    and swallow a liver then spleen...satisfied for the night...but
    until the next full moon Ill fiend, or until someone stumbles
    upon this bloody, cannibal scene
  9. Hex Sniper

    Hex Sniper New Member

    Dec 21, 2005
    Fait to Hate Life,
    when Strolling to a Grave Site with a Hundred and Eight Mics/
    Turning my Face to the great spite of the wakes lite
    harnessing christians in the turmoil of a Fake Rite..//
    Plummeting from Sicknin Beheadings
    With a Planet as my Savior like the Wiccan Reddes//
    Im Pissed, this Entity
    forms in the Fog Thru the Dim Night , and Hits me Heavily//
    Im Sick, i better Breathe...
    with my Arms and legs -Chained as they Ready Beasts//
    I fall from Torment..
    im an Angel with Broken Wings, therefore Saved I'll never Be//
  10. AE & Flip Flops

    AE & Flip Flops New Member

    Mar 1, 2006
    STEPHEN KING ish right?

    A full moon thoughts consumed,
    i thought i heard the beast,
    He used to come out at night and murder sheep,
    once in decade,
    Til he jumped on the flesh made,
    bite marks on a fresh maid,
    i stood still drunk.....eyes kinda woozy,
    couldnt see straight couldnt tell where the wolf be,
    could he see me if I stand still,
    could i fight it back?
    could the sharp glass from the bottle in my hand kill?,
    now for the climax, singing of deaths chorus,
    forty seconds of torment,
    he leapt from the forest,
    jaws enormous,
    screams fall on deaf ears,
    i disappear, year of the next tale,
    t-minus 10 years
  11. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    As I enter I fall to a bed sound asleep
    my eyes wide open ...
    I’m comatose and I’m choke “n”
    off the midnight clouds...
    I can see the Smog in the Church
    I can’t even scream or move cause it hurts
    The demon of my comatose dreams
    Started a Grin and a grind of his teeth,
    this headless bastard
    Sparked flames at me,
    he’s torturing me,
    can’t he see this crucifix hanging on me
    now this headless demons laying on me...,
    I can’t move!
    I’m getting anger in me,
    the danger building up in me,
    I’m shaking uncontrollably
    Tears of revenge streaming from me,
    It’s time to get this demon the phuck-- off me,
    I look to the right there a head stared
    teeth bloody, eyes pierce me, it’s mouth gaps
    and its come “n” towards me.........​
  12. Nile Nykon

    Nile Nykon New Member

    Aug 10, 2005
    im dead, just smoked death fused wit nicatine
    feels like hot lead, slugs penetrate all my dreams
    been feelin shitty since i was little baby
    in my teens i was dianosed bipolar. now i got a reason to be crazy
    some called me lazy, but i just couldnt stand society
    all these fuckin faggots all day constantly tryin me
    testing who im tryin to be, i wish they would all bleed
    i see scenes of death and mutilated polititions around me
    fuckin the fresh corpses of rich bitches married to snitches
    they husbands bodies found cut up in pieces in ditches
    i pray on halloween wit demented warlocks & witches
    i spit a rhyme wit new satan slang wit the quickness
    sit back and listen to my disease spread at a high speed
    high on speed i feel need to make sluts get on they knees
    make em worship the dick like its the god they believin
    then i bust my babies in they eyes til they aint seein!

    just some shit i wrote real fast
  13. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    “Who’s afraid of the dark
    ask self that....
    What if you seen the unseen in the dark
    what would you do?”

    Would you fall to your
    knees scream GOD
    please save me,
    Would you scream
    I Rebuke you and yell
    God will destroy & eliminate you
    leave my house...

    “Who’s afraid of the dark
    ask self that....
    What if you seen the unseen in the dark
    what would you do?”

    I’d ask GOD for enemies to
    burn at a thousand degrees..
    torched to a crisp
    and burnt to they knees..
    Call em crisp critters,
    He’ll be food for the worms to eat..
    I’m beyond fear cause GOD is Near..
    I fear he who created this right here

    I be Influential
    My hearts so strong lion kings bow to me
    I’m tight like virgin parts put me to the task
    I bust apart like likings...

    I be a King under the only KING
    see me shine like ice things
    In this underworld of adversaries...

    I be strong slay--ing those know as my enemies
    So for you Dark ones come on fall on this sun,
    watch how I relinquish fallen ones..
    With the words Of God Son...

    “Who’s afraid of the dark
    ask self that....
    What if you seen the unseen in the dark
    what would you do?”2x
    What would you do?2x​
  14. Legacy Weapon

    Legacy Weapon New Member

    Jun 20, 2005
    When I stalk with charcoal on my face I'm apart of the dark
    ..a godless monster with dilated eyes, rage echoes inside 'em
    I'm violant but stay silent as I trespass into your residence
    easily breeze through your gaurd fences...pick the lock...
    Wasn't hard to creep across your lawn...
    as I sit and launch tranquilizer darts at the hound dogs with spiked
    collars, smash bottles, crack there skulls, them mount the heads on a pike
    gather the material needed....a rag and gasoline..
    ..............then set fire to your house in the dead of the night
  15. Legacy Weapon

    Legacy Weapon New Member

    Jun 20, 2005
    all right all right ill let the REAL pervert come out of me...gonna write this real quick

    how would you like to wake up with eyelids taped up..
    seeing a deformed human fuckin dead infants in the butt?
    ill nail your living family to the ceiling and then glue you to the ground
    make you watch as blood rushes to their heads and makes them drown
    your mother screaming is the last thing you'll hear..
    before parts of her body fall off onto you and cover your tears
    you get a frantic message from your lover, so you react to the call
    go into the basement, turn the lights on, cos someone turned them off
    come home to find her face frozen with terror, bulging out the wall..
    you see a midget with a bloated head, soaking wet, masturbating to her drawls

    haah i can never seem to find that happy horrorcore median...always not enough or umm..too much...hehe...
  16. night time arrives I shape shift into a wolf I grow paws
    razor sharp silver teeth dark noes sixteen inch claws
    a killer in the street more blood drippin' from my jaws
    assasinate a track including all your yes yes yall's
  17. barnizzle

    barnizzle HIP HOP

    Sep 25, 2004
    lets try this

    sick fuck...
    lick stuff from under fat bitches tit's, what?
    u tripped up....chicken wire razor ribbed up...getting ya shin cut
    keep ya chin tucked...in chinatown wit hen tellin'em jin sucks
    shit sucks....i been in debt wit the lord for 6 months
    hope he dont send me to hell for 6 bucks....
    cuz i heard the air is broke...and that they skip lunch
    had an itch once, scratched it wit a poison ivy dipped brush
    inject e-bola in bodies
    mixing cola and knotty trippin thinkin oprahs a hottie
    i wait for tsunamis to surf board over bodies
    lovin them good times, got kinda bored wit the cosbies
    in the burbs wit stones
    what crackhead u know that can afford like bobby
    if u got a chick, she probably manly
    ok scrappy i understand that u can't stand me....
    words of wisdom just don't scam me
    u'll end up....timbed up wit a dead family, jon benet ramsey ya kids gladly
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