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Discussion in 'The Alley' started by Mr. Hollyhood, Jun 9, 2005.

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  1. Mr. Hollyhood

    Mr. Hollyhood New Member

    Feb 15, 2005
    I know some a lot of y'all on here are real estate agents so I think im in the right place.
    Anybody know whats a good site to view houses for sale online. I've got way more than down payment saved up, and the place I'm living in now just got fixed up a little bit more so I'm in a good situation, more than likely I'll be buying something on the West Coast, that includes the Bay Area down to Diego, but more likely somewhere in between the two, I just need somewhere to look to use as a starting point before I go out driving around, also what are some good real estate guides besides that slim ass **** they stuff in the LA Times. Holler at me and thanks in advance to those who come in with the expert info.

    I made a mistake last time I tried but I'm set now, last time my girl had just gotten pregnant so I started putting up extra time in at the job as to cover our expense of living at make way for the baby, I didnt want her working while she was pregant so I stepped up my hustle game and a added a few new hustles under my belt on top of what I was already doing at AT&T. So while I was working I figured I could have her go look at houses, she ended up finding one that was cool so I was like yeah alright its settled, set up the buy and I'll have the money ready. Mistake because I wasnt present when she was talking to the realtor and come to find out out a lot of other people wanted the house, put that on top on the fact we weren't going to move in right away because I wanted to stay at AT&T for a while because I was pulling like 2 Grand a week, just telemarketing. So we ended up getting outbidded or some dumb shit like that, anyway this time I'll be dealin with these fools hands on so shyt should work out
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