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Discussion in 'Smack Down!' started by masterragu, Jul 1, 2003.

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    Dec 11, 1999
    Well first why stone cold wasnt on raw

    - Stone Cold Steve Austin was not at RAW this past Monday in Buffalo, New York because of food poising. Jim Ross made the announcement to the crowd and was telling the truth. Austin did not have a serious case; however, he was unable to make the trip to Buffalo.

    - There is a certain degree of concern in the WWE locker room on how Zach Gowen is going to handle the disappearance of Mr. America with the ongoing storyline, although the storyline has shifted from Hogan vs. Vince to Vince vs. Zach, so it might not be as awkward as it could have been otherwise.

    - Hulk Hogan did unmask for the live crowd at Madison Square Garden last Tuesday night at the SmackDown taping after cameras stopped running. This was perhaps Hogan’s goodbye to WWE fans, as he wanted to do it bare face than under the mask
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