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  1. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    Week 40 Winner:

    I live and feel every inch of the city's brick and steel,
    Sit and peel its skin from a mile above the wicked wheel,
    Is it REAL? Watch it spin dizzily below widow makers,
    Work till the sun's gone, as God mocks our brittle 'scrapers,
    Little capers, small babylons within smog and bitter vapors,
    Above glass, ashes, trash, plastic, and littered papers...

    I kissed my daughters with their mother on the way that day
    to hit the job and be a father, feeling great, got paid!
    Hop in the RAM, plate in the back says "ARNWRKR"
    20 years, proud journeyman, swamper, strong roper,
    From shovel jockey, tin knocker, wood butcher to rod buster
    Grease monkey who eats dogs at lunch with hot mustard
    Yard ape's a pusher at times, when I'm hookin up pipes,
    or when we stop to gawk at a hot looker in tights,
    Whistle whether she's white, black, spanish or oriental!
    Ya.. I got a wife, but boys'll be boys! It's that simple :cheers:
    Alright, get back fellas, lets go!, yells the head honcho
    Today the white hats with suits got us zooming pronto
    Nerves stretched as boards cut real short, greenhorn grunts report
    Their hic-ups, this sucks.. "Yo, what the fuck we brung you for!"
    Mistakes cost bucks and lives, the vet rubs his eyes,
    Forget the dumpster dive, ...when someone's husband dies..
    We try to make light of it like Sparkies, brewskies at the bar scene
    Keep us duct-tape tight like ComeAlongs on a far beam
    Single guys with the blue flu, tar babies on the roof crew,
    Hot wrench burn steel black-red as Desmond Tutu,
    The smell of hot lead and cold metal is my savage lab
    From the muckers to the truckers, Motherfucker, its my habitat...
    But the saddest fact is that, the white hats bring sick gifts..
    I bear witness, six Mastercraftsmen with pink slips..
    I'm glad it ain't me but one day it maybe? That's crazy,
    Never lazy, haven't missed a day.. now can't feed your babies?!
    Makes you wanna crack your whiskey stick and pour a shot
    Or run a dozer, full speed and 'modify' the fucking corner block
    Watch the whole bitch crumble into rubble like a plane hit it..
    And I don't mean the beach, wishing the frame would take a crane visit..
    Ugh! This is lame, quit it, gotta focus on the task man..
    Give thanks that you're not some nailbender in the Afghan
    Read on the web, eleven dead, from some bomb explosion
    Riding in to work, like me, Bob, and Steve sipping Molsons
    Do every morning, ... can't imagine waking up to that
    You and your buds, sipping suds, talking sons, running smack
    Then *CRACK* goes the blow, and a brush rushing back like
    A thousand jack hammers in the truck crushing trapped spines
    The horror of the flames and the smoke and the pain
    Is abhorrent to my brain and I know its insane
    So I say a quick prayer of thanks above the skyline
    See the sunset, empty the lunchpail of my mind
    And Breaatthhe... as another day is punched in, suspend
    every worry 20 stories above city's rough skin
    10 Feet for every year that I've spent within skeletons
    From when I stood high up, knees shook like thin gelatin
    The beer belly weight made me look like an elephant
    The love of my family renders it all irrelevant...

    Hop in the RAM and drive off, another day gone..
    For some reason.. I wanna see em real bad.. I won't take long. ​

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  2. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    Week 41 Winner:


    A cold cruel world! I was a victim!
    Forced to succumb to my parents venom,
    It surrounded every waking movement,
    Pushed for improvement. From then to the present
    Trapped! Try denying the human race.
    Wishing to reside in an imaginary place
    This garbled mess that was my life,
    Memories cut like the surgeon’s knife
    Rage begets rage, savage animals in a cage
    Looking for the salvation from lives lonely stage
    Suppressing my own fleeting feelings
    Mind set altered by life’s shady dealings
    Until that night in an old flamingo club
    Transformation from a weed to a flowering shrub
    Emulating the movements from all that I see
    Combined with booze and LSD
    Life slapped me hard in the face.
    I needed to change my destructive pace
    Like a swift back hand. That knocks sense into me
    I make my stand in the land, where my desirers are set free
    Body sways, emotional waves, impulses misbehave
    Now enslaved, by the magic gaze that portrays freedom set ablaze,
    No words required, lovers inspired, performance admired
    Light on my Feet, life more complete, so savory sweet.
    The emotions released that were trapped far beneath
    Hidden from sight,
    Until that night when I spread my wings and took flight
    Power in his hands, no other physical demands
    Swirling, stepping, swaying
    Repairing, growing, praying
    Expression through dance of love and romance
    My life was my cage. No longer stifled by rage
    I dance here with pride, no desire to hide
    The love for the dance! That I had stumbled onto by chance.
    10 years later
    Thankful for the day that I found my way
    To the back street alley deep in the valley
    The music would swirl through the air,
    Caressing my soul, the wind grazing my hair
    The sounds of people laughing inside,
    To scared to go in. wasted! Too HIGH!
    This is where I lived at night all alone.
    The clothes on my back, cardboard box is my home.
    Here due to circumstances beyond my control.
    Drugs blackened my soul, pulled me to the black hole.
    Not searching for answers, just riding the wave
    No need for romances. No desire to be saved
    Yet night after night I lay in that box,
    Wanting to dance, sip whiskey on the rocks
    By day I have only two things to do,
    Always the same never anything new!
    Get a hold of money for honey. To put in my veins!
    Pleading and begging. I would go to great pains.
    A good Friday night, I got plenty of cash, go grab my stash it’s time to get smashed
    Pull out my spoon, stick the needle in! Temperature goes up, nausea begins
    Something is happening, I can’t seem to breathe. I seem to be changing on this mid summer’s eve
    Glowing more brightly than ever before,
    Looking down at the body lying dead on the floor
    Walk away! Head to the door today was the day. It’s what you’ve waited for
    No hesitant breath! No pregnant pause!
    With elegance and grace. I walked through those doors
    Still dancing until all had gone home.10 years later still here. No need to roam.
    This is where I never sleep! I dance and dance like on repeat.
    I try not to think back to 10 years ago. When life was my hell, so glad I let go!

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  3. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    Week 42 Winner:


    Sunday evening the darkness drifts in.
    Maybe the clouds will hide the sins,
    The sins of a father who should have known better,
    and a mother who could have stopped this peta
    File for divorce. or something worse.
    She had the power to change the course
    Of destruction that was going on below.
    She pretends she can’t hear me. that she didn’t know
    She worships this man that has worked so hard,
    to bring her to this land and get her green card
    While I am still bound to the place known as Hell!
    Kept in darkness! Locked in a cell
    Bare 4 walls, no window with a view,
    being abused, while she cooks chicken cordon bleu
    Bucket for a toilet. Rags for clothes!
    Scars all over! Black eyes, bloody nose!
    I know who’s to blame for all of my pain
    that’s made me insane. Trapped in their game!
    Like tic tac toe. I won’t let go of the chance to win!
    To commit the same sin on my next of kin
    Till the day my bones rest in a hole.
    Suffering inside, tormented soul! I have never lost sight of my final goal!
    The days too long, endless it seems,
    I behold all my shattered schemes and distorted dreams
    Of rape Torture and dismemberment.
    My heart, mind and soul filled with hatred and resentment
    Until finally I could take it no more!
    As the wrath of my hatred had come to the fore
    Ground that was smeared with my blood sweat and tears.
    Too many years I have sat here with fears
    This time I am ready for you to violate me.
    Repeated stabs to his neck. A skeleton key!
    Rip out his eyes from his wretched head.
    Stomp his face in until my feet are blood red. He is dead!
    I snatched up my clothes that were thrown all around.
    For the first time in years I go above ground
    The sunlight was burning my eyes. I could barely see.
    Her silhouette to my surprise with her back to me
    The cellar door slams shut. But she doesn’t flinch,
    her flesh I will take inch after inch
    She will feel my wrath as I slice ever so slight.
    my first real meal! Enjoyable! Bite after bite.
    Drag her ass to the cellar to live as long as she can,
    No food, just a knife and her mangled man.
    If she wants to survive. If she wants to live.
    This will be HER hell, I will never forgive!

    "The bruises heal but the pain never goes away"

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  4. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    Week 43 Winner:

    Get off my back

    Every morning awaken by the same anger
    Of a stranger waiting, watching like Gods above Christ’s manger
    Beaten with rods to entice the wickedness in my heart
    Demons sticking dicks in parts of my soul to spark
    Flames to burn holes through my fresh, veins about to ignite
    Ignoring my plight for freedom, bleeding just to spite
    These heathens, still calling for no reasons, perhaps stalling
    For time until I snap, tightening my straps on my belt crawling
    Out my bedroom, voices through out my brain strains my thoughts
    Head room exceeded, vacancy denied for me while Satan sought
    Latency, patience no longer a virtue as rage continues to build
    Retrained likes patients declared insane, fighting because my heart willed
    Itself to remain, energy drains ra-p-i-dly making me weak
    Now the demons laugh at me and lurk, refusing to speak
    Sanity leaves its perch aware that anger was about to destroy it
    Family annoyed as I tried to explained that I was being toyed with
    Verbal pains shouted at me as I felt the their words on my back
    Racial slurs attack while I flee the scene; anger continues to stack
    Suddenly their words seem less dominant, followed by absence
    Breath heated as Goosebumps spawn, I finally collapse since
    I lost the strength to endure, anger’s storage filled, it’s time to release it
    With the world on my back, I exorcise the demons that policed it
    My hatred now to much for them to bare, escaping my flare
    As I declare war against everyone as all Satan could do was stare…


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  5. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    Week 44 Winner:
    Got Life?

    Lets imagine a world full of Angels and Demons,
    Where playing God isn't just an act of Morgan Freeman's,
    Where there's A for Asphyxiation and also for Angels,
    Yet where are all the angels when a baby gets strangled?
    So we Blame it on Demons cause B stands for Bombs,
    But as I think of Saddam's, I start to forget about Balms,
    That sooth my lips as I Cry in the wind over Cancer,
    Wondering if Chemo will ever be the answer,
    Yet D represents Death, Destruction, and Demise,
    Which is something for which we can't Devise a Disguise,
    So society casts Death in the form of Execution,
    Disregarding all the charm found in Elocution,
    Cause we're far to busy cheering on the prosecution,
    Which is just a contribution, to all the systems Flaws,
    Still we all wish to Fly like that bastard Santa Claus,
    And the clause of this effect is Gonorrea in retrospect,
    But the Garden of Eden is still something we suspect,
    Was a lie brought into our Homes by a church we trusted,
    As street regimes inject Heroin & leave dead sluts busted,
    Out on their ass with Hope lost in a distant Haze,
    But for the Horse she'll lick your dick 5 different ways,
    Still every one in this Inbred Incestual taboo society,
    Washes away Independence along with our sobriety,
    Eating away 40 grand a year to keep some bastard in Jail,
    So as we Jog away our stress we hope good will prevail,
    As we welcome in the sale of countless Kilos of Ketamine,
    Worshipping with Kindness every last blessed smithareen,
    Imagine still that Laughter never cured Leukemia,
    But Paula from the real world is still battling bulimia,
    So we'll Murder the youth as we Murmur in ignorance,
    Cause Masking Masculinity is often a cause of impotence,
    At least we avoid Negligence, Never Neglecting Nymphos,
    Yet we resurrect the Narcissism & start callin females sick hoes,
    But it's ok cause we'll pretend we never gave Opium grants,
    As we smoke up all the plants and Orgasm in our pants,
    So hallucination arises within this vacant nation,
    Seeking sedation, we've been Popping Pill after Pill,
    Yet we know that the Pilgrims are still likely to kill,
    That Persecuted and devastated Quiet Queer,
    Because the Quest to enlighten has you left in fear,
    Raping, Ravaging, and Resurecting all the unknown,
    And even a Rainbow has its own Racist clone,
    That has all the homeless drenched in acid Rain,
    As Serpents drain life from all the innocent Slain,
    Yet these Serpents are corporate and still make Slaves,
    Of heroes with Tuberculotic and Terrorized graves,
    Since Terrorist still petrify a world based on Trade,
    Although the Umbrella Used to block the rain is frayed,
    And the Urchin eating out your heart still betrayed,
    The trust we lost that breeds Vigilantes with Vendettas,
    As Vigor leaves your lungs when you lock lips with Berettas,
    Upon the Whipping Winds of vicious Wintry Weathers,
    Never Worshipping mother nature's leathers or burly feathers,
    As our lack of X-ray vision lets Xerox mannequin these candidates,
    So X still marks the spot for these Xenon gassing magistrates,
    Yapping Yuppies Yearning Yearly for preteens that hide infections,
    Yet the Youth's distortion is bounced of a Yeung-ling's reflection,
    And imagine a life expectancy where Zero is the true projection,
    Cause as you open up ya eyes you'll see the the twisted resurrection,
    Where our lonely lady liberty is drowning in a sea of bigotry,
    Yet as long as her torch is still sponsored by Geico,
    I can convince your teenage beauty queen that all she needs is lypo,
    So when you stop imagining and realize it's reality,
    Learn to understand that God giveth brutality!


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  6. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    Week 45 Winner:
    Got Life?

    It's Christmas Eve...on the bed lies Star,
    Her guise bizarre as her thighs lie far-
    Apart for an Angel of only ten years old,
    Her tears unfold as she fears the hold,
    Upon her once innocent, now tainted form,
    And so...what was once a sainted swarm-
    Of butterflies and lullabies now storms,
    With fiery hatred...livid, to plow norms,
    As she performs acts way beyond her age,
    A defenseless victim spawned from rage...
    Trying to wish upon a star for it to end,
    But the glowing stickers are a dying trend,
    They can't actually save her from this,
    Bleeding...needing a savior's numb kiss,
    To dull away the pain and the memories,
    You know, the Novocaine and the remedies,
    Til Star can't feel her extremities,
    Hiding behind concealed identities.

    Star hoped to escape her father's grasp,
    Crying...as he never bothers to clasp-
    A hand over her face, he loves her pain,
    As he thrusts and just shoves cocaine-
    Right under her nose...fucking her up,
    Another father whose lust did erupt,
    Ruining the innocence of his little girl,
    As she breaks down and begins to hurl,
    Still...what hurts most is mom's silence,
    Who has not one qualm with violence,
    It just eats at the core of Star's soul,
    As the pain and roar grows universal,
    For six years Star lay wishing, hoping,
    twitching, moping, as dad stayed choking-
    Her...and feeling like a superstar,
    A sex machine, unveiling her gaping scar,

    Mom in the other room, twiddling thumbs,
    Washing away through belittling slums,
    So every night she wished upon the stars,
    That she could just spawn some SARS,
    And give that gift to her daddy instead,
    Watching him choke as daddy turned red,
    But the star she wished upon never shot,
    A glow in the dark sticker her brother had bought,
    Tormenting Star with Angels & Demons,
    As she chokes down tears on a mattress from Seamens.

    And so with time, little Star has grown,
    Hiding behind drugs and a jazzy throne,
    Through music, that girl found a solution,
    Allowing Star's profound retribution,
    She would exact revenge upon her father,
    And the mother that never did bother,
    To go ahead and save Star's innocence,
    And so her plot grew limitless in a sense...

    Until Christmas eve, when she burst in the door,
    In tow, a boyfriend, thirsting for gore,
    They tied mom down, she never blinked,
    Forced to see a memory forever distinct,
    As in walked Daddy to end up stabbed,
    By Star with the first thing that she grabbed,
    A glow in the dark sticker, her saving grace,
    And with daddy's death...
    Her pain left without a trace.


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  7. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    Week 46 Winner:
    Got Life?


    Cursed with lips, that most people wouldn't purse, their gift,
    Was the same as a surgeon slits,
    In turn, this gift wasn't nurtured, they murdered it,
    A tight grip and a tourniquet,
    Until said person was worse for this...

    When I first approached, my pride was what hurt the most,
    I used the same words to lure a hoe,
    And she had worked the shows, had seen all the bursts, the flows,
    The flirts, that worked on most,
    But not this skirt, her thirst for hope,
    Made sure she was worthy of a person's soul,
    She was a fine piece of spirit, cuz it matched her figure,
    She was a dime piece and clearly I had acted sicker,
    And she, she, she held the cure,
    I was knee-deep and quesy, but seemingly pure,
    So I said, excuse me, I acted foolish,
    Didn't know you were Mary cause I too am jewish,
    So sorry for the act, I'm Louis,
    You're attractive, and your words keep addin' to it,
    But she turned her shoulder and left,
    Apparently her parenting had made her mind older than breathe,
    But the weight over my chest, wouldn't let go of her scent,
    It held close every moment lost and not spent...

    I was played like a game in my encounters with love,
    So I gave all my pain when I encountered above-
    Such powerful stuff, and now I'm searchin' again,
    I found the person,
    But dispersed the rehearsed and furthered my zen...

    I rubbed the disbelief out of my eyes,
    When again I saw that symphony of flowers and pride,
    I approached, this time with heart and sleeve combined,
    I'd lose both if she'd leave my side,
    She said, I'm sorry but I'm already taken,
    And with that I felt my priorities changin',
    With patience, I stayed and talked her down,
    Said I just wanna chill, maybe walk around,
    So we walked around, until we found what I sought, a town,
    Made of garbage, the lost and found,
    Bricks split with concrete, a deafening sound,
    Above us hung what seemed a succubus,
    She asked, what's here for us?
    I said nothin' for you, but fear and love,
    She started tearin' up, as knew what was comin',
    When I pulled out the gun, in truth it's repugnant,
    But I took what I wanted, purely for fun,
    I was sick as fuck, and the cure was her love.

    And so she was...

    Cursed with lips, that most people wouldn't purse, their gift,
    Was the same as a surgeon slits,
    In turn, this gift wasn't nurtured, I murdered it,
    A tight grip and a tourniquet,
    Until said person was worse for this...


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  8. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    Week 47 Winner:
    Got Life?

    Fake companionship consumes friendly faces-
    Hiding devilish smiles of gaunt treachery without traces,
    And the ecstasy in ecstasy is a tower to climb
    While just a waterfall to fall, yet still the crime-
    Is that music deafens any opportunity for conversation…
    So the alternative is a grab, a nudge, or sedation…
    Our only thing in common is our blunt and at last-
    She’s just blunt and just asks me to fuck.

    And so…
    The syringe dove into my arm; I’m so without alarm-
    The harm is gone so now I fly on this weathered calm,
    Into the eyes that can see vividly only the fake…
    The blackest drops of desolation now die as I wake,
    I’m only mistakes…but the endorphins endorsement,
    Keep the cycle in full swing; their my four horsemen,
    As figures streak across my plane of vision,
    Each making an engrained incision, a deranged musician,
    Who never seems to notice me…I’m hoping please-
    …that this won’t release, my tear ducts of hopeless pleas,
    I am the once alive, now broken me.

    And so…
    My course tongue sloshes inside of skeptical daydreams,
    As they fall into a vat of endless stumbling screams…
    My hands grab at any mirage of sex or drugs,
    Any glimmer of violence...of broken down thugs-
    While my feet play tag unconcerned with my balance,
    Shattered equilibrium, I’m the stumbling John Vallance,
    So while fluids now flood my ears and spin in a hurricane,
    I know my reality is gone. Hell, I don’t even know it’s name.

    And so…
    The pure exhaustion flew through my esophagus,
    Hand in hand with vomit of putrid stench from sausages,
    Euphoric feelings chased away by a hammered head-
    Wedged between anvils, perhaps I’ll be hammered dead,
    For now...
    I have the gritty taste of a sandpaper like gum,
    Washed down with a glass of gravel and nails by the ton.

    And so…
    What was once a dizzy dance of friends and lovers,
    Now feels…in intense vagueness like man discovers…
    An orgy of facades and sexual innuendoes...
    Where every figure is incapable of actions beyond crescendos,
    Except in this I find a shadow of pure sexual stimulus…
    And emotions mix with hormones bringing out the fear in us,

    And so…
    My hands so numb feel a visage of frozen fear,
    And a stagnant body clutches me, begging me to hold it dear,
    Shed is its last, pure, hopeless tear,
    And now as I sit…
    All I can see is its ravaged body dragged out of here.

    And now…
    This world tilts to the wind…
    Any hope ever had, can forever rescind…
    The heroine wins-
    Splintering my blood veins in raped ecstasy.
    A transformation, I guess that’s me.

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