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  1. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    Week 20 Winner:

    Sisters at War
    'Kressenia's lullaby'

    My baby sister was filled with life, love and her heart was pure
    A beautiful young woman but she was a constant chore
    An annoyance to me as I begged her to stop acting so immature
    Her mouth hyperactive like ocean waters crashing against the shore
    Oblivious to the world while acting as if life has not mattered
    Keeping a watchful eye, unnoticed or at least from what I’ve gathered
    Her name was Ciara with long hair and eyes that could make it rain
    Physically, we were the same, both possessing an hourglass frame
    But my smile was contagious and could light up a dark room
    Two beautiful sisters at war, inevitably waiting to spark doom
    We lived with our mother who was slowly becoming weak
    Struggling through poverty, barely able to make ends meat
    I watch her suffering, alone, without being able to help
    Arguing with my sister neglecting how my mother felt
    I did love my family profusely, regardless of the words I said
    Screaming throughout the house but apologetic before bed
    However the feud between my sister and I reached it’s climax
    “Give it back bitch!!” I shouted as our mother told us to relax
    She had taken my tank top again and said she "didn’t take shit"
    Mom plead for us to stop and say sorry so we did, but I faked it
    I glared as she walked away, blatantly ripping a piece off
    The clothing was minuscule but she did it just to piss me off
    But I decided to be the better sibling and let it go, for my mother’s sake
    She had enough to endure; she didn’t need her girls expressing hate

    One day we were arguing while walking home from school
    I told her those boys only wanted sex, “nu uh!” she was a fool
    She stormed off ahead angry, I told her not to go too far
    She was eventually out of my sight as she vanished behind a car
    I arrived and those boys from before had her pinned on the ground
    I jumped in front of Ciara, I told them to leave this part of town
    They refused with grimacing smiles, laughing as they pulled out knives
    I told Ciara to get ready to run, I knew they were going to take our lives
    One of them moved closer and I pushed Ciara away and she ran
    He grabbed me and I pushed him violently into his parent’s minivan
    This made him angry as he signaled the other two boys to restrain me
    I looked back and saw that Ciara had got away, they attempted to maim me
    I bit one and kicked the other in the testicles while the third grabbed my hair
    I continued to fight to get free until suddenly I felt my clothing tear
    I screamed to draw attention as they panicked, pushing a knife into my chest
    I felt my lungs fill up with blood as they removed their hands from my breast
    “Why did you stab her?!?” one screamed as fear handicapped their feet
    I slowly fell backwards, as my head bounces and cracked the concrete
    “Let’s get out of here!” another shouted as I started to hear the sirens get loud
    Ciara must have called the police; I smiled as I gazed at the clouds
    The EMTs checked my vitals as I looked around for a friendly face
    Ciara and my mother ran to me as I spit out this bloody taste
    They were tearful as I desperately reached out for Ciara’s hand
    She grabbed it firmly as I struggled to focus, they didn’t understand
    I was moments from death, my voice reverts down to a whisper
    I told my mother I loved her so much and that I was too weak to kiss her
    She said I felt cold and I ignored her knowing that my time was up
    I told Ciara that I really loved her despite being a pain in the butt
    As I continued to look her, I told her how much she meant to me
    All those long nights that she would just sit there and vent to me
    Were the best times of my life, that part she needed to know
    “Baby sis…” I cried out exhaustedly, I turn to the sky and reach for a glow
    I slowly drifted away, all I heard was “Noooo!” as I saw black
    I had become an angel and I was blessed with a heavenly track
    I watched the funeral in tears at all the loved ones that showed
    My casket was mahogany wood and I was beautifully clothed
    In my hands were pink and yellow flowers, prepared by my mother
    I stood in the church, invisible but I was happy she knew I loved her
    The Reverend handed Ciara the flowers that I was holding gently
    He said it symbolized me and that they belong with someone close to me
    Ciara looked down at the flowers as, from behind, I wrapped my arms around her
    My lips in her ear, I whispered, “Take care of mom.” her eyes began to blur
    Her smile has become as bright as mine like I had given her my own
    While I hugged her I said, “I love you Ciara, you will never be alone…”


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  2. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    Week 21 Winner:
    Coup d'état


    Dear Dr. Seuss,

    I slit my wrist today to sip up the poison
    It's my choice with veins this noisy again
    In there, a Choir of voices all sung in tune
    Their faces were bloody, drawn as color cartoons
    My better judgment laid back despite my absence
    Whatever I say, blame it on my stab wounds, since
    I'm sick but healthy, somewhat odd and deranged
    That's why I write you, never mind the bloody stains

    Anyhow, what's up man ? I read Go Dog GO today
    A masterpiece work, full throttle all the away
    Took awhile, but I finished it easy enough
    It shook me up, but not like that Grinch stuff
    And what's with the Grinch anyhow ? Pure evil
    Essentially it alludes toward a sappy sequel
    And I can't miss the changes that occupy his mind
    Too sloppy and stressful against Christmas chimes
    My ears bleed out to bells storming as missiles
    Because Horton Hears A Who and sea shells whistle ?
    Why Dr. Seuss, why ? I get you, but hot damn
    We need to talk soon to correct this jelly jam

    Anyhow, I've been cleaning out my library
    Burning all your books that I hide and carry
    Making room for my own looks, in the new style
    I became book sick reading you after awhile
    You don't know me Seuss like that, in fact
    Don't confuse me with some random stray kats
    I sew needles to my eyes and recite inner rhymes
    Finding time to study between your beginner lines
    Green Eggs be dammed if Sam I am is that picky
    Wishing that Ham came on demand but more quickly
    I find meaning where kids only rewind with laughter
    Your books sway and last in my mind after each chapter
    Shakespeare shit Romeo and you spit Go Dog Go
    So I Vomit Juliet and burn my insides head to toe

    But I'm over slammed with Green Eggs and Ham
    I liked them, but understand I cannot be Sam
    So get fucked Dr. Seuss with your Cat in the Hat
    Your Words cluck sir; ABCs musing as acrobats
    You say one fish, two fish, red fish on a round dish
    I say finish a complete sentence not somehow childish
    But you can't, you wrote to our National Pastime
    When Coke was new and kids held dimes in lunch lines
    You do have talent; astonishing when candle lit
    Dim, I lend it to the paper in which I shit
    And a million pens ink over spots yet printed
    Yet, you leak blotches on paper and still get minted...
    But you're now prey and I remain the predator
    Yesterday was your day, today I mail this letter



    PS: Rest in peace Dr. Seuss because in the end the beat goes on...

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  3. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    Week 22 Winner:
    Lil Riot

    It’s a dark night outside, under a silvered moon.
    Stars clamor for attention; Daybreak’s dawning soon.
    Far below, lights along the busy city streets
    Do their best to hide the stars; Sky and Earth compete.
    Only one’s aware of this dance of Earth and Sky;
    Who, distant, takes no notice, other than to sigh.
    Hidden for a moment, an angel rests a while-
    Clothed in peaceful darkness, bejeweled with but a smile-
    From whom, in Night’s shaded sleep, came the sweetest tones;
    The whispering of hushed tunes, fit to melt the stones.
    For not just one, but two, had rested there this night
    And though they knew their peace would fade with morning’s light,
    For moments they could rest, in beauty and in grace;
    Memorize the other’s soul; see the other’s face.
    They lay nearly in silence, but for lullabies-
    Sung soft as could be; such a heart-rending goodbye.
    A sad fare-thee-well that he felt he could not make;
    For love of an angel, he’d an angel forsake.
    Then he looked down at the girl, nestled by his side,
    While gentle wings spread o’er them, feathers white and wide.
    A smile graced her slumber, her face held perfect peace;
    And innocence and trust that set his heart at ease.
    And as he held her close, her breath soft against his chest,
    A second seemed eternal – nothing more, nor less.
    In that fleeting moment, saw he all the hours past
    When they had met, and loved until the very last.
    Who else could have recognized, but this angel, his?
    Could know he couldn’t stay, and have accepted this?
    This child of the light, that so long had been alone…
    Deprived the very heavens, yet still her heart shone.
    For just a moment, souls and eyes had met as one;
    Wreaked a spell so potent it could not be undone-
    Where had been two hearts, two souls, lonely as could be,
    Now smelted into one; combined eternally.

    But the joys of the day had fled with Dusk’s last light;
    In both their hearts they knew they only had tonight.
    He’d brought her to her home, but when he turned to leave-
    He saw a dread in her- she grabbed hold of his sleeve.
    She’d been on her own so long….”Just this once,” she cried.
    “Let me sleep just one night, for once not terrified.”
    Her face began to shine with tears that weren’t in vain.
    Although he’d never hold his angel close again,
    He caught her tight against him, drying off her cheek;
    Promising a safeguard whenever she felt weak.
    Still…Nothing’s eternal; their precious time was gone
    The chirping from outside was heralding the dawn.
    She had not woken yet – he thought that for the best-
    A tear rolled down his cheek, as he his love confessed-
    Certain if she woke he’d not find the strength to go,
    When through the curtain-lace Dawn’s light began to show.
    He bent o’er his angel and breathed a soft goodbye
    And kneeling by her bed, he kissed her with a sigh.
    Then he turned and left her, without a second glance
    Just as the stars above finished with their dance.
    The first pink light of sunrise spread across the land
    While an angel took to flight, donned a halo grand.
    He prayed that he’d done right in setting his love free
    But he’d no other choice- he could not mortal be.

    Yet whenever in her life she would feel alone
    She seemed to hear a song in soft familiar tones.
    And when she saw no joy, saw nothing but despair
    Although she could not see him, she knew that he was there.
    And once, only once, when she’d wished that she were dead
    She’d found a downy feather by her on the bed.

    Topic: Temptation, Angel ine love with a human woman.

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  4. Shadow

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    Apr 11, 2004
    Week 23 Winner:


    If only…..​

    Too much talk of love and peace.
    Children cry, children bleed
    Religious minds deceased,
    Through the blind eye of religious hate.
    The end is near we have sealed our fate.
    Fortune tellers though out time, for see the end.
    Children dying, mothers crying, its armagedden my friend.
    Cradled in loving arms. Some sacrifice we must make.
    In the name of the holy, our lord we must not forsake.
    Kill! Maimed! Destroy! It’s our demonstration of morality
    Our fallen friends and comrades is the cost of our depravity
    It’s not like it’s a new thing. it’s almost as old as time
    But it seems to fall on deaf ears. Stupidity is our crime.
    It will be this sin that kills us. Destroying man and mother earth.
    Looking to the past. Seeing what religion’s worth.
    Truths that are fractured bent all out of shape.
    Meant to manipulate, no brain! No escape!
    We followed along- like sheep to the slaughter.
    Voluntarily brain washing the minds of our sons and daughters
    Nothing to protect us, from the imbrued twisted mind
    No help from our leaders, they are the warring kind.
    Let the words so pure ring through for everyone to hear
    With respect for life and planet, motives are sincere.
    But the words that could stop this crazy destructive pace
    Won’t be found in this lifetime. It will cost us the human race.
    We constantly look for a source that unites and aspires
    To our own detriment we stoke the coals of our own funeral fires.
    Perpetually strumming to the rhythm of lies
    For lawn and for told until the truth is paralyzed.
    Yet what is the truth, are we so blind we don’t see
    We are crippling the earth. Bring her down to her knees
    Their excuses scream out, from their misguided lips.
    Fight and defend till the death. Nothing less than hypocrites
    Love! Kill! Peace! My delusional minions will even the score.
    Fighting for their convictions. Just casualties of war.
    Whose truth do you know? What are the rules set for thee?
    If only we could learn to live all together in perfect harmony.

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  5. Shadow

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    Apr 11, 2004
    Week 24 Winner:

    I've been binging on the brims of life amongst men
    from nights of dusk end, starlights n' french fringe,
    corsets, wildwest, gold belts and mink hems,
    T'was 'fore this skin let years sink in,
    I'd cut hair short n' sport around like men,
    I'd down a quart a' gin, then walk around n' grin,
    Used to live like the wind, a rare find, a gem,
    cause all the other women in town would 'woo men',
    like two hens chasin' the roost; i stewed in,
    the ways of a rebel; was settled by new whims,
    to never settle again, nor carry on and spend,
    'my live long days' in a damn cotton gin!,
    My father's name was Jim, he hooked fish by fins,
    N' sold 'em off til ends agreed to meet like friends,
    N' Momma was as thin n' silent as the limbs
    that bend along horizons and sillhouette thier sins,
    Savanna mornings depend on God to get 'em started,
    and I was well within the realms of the taint hearted;
    the grim n' skank scarlette apostles of life's hostil,
    cause both parents died paying tidthes to a bottle,
    I lived my life in brothels and dealt with types so hostile,
    I found myself fancied to fightin' more then coddled,
    They called me 'Whoar of Gargoyle: As Hard as a Floor of Marble,
    I'd leave a man startled n' punch him right out his bar stool,
    Eventually the art grew into a thing of marvel,
    The madaam said; 'we're losing cash; dear, have to bar you'
    after that, i hit the mat and traveled out so far you,
    simply won't believe this Gem-of-Eve had to,
    Do, just to make it: some would pay, some would take it,
    Some left me in cold dark forest, stark-naked,
    In my soul couldn't shake it, N'eventually i hated,
    all towns, all folks, all hope was foresaken, til
    I met a man, Jacob, his gentle hands favored,
    he savored all i was, gave me love n' it made it,
    much easier to live, spoke of marriage, spoke of kids,
    Til a man from my past shot Jacob in the ribs,
    with a 12 gauge shot gun, coming for revenge,
    stepped on the porch n' said he intends,
    to clear his name of the shame I'd singed
    Back when he came to the bar with Jim,
    Jethro, Greives, and the Harlon twins,
    Robbing those trains was a game for them,
    so they laughed real hard when I scarred his chin,
    At the bar cause the lard tried to short me ten!
    So he's on his ends trynna make amends
    with a thought process all lost to wind;
    and I'm caught again, with the dark within...
    The shot rang out; my heart begins,
    to chant that song of a harkened hymned;
    in the ranks when the saints start marching-in,
    I awaken to a face cheeks graced, and then,
    "nana you been hummin in ya sleep again"

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  6. Shadow

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    Apr 11, 2004
    Week 25 Winner:

    Operation Northwoods
    Operation Northwoods
    Will you die for your country, shed blood for your flag
    In the bowels of hell will you prevail on my command
    Will you portray patriotism before the body bag
    Or will you stand back and watch your comrade’s collapse
    You have to crack some eggs to make a damn omelet
    The bigger picture is framed and it’s us whom stand honest
    Here I sit before the leading officer with my Caribbean descent
    I’m a CIA operative aware on how quick terrorism ascends
    Fidel Castro has just announce all of Cuba as communist’s
    And the American government now must keep its promises
    To make you feel safe by any means necessary
    Even if it means a one way ticket to the cemetery
    You see in America the Jewish population is vast
    They have their fingers in every pie and the power to cast
    The swing vote on this countries legal operations
    So we need Cuba as a threat for the civil rights of the population
    And this is why Operation Northwoods exists
    To exterminate bad beliefs that could affect the future of our kids
    I dress in my civilian gear and stroll down Miami streets
    It’s hot, my head is heavy and my leather shoes are sticking to my feet
    My duffle bag swings as I shuffle through the wind
    Then walk into The Jewish Community Centre with a grin
    I place a large quantity of c4 at the pillars where you enter
    People are praying to their mentor as I pass with a different agenda
    I bend pass the people as my charge is lethal
    I know the civilians in this building won’t see this brutal
    Act of equality, honestly I am doing this for you
    You want to eat the cow but you don’t want to see the truth
    I wait once I place the package and then I walk outside
    I blow the building to pieces and the rubble does fly
    The tip was given and all the FBI has already arrived
    So I sit down in my chair as the only one to survive
    Politics is a game and you either win or you lose
    As I get arrested I wonder what is going on in the sport news


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  7. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    Week 26 Winner:

    billy nomates


    This high wire act will be the death of me
    The tension breathes through the wire, every step it seems
    To stretch and breathe, affected dreams
    Of eking my life blood from this tethered teat
    Shepherd’s scene surveyed with my crook horizontal
    Wry smile teasing out the hook of a gospel
    Look at this lost soul, every great journey
    Begins with a great drop and renegade fury
    This vessels placed poorly to deliver a message
    The tongue torn out of this pessimist’s death wish
    Holding a pennant of debt slips, another tenant is restless
    I have my name marked on a tentative guest list
    My penance regret mixed with a fear of heights
    My peers are right, this compass steers at night
    These people cheer in spite of this hero’s plight
    I stand alone in this cheap light, clear and bright
    A sneer this slight is seen as a grin by the masses
    I glove the same hand that I’m tipping my hat with
    Tapping out facts with every step that I take
    Every belief that I hold is always ten minutes late
    So tepid a fate, I stand spell bound, peddling traits
    Held in high esteem, a tired sheen, fed up and straight
    Getting the shakes, as the middle approaches
    Messiah posed, a pious show, slipping in focus
    Dancing a rhythm of locusts, simple and hopeless
    No testament found, a thimble of hope splits
    Now simply a ghost sits surveying the wreckage
    Feet dangle in cheap sandals trailing a message
    That this is payment in effort, blood in the eyes
    A summer disguise, another drummer who died
    The masses never having seen a thunder so shy
    Head drawn to my chest still shunning the sky
    Cunning disguise, I tremble as the stand nears
    Just another virgin mary statue with sham tears
    I stand here, hands clear of the stigmata I’m due
    Eyes darker than blue, the laughter is mute
    I sharpen my tooth on this rope, breathe and sigh
    I was told to jump and believe by my demon side
    This sheep is blighted by a sense of justice
    Another failed abortion just sent for judgement
    Resented, loveless, the disciples hold no safety net
    So when a fall happens, no faith is left
    Tape this death, hang it as a noose on a traitors neck
    The baying crowd can only pay a tame respect
    As my body falls I hold fast a crucifix pose
    Because a martyrs should always be ruthless and slow
    From a two minute show the people got a lifetime regret
    Where the time line is stretched, the high wire will rest
    As a tie around the throat of those who missed the show
    So please God, just take this victim home.


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  8. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    Week 27 Winner:


    The Child Inside.

    Everything has become meaningless, my cell shallow & pale
    Longing to escape this reality, this frail bodied jail..
    Eaten by my frustration as all my efforts fall short
    Longing to reside on the outside, the old man retorts
    Time is becoming distant, maybe its time to realise
    That the world outside will never be graced by my eyes
    Every once in a while I glance a sight of my jailer
    An old man rotting with hate, each time looking paler
    & it hurts inside, the mere fact I have to hide..
    Couldnt there be a way for us both to surely coinside
    The darkness looms, soon to consume my shallow room
    Each step taken, becoming one step closer to my doom
    My existance is fadeing, my extierer walls are flaking
    My life has become a race in which old age is over taking
    I remain nothing but dorment, suffering bitter torment
    Sitting around waiting inside, softly choosing my moment
    Maybe in the next life ill once again rule, feel my strife
    Maybe if i concerntrate this old fool may stick in the knife
    Set me free, I long to run amougst gods creation with glee
    & the world to look at this rotting demon & instead see me
    All this wasted energy I keep but outside hes so weak..
    When he brings my memories forward all the cunt does is weep
    Cant he see I still reside inside, I never went away
    But when the moment comes knocking, I cant go out to play
    Instead I exist, stay & manifest deep in the mind
    Going over & over all the motionless that exists inside
    Today i saw the reflection, the mirrored deception
    The prisoner deep within does not bare such complextion
    & yet gets judged so, im going insane, im all alone
    Prone to think for myself becoming an entity going solo
    I bare no strings to pull, no longer the puppet master
    No matter how hard I try this vessel never gets faster..
    My pleas for release rebound upon a deaf ear..
    Ignored eternaly it seems, filling him up with fear
    But for what reason? Before I was trapped I came in handy
    I only wish to run around freely & maybe eat some candy
    Hear my melody, set me loose & make your life well again
    I know im the child within & that im ages worse enemy
    Your making a huge mistake, I cant & wont ever be tamed
    For all your childish acts, your too old for me to blame
    You will be labeled insane & like me will live trapped
    & purged into an existance in which you never come back
    But dont worry about me old man, im forever waiting
    My 2nd wind is near & in that theres no mistaking..
    Time is running out, soon between us there will be nothin
    & ill have my revenge when we both meet in the coffin.

    Forever As One See You Soon.


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  9. Shadow

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    Apr 11, 2004
    Week 28 Winner:

    TOPIC: The apocalypse is upon us and you are the world’s only hope for survival

    We were warned of the torment in our war torn world
    Still we fought for our fortune and scored forged pearls
    Fakes and frauds morph the pain like morphine in veins
    It courses and tames the more important to change
    Their way in living, equal to all as people do fall
    Communist promises creep as they crawl
    With a key to our door
    Off the deep end for sure as we bleed near a morgue
    Seesaw with thoughts
    Ls life worth living at all
    So we keep giving it more until we’re driven to scorn
    If you had your chance to dance with the devil before
    His cancer had critically carried our corpse
    Would you do it
    Kill a baby on the day it was born

    I was once upper-class, born rich with a vision
    Now I just dig in a re-educational prison
    My decision to move to China as a doctor exists
    As a major importance to this apocalypse
    I delivered Satan himself into the arms of the world
    Now my guts curdles and swirls so much that I hurl
    I Curl up in a ball and then get beaten bloody
    Blue bruises from abuse move my talent to rusty
    Even my fellow workers don’t trust me from cutting
    The umbilical cord to the root of all evil, baby bunting
    No love, clutching at straws as Hu Jinato explores
    Other ways of torture to deform what we all call
    Freedom of speech, you see to speak tongue in cheek
    Would leave you numb, weak at the knees or deceased
    Jinato has captured and manipulated the UN with ease
    Controlling media once the internet security got seized
    We’re chained to a belief that death will come quick
    Yet every time I slit my wrist I get revived and stitched
    To survive these pits I exist in a plateau of pain
    As I campaign with wits to try an extinguish this flame
    Yet it still burns bright from propaganda and mind control
    In hindsight I hold the reason your soul is engulfed
    And that’s why I fight hard, months and months behind bars
    Because I’d know you’d do the same to change the scars
    Rearrange the stars seems more likely but I keep trying
    Working my arse of waiting for the right timing
    In the kitchen is my position as I cook meals
    For the fallen who feel nothing left in this ordeal
    I have become a master chef with rice and flower
    Still not forgetting about my chance to dance with this coward
    Finally Jinato wants to erect a new water plant in our camp
    He wants to come down in person so he can release his plans
    On the day of his arrival people drop to their knees in fear
    I whisper in the ear of slave what he needs to hear
    “I can end this all, be ready to evacuate”
    As I cook up a storm for Hu with some sulfate
    Choking and breathing heavy his guards look for a medic
    Unable to find one in time so I jump in ready
    I grab the kit off the wall and tell them I’m a doctor
    I pull out a syringe with adrenaline and peel back his cloths proper
    It all look official, my plan is about to unfold with chills
    As I let enough air in the syringe to bring Hu to a stand still
    I press down the pump with a gun barrel at my temple
    I watch him gasp for air before I feel the wrath of a riffle
    You can bring someone into this world unaware what might exist
    But you still will beat yourself to death
    Because hindsight’s a bitch

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  10. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    Week 29 Winner:

    Romantic get away

    Along time ago in a small country place
    I stayed in a cottage, how my heart it did race
    All seemed so nice by the soft light of day,
    Nestled in a pine wood. A romantic get away
    Over 100 years old. Antiques all over
    Open fire, your desire. Just you and your lover
    By day we stroll around the grounds so green and so vast
    Roots from the pine trees push up through the grass
    Not a house or a person anywhere to be seen
    Like a snap shot straight from the silver screen
    Slowly the sun starts to drift out of sight
    What was once so beautiful is now preparing for night
    The tree tops have vanished completely from view
    Shadows they cast are distorted as the moon light forces through
    The open fire is crackling with the occasional roar
    Cozy and safe we make love there on the floor
    At this point I would like to point out that I didn’t drink booze
    I didn’t do drugs, seen where that gets you; I won’t walk in those shoes
    So nothing more than the lustful rush and the satisfied calm
    We lay together in the certain trust. That I would know no harm
    We check all around and locked everything tight
    Then went off to bed and settled in for the night
    About 3am I feel a cold hand on my head
    Then holding my arms flat to the bed
    Pressure was place on my chest where I lay
    Pinned to the spot I can’t get away
    The weight increases at a frightening rate
    Unable to scream or retaliate
    Cold breaths all over me steam like mist fill the room
    I was growing cold with a knowing of our impending doom
    A thud on our wall startled my man
    He flew out of that bed and grabbed hold my hand
    Reach for his knife that’s never far away
    Still unable to move I stayed where I lay
    The room just got colder, as I seemed to brake free
    My man wasn’t a genius he had no Dr’s degree
    In a heartbeat he had grabbed the torch and ran out the door
    Leaving me and my shit alone here once more
    The pressure in the room made my ears pop
    Blood ran down my neck. Drop after drop`
    I gather my senses prepare for flight or fight
    I feel really dizzy something’s not right
    I hear the car start I run though the trees
    Tripping over the roots fall to my knees
    Surrounded by shadows, I could hear their voice
    Tell me I was now theirs, that I had no choice
    Engulfed by the blackness that pulled me back to the room
    Every things spinning filled with dread and gloom
    I see my own body drench in my blood
    Door slammed behind me with a tremendous thud
    Startled and dazed, feeling quite a wreck
    Looking down at the knife that stands erect in my neck
    I was not alone trapped on this earthly plain.
    Souls that had passed still linger and remain
    We will not hurt you I hear them say.
    We wanted to warn you to stay away.
    This is not the place it was made out to be,
    This is now your forever, your eternity.


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  11. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    Week 30 Winner:

    To define beauty is the fine attraction from natural selection
    The actual growth that changes with impact once detected
    A fact that we reject what is unneeded to propel
    As we feed on our PRIDE in seeds sent from hell

    August 5 – 1945
    With the sky Maya Blue the only reflection is truth
    Whilst I pull a bull by its noose and get moved by the smew’s
    The music of life is a conducted symphony by grace
    My wife a porcelain doll with a washi paper face
    Squashing sea slugs my son stands with his hands on his hips
    His strong will matches his figure, so physically fit
    One day he will graze cattle like his father’s father
    Born in to strength like a martyred Spartan
    Cartwheel, laughing my daughter is an Empiricist
    With emerald eyes she captures life with each sentence
    So delicate and pure an Ikebana in bloom
    Too soon she will grow up and outshine the moon
    In unity we stand before a world of wonder
    My family unaware of the attack we’re under
    A nuclear bomb hit in the midst of Nagasaki
    But WHY
    Is the fallen words that my son has asked me
    August 25 – 1945
    Small groups have gathered in the community homes
    Whilst my family and I reside inside a relatives abode
    Most walk around in face masks drowning in questions
    Infected, living in hell as the devils little peasants
    Resistant at first but after a few long weeks
    I can see that from here it’s too late to retreat
    The damage is done as I look down to my son
    His muscles are dragging from the radiation
    My wife’s face is torn and melting more each day
    My girls emerald eyes have now faded to grey
    Her voice is now silent from the violence that smashed
    The very existence we had before the mushroom cloud ash
    We having nothing left as our skin burns in this heat
    How can we live on when everything I see bleeds
    Perhaps we deserved it I think as I cook up a storm
    I place cyanide inside the broth n stir until it absorbs
    I sit before my family as I see my reflection in the eyes of my son
    I’m not mad at the monster that changed me
    I’m mad at the monster I have become
    The End​

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  12. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    Week 31 Winner:

    The Ultimate Warrior
    A man is measured by his actions through chaos
    As halo’s crisscross with horns, we mourn the same loss
    Is it life or something with a little more bite
    It’s pride that has fallen in the dawn of sunlight
    Through shadows of a shady alley he cracks back his knuckles
    Track marks make muscle; in the dark he practiced this tussle
    The rustling leaves float at his feet. A king of the cardboard ring
    He breathes sighs of relief as he knows his next opponent won’t win
    He flexes and stretches then peels back a snuff box to sniff
    He's wired, so high that he knows each fist thrown will split
    Bone, breaking noses and limbs, choking throats when he grips
    He exists in a world that you couldn’t grope let alone begin to depict
    His A.D.I.D.A.S clothes are fit for the stains of his victim’s blood
    A Gatling Gun whom begun these stunts to battle for fun
    Now like cattle they run as he brushes his shoulders off and enters
    He walks to the center of the ring with his one and only agenda
    To humiliate, penetrate their brain with shame in front of a stage
    Make them crumble, rearrange their pride for the fair price they pay
    The warrior opens with a gorilla press then running splash
    This killer lets go with a scissor kick and removes the pads
    Off his gloves. He uppercuts the clown and he hits rock bottom
    He jumps on top with fury fist until each clock got him
    The crowd is electric as he surges with a strangle hold
    Releases he goes for the figure four until the ankle broke
    He stands up spits on the fallen solider and laughs
    His opponent taps out knowing the warrior just left his mark
    Darkness has fallen and the warrior returns to his throne
    Where he dons the belt of honor from melting unknowns
    He explodes into a mountain of coke and puts his feet up
    And binge drinks bourbon out of a gold incrusted cup
    Unfazed with his grace you should stay away from his belt
    Incase you want to be shelled as hells flames ring out
    The End

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  13. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    Week 32 Winner:



    I passed by a man down on his luck.
    Begging for $1 or anything you have got.
    Mother looks at me, she said in a quiet voice,
    DON’T look at him, He made his choice.
    I looked at my mother with her nose in the air.
    Marching off. Not even pretending to care.
    My thoughts wandering as we walked away,
    What was his storey that put him here today?
    This man was too young to be here like this.
    Needing your help. To escape from his apparent abyss.
    Watching others as they pass him by.
    “Not a hand out. Just a hand up.” Was his catch cry.
    But still no one stopped, they just walk even fast.
    Smiling and talking as they reach the arms of their pastor.
    We all get seated and the preaching begins.
    Telling us about Jesus and how he died for our sins.
    While I listened to every word that he read.
    The man in the street was trapped in my head.
    Puzzled as to why he was not here with us.
    But god knows best. In him we must trust.
    The plate is passed and filled to the brim.
    But still my thoughts are thinking of him,
    The man on the street with nowhere to go.
    Alone and cold in the falling snow.
    I hold my $1 tight in my fist.
    I have better plans for it. It won’t be missed.
    Finely finished, I’m first out the door.
    To find the man I saw before.
    He was still there. Still all alone.
    I gave him my $1 so he could call home.
    I placed the coin in his cold blue hand.
    He didn’t respond, I didn’t understand.

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  14. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    Week 33 Winner:

    The Circle of Life
    Aborted and dumped where the rats riddle the rocks, I’m lost
    Under the docks, beneath a peach skyline as my fetus rots
    Seething as ticks unite around the crown of my head
    Waves surround my bed in a forgotten town of neglect
    I want to drown but instead I lie bound where I rest
    I can’t crawl as the squall blocks out my murmurs of breath
    Death is certain as the heat from my body disappears
    Ten minutes old and I’ve already felt pain beyond my years
    I fear nothing as I look to the shore and scream
    Torn in dreams of this morgue being my forefront for peace
    I accept it, that yes I will die and I won’t be afraid
    Not one single minute can I change so I accept all this pain
    As the rodents run past old fishing wire and lures
    I’m surrounded by a placenta trying to maneuver
    I roll off the rocks, cut and bleeding to death
    When a passing fisherman scoops me up to his chest
    He wraps me in his coat to comfort me we with warmth
    It works; I’m hurt as my savior opened his vans door
    I watch the shore in the distance as my grave starts to fade
    Knowing I beat death as I get the ticks burnt off my face
    I lie next to my husband with a smile nestled in
    I’m eight months pregnant with our baby twins
    I’m feeling fatigued but nothing is unusual there
    With headaches and a fever that are too much to bear
    But still I won’t share these feelings as I purge in the sink
    I cough up blood as my eyes get heavier with each blink
    I hold my belly as the kicks start to become violent
    My husband calls up the hospital and I wait for the sirens
    I get rushed in on a stretcher as start to bleed out
    The doctors prop my legs up and then they reach down
    My breath sounds hectic as the fever gets worse
    I hurt inside about to have a premature birth
    The doctors take my blood and check my pressure
    The nurse asks questions as death has me measured
    “How long have you had Lyme Disease because it’s fatal”
    I’ve been labeled to die stopping me from being neonatal
    The doctor’s pull out a scalpel and cuts a c-section
    As my chest tightens and my mind starts racing
    I had fought for this long but I now choke on my vomit
    Looking my twins in the eyes as they get pulled from my stomach

    Topic: You can’t beat death twice

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  15. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    Week 34 Winner:

    The Fairy’s Dance - “The maze in my mind”

    I use to lay awake, slightly intoxicated from my wine
    Reading fairy tales about any romances that I could find
    Where a woman can be loved even when the sun does not shine
    So I wait, hoping mine would start with ‘Once upon a time’
    As the days pass by, I begin to watch my beauty fade away
    Huddled in the darkness, clinging to my lackadaisical ways
    Why does this room feel empty, it’s so quiet, I’m so alone
    So I began to read my book hoping Henry would take me home
    I’ve been reading about him and fantasizing about his touch
    I wondered what it would feel like to be within his clutch
    His eyes slowly undressing me while his lips gave me chills
    His voice giving me strength as his words provided the thrills
    What more could I ask for but for this to become a reality
    I yearned to be swept off my feet by Henry’s mentality
    “Please open your eyes,” he whispered as I continued to stare
    Confused but I ignored his words, focusing on the clarity of his smile
    So exuberant, so warm as I envisioned us walking down the isle
    “Stand up.” He whispered as I continued to lie there
    His expressions remained calm; his words came out of nowhere
    But there a was difference in the air, something he wasn’t showing
    I tried to focus in; he seemed so real now with no angelic glowing
    Henry started to become familiar to me like we’ve met before
    “But from where?” I thought as he slowly moved away from the door
    I reached for him but he was like a ghost haunting my room
    He began to cry as the atmosphere filled with chaos and doom
    As I pulled my hand from him, I notice I was wearing a wedding ring
    So was he and suddenly I started to make sense of things
    I was diagnosed with amnesia from the car crash years ago
    Feeling alone, thinking my memories were fictional stories
    I felt like a fool as this realization had me suddenly alarming
    As it took my death for me to remember that Henry was my prince charming


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  16. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    Week 35 Winner:


    Radio broadcast: Your attention please! This is an alert! A serial killer is at large. Please be on the lookout He has been spotted near Forest Lake! He is mentally unstable and extremely dangero-...

    The gloom shuddered with frost, he tossed his head back
    Drew in the sharp autumn air, sighed at his setback
    The car stalled, stopped, wouldn't start back up
    He sat, stressed, trying not to fret about his phantoms...
    The trees rustled, the breeze bustles a muffled cry up!
    It sounds like someone is out there among the briars..
    Seeing that his car is stuck for the time being
    He decides to find whoever might be screaming
    Perhaps if he can help them, they can help him
    He grabs his flashlight and heads into the dim,
    Dark forest in search of this unknown voice
    -Heart's hammering, but his sweat runs cold-moist-
    Each step crinkles leaves that increase trepidation
    The hoot of an owl gives his bowels hesitation
    His skin prickles up as the frost wind whispers
    a hiss, indistinct, but clear, says "Sister!"..!
    He stops in his tracks, ice-cold blood froze
    Just then wings flutter right under his nose!
    That's it! He quits this useless mission
    Turns back, --- then lurches at a distant vision
    Of a beautiful woman dressed in luminous white
    Who beckons him to her, then drifts from his sight
    This must be the distressed damsel, he thought
    But, funny,... she didn't seem troubled at all
    He runs after her saying "Hey lady, wait up
    My car's up the hill, can ya help me, I'm stuck!"
    But he gets to the spot where she stared, meekly
    And his question echoes into the air, weakly...
    The water of the lake laps the rocks lazily
    as the clearing breaks and the moon glows brazenly
    -Illuminates the stone cross of an unkempt plot..
    And the stench of wood rot makes his chest taught
    *Cough!*.. and the crow upon the cross flutters off
    As he inches closer to the age-weathered cross..
    Upon the soft earth he can vaguely make out
    Clumps of fresh dirt..then his lungs blurt with a shout
    "Oh my God! This grave's dug up and desecrated!"
    He had to warn the lady, this is something dangerous
    He peered into the hole and the casket was blasted
    But funny..no corpse and no bone fragments..?
    The radio said..shit! He didn't quite remember what..!
    He got up, but felt the shove of an icy finger's touch..
    All of a sudden, mud and earth filled his nostrils
    He tried fighting but was froze from his toes to his tonsils
    The only sound ringing was the shrill, loud, stinging
    Laughter of a woman dressed in all white, singing:
    "Now you will know, you will know, you will know
    What it is to be missed by your own, by your own
    You will be, here with me, and I won't, let you go
    Underneath the cross and beneath the stone"

    Radio: Authorities say the serial killer was found dead this morning, mysteriously buried in a grave by Forest Lake. Detectives are puzzled, as scrawled in the dirt beneath the headstone, they found the following message:

    Guilt is a snake that devours its tail
    Revenge stalks its prey until it is fed
    Sisters kissed death, together made pale,
    A demon's last breath, blushes them red.

    If anyone knows the meaning of this message, please contact your local authorities, as it may shed clues as to the mysterious death of the serial killer.

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  17. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    Week 36 Winner:

    3 hours after my brothers annoying perseverance
    Calling my mom, he was trying to get the clearance
    To order the WWE payperview to see Edge’s appearance
    And see John Cena win off R-Truth’s interference
    What a good day, the summer sun starting to shake winter
    Wrestling, Pepsi, and throwing down on a steak dinner
    Yep, life is good, my smile’s beam-a-glisten
    Now the shows over, it’s time to clean the kitchen
    Scrape dishes, wiping them with a soapy sponge
    Scrub the plate vicious, “God I hope we’re done”
    One more thing and then I’m about to dash
    But first things first, I gotta take out the trash
    Grab the bag, twist it tight as I’ve done before
    Walk out the kitchen, a few steps from the door
    I hear my mom scream with joy, it had me in shock then
    “Breaking News: We got him”
    I ran up stairs to see the news, couldn’t believe it’s true
    “We’re minutes from President Obama’s speech”, the proof
    My jaw dropped, standing in complete shock
    “Maybe this will be a holiday, Maybe we’ll get the week off”

    The speech is after the commercial, coming up fast now
    Shit, I gotta go quick and take the trash out
    I run down the stairs where I left it, floating high
    Hell yeah I was excited, I won’t deny
    Saw my neighbor pulling up, I had to break the news
    The face that was long associated with hate was through
    He got us once, but with the rest of his plans never
    His son asked who we’re talking about, “the evilest man ever”
    We high fived and I raced inside to watch the speech
    Obama approached the podium, a moment I could not believe
    Listening to the President, thinking of 9/11’s carnage
    When I heard Osama bin Laden died, where was I?
    Taking out the garbage

    Topic: Where was I?

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  18. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    Week 37 Winner:

    The Topic... :


    The Verse... :

    In a city war-torn, the forlorn son of a whore formed in a womb that, suffered more scorn
    than the 4 horsemen, whose dark hooves crushed corpses in a storm that, terraformed sin.
    She contemplated abortion, but instead forced him to exist in this world of misfortune
    This was his portion, but he's wanted more since, hence a knife is the bright sword he wars with
    Craving a slice of the pie, Hated by guys twice his size, he made them look right in his eyes,
    You see, his LIFE is a fight, so any plight where he might live or die could never heighten his fright
    or lighten his might, a titan despite the lithe frame, featherweight packed more freight than a night train
    His birth right stained, insult his mother? his face flushed with bright shame, never let his pride tame,
    His bride came from the same rough stock, a dame with tough talk and gruff coughs
    from smoking too much, pox strolled in her lungs like thugs on rough blocks, she kept a gun cocked
    But rare shot the clips, post-apocalypse, bullets were scarce as food, drugs, good air, confidence!
    Skyscrapers blazed, the stone monoliths were the lone obelisks of the cold consequence
    caused by supernatural armaments, but since no one lives who remembers the causes, its
    All nonsense, SHIT, no reasons, only survival fits, feel the rifle kick as the motorcyle quits,
    In the midst, of nephilimic predators who once didn't exist: There was a book with evidence,
    That predicted this terror since the ancient times, but only a page survived
    The flames that bathed libraries with sages baked alive, If He and She escaped this ride,
    He might take the time to explain the lines inscribed by the sacred scribes...
    But now, he lets hatred rise, He takes his knife the same way Death would raise his Scythe..


    The blaze engulfs and grazes skulls with flame halos, Nephilim wrestled him, nestled in gray robes
    Her aim, low, blew the knees out of these louts, she screams out (a meek sound) with each round
    Can't believe how quick his blade spins, she loves him, she hates him, she takes in with
    Breath abaited, waiting to save him, no need with the speed his edge is encased in,
    The demons with reptilian faces, collapsed with a crash into debris laced with, ash, broken glass
    Shiny as the bracelet her father gave her, … when she was a toddler, later, she witnessed
    His flesh melt from the lasers, from the spacecrafts bursting from a great lab, underneath
    what used to be D.C., and she hates that her last memory of the only man who gave a damn,
    is a puddle of bones and weak meat, Sweet Pea.., that moniker's gone,
    Adam grabs her, with laughter,"Babe, turn the monitors on!" (this disaster of a smashed earth
    promised her long, sleepless nights, but at least she fights alongside a warrior,
    sweeping knife, easy vibe halt what's long tried destroying her,)They both witness
    the GPS system plot their position and distance along the next mission, Shh, Listen!
    They heard the hissing of a truck's transmission hidden from their vision, It might have gas,
    so they abandoned the bike crash and ran past the blasted ruins and trash,
    Faded ads gash cracked walls like half-assed bandages, ash-the only glitter on the flittering sash
    Of a city once lovely turned ugly-after months, suddenly, Adam and Eve had enough struggling-
    And despite the advice, they took a bike in the night, rode the wastelands, deciding to fight,
    Instead of wait for death – They hesitate with fret at what appears when they stop to take a breath..

    Aha! These two lost globs of flesh I'll chomp off, their cause Lost, laugh crossed my bobbed jaw,
    At this bitch with a shaky sawed off, and a shrimp with a cutter for box tops,
    Who could of thought they're not SOFT?!, She pops a shot off in the wrong
    Direction, at some truck... THEN Im engulfed! by flames bright, that fill the gray night...
    But I'm not shunned, I vault, drop, Run across the blaze, its the only option..
    In a rage!! I head straight to this bastard and bitch, after this shit, They gone wish death comes after them quick..

    He charged for me, storming, the largest mutant transforming into a roaring fiend
    I leap, soaring, scream, unsheath, or it seems I reach for it,.. he's four inches more extreme
    Then he first seemed, my core, it teemed with trepidation as this maven is more than I've faced since
    I started slashing, ... we started grappling, he was strong but I was fast and, blade was flashin
    In a torrid fashion, struck a main vain, taste a torrent splashing, not sure if this enormous gash is,
    enough to win, guess its up to him, Oh Fuck.. punch to the gut just sucked up the wind
    Outta me, I'm down, my knee is out of spppeed...I'm barely shoutin.. "Eve"!!!

    I see him gasping, cock the demon stopper with the final blast and, with a passion
    Pop a steamin rocket into this would-be assassin...

    What tha... shit, I'm bleedin fast and... legs are numb..a damaged mouth
    My neck..so wet.. my gut's a mess of lead and smoke...Im blacking out...

    I catch my breath and... grab my weapon... now I'm stomping his head..
    So damn mad I stab him and break the shaft off in his chest!
    His last death throw! I flinch, but all he does is gasp a laugh, my last attack
    Leaves me puzzled as to how to handle the aftermath..


    And so they leave, with gas for a week, to travel in peace, handle the streets,..
    As for relief? Eventually, they found a babbling stream, that rambled east to a garden near a canopied peak
    Overlooking scraggily trees, spilling to a hazardous beach, here they eat, camp and they read
    The raggedy sheet he carried in back and then she, first heard and learned
    ...The story of Adam and Eve...

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  19. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    Week 38 Winner:

    half assed. i gotta study and was busy this week.

    There I am, knife in hand, over my wife I stand
    She’s pleading for her life, to my right’s a man
    Not a man, my son, well, he used to be
    Is he still? I couldn’t tell you truthfully
    But it’s not important, as I stab her once majestic eyelids
    I never hurt her before, what caused this domestic violence?
    Theres a dead man on the ground, stabbed to death
    He was told to leave, he refused, his last regret

    25 years, we’d been together for quite a while
    I’ve never seen prettier eyes or a brighter smile
    It was love at first sight, probably the worst type
    It’s called falling because that’s what it hurts like
    Before I met her my life was such a lonely one
    But from our Vegas wedding to the birth of our only son
    It was perfect, I was head over heels for this girl
    Now with my own son, I want everything right in his world
    Spoiled him rotten, coached his baseball team
    Supported him in everything, all of his small dreams
    He was my world, his smile was such a great sight
    And it was often just him and I, my wife worked late nights
    We’d do homework, eat, then read the stories he’d write
    Then I’d tuck him in, kiss his cheek and tell him sleep tight
    Even at the age when kids think their dads a “lame-o”
    He choose to stay home to hang with me, we remained close
    We would go on vacation, my wife could never leave work
    And when she was home, bitches and moans is all we heard
    I gave him advice on the problems that all came
    And was the loudest in the crowd during his football games
    Then it came time for college, all part of being grown
    He went away, meaning that he would leave me alone

    He was home from school for his 20th birthday
    I was happy, because I had missed him in the worst way
    We threw him a huge party, people came in a stampede
    My house was full of his high school friends and family
    My wife came late, and arrived with a man
    I never seen before, a twist that isn’t planned
    After dinner, she stands up and says “I feel bothered
    For twenty years, son, you didn’t know of your real father”
    My jaw dropped, I had no clue of her scam
    He stands up, as my once love introduced the man
    My rage building up, you know the dramas starting then
    I threw everyone out of my house, making the party end

    There I am, knife in hand, over my wife I stand
    She’s pleading for her life, to my right’s a man
    Not a man, my son, well, he used to be
    Is he still? I couldn’t tell you truthfully
    But it’s not important, as I stab her once majestic eyelids
    I never hurt her before, what caused this domestic violence?
    Theres a dead man on the ground, stabbed to death
    He was told to leave, he refused, his last regret
    My “son” stabbed him in the throat and didn’t feel bad
    Screamed out “you were never around, you aren’t my real dad”
    Then he handed me the knife, anger has both of us drunk as fuck
    He threw my wife down and told me to “cut the cunt”
    I follow his lead, knife to the throat and her nights done
    Well, you know what they say, like father, like son

    Topic: It’s not yours

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  20. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    Week 39 Winner:

    Topic: "Father's Day"

    August 8. Childhood.

    The dark night's bright flames hid my cursed face,
    Crimson-awash, witnessed the loss of my birthplace,
    Rubble and ashes, father's corpse gutted with gashes,
    My sisters and I, chained to a train, smuggled with lashes,
    Only tears streak cheeks,... each a trail in the darkness
    Of the soot round lips,.... bleating wails on his carcass,
    Uncouth Jin troops assail us with hardships,... their harshness
    Redoubled when I struggled, flailed but regardless,
    A young girl's strength is a vapor to trained men..
    But as I flew from a wild crow to a "tamed" hen,
    I remained bent on the vengeance poured for me
    Like the warm green tea I sip slowly every morning...

    August 8. Marriage to H. Shizhong

    My years as courtesan were discordant sands,
    In an enormous glass pouring faster than water thru porous hands,
    I stand with a chorus, sang as the surest Huang,
    Bright as flames! The night remains idyllic in my thoughts,
    For my songs strung the harp in the heart of Shizhong,
    A Song warrior with rich dreams and high carriage
    He proposed, we were betrothed, hopes of a bright marriage
    Almost dashed by the dragon wrath of my procuress
    Whose abuse was stamped on my past like the documents
    Marking me as property, but his love offered me
    A chance at freedom to dance at his drum's softer beat..
    Often he would talk to me, my poetry seemed medical,
    Spiritual, prophetical, inspired him to be a general!
    He reveled in the glory and I bubbled in the hum
    Of his kettle-pulsing story like the rumble of the drum..

    August 8. The Fall Of J. Wuzhu

    As the sun set over the lake, shadows over his face
    Deepened as he pondered over his fate, sober in state,
    We contemplate of any hope for escape... I know we're too late,
    to hope for the aid of Song forces, we need more strong horses,
    Or Jin's men will easily crush our wronged corpses

    With this dismay, I listened, played the drum to calm him down
    Then, in this way, I sit and say such words I thought profound:
    .."for a man to fight... he must have courage.."
    I told him of my past and the vengeance this would furnish
    And how the only hope in my heart was to, before death,
    Witness the Jin become crushed! 'Twas a sore debt
    I was owed, So I told him, and I hammered my drum..
    Which sparked him to run and yell from the pit of his lungs:
    Come at once! We will make our stand against these rats
    We discussed, and set archers up across leaved paths
    With hidden arrows ablaze, they awaited with bated breath
    As the first ship on the lake lured Jin to their death,
    The enemy, sensing weakness, plunged deep into our retreat
    But it was up to ME on Golden Peak to pound the drum beat
    Which would signal archery to launch the sudden bombardment!

    BOOM! My husband fought fierce along his first squadron
    BOOM BOOM! Suck the Jin into the deep weeds and forest
    Where the enormous trees hid the majority of our forces
    BOOM BOOM BOOM! Flaming rain, Phoenix talons!
    Slashing across faces and forcing horses unbalanced!
    Aimed at the ships too, which lit up like the small village
    Of thatched roofs my family called home until pillaged....
    I Beat the DRUM for every drop of blood my father bled
    And the sound pounded fear down till the Jin robbers fled!
    Outnumbered two to one but with this drum we rang on through..

    All this.. acccording to the legend of Liang Hongyu..

    Link to the match-up:
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