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  1. Shadow

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    Apr 11, 2004


    RSTL Hall Of Fame Season II

    Welcome everyone to the RSTL Hall of Fame. This is the places where the best verses from each week will be posted. Now, this thread will ALWAYS remain lock because there will be no discussions here. Take all discussions to the lounge. Weeks 1 through 3 will be inserted based on my own judgment and will come from the previous Magazines because this idea was thought of late. From weeks 4 and on, the Hall of Fame winners will be open to league participants ONLY. Now that doesn't mean that people outside the league cant chime in when the thread is open to votes. It just means that only votes from participants will be tallied. Please, no one get mad or upset for not winning. This is all in good fun and should continue to be used as such. I will update this thread with the winning verses each week on Tuesday Morning. The poll will be opened on Sunday, which will account for late verses or league delays. Good luck to everyone and let's have some fun. This thread will likely stand forever so I hope everyone will continue to write hard and improve like we have been!

    If you have any question, concerns or problems, feel free to PM a RSTL Mod and we will address it. Thanks!

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  2. Shadow

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    Apr 11, 2004
    Week 1 Winner:


    every day before work, i would creep to her bed,
    re-tuck her in tight, and lay a kiss on her head..
    my baby girl is my world, she's the worlds greatest gift,
    just for god giving her life, im greatfull for this,
    when I come home, and see here smile with glee,
    It makes me smile as well cause she was smiling for me,
    we were like 2 peas in a pod, stuck together like glue,
    i'll never forget the way she'd light up a room
    and my girl was the sweetest thing ive ever seen,
    a lil pep in her step but still as sweet as can be,
    her swagger was outrageous a soon to be queen
    respectful and sincere what else could she be

    she moved so swift, kinda like a Hawaiian dancer,
    until she didn’t move too much after being diagnosed with cancer,

    God, why you pick on the lil people why you punishing me?
    Like im the target, and you gunnin for me,
    She was my every thing, my dreams and my love….
    My lil girl was the sole reason that every day I woke up,
    "sweetie, don’t worry, you just gotta be strong,
    don’t give up my lil soldier, you just keep going on,
    i tried my best just to keep you from harm,
    now hurt so bad, that life is from the IV's in your arm,
    “Daddy my whole body hurts, am I gonna be okay,
    “ya honey bunches……your gonna go home today”

    but days turned to months….and the lil girl never got cured,
    and she never gave up, because her soul was pure….
    Daddy, would visit his girl, not wanting to let go,
    but after many nights of prayer daddy knew he had to let go.....

    “ im here to see…..” "I know sir, she’s the third door to the right”,
    ……”hey pretty girl…hows my mama doing tonight”
    .......“shh….if it hurts just rest your eyes”….
    …..i know your gonna get rest tonight….”
    Gosh baby, your still so pretty, you’re my queen for ever,
    And no matter what happens, your gonna be with me for ever,
    Always remember that daddy loves you more than life it self
    And ive looked for answers, and asked god for help,
    You look so peacefull laying in bed…
    One last time……….i’ll re-tuck you in and give you a lil kiss on your head..........

    *pulls the plug*

  3. Shadow

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    Apr 11, 2004
    Week 2 Winner:

    nO gOoD!

    listen while you read. Enjoy fellas.. the track is still in rough stage but you can at least listen. I'll master it up later.
    SoundClick artist: Dove Dozer - Dove Dozer, new school, positive vibes.


    Locked in the trunk..

    I have a story to tell.

    To keep it in is toxic...

    I feel sick to think about it,

    so your the one I'll talk with...

    20 August 1976

    I awoke in hell..
    I'll tell you of the darkest plot...

    no fire - brimstone,
    I was in the parking lot...

    to start's the hard part...
    can't take a breath, coughin...

    the day was cold and dark,
    I thought of death often...

    cherishing every breath,
    I seemed cautious...

    whoever put me here is sick,
    I don't mean nauseous...

    a total surprise,
    I didn't know the disquise

    was gonna hit me like a freight train,
    you'll notice the size...

    of the ride in the picture.
    it looks deceiving...

    the trunk's actually bigger,
    this aint a book I'm reading...

    it was real life then,
    I was shook and bleeding...

    the devil played a part,
    I hate the crooked heathen...

    the engine seemed alive,
    like it would have to breathe...

    I swear it had a pulse,
    and it's blood was gasoline...

    it had me in it's clutches..
    with no way to escape...

    I was on my way to hell,
    but had to wait at the gate...

    every minute seemed eternity,
    with the motor runnin...

    like I'm gonna die,
    and now I know it's commin...

    I'm shiverin cold,
    I can feel the goosebumps...

    as we swerve down the road,
    I'm prayin for a loose trunk...

    the wind was howling...
    just like the devil's dog...

    we race down darkness
    in a heavy fog...

    I can't think straight,
    I saw a blink, he hit the brakes...

    if he pops the trunk
    then I'm fit to escape...

    I can't even think,
    how long I've been trapped....

    soon enough it all changed,
    weight on the the gas...

    it was dark here,
    but the speed was blinding...

    it didn't take long,
    I heard the cops and sirens...

    whats it gonna take,
    to stop this violence...

    we need to pull together
    to stop the tyrants...

    don't think this is fake,
    written script...

    I was in the car,
    when it flipped in the ditch...

    when I came to,
    tried to move, was afraid to...

    ain't the same dude,
    who can I put the blame to...

    later found out,
    I was lucky to survive...

    I should live stress free
    and be alive..

    my freedom and my life,
    no one can take from me...

    Because the man that I escaped,
    was Ted Bundy...

  4. Shadow

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    Apr 11, 2004
    Week 3 Winner:

    Scrolls-Oracle of Omen


    We woke to the sounds of explosive shells...like this world Jus opened realms and we just awoke in hell...
    My fuckin ears ringin like a broken bell...people yelling in English, but I never spoke it well...
    My son and I escaped outside, as the roof collapses...our home will soon be ashes, as the rebel forces passed and moved in masses....
    We huddled together, Jus tryin to stay warm...tryin not to trip the sensors on the claymores...
    As my sons sound asleep, I snuck around to peak...I can hear large amounts of feet and sounds of speech...
    I tip toe'd back to our hiding place...I gotta find a way to try and escape...
    If were found, we'll be tried and placed inside a cave as diamond slaves...

    *American soldiers moved further into Africa...trying to stop the rebel forces from enslaving the African people and slaughtering them...the sun rises, the fire fight continues*

    An American passed by, he told us to stay low...I nodded, and watched the rain flow off his stained clothes...
    He was followed by other brave souls...as we followed parallel on the same road...
    Then we saw the muzzle flash from the double blast...I grabbed his arm and fumbled past knowin escapin would be a troubled task...
    The bullets whizzin by, are comin Damn close...I looked over as my glance froze on a grenade exploding on the sand roads knocking over a lamp post...
    I grabbed my lungs and coughed, "son, we gotta run across..now while the sun is lost..."
    The thick dust feels like some kind of aired gas...this reality I'm scared to grasp...
    Runnin across this prepared path and hard gravel that cuts like bear traps...
    We saw a group of marines, not far away from us...gettin to them is dangerous, jumpin over these graves and such..
    The clouds are a dark grimson grey...headin to where our mission lays...
    Runnin as the ground rips up mist and sprays from the bullets that are missin strays and ricochetes...
    I grabbed his hand, as my son asks sadly, " u think we'll make it?" While dippin threw these back alleys..
    "I do my son, the Americans already freed us"...*click* that's when a claymore exploded right inbetween us..

    *I crawled to my son*

    "Daddy...I think gods gonna take me now...to an astounding place.."
    I turned around to say...as his eyes slowly shut..and a tear rolled down his face..
    "Son, please get up, Im not sayin goodbye today"....I picked him up, and walked straight out to the highway...

    "I love u..."


    Link to the match-up:
  5. Shadow

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    Apr 11, 2004
    Week 4 Winner:


    Nobody's Perfect.


    She's in another world.
    she's in another land.
    talking to.....
    nobody. Nobody at all....”

    and there she was sitting on the park bench, heart wrenched.
    and where she was a fitting target, she played the part meant.
    it was her special department, her social compartment.
    hidden halfway between her apartment & an alien starship.
    Once upon a time starts it. Bossy toddler throwing her juice.
    Become the teenage mom preparing for terrible two's.
    that was back in 92. before he was torn from womb.
    Smiling on her face, you could the taste the doom.
    not a fucking clue.....
    shoo-in for minimum wage, free government cake.
    too lazy to to take the time of day herself & bake.
    the take..take..take...approach..never...giveback.
    be happy with the big mac, take ya ass back.
    to ya room, Now she twenty-two whoopin ass....
    quick to grab paddles just a little bit too fast.
    She's whispering to herself again.
    telling herself again.... “she love's herself again.
    too bad herself is a friendless manic bent.
    a mind indented – but doesn't seem to mind it.

    She's in another world.
    she's in another land.
    talking to.....
    nobody. Nobody at all....”

    and there she wallowed on the park bench.
    a hollow shell – nobody knows where her heart went?
    Or where she parked it. Parked on that park bench.
    Just another victim of hardship.
    just another victim of "failure to work your hardest!"
    ___life's a bitch, this one just didn't die....
    she's sitting on a park bench....
    inside an insane asylum....
    & when she stabbed his heart with the fork,
    she screamed to the ceiling.....
    god loves ugly. god loves ugly.
    she said:
    i know he loves me.”

    She's in another world.
    she's in another land.
    talking to.....
    nobody. Nobody at all....”

    Link to the match-up:
  6. Shadow

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    Apr 11, 2004
    Week 5 Winner:



    No cliché’ is older...
    ’Good and evil arguin’ on opposite shoulders’
    A folklore told since hominids roamed earth...

    [Me: In White..Evil: In Red]

    I need an Exorcist with holy water…A preacher who saves souls!
    An inner evil has killed off all my guardian angels!
    A slow split……athough it's painful!
    It feels like Kane, ponderin’ on slaughterin’ Abel!
    and, I’ve had it marked in my date-book for eight darkening days, soooo!…

    "No I won’t let you take full control of my soul ‘n mind!"
    Although, the fight for my humanity has been a slow decline

    (The demon flinched within)

    I began to yell, "Asshole!!!", but only mouthed silent ‘squawks’!
    I lost my dialogue…it just stopped before 'I talked!'
    By the time I saw what looked like a black-hole, I was caught...
    …then vacuumed behind my own bodies’ mind and thoughts![FONT=&quot] [/FONT]

    (My consciousness was sucked into some abyss)

    It was like the bottomless pit the prince of darkness was dropped in!
    It was so quiet…I felt impossibly boxed in…
    I started wanderin’, lost, hollerin’, "A’MEN!"
    Then I heard a voice from the hostile that was robbin’ my conscious!

    “You’re just an evicted occupant in my apartment…squattin’!”
    “Your just a carcass that’s got skin!... just a car, with options!
    “It’s the “Tree of Life”…Ah, Shit… {Shrugs shoulders}
    “Even “bad apples” that fall onto the “Garden”, get rotten!…”

    As i fought the evilly fiendish, deeply subconscious demon!
    I saw a cosmologically divine light from God, and reached it!

    “NOPE!...Sorry, you’re mine now!”... HA! HA!..you’re hardly leavin’!”[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]

    The thing began barfin’ so much; no way my throat was shuttin’!
    But then I noticed somethin’!...
    …The throwin’ up gave me partial motor function
    It was the only opportunity since I let it enter me
    I focused towards the inner being, with all my energy

    Until eventually… the transformation was rendered incomplete
    I was back…no longer in a deep imprisonment

    “You can be disobedient, but defeat is imminent!”

    But the thief was insistent to attempt persistently to live again!
    I felt forsaken with all these prayers of mine, unheeded
    Like when God loses all his faith for humankind, like Legion!
    I was screamin’…”I’LL NEVER LET YOU TAKE MY LIFE, DEMON!

    ”Awww…for me?...I’m speechless!...what you said was "hella" sweet!”
    …but that usually just works in horror movies from the seventies…”
    “The truth about the Devil’s bleak…Was once presumed as ‘Heavenly’.”
    ”But shit, all the demons rulin’ Hell used to be angelic beings!”

    (I grabbed up the wooden cross I had beside me, and held it tight to my face; the light russet color of the cross faded to a darkening auburn as tears soaked into the wooden idol.)

    ”Allegedly entombed, but exhumed from my sarcophagus!”
    “You should stop usin’ that stupid cross for confidence!”
    “To go against me is preposterous, probably monotonous!”
    “Approximate odds are zip ‘cause I’m just dominantly monstrous!”
    “Hence ‘demonic’-I’m positively Godless and nastier than feral wolves!”…
    “Don’t be scared of the inferno; All inhabitants are skeletal”
    “Hell is full of ‘flarin’ folks without a tad of hair, just skulls!”

    I began to preach like clericals recitin’ passages and parables!

    I spoke the holy gospels, over and over, while growin’ pale and wary

    I repeated three ‘Fore Fathers’, paired with three ‘Hail Mary’s’
    While inhaling, my breathing became impaired, like an ‘ailed’ wheeze

    “HAHA..You’ve failed…I’m un-jailed, freed!..
    "Now just whiff the smell of defeat and bail, please!"

  7. Shadow

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    Apr 11, 2004
    Week 6 Winner:


    Topic: What if terrorists invaded America, and we had war for the first time in history on our own soil!?


    Once the hordes of soldiers aboard a fleet of ships at port were seen…
    …a siege began forcefully…storming our shores and beaches like at ‘Normandy’…
    I won’t forget the horrid screams…“We’ll shortly see more at sea!”,…
    …Corporal Lee warned, then swore, “Shit!...there’ll be enormous losses!”
    Sergeant Bowie responded, “We must retreat before we’re spotted!”
    “Before bein’ taken as a prisoner of war or hostage!”
    “We’ll be tortured for our knowledge!”
    “And the only sort of solace comes from death the torment causes!”

    They were like aggressive swarms of wasps, overpowerin’ our masses
    There were thousands of ‘em blastin’!
    The rowdy crowds of rag-heads gradually ‘outted’ our combatants!

    “Get to cover!”
    , Sarge yelled, “Keep your heads low, and follow my direction!”
    We sprinted up the beach towards the condos to find protection
    One second I was bolting, while firin’ my weapon…
    …the next, I toppled over bodies I identified as brethren!
    “If we stay near the back end of these buildings we can take ‘em slowly!”
    Sergeant Bowie winked, and smiled like a crazy roadie…
    …with faded gold teeth, grayish hair, and braided goatee
    Wearin’ Oakley shades, and a silver chain sayin’ ‘O.G.’
    “How ‘bout the suicide bombers?” Corporal Lee objected plainly
    Sarge piped-in bravely, “Of course, we can’t fight ‘em all behind safety”
    “But we’re special ops; …You’re not some kind of trainee!”
    “We’re ‘brainy’…Creatin’ great things from simple objects like the A-team”
    “We’ve been operating since the eighties!...Bombs are just our play-things!”
    “We’ve been deployed on every continent from here to Bejing!"
    “So stop bein’ babies!”

    We were the most elite outfit in the U.S.’s de-fense
    But a new ‘finesse’ was needed, with improved methods of strategics
    We’ve been besieged by groups of terrorist extremist we allegedly defeated!
    For no EFFIN’ reason…they detest the western region!

    We attempted to radio for help, “This is team Alpha in distress!”
    A static voice said, “All detached support teams, and back-ups have 'been-stretched'!”
    “The decision on who they’ll assist next…is left to the high command of bureaucratic shit-heads!”
    So we counted our weapons cache, and did a clip check
    Sarge suppressed his Berretta, grabbed a Syntax, and then said,…
    “It’s best to go out, guns blazin’, like the Mid-west!”
    ”Just follow me, in-step”
    “We’re all exhausted, but in death, we can all go to Heaven to get rest!”

    We lasted through the hours of the daylight, ‘till nights arrival
    Slowly wipin’ off our rivals…Our violent sides were vital for survival
    If fooled just one time, we died, no type of revival…
    No pauses, or resets; No lives could be recycled…

    All the foreign hostiles must have planned this for the longest
    All the Afghans, Iraqis, Somalians, Moroccans...shit…every known Muslim, Islamic Jihadist
    All the radicals on the top ten most wanted list of bombins’
    Walkin’ with Qur’ans in their pockets…Showin’ homage to Muhammad and Osama Bin Laden

    Only one problem …we overlooked the fact of how strongly they're prepared to win
    We were aware, but impaired by arrogance
    The Arabics, would share a ‘prayer and then’…blow themselves up to prevail against Americans
    The Sarge thought it was ‘crockery’…He brushed it off with mockery
    But once he saw several bombs goin’ off, the Sarge knew he saw defeat
    Against millions of martyrs, our armory was obsolete
    Suddenly, I had fallen...shot, bleeding from my carotid artery…

    (I layed there, and observed the night sky and I slowly slept away)

    Imma veteran, but I still cried; before cracking up with wild laughter
    I’m not sure why, but my psyche was shattered!…I felt like I was hammered!
    I watched all the bombs blowin’ up and saw the ‘Final Rapture’…
    The sky ignited with a vibrant glamour …that reflected off the night like ‘Fourth of July’ fire-crackers

  8. Shadow

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    Apr 11, 2004
    Week 7 Winner:
    billy nomates

    Simon said use simple words to summarise the game plan
    I said simple, Simon, but suppose that I’m a changed man?
    He said, nonsense, besides I don’t believe that phrase and
    I’ve told you before that you remind me of a strained dam
    Or a stage hand, but please just let me handle the props
    As you might know what you’re doing but you panic a lot
    And as always we need anything but for the standard to drop
    You get nervous then you’ll sweat, then you’ll damage the lock
    And damn it I’m not saying that I’m the be all and end all
    But I’ve got steady hands that are needed for the send off

    Simon said please light the match then run for the hills
    Watch as the light gain weight and the summer stays still
    But what Simon didn’t say was that this slumber was real
    And the only dreams that I’ve had, a hunger would steal

    I said to Simon how the air always felt so dead in my flat
    Lethargic on the bed in the back, another pedant in black
    Singing words to sever the facts, too much pressure to act
    With a wry smile stuck to my teeth with a president’s tact
    Testing the facts and re-arranging words until the plan fits
    Breathing second hand smoke until nobody could stand it
    Watching as my hands split the work, Simons gaze stalled
    Cut the dead weight in the room, preparing for a great fall
    A vision who straight talks, with precision and plate thoughts
    Let the whole world see how this pigeon’s a hawk

    I said to Simon that I thought that the matches were damp
    And that the sulphur kept aggravating a scratch on my hand
    This passion was planned, and every night light stalked me
    My own work guided me, but another’s hands caught me

    Simon said the trick was always to make it seem an accident
    To keep pushing at the ground until you feel your traction slip
    To fly your flag without attaching it to any form of significance
    To keep your eye on the horizon, for that’s where the mission is
    How this prism tips the balance from haunting to a rose garden
    How the roads here all seem to want to show a slow pardon
    Watch a ghost closing in, suddenly Simon’s words seem shallow
    Watch the water wrap your ankles, cast belief in as you paddle
    A thief is just a shadow as the light still builds to blinding
    Finding spots to hide in trying to live the life assigned him

    Simon said to let them know that we were coming to town
    Once the locks broken they’ll hear how punishment sounds
    Salvation is just one click away with a gun in your mouth
    And that the moon won’t rise with the sun on the ground

    Myself and Simon walked slowly with the wind at our backs
    Carrying the sorts of people that our sins would attract
    Still we binged on the fat of the land, watch as the sky falls
    Ready to give back all the earth that’s left to the shy sorts
    My minds curt and whispers words about opening a box
    But once it has opened there is no hoping it’ll stop
    So we walked mountain ranges, the world in our scope
    Watching hands reach heavenward, absurd in their hope
    We were a serpent that showed its hand in the garden before
    And man showed once again that he shouldn’t have started a war

    So me and Simon walked home across this blitzed ground
    Knowing full well that we shouldn’t have let the gift out
    But the grits ground down and we can build from the dirt up
    And wash our new found sins in the water that it stirs up.

    You're an angel of god..and judgment day is today. U are sent to earth to destroy all of humanity with a massive army. What do u do?

  9. Shadow

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    Apr 11, 2004
    Week 8 Winner:
    billy nomates

    You get sucked into the world of your favorite novel...what happens

    We left late in the day with the sun in our eyes
    With no word to walk on but slanderous lie
    We mask our surprise with a grin on our teeth
    Without a word to the wise, is this sin or belief?
    While we sit in our seats, the earth turns still
    Aware we might crash at the crest of the first hill
    But we don’t speak about it, tongue tied shut
    Shouting God doesn’t care with sons like us
    The sun rise sucks with blood on your shirt
    As the grounds stained with our governments work
    Soaked in, tougher than dirt, the days whine
    Us ignoring orders can only save time
    With such brave minds as ours, help me
    Go home and I’ll help you home, tell me
    What we’re doing here, I’ll listen and laugh
    And paint a picture patchwork vivid and stark
    A vision of grass trapped under our nails
    From our plane going down in thunder and hail
    This hunger is frail and makes the eggs taste off
    Numbers in a system, we’re no great loss.

    As the plane touches down, the sun sets
    On an island only containing slum deaths
    And gun nests that don’t protect our freedom
    Cheap beer only now intersecting feelings
    Left stressed and reeling as the bombs fall
    Pointlessly laying it out as the Somme’s fault
    But some felt this was a necessity to peace
    Locked in the lines of a presidents release
    Another cemetery speech, we refuel and talk
    Listen to rousing words, don’t lose the spark
    Spit fire in the foolish dark, cruel as art
    My idealism falls as just a student’s stance
    It was a stupid ask, let me see the Major
    With my head down, I’ll ask a sheepish favour
    Offered with the meekest prayer, set me free
    Because no God has ever messaged me
    This vessels a bleeding and damaged craft
    I’ll get out of here with a stammered laugh
    And a panicked path, I’ll run ‘til my lungs ache
    I’ll whistle the melody until the song breaks.

    Back in the sky I watch the earth ache, twitch
    Fire rises from the leaves pulsate, switch
    Directions as I huddle down back at the controls
    Eyes fixed assuredly but the passion isn’t whole
    I’m fashioning a soul from Egyptian cotton
    Wrap myself tight to stop this sickness rotting
    Asphixed, clocking that the engines were failing
    I trusted Orr, he attended the training
    I was pensive and trailing off, watching the blade
    Only the seas sweet arms would cushion the brave
    Pushing the sane limits, the clouds hung limp
    The feeling of falling not having yet sunk in
    Punching myself to keep from losing my mind
    Straight on the gunner’s sight, a view for the blind
    True to my kind I started clutching my cross
    Hoping for the epitaph, ‘another lover is lost’
    The blubbering stops, as the water levels rise
    Hells fishermen thinking they’ve caught the devils prize
    In short I can surmise that he did know the drill
    Now I’m floating in the ocean wondering which man to kill.

    Now we’re paddling for Sweden, escape or die
    The ink on my death certificate almost dried
    Only me and Orr left, the best of the crew
    And that’s how we escaped from a Catch-22

  10. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    Week 9 Winner:
    billy nomates

    As a Moscow Sunset strips the light from the streets
    I’m tying my dreams with a quiet belief
    That a tyrant and beast is trying to speak
    And even the sweetest songbird would cry on release
    So I’m timing this peace with a wrist watch metronome
    This Checkhov’s gun is a Hitchcock stepping stone
    If I could send a message home, it’d make sense, sure
    Skip a pebble forth from this mismatched shore
    Scar my face with war, rusted razorblade, trace my jaw
    Let a bureaucrat erase my awe
    Find my glory in the taste of port, a saviour’s cause
    Ready to highlight what I’ve been fighting for
    With grace a short fall, I’ll paint my steps
    Walking this high wire and not fainted yet
    This is a fate for pests and the grateful dead
    Sharing only with myself this shameful quest
    A plaintive threat hums through a factory drill
    Waiting to see how they react when passion is killed
    Practicing until the action is real, cracking the seal
    Regimented drudgery sapping my will
    With eyes fashioned from steel, resolve weak
    Nightmares make me forget I was sold dreams
    My soul seems to have become lost in the post
    Life goals changing often to soften the blow
    Such rough syllables caught in my throat
    Losing out on the punch line of this torturous joke
    I want to be more than a spoke on a capitalist wheel
    Want to wave my gun as a savage on a hill
    Cashing in my skill set for a grasp at change
    Dance in the shadow of Sam’s hand as he casts the blame
    An American smiles tars the frame, matches lit
    To burn down an empire built on sham and spit
    I’ll stand and kick until the tune sits with the whistles
    Chew this bone to the fat, teeth kissing the gristle
    Lost in a vision of missiles and limbs splayed west
    Gods got it in for me, but I haven’t prayed yet
    Looking for a frayed death, knife in my claw
    Smile etched on my face, blood fighting the wall
    Too tired for war, without the tongue to speak straight
    Waiting for a lock to be opened by this keys weight
    Marxist teachings on a thief’s face that I can’t keep safe
    Bullets ricochet off vehicles in this dream scape
    Feeling like a freed slave I start running the taps
    Eyes rolling back lightly, the sun in my lap
    Humming the sound track, I’m putting my life right
    The veins in my eyelids providing my night light
    It’s always the shy type; I pick up the razor blade
    Pick out the coxcomb threads in the water, days just fade
    Cradle pain in my wrist, dig deeper, another lost soul
    To what could’ve been,


    Lee Harvey Oswald

    You have the chance to time travel to the past to stop one thing that could possibly alter the future.. What would you go back to change.. Why would you change it, and how do u think it would affect the future..

  11. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    Week 10 Winner:

    death of a loved one.

    our days are numbered like the calendar, i've heard them say,
    where words don't play the pivot role, in the world today.
    is it all too late? to water our cut tree of life?
    our seasons vanish, seeking lavish ways to hunt freedom, right?
    it's not right to ask for rights, with your left hand,
    so what i write will cause riots, there's nothing left man.
    seen self proclaimed kings, getting thrown off their throne,
    replaced by their own kin, fucking clone after clone.
    no recluse to escape to, they're barcoding our flesh,
    .. i miss the sight of nature, leaves, hovered in mess.
    the calm breeze by the palm trees, soaking the sun,
    now darkest days in this last phase, left hoping for some.
    it's all buildings with million civillians, within,
    while the villains, are chilling, and drilling our skin.
    with numbers, in the hundreds, they're lining up,
    just signing dots, not knowing that their time is up.
    i hide alot with paranaoia, and walk the slums of the city,
    where the bums show no pity, and the humble are pretty.
    but it's shitty, i really do miss the days of the old,
    turn grey hairs to gold, while i stare at my soul.
    must not stray from my goal, so be rest assured,
    i'll surely be arrested, atleast i did the best i could.
    media wrestles the good plight, with might of evil,
    as they prey upon the weak, until no fight is equal.
    i'm from where the night is evil, your fright is see through,
    and the sights i've seen are no sites you've been to.
    twin towers' sequel, was two thousand and twelve,
    only a few years on, left with loose scoundrels in hell.
    damned skies so polluted, the darkest clouds stay away,
    and the sun dare not peak into our fucked up world today.
    never had parents, was mother earth's only child,
    .. now fuming at humans who fucked the world with no style.
    it's been a while since i've seen a peaceful smile on my face,
    2012 was not the end, but it sure fucked up our race.
    our days are numbered like the calendar, you heard me say,
    rest in peace my mother earth, it's the serpent's day.

    edit ; wa-shalom, priest ...

    [turn] ...

  12. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    Week 11 Winner:

    a lioness's lament.

    silent stares and violent glares, give birth to cold whispers,
    my soul's kissed the old lips of grim reaper's sole sister.
    more sinister than ministers touching innocence of children,
    so i killed them, one by one, via minions i will them.
    in millions .. they follow every whisper i breathe,
    coz you pissed off the weak little sister in me.
    her youthful joy you destroyed, snatched away young dreams,
    hope she's happy in the skies, old and grey amongst queens.
    still it hasn't sunk in, so let's discuss some things,
    .. i please disgusting pricks, in my hunt for bling.
    .. suck dick, fuck quick, time ticks another tock,
    taking dirty dollar bills, just to lick another cock.
    labeled a filthy slut, but they pay me well,
    and the rush of the kill simply bades me swell.
    my final day in hell, i want to be carried in a chariot,
    imagining the pretty things, while my scavengers are having it.
    they're savages, feasting on the flesh of the wicked,
    all my clients end up dead, livid after i let them hit it.
    but no longer with it, traveled tiring drastic measures,
    in need of something permanent, fuck the plastic treasures.

    i take feathers off my wings, to author my final chapter,
    in my book of life, i've slaughtered with such viral laughter.
    yeah i robbed their breath and hijacked their life,
    don't give a flying fuck about death, while i'm high in flight.
    with weightless wings, asleep within the grace of winds,
    where ancient kings, shake hands with my faceless kin.
    .. it takes me in, i believe this will erase my sins,
    fuck what fate will bring, i'll tell you how this hate begins.
    lost within, a maze - amazed at the world's offerings,
    i'm often in, toxicated - i should've let my offsprings in.
    now my womb is a tomb, because i couldn't afford it,
    aborted, i wander whose eyes it would've been born with.
    the world only saw mine, until the twin towers fell,
    perceptions changed, can't wait to see cowards shower hell.
    now well, my jihad's my hijab, in my job everyday,
    then the news of my sister left me scarred, i never prayed.
    may the heavens send curses upon who bullied the teen,
    hung herself in fear, ever since i've been pulling out spleens.
    fulfilling my dreams now, got tired of the nightmares,
    got fired coz my rights there grow quiet, so i write here.

    in the name of the almighty, i solemnly swear,
    i slaughtered every single being who dared to violently stare.
    coz that's the same look you fickle minds, gave to my sister,
    bigot crimes after time took their toll, i gravely miss her.
    please forgive her, ya Allah, i'll bare her major sin,
    by taking my own, not even earth can fucking cage me in.
    and all the rage within? i traded for souls of the filthy,
    dress like hoes, and you're pretty. cover up? pretty shifty.
    coz i know that look you give when you can only see my eyes,
    we're not oppressed or depressed, else you'd see us sisters cry.
    so why, must i try, to get by, in a society,
    that sees me as a threat to their lives? so at night i creep.
    unveil myself, to darker dwellings of the city,
    clients telling me i'm pretty, stroll through hell without a pity.
    .. no shame .. just pain .. must rain .. tonight,
    never seen the clouds so grim, my grin tastes the knife.
    such a waste of life, my smirk tucks a little teeth,
    coz you birthed a demon, when you fucked the middle east.
    my heart finds little ease, in the way you've depicted me,
    need more than a thousand words for how you pictured me*.
    final scripture, we, are mothers, wives and children,
    but you think we grow wings, just to fly into buildings?

    * this (below) is the way you lot have pictured me. btw, jihad = struggle. hijab = scarf.


    may the better writer win ...

    [turn] ...

  13. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    Week 12 Winner:
    billy nomates

    We dragged our feet in the glass, laughed ran
    Wrote our last words as a tarred stand
    Bruised with a cask tan, touch my smile
    When the sun rises I feel like such a child

    We hopped on the train as the whistle blew
    I wanted to sit with you, I was miserable
    Addicted to the high wire act, invincible
    Singing out of tune to a vintage blues
    Song, you thought I was strong, wrong
    I wasn’t gone long, lost in the throng
    Lungs holding nothing but a tar tract
    Breathing out smoke until the stars snapped
    Thinking of how the cards act as tarot
    I lost out to a king, in a bar blacked and gallows
    Grin stuck to my teeth like a diseased heart
    I bleed hard, scream fast and dream last
    My teeth cast in pure gold, we locked fingers
    Under the table, thunderous fable, stock linger
    Ing glances, think past this, grin thin plaster
    Sinking faster.

    I measure my days by the width of my waist
    Stale bread on my tongue, sick of the taste
    A vision of faith, picture a sliver of hate
    Won’t give this vision a name, a pitiful frame
    Just so sick of living in shame, simple and plain
    Cuts on my lips trickling blame.

    I scratched your name in a block of coal
    It’ll light my pyre when things get impossible
    The end days are unstoppable, cover my path
    With my thoughts of you as a lover that laughed
    As the sun set, optimism that breeds
    Hope like the eyes of a pigeon that feeds
    Single minded hard won luck of the draw
    I still have all your letters stuffed in a drawer.

    We were split apart the day that the storm broke
    Now I wear my heart in my pocket as a shorn soul
    Wrapped in torn clothes, with my head high
    Hoping that the pages of history will shed light
    On the atrocities and sins of the hostages and kings
    Striking marks in the column of the losses it’ll bring
    These are choppy waters but I’ll swim
    Hard to the shore, climb a rock and then I’ll grin.

    We were destined for Auschwitz, you didn’t survive
    When wars are won, I pity the prize
    Picture the shy kid you knew, now a strong man
    Riveted to the spot by the effect that your tongue had
    If I think the songs sad, I picture your face
    Wait for your kiss to float back, so vivid a taste
    I love you for your primitive traits, guts and awe
    I’m sorry I couldn’t say goodbye when they shut the door.


  14. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    Week 13 Winner:
    Got Life?

    Panic stricken, manic, a savage Wiccan,
    Stranded in the desolate Atlantic; pickin’-
    Up the pieces of my clusterfucked puzzle,
    I once sought a fountain of youth to guzzle,
    But alas, wrists gashed, fate had clashed,
    And I can’t surpass the lash, unabashed,
    With an albatross bound round my being,
    Christ upon a cross, my mindless fleeing,
    Oh blinded meaning of never neverland,
    In this endeavor, how will I ever stand?
    Drowning and flailing my arms in hope,
    Engulfed by quicksand in search of a rope,
    Another victim to a slope so continental,
    Everything pitch black and consequential.

    Yet Liv looked on with her puppy dog eyes,
    As the yule log’s aroma met wintry skies,
    Softly she sighs…hugging me tighter still,
    A night of lullabies, glowing brighter ‘til,
    Peril creeps and I once again feel slightly ill,
    Oh Draconian fate…how trite the thrill,
    Of the warm embrace of my lover’s face,
    Who sought to erase my pain from this place,
    Ridiculing God in our snow globe palace,
    She’d probe each callous to rid the malice,
    That now resides in my bittersweet heart,
    Life’s soiree, this morbid array as I depart,
    Though unscathed from life’s vicious decay,
    Liv would stay until that capricious day.

    I quested like Dante through infernal planes,
    While Liv fought through maternal pains,
    A life eternal was my gift within the flames,
    Chagrin with sin, a bloodlust of boiling veins,
    Running haggard, breathing coal and ash,
    Jaw clenched fending sulfur, my teeth gnash,
    As I hear the piercing scream of a baby,
    My soul divided, I’m crazy, but just maybe-
    Liv’ll outlast the tempest and firestone rain,
    Whilst I am lost, succumb, atop a thrown of pain,
    My lone terrain where the Cerberus roams,
    While the violin’s echo hones in on homes,
    Brooding the violence, of my vile ends,
    A vision of blood and fire, as my soul descends.

    Yet Liv looks on with her puppy dog eyes,
    As I seek penance from her in heaven’s skies,
    Oh how I despise my arson induced reprieve,
    Seduced, a succubine’s juice upon my sleeve,
    Damned and naive, I trudge on past Tel Aviv,
    Oh hollow hell, let me reach and achieve,
    Just one last glimpse at Liv and my daughter,
    Who’ll live forever for their loss in the slaughter-
    Of a vexed and possessed man on the edge,
    I will worship them forever, such is my pledge.

    I am a modern day cliché, much like Dorian Grey,
    And you can ask any Historian, they’ll all say,
    It was not my struggle with a deity, but leprosy,
    But please, let me see, how it could be-
    Explain to me, the fallacy of my pledge to Satan,
    For however crooked I walk, I always straighten-
    My path as it steadies towards the core of hell,
    My dreams, they cease in this gore hotel,
    But Liv still lives, she’ll be forever young,
    Because no matter that I was however strung-
    I bartered with the Devil for their sake,
    I’m sorry my lover, it was my mistake.

  15. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    Week 14 Winner:

    Sands of Time

    One granule left, one moment of breath to own in life inside a camel cigarette
    I inhale and dangle through debt to death I owe yet I handle with respect
    My tombstone reflects my face
    As my grave projects my past in a pasture of regret
    Green as the seas as calm as the breeze
    I dry reach laughter because I’m not dead
    My heart it bleeds clots that weave rotting sleeves of forgotten peace
    Please decease mocking me and my beliefs
    For karma’s alarmed and its plot has breach
    My mind
    I heave inside a dream that this demon denies the trouble bestowed
    As a couple we’d grown
    Though I see that love can brunt and burst the bubble you blow
    This atomic smoke cloud vomits hope out through chronic depression
    Once my senses broke down mentions of growth had flown to honest regression
    A peasant whom chokes now on existence
    So vicious I’m scorned
    See I’m morning her resistance forced from the incision I formed
    Crazed in self-pity, shitty and enslaved gritting my teeth as I bathe
    Under a golden skyline I am holding tight my belief I am sane
    Murder of course short circuits and works my worth into the dirt
    Hurt her I purge forth cursing the fact it was never my intent at first
    The birth of bewilderment had earthed my field of dreams
    To kill at will I reach inside my morals to shield the screams
    I feel pain, uneased, deranged and fraying at the seems
    Believing that the reality is I’m decaying beneath the scene
    Looking for lost Love
    Like it was going out of fashion
    Our two hearts beat this chemical reaction
    Acting on instincts together for months as we clung to a physical attraction
    Though she was persistent, urging a change
    Remaking our future day by day
    So beautiful and soothing
    Her words did amuse me
    Yet I still played it safe
    I walked on eggshells as her head swelled now forget about her ego
    She propelled with confidence and could easily convince any and all people
    Some may call it evil
    Why did she want to leave me and my bleeding heart as I’d scar
    Flesh off her chest on our honeymoon to start off our path
    She lies on our bed bleed out as the sheets run red
    The knife you’ll find beside her head whilst I watch the sun rest
    You see there is no answer correct enough to pretend in love
    I was in it ‘til the end as fifteen minutes before we had extend with hugs
    Sex and intimacy, the sweet scent of sweat while so sexually bent
    High off of pheromones through the terror dome because we’re mentally set
    Our bodies now close like my shaft is a bow and this cupid’s exposed
    As on this remote island she had proposed a pact once LUPUS aroused
    She was dying
    One month to live
    One moment that’s slipped into an existence of pain
    I agreed and would heed each step until I had to leave my wrist wrenched n stained
    I held the blade to the vein as it pulsated like a junkie near beige
    But I flunked it unable to shave and break through the afterlife to embrace
    My babe
    My girl whom I couldn’t save now as her image burns my iris
    I’m fighting for forgiveness but God won’t listen
    I just can’t turn righteous
    The question is not will I kill myself it’s whether the Devil awaits my move huh
    But I figure
    You can’t change the past
    Just ruin the present by worrying about the future

    So I sit in awe for the last grain of sand to fall


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  16. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    Week 15 Winner:
    Got Life?

    Vince had just come in from a date,
    Slamming the door; numb with hate,
    Some would wait, but dumb was fate,
    Spurring on his rum spun debate,
    As tonight he'd become irate…
    Succumb with lust...he’d no longer wait.

    Ashley was reading a teen magazine,
    Something about salad green cuisine,
    The latest diet fad upon the scene,
    She’d hope it’d help don her as queen,
    As the prom kept her mind in unrest,
    Indeed she was blind in her quest,
    To her...nothing else mattered,
    But that’s when…
    The house echoed as something shattered.

    From the outside looking in...
    It was one of those repetitive Saturday nights,
    Tucked away in the suburbs from all the city's bright lights,
    Her folks had left that morning for Vegas,
    While Vince was on a date at Ortega’s,
    So when Ashley heard a sudden bang,
    She felt her heart race and pang-
    Against her chest, creating unrest,
    She crawled out and assessed-
    The scene that unfolded inside the house,
    As worlds collide…
    She’s torn and pried by her blouse,
    By a masked and vicious stranger,
    He was clearly malicious,
    And she;
    Was in clear and present danger.

    She lay there weak and sobbing,
    While this freak stayed throbbing,
    Quenching his unspeakable desire,
    To weld their bodies in the fire-
    Of his drunken lusting inferno,
    Thrusting, watching it burn slow,
    As he claimed her as his own,
    Deflowered and dethroned…
    Choking down on subtle sobs she never moaned…
    While Vince finished with a cigarette,
    And with the first puff came regret.

    He would return home again hours later,
    Expecting to somehow captivate her,
    Yet she now lay upon the kitchen floor,
    Gone was her charm; her evening décor,
    The sight before him was one he'd never seen before...
    As Ashley lay there bleeding-
    Sobbing and pleading…
    Trying to rid the cut in her arm that read “whore”,
    Her pain became his, Vince couldn’t ignore…
    What he did to a girl he had done naught but adore,
    Ashley was always his unattainable dream...
    The girl that made every other one seem-
    Like they didn’t have worth or purpose,
    She was a goddess gracing the earth's surface,
    And since her birth-
    She became his unforgettable love.

    Yet she was his sister,
    So when he picked her up and kissed her,
    The rest of him died...
    Two worlds collide,
    He lives with what he did as he looks in her eyes,
    And her eyes are now hollow as she wishes she dies.​

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  17. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    Week 16 Winner:

    Perfect Strangers

    Aura through torture and torment can force the first birth of trust
    Morphing like morphine coursing through the veins of this Earth’s soft crust
    To rot, rust, forgotten and crushed just pure love could make this sad girl blush
    Insane and deranged it’s important for change when this mad world’s hushed
    To restrain with caution the true nature of abortion in life
    Suicide resides in my iris and tonight I might slide
    I work on the mines, so pure inside, lured by the price to drive
    And light Dynamite through tours of grandeur for my slice of pie
    I try to fight and conquer with honor in a man’s domain
    As I do lie and ponder that under this great land is change
    An emu in a muster of peacocks, I expand in vain
    Whilst people mock and mutter with a lot of demand for pain
    I hurt with dirt on my hands and grains of distain on my tongue
    But I face the strain; I’m lump with a taste for blood in my gums
    The young trainee sticks by my side as we all bore through the night
    Poor Brian is so frighten, a greenhorn that seesaws with pride
    For lions like us find that with timing friendships can kindle
    Like kinship holding a canvas of credence on its easel
    People talk evil but Brian and I know that we’re equal
    Still that little pill Xanax collapses all that is fecal
    So lethal yet when I gave some to Brian I should have known
    Explosions and potent drugs don’t mix as our exit gets blown
    No medics for hope, with nine other man and two corpses stoned
    To death with boulders as now their kids will grow older alone
    As cold as the snow is the look of disgust they hold to grope
    Around our necks as they look to the dead like they’re a pot roast
    So choked up, we can’t shield this beast unleashed as we all must eat
    Feast on flesh as they peel of meat from the fresh carcass deceased
    A week goes by and the raw meat is running low on demand
    We’re weak unable to speak as the men huddle in a band
    They all nod, odd as they expand and surround Brian and I
    The look in their eyes as they grab my arms and hold down my thighs
    Brian stands up, swings a punch and uppercuts one in the jaw
    The minor behind picks up a rock and drops him to the floor
    Sure that his dead Brian looks up as he whispers “I’m SORRY”
    They stomp the poor boy still his skull compresses like an orange
    So horrid, the men turn to me and tear off my underwear
    No escape, my fate is death or rape which can my stomach bear
    I vomit and convulse with screams as light-beams break through the darkness
    No longer a target as I’m pulled away from these BARSTADS
    I look up at the sky to find my knight, my worthy savior
    A man that I will never meet again, my perfect stranger

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  18. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    Week 17 Winner:


    I slowly brushed her hair to prepare for Aspen
    Tossing the extras from the bristles into my trash bin
    Abby sat between my legs, head rested on my thigh
    Excited about her makeover, she had a twinkle in her eye
    My profession was a beautician so Abby looked extra special
    “Do I look beautiful mommy?” She looked like a heavenly vessel
    “Yes baby, you look like a snow angel.” Her smile was bright
    She wore a baby blue fur coat and her hair was almost white
    Abby wanted a picture taken, like a model from a magazine
    She begged me and I accepted, I couldn’t let her be mad at me
    Yet her demeanor had changed, she was no longer smiling
    She looked spooked by the shadows like they would defile me
    I turned around “nothing, this must be her new pose.”
    I peered into the lens, “was there something she knows”
    I figured I was over thinking this so I snapped the picture
    I would never forget her image, as Abby became a fixture
    We entered the house and began to prepare our supper
    Michael was working late, probably out with a secret lover
    I tell Abby his job keeps him from coming home most nights
    Still she hears the commotions and the constant fights
    After reading Horton Hear a Who, Abby said she missed us
    I suppose I understood, after all it was almost Christmas
    I kissed her forehead, showered then fell swiftly asleep
    I didn’t even dream, I barely heard my alarm’s beep

    “Get up and go rescue her.” suddenly this whisper was all I heard
    I questioned my intuition and wondered what was inferred
    I made my way into Abby’s room as a chill filled the air
    Her window was open but my daughter was not there
    I felt trapped within a nightmare as I searched the room
    I stumbled around and found a note of her impending doom
    Demanding 3 million dollars or they would mail me her corpse
    “What will I do?” I muttered, my hand of forced
    The police arrived and performed their investigation
    Slouched in sorrow, refusing to be questioned at a police station
    Hours passed as I felt hopeless, confused in this trap
    Heart restrained and throbbing as if Santa had it gift-wrapped
    Sobbing turbulently as my teardrops stain the paper
    Screaming, “Jesus Christ, why did they have to take her?!?!”
    Pleading and praying that they haven’t raped her
    My emotions become chaotic as I walk around in a cycle
    Starting to wonder if this had anything to do with Michael
    He kept his employer a secret for almost a year
    There must be a connection as intuition whispers in my ear
    The police knocked at the door, there was news they had learned
    My husband was involved; this was all they would confirm
    “Where is Abby?” I begged as I fell desperately at their feet
    Their faces said everything, pale in complexion and still lost
    I petitioned them to search harder and find her at all cost
    Attitude not optimistic, her survival next to none
    Left in solitude, I remain perplexed and stunned
    As I hold her picture pressed against my breast
    Struggling to stand, eyes beginning to lose rest
    Michael enters the house, his head held in shame
    He refused to look up as if he was part of this game
    He said that this world was filled with greed and wealth
    He begged them for the prestige, for his daughter’s health
    But things went wrong when Abby fought them off
    They shot her twice in the temple screaming, "he went soft”
    Abby began to fall; her blue eyes became dull, skin ices
    Her hair stained with blood, as she lay there lifeless
    He walked toward me removing a gun from his belt
    He apologized incessantly and pulled the trigger, it felt
    Like my world was crumbling, my body felt inert
    The gun falls as I wonder if the bullet would hurt
    I missed Abby, swallowing the barrel almost squeezing the trigger
    “Mommy…” as I noticed a beautiful yet immature figured

    To Be Continued….

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  19. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    Week 18 Winner:
    Coup d'état


    There was an odd sensation radiating and it wasn't the warm fire
    it wasn't the grass nor the unpaid villagers used to grow and farm her
    though, there was something very off tonight, something different going on
    The Peoples Dragon slept strong and snored, buzzing, sawing dream logs
    Music plucked up quirky moods and shadows swallowed up the village
    The moon was full and loomed above, up earlier tonight in the outer edges
    Still, nothing moved against any to inhibit the workings of daily happenings
    Men packed tobacco in pipes and held council mostly about happy things
    children sat on dirty shins with dirty faces, wide eyed expecting stories
    of The Dragon Guardian; a beast of Thirty Ages who spit wet fire horridly
    Women moved about with quick nimbleness, tending stock and frying pans
    unsuspecting of one Lady in Red dress, near the Dragon with prying hands...

    Her face was a triangle of hate, and two eyes graphed above a clef tooth
    her hair trained back after each hot breath, studying the Dragons next move
    wearing the dress of the Crimson Blood and a ring of The Dreaming Inception
    her ability was for hire; to work in nightmares hanging in endless suspension
    linking sleep worlds to the waking, connecting a bridge more sinister than hell:
    Evil, The Great Lord of the Dark, Satan screaming or whatever filled her she hailed
    against the Village she hustled the Dragons rest- now woven with infiltrated vines
    and they grew to wrap around his thoughts, watered by hate, saturated by swine


    A crack of lighting flashed and the Lady smiled
    her Dragon pet awoken to her hands waving wild
    his eyes flickered like a casino slot, rolling, shifting
    pupils larger than baskets, peering, slowly lifting
    the ground rumbled as one giant screaming eagle
    the sky filled with the dark silhouette wings, too lethal
    towering above the village the Dragon rose demanding
    glowing eyes from a birds advantage, his heart stolen but fanning
    the pursuits of the people were now standing at attention
    looking up they saw the wings cradling them, no question

    The children looked up from childhood stories interrupted
    and the men froze to the sight of the oven enclosing so morbid
    the Women ran screaming grabbing kin, running from destruction
    The Lady motioned silver hands as the puppet master, jerking stings
    the Dragon dance certainly, talons and tail reacting to her purposely
    fire rained down splashing the pits of hell, over flowing as a iron ore
    burned fleshed smothered the air and stacked bodies scorned for,
    as long as the spell was woven, as long as hell swelled up shore

    The Dragon hissed down a wet blanket of fallen fire
    tightly sealed by wings wrapped around, lost in lava pliers
    he was no longer the Guardian protector, or a pet of the people
    over taken, computed to be evil, he looked blank seeping full
    of dark thoughts and Juggernaut rationale no longer sane
    scooping down as a crane crunching bones and window panes

    He stomped out dead dreams and last breaths
    the people he knew and the Villages best
    no remorse or second chances, one pillage down
    and ten more to go, no living heart would ever know
    the life of any sanctuary or corn planted in rows

    He fluttered his wings in a ripple of tiding shake
    the lady in Red dress hoped on and the reins she raked
    they were off to the next town, the next target
    the Great Lord of the Dark was off, but now lethargic
    and he was more organized, neat in his mind
    and the world shifted back wards again in saddened time

  20. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    Week 19 Winner:

    The only people who won’t cause me a fuss or hurt me
    Is my family, the only people I can find trustworthy
    They are the only people that I can say I adore
    I would strive to revive if it meant giving my life for
    So when my father called to relay a message
    My niece prays everyday to gain protection
    Her father, my brother in law Chester
    Picks her up from school daily to molest her
    When my sisters at work, no one protects her
    Child services constantly comes to check her
    He’s smart, when they come they’re playing checkers
    They leave saying he’s fine, a dismaying conjecture
    Alone he takes her upstairs, strips her underwear
    Has his way then leaves, she wanders scared
    They say this girls caught in an endless strife
    So they call on me to help, to end his life

    They blow my phone up with begs and pleas
    An endless stream to apprehend this sleaze
    I then agree, excited to slaughter this chump
    Outside school before their daughters picked up
    My sister showed me where, said I’d be invincible
    He parks behind trees and bushes, I’ll be invisible
    A half hour before I park around the corner
    Thoughts of this being right are drowned in horror
    I approach the bushes, checking that no one see’s
    This madness will end soon, all with one squeeze
    Spider webs everywhere as little bugs crawl by
    A chill in the air as the sun sits in the fall sky
    I hear every second pass, have I lost it?
    Sitting in silence, only hearing my watch tick
    Every second is a minute, every minute is an hour
    I see his black suburban pull up, I feel empowered
    Tuck the gun in my sweater pocket, slowly climb out
    Adrenaline in control, I’m operating blind now
    I crawl to the passenger door, open it fast
    Feeling I control his life, hopin it’d last
    I squeeze off 9 shots, his face an abstraction
    Killing this creep has given me a feeling of satisfaction
    I drop the gun and run down the block, no witness
    Proud of myself that I handled my own business
    Get in my truck, I’ve got a missed call from my sister
    Instantly I knew it’d be a problem that I missed her
    Listening to her shakey, fear filled voice
    As she explained to me she’d made an ill choice
    “He hasn’t touched her, trust in me, it’s true
    We’re getting divorced and having a brutal custody dispute
    But we talked, he promised he won’t hurt me now
    Told me he loves us and that he wants to work things out”

    I felt numb, falling to the floor, trapped
    A cop approaches, walks up, gives my door a tap
    I wonder if he could tell I was dead inside?
    In a murmured voice, “Guess its confession time”
    I told the cop everything, every detail
    Knowing my soon to be home would be jail
    I turn my key, burning out looking like a smoke screen
    Down the street, 0-60, straight into an oak tree

    Head on collision
    Dead on contact
    My ending vision
    Wish I coulda gone back
    I wish to say my attack had purpose, not a random barrage
    But my righteous reason to kill ended up a mirage


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