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    Oct 4, 2005

    Face dumb intimidation for giving only a crumb of information
    About my plan no doubt scan the computer with an application
    Job hunting, but at night I’m all feast eating a small piece
    Of beef atleast for a brief dinner but my problem increase
    When I check my glucose and shoot a true dose of insulin
    Got a true theme but I’m a person who is deemed to win
    In rap as my great mind break rhymes into words and then
    Speak on streets and defeat the weak make domes spin
    Make cts walk around in doubt feeling down-in-out because
    They lost the battle, I got rhyme agents dealing with the flaws
    Of blind vagrants so many time flagrant on microphones, laws
    Of gravity right now got a raw cavity in mouth trying to gnaw
    On some rice, squashing plans like a marching band so look
    I’m a drum major got some behavior issues so I stand shook
    Rhymes fry hot and dry rot microphones bake and cook
    Brains destroy barns and toy with farms make cattle stampede
    Take damp seeds and grow crops my flow hot enough to
    Master a pasture, blaze weeds amaze creeds and buff crew
    Got wordy flows and cats like dirty clothes lying about
    To be washed I’m ready to use Tide with Bleach on route
    Tried to reach these cats
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