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  1. The Second Comming

    The Second Comming you aint poison!!!

    Aug 22, 2000
    RBL Champion Faceless vs. Troublesome

    Wanna better League..Well i'm tha dude thats gonna get It Poppin
    I'll elminate all Trouble..Faceless aka tha RBL's Jonnie cochran
    Wow your Something to Pity..tha Luaghing stock of Tha City
    ya verse's are Shitty..who set Matches i'll confront the Committee
    put in the same arena as me?. he doesnt Belong in tha Building at All
    Motha fuckaz Dumas and D Willkins should'nt be Allowed in tha Hall
    I'm Perfect...tha thought of facing me..had this kat Left Nervous
    he knows in a Fight wit me i'll land 2000 punches like Rev verse's
    Yall must forget..I'm a Killer..who Protects mine at All Cost
    With tha heat..that'll turn this Bitch Brain into Off tha Wall Thoughts
    Shoulda no showed for this battle..I was taught not to Fuck wit Bums
    Dude was talking about Homophobes when he said he Trouble's Some
    Oh yall Think I'm Lying? well i hate to Bust ya Bubble
    He attracts all Fags..even Michael Jacksons In Trouble
    Why even Attempt to fuck wit Face..Ya Raps is Bland
    plus Trouble knows beatdowns like tha Back of My Hand
    fuck ya Rep..Everyone already Luaghs at It
    I'm here to Take ya Heart..Or Atleast take a Stab At It
    You done Lost..cause it's obivous Face Came Doper
    Fuck Super and Oz..u dont even get a mention in tha Closer

    You compared yourself to Cochran...and the title seems fit
    It's funny...cuz without Trouble, he woulda never been shit
    Pardon the feeding, but these are accurate comparisons i'm makin'
    He choose to attorn for the worst...you just decided to take it
    I even tried to help em, but this faggot wasn't listenin'
    I told em "seize ur opportunity"...he fell to the ground and started twitching
    First time I saw your garbage...i thought "damn, this is the worst rhyme"
    But I wouldn't second guess ya skills...i knew i got it right the first time
    So, fuck a personal, you never been shit, it's an outrage
    We aint forgetting Army terms, but nobody knows "about Face"
    You defending the title? Hope you enjoyed the quick stay
    Cuz i'm writing Face off...quicker than Nicolas Cage
    How'd you get there in a first place? My only hunch is...
    That he got Strike in a blow...but he aint landing any punches
    I already been here...this is number two for me
    While you're rank'll get deeper...than my voice after puberty
    Yeah, you're losing B, got you in an alarmed state
    And I got 'The Fix' to stab you, just so I could Scar Face
    Talkin bout your dope...so you've been tellin lies, ay?
    If you pave the way for greatness...i must have a new driveway

    Troublesome wins the title for the second time!!
  2. The Second Comming

    The Second Comming you aint poison!!!

    Aug 22, 2000
    RBL Champion Troublesome vs. J o o k

    You in the champ match? No way they'd crown a fluke
    Shit, I feel like Ray Lewis...the way i'm shuttin down a Jook
    I'll pound this gook, watch your opportunity fall through
    I come with all new concepts...you come with concepts we all knew
    It's all true, i'm coming hard, no changing my stance
    It's like the cheerleaders called out sick...cuz you got no chants
    My blows land, save your dignity, don't even stress to post
    4/22...two days late, but J is still gettin smoked
    Forget ya hopes, think you're winning? Please...you'sa clown
    This n!gga's pushin' it so much...Salt N Peppa would be proud
    You killed the 3-line style, ima rip this fairy now
    Cuz your punches are drawn out more than Pictionary rounds
    Aha, why you gassed? Do you realize how fucked you are?
    Your outcome's only positive...cuz you aint even up to par
    Fucka closer, i'm done...cuz it's clear this jerk lost
    And i'm still wondering why Guile had your picture with your shirt off

    J o o k
    Honestly your fucking lame, son I'll bruise ya hype..
    No champs won 2 in a row,
    It's fuckin Tradition that you'll LOSE tonight..
    I choose to fight, this win may further be rehearsal..
    You hold the crown...
    And a sandwhich on The Burger King commercials...
    I seen ya verse though, how you try to smother me..
    Bitch I discovered you,
    Then had a Breakthrough discovery...
    You'll end up under me, your prolly losin ya hair...
    I'll Beat you so bad,
    Once the beating stops... you'll take a seat like musical chairs..
    I'm choosin to flare, plus ya girl gives swell head..
    I'll deflate ya ego,
    Small enough for it to rest in your nail bed...
    I mines well sell meds, and bricks of you know..
    But I usually,
    dont put my self through the Trouble.. but my fist'll do so..
    It's so true hoe, you cant out do me in any ventures..
    Homo said he's a free Lance photographer,
    ...Taking pictures of the Nsync Member..

    J o o k wins the title!!
  3. The Second Comming

    The Second Comming you aint poison!!!

    Aug 22, 2000
    RBL Champion J o o k vs. $1.50

    trust me dude, no riders are going to pick you up
    your verses are Ideal
    nope, that's just the dudes dick you suck
    check me there's no competition between you an me fool
    your moms such a slut
    your genes are more like a community pool
    rbl mod? who cares when you gay
    I'll flip ya name backwards
    then give two L's to this Koo J
    dont test me joke, you'll get chopped by the game
    (jook 9-3 vs $1.50 5-0)
    ^ look bitch theres no loss by my name
    I keep it all in perspective i'll wreck ya nervous
    it's just funny
    people respect the mag more then they respect ya verses
    don't think I won't bend ya frame
    then have the voters sayin
    more OOO's - - - then in ya name
    this is the end of the verse, dont be restless dude
    we all know the Troublesome in ya life got the best of you

    J o o k
    You shouldn't be here, so I'ma end it through vengence..
    They respect the mag more,
    Cos I've never mentioned you in it...

    WACK BITCH!!!! I'ma kill you, face it thug..
    $$ doesn't equal happiness,
    But in your boyfriends case it does...
    I got your heart racin son, blame the eightys..
    I'll fuck up your mental,
    Cos you bout to be 5-1, 50.. the code name for crazy..
    So bitch pay me, or I'll trash ya life...
    been in the league,
    Twice as long as you.. no wonder your half as nice..
    I'm brash and hyped, and your outta rhymes..
    You're the record holder,
    For most bitch moves in the shortest amount of time...
    This is sheerly out of grime, KNOW IT dog....
    It takes blood, sweat, and tears to win,
    ...... I'ma make your body show it ALL....
    Chea hold it yall, Cos I'm stashin the glock..
    The closest you'll come,
    To fillin my shoes.... Is the cash in my sock...
    You the last in the flock, nigguh FUCK YA RHYMES..
    I just gave you a reason to cry,
    And it wasn't cos I didn't show up on time....


    J o o k defends the title!!
  4. The Second Comming

    The Second Comming you aint poison!!!

    Aug 22, 2000
    RBL Champion J o o k vs. Super

    Check my past three battles but keep ur distance B
    Cause god damn, you look like more of a bitch than me
    Ya go without a shirt cause ya so fucking poor dunny
    We can all tell last week wasnt your first struggle with money
    Im going to the top while ya slumping, watch my leverage
    My body fat is higher than your fucking winning percentage
    Now i dont even gotta put Em on my ipod, we breakin limits
    If i wanted a sick 'nail in the coffin ill' just bury ya body in it
    That record only shows that this nig aint truly felt
    Shit, I got less chins than he got losses under his belt
    We know how ya got ur spot, i want mine back, ill get it with shells
    So watch me as i put a couple magazines to the 'head' of the rbl
    My bullets'll knock ya cap off and you cant see me
    When yall see the B. Coming, it aint that new shit from Beanie
    You aint approved by the masses, how ya farin brah?
    See, people DO want you to be cut..just more in the wrist area
    What're those hieroglyphics on ya clothes, im bein sincere
    Yeah i get my shit written ni.gga, at least it aint my gear
    Ya won't 'defend' that title of yours, dude you's a loser
    Since everyone knows a Jook is an offensive manuever
    Ill be the first credible champ and i dont mean to boast
    You dont deserve an Oz. of respect, i didnt even need him to ghost

    J o o k
    FUCKKKK a mexican, I'm about to make tragedy splendor..
    While you take the Backseat to success.... with 8 other family members..
    I'll happily bend ya, I'm known to gnawl frail spines..
    You give me goosebumps,
    With more ghosted text ... then R.L. Stine...
    My bars hail shine, your verse is soft an bare..
    Ya chins need so much Nip - Tuck
    They had to take the tv series off the air.
    I caught the flare, you just tryna not get killed..
    But when reality STRIKES,
    Atleast you'll still have work, picking crops in fields..
    The probs to real, and we know the kids scary,
    He'll stage a disappearance,
    ...like the bitch who didn't want to get married....
    The hits weary, you know I'm heartless son...
    Cos once I hit you,
    4 rights will put you back where you started from...
    You garbage slut, I'm here to end ya vengence..
    You're so attached to OZ,
    On Cinco De Mayo, you couldnt even celebrate Mexican Independence..
    So in the endin kid, I got the bombs ready...
    This broke ******* will need a change cup... like when his bra's sweaty..
    The falls heavy, so leave! it's either that or ya dead..
    Cos J o o k stays on top of shit ... like the hat on your head...

    J o o k defends the title!!
  5. The Second Comming

    The Second Comming you aint poison!!!

    Aug 22, 2000
    Fill-In Champion John Hensley vs. Ribonuclease

    John Hensley
    1st off i'd like to thank Jook before i write these bars.
    Cuz he signed out....and now i don't have to try as hard.
    I don't know shit about you or what you're hopin to bring.
    ...except for the fact i got 2 votes before i even wrote anything.
    You're hungry for the win, but i know that ya losin.
    Cuz ya stomach's only hollow, cuz that's the typa bullets i'm usin.
    Ribo's a baller?...but you be ignorin a wife.
    Ya known for jumpin on the hardwood..
    ...but never touched a court in your life.
    I'll drop ya poor ass. there's no doubt you're a bitch.
    Ya ain't Jada Pinkett...but you still live in a house with a Hitch.
    I'm on that dope ish, and ya'll know i'm gonna win, right.
    Leavin ya w/ throat cancer..
    ...when my hollow's be smokin from ya wind-pipe.
    You're a FAGOT. i just laugh when you try ta be hard.
    Cuz this queers been in more fake squares than mimes in the park.
    I'll adam to my win list, an' you've gotta believe.
    I'ma make Rib look like a bitch....sorta like God did for Eve.
    Oz and Super are in the south, and now you can see.
    That if THEY got dropped...YOUR wack ass should be out of the league.

    I get a strong envy vibe from most of John Hensley’s lines,
    You’re the hype, im the proof that its been wrong many times,
    I got a passion to write, you got a habit of grabbin the pipe,
    Dawg you couldn’t coach me if you were a passenger flight,
    im shockin bro, got the flow, you jock a cock and blow..
    we all know if you sonned the stage.. you couldn’t rock a show,
    Stop the act, drop some facts, I know a lot and John’s a hack,
    Bring ya crew, fuck that.. not even Chiropractors gotcha back,
    I feel bad for you dawg, it sucks that you never scored,
    Now watch this square get jumped like a checkerboard,
    In disaster I pack a flare, common Sonny, you should rap with Cher,
    One punch you’d do flips that’d make Olympic judges gasp for air,
    No-show on a title bout? Fuck naw.. Im the type to snatch and run,
    and after this Loss, John will hide his face like Michael Jacksons son!
    Shame hits this lame bitch that’s whimpering in thunder
    So when I put the tool to John….don't consider me a plumber,
    Ya froogle son, so shoot the gun.. ya souls lookin worse,
    Your hot headed, of course you’d drop a cold footed verse,
    Dickriders I swear it, Opshins musta had the voter’s shook,
    You don’t ‘understand’ my verse? Oh well bitch.. yours was overlooked!

    Ribonuclease wins the title!!
  6. The Second Comming

    The Second Comming you aint poison!!!

    Aug 22, 2000
    RBL Champion Ribonuclease vs. Troublesome

    Competitors train, cuz I’ll weather ya brain storm,
    Guy’s bluffin he likes nothing better than gay porn,
    Your never shown love, at the top I won’t budge,
    Trouble’s Layzie.. but keeps Bizzie tryna bone thugs,
    Goto mass and pray get choked up and cast-away,
    Your no boxer, you broke fuck ya cash is clay,
    T’s luck’ll wither, but his knees will buckle quicker,
    ya girls like baseball, dug out with a couple pitchers,
    Like mini clocks this skinny jock’s a smalltimer,
    I’ll leave him off track like joggers with alzhiemers,
    Face it bro, imma step a-head until your brains exposed
    Stank ass, take advice from Pharrel and change ya clothes,
    Make you bow to your knees in a crowd of your peeps,
    These punches are heavy… they weigh out of your league,
    Your weak dawg.. raise a stink and shit’ll find ya,
    Troubles not big, cuz this sure as hell ain’t little china,

    What the fuck? I'm confused...how the hell did you win???
    Last week I pulled ahead in votes and started writing for Hens
    I'm nice with a pen, but fa real...this champ is a fraud
    I'm not the only one that's thinking...

    I'll put an end to you god, i'm so tight when i pen shit
    They didn't break the mold for you...it was never ripe to begin with
    Watch as I win quick, on the real...this lame is wack
    And yeah i'm fucking Pathetic...why'd your parents name her that?
    You little bitch, i muddle wits, while your cliches are boring
    So ima take em to a bridge and hang em over worse than i was this morning
    Cuz i was fucking drunk last night...I was so trashed dude...
    That this kid got jealous...and opted to turn to trash too
    Homie, i'll smash you, ima straight pound ya face
    Champs like you are why the league holds no clout nowadays
    Seriously, I got this locked...you can go bitch and sway
    Cuz when I say i'm taking it easy...i mean in two different ways

    Troublesome wins the title!!
  7. The Second Comming

    The Second Comming you aint poison!!!

    Aug 22, 2000
    RBL Champion Troublesome vs. Guile:

    Dude has little to no shame cause when he got his bitty fame
    he got big headed in two seconds like cheat codes in video games.
    The Contender will be champ but it won't be aired on nbc, lame..
    but u can still call me Sergio Mora cuz you'll see Mora the same.
    And When I win Ur not gettin no pity yo cause ur not fond as the best
    maybe some pity votes but you'll pay the consequence like Kanye West.
    Besides, Who you kid? cuz the title in your hands is stupid, shit..
    And Dude taking the Number One Spot is Absolutely Ludacris.
    Get knocked if you turn intuitive and give your head a spin
    but the win isn't worth the trouble when trouble isn't worth the win.
    I'll give you two options but both choices will leave you dead
    n' if you really TS I'ma put a crack in the voices in your head.
    I'm quite hot, just watch you'll be gone for being at the wrong spot
    you might think my game is short range cuz winnin isn't a longshot.
    I Don't mean to be repetitive guys but this scum is wack.
    His competitve drive is two fat women pushing it from the back.
    Im Dope, and you damn well know the rest don't doubt me dude,
    you see me coming weak only when I bring the best out of you.
    You'll Get hurt for fun but your silly ass isn't worth the gun
    death's around the corner pal n' is actually the same alley u working on.
    to win u better hope and brace but that still won't matter guy
    cause i'll leave ur tight appeal an open case without an alibi.
    Your competition so far has been like blind vision but this time is different
    cuz the thought of u winnin went on a joy ride n' got killed in a mind collision.
    Fuck the predicitons there liars,
    and fuck with me.. I'll turn your vocal shots firing signals in the line of fire.
    Get The Fuck Outta Here.

    troublesome no shows.. Guile wins the title!!
  8. The Second Comming

    The Second Comming you aint poison!!!

    Aug 22, 2000
    RBL Champion Guile vs. Odin.

    Trust me in the heat of the battle you'll fold slut
    troublesome duck me, but you must be troubleawholelot.
    Go ahead, diss me about how I became the champ geeks
    Fact is I'ma beating a nobody like we both did last week.
    Over before this shit began, fella ..is better if you hit the can,
    This battle isn't an underdog story but ur still like Cinderella, Man.
    He's through, u won't see dude achieving.. he just a coo breezin'
    Find him starting over that has nothing to do with the new season.
    Making it to this match is sad enough but your writtens worst
    seriously u makin it to #2 is proof that Oz's north/south idea didn't work.
    You don't got money punk, the fucka starvin in this lil jungle
    While I Phillip Banks, until the cap space the size of Will's uncle.
    yeah im not a deserving champ but honestly kid
    u takin the title will fuck up the league's cred more than it already is.
    Your style is a hoax, and not in a joke phrase
    your punches below the belt, and they go both ways.
    I'm the Growth, with clever rhymes I'm a flow setter
    I'd mention your past battles Odin but I know better.
    Look dork, the problems is ain't none of us care
    You'll hit rock bottom and crawl back under there.

    new champ ..

    check it ..

    he looks at gay porn & likes men, i can prove this herbs soft
    nevermind he did it himself, when he posted pics of jook with his shirt off
    this nerd soft, i don't study sugery but i know the art of violence
    & i can keep ya head endoscope .. without a medical license
    u in silence .. i destruct verses & this dude hates vandals
    plus he gives so much deep throat they thought he was behind the watergate scandal
    ya hard to watch like date channels, an idiot, u never known things
    this nigguh thinks college is how many times his phone rings
    the tone sings .. the time is now i can’t wait to whore this bitch
    so when i give GL’s, i wont be showin sportsmanship
    ya fortune slipped..
    u stay hid in seattle, a battle? i got u ready to kill me kid
    cuz i'll put dick in ur mom up north faster than dilly did
    u ranked high but really mid .. u can't pimp wit a god
    bitch u could move overseas & still won't get abroad
    it's odd to view u, guile lost? more than a few knew
    cuz u annoy everybody, & its too badger verses do too
    ya shit curses voodoo .. truth is ya weak as fuck, why'd u drop weak?
    plus we know u like 7 up yours.. & not a spokesman for the soft drink
    ya off link, & all the b boys that'll vote for u, plz believe they aint fans
    cuz ya colorful personality stems from sniffin paint cans


    Odin. wins the title!!
  9. The Second Comming

    The Second Comming you aint poison!!!

    Aug 22, 2000
    RBL Champion Odin. vs. Mathematical


    alot describes ya lack of skill.. ya verses, ya personality, ya act & will
    & the name math fits u too.. since u divide the line between wack & ill
    fareal, ya lines are garbage, bitch fuck ya wack usage
    i'll choke ya neck till u turn new colors like rapmusic
    go ahead & act stupid, its a shame u're a dork
    so i'ma cut ya body in half.. like ya record when u came to the north
    it's back n forth, i usually don't bring bitches in it, but since u hatin
    i'll fuck ya ex girl, & that'll be the afterMath of the situation
    u're a broke child, lookin for handouts at god's churches
    i am a Monster .. & not where u do ya job searches
    i win on purpose ..
    i got fans so i'm ceilin this win, ya skill is too thin & recieves boos highly
    so u can either post a wack verse or bite .. i guess i'll let 'em chews wisely
    precisely clowned, bitch don't cry over losin, ya fucked why frown?
    the closest he'll come to a W is when i hang M upside down
    u claim to pimp but ya game is limp, u'll miss a breath
    this kid's so ugly the reaper won't give 'em the kiss of death
    listen .. i'll give u 3 choices that u'll love fa sure
    lose, suck a dick, no show .. at least there all things u've done before

    Mathematical no shows & Odin defends the title!!
  10. The Second Comming

    The Second Comming you aint poison!!!

    Aug 22, 2000
    RBL Champion Odin. vs. Purfeksion

    any of u bboyz up here notice that he types "aiyyo" and "bladow!" in his battles?

    Enough already. Ur mystery act's pathetic...
    Coz u're either a loser who wants to be Resin,
    or a loser tryin' to forget that he's Resin
    I can't promise u an extension, my judgement is clouded...
    I hope u remember to show, but as for winning, u can forget about it
    But u better show...this ain't how I wanted to win the belt...
    U take this too lightly. just think...if ya girl was late, she'd kill herself
    I may use ebonics, but u're wording just sucks in ya text...
    However, I'll encourage u to stretch this time,
    since u'll be a runner up in this thread
    Jook had u winnin' at 73%...god, what an awful prediction...
    And u haven't lost yet?...I guess this battle's a shock to the census
    There's no reason to chase u. Ya time with the belt is thru...
    If u run, it's pointless...Pursue a champ? Yeah, if I file for self-abuse
    U'd better up ya game if u expect to win some fans, black...
    This is the first time in weeks I've actually peeped the champ match
    Folks say "nothing personal" when they tryin' not to clown u...
    And from now on, I'll say "nothing personal"
    ...'coz I really don't give a fuck about u

    dope, sick, tight, ill, great, nice, hard, good, fresh, hot

    why am i typin these words ya askin
    it's cuz ya found not guilty in all 10.. like michael jackson
    i use to like Asians but now I’m older why fake it?
    i’ll slap the yellow out of P like i was over hydrated
    the hypes tainted, facing odin will make you hit rock bottom
    then be treated like an immigrant the way i put a foreign ya loss collumn
    tonight my career will end, but not from u blastin me bitch
    it’ll be from committin murder .. like Cassidy did
    this fags trife.. u gotta wife? i guess it ain't a lame feature
    but u married to cox, & that's not ya girl's last name either
    heres the result bitch, i’m champ i host this shit
    u know the saying boys’ll b boyz … like the only votes u’ll get
    u stay in the mag but ur a drag .. so don't brag alot or whine
    cuz u don't need to have the last word to get the bottom line
    u can't hurt me witcha best cuz it's a weak root
    u'll haveta bring mayhem.... turkey, & the rest of the meat groups

    Odin. defends the title!!
  11. The Second Comming

    The Second Comming you aint poison!!!

    Aug 22, 2000
    RBL Champion Odin. vs. John Nash

    John Nash
    True indeed, I’m two in the league…I hate ruin dreams
    But like the Roc…I looked ahead and your entire future is Bleek..
    that means,
    You fallen off, I’ll run the league, gettin this kid is a blessing
    If I’m ever headed up shits creek, you can give me directions
    Nah O, you not dope…in fact…found out and its clearer,
    That all eyes wouldn’t be on u, if u was surrounded by mirrors
    Want beef? of course hon…read ya shit, and I’m bored son
    I’ve crossed hairs with the best dude, while you were getting yours done
    U can think that Nash is weak, im’ quick to pull’n blast this geek
    You wild, dawg…that’s why this vets here to put your ass to sleep
    Ya fans should leave…reigns over, I quit, u think this man is hot?
    My styles brief, while his D-Pense on how much shit he plans to drop
    This champ shit is fixed man…cus on the real you stink bro
    And he aint really that dope yet…we just let’em think so
    This dude is just hatin…I know I’ll have rook on the pavement
    And I aim for Perfeksion…ah fuck, that’s who I shoulda been facin
    All jokes aside, that means you, cause u makin me laugh, bitch
    U’re the best, man…nah, more like Taye Diggs after gettin his ass kicked

    why u braggin about bein in the champ match? quit that shit
    cuz everybody knows u lost last week.. & got lucky spit that bit
    sit back, quit.. john hensley signed out so this trial got ya dead
    u're just a lowercase j, that's why i put the dot on ya head
    i'm fed.. ya shit's confusin, u have no chance & it's amusin
    but i'll help u get in touch with ya feelings, sensual be losin
    catch a bruisin, fuck literture kid i'm brilliant, i master the next thesis
    while this dumb fuck thought the pawn shop was where u buy chess pieces
    ya rep decreases.. i get violent, i'll leave u crushed inside a camper
    ya lifes a judgement call.. & it would be over justified answer
    i'm the advancer..
    fuck ya gun lines, in war ya too scared & leave soft
    i told this fool to bare arms, & he cut his sleeves off
    i please the masses, when i leave ya ribs bruised
    & put 5 slashes down ya side.. like k-swiss shoes
    ya punches miss views.. & he agrees with what i deploy in shame
    i told 'em he was goin to lose, & he said "true, that's my boyfriend's name"
    spit flames? All lies, because we both know its not true kid
    u'll make up so many stories why u lost, u'll join the league that Jook did
    u stupid.. when bitches see u they say u haven't aged a bit
    cuz u got a baby face.. brain & dick

    Odin. defends the title!!
  12. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    RBL Champion Odin vs. $1.50


    .. let's get this over with ..

    u're a sheep in wolf's clothin.. it's no secret, this child will lose
    we know u posted second.. cuz u needed a style to use
    asscociate with 50? i got nothin but respect for yall
    but if he's ya pillar of society.. i'm the wreckin ball
    ya neck is small, i been on a mission dissin, while hurtin these fakes
    i'll put the heat to 50 & make 'em lose pounds like euro currency rates
    i run the states, struggled in life.. i've been through thick & thin
    & that includes ya fat ass mother.. & ya chick i'm in
    quit, i win.. fuck what u think, nigguh i'm thoro in this textin dude
    but we can be friends & bury the animosity.... right next to u
    i'm keepin my verse simple.. with suttin for the kids to make 'em wild
    i wanted to keep it plain.. but u did enough of that with ya basic style
    i'm startin to question my credibility, cuz nigguhs in the hood be fakin
    & i really hate to Doubt myself... but that's who i should be facin
    i'm pacin, i stole ya bitch.. there's nothin to say, the talkin stops
    cuz she stay sleepin on me.. like she ain't givin me props
    i'm lettin off shots, seriously tho kid, u couldnt get a ho if ya tried
    cuz when the sparks fly.. u'll remember its just the 4th of july

    .. 18 match it ..



    1.50 no shows and Odin keeps the title
  13. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    RBL Champion Odin vs. Purfeksion


    .. let's keep it fresh ..

    i'll kill ya dreams slut, fuck what ya invision
    when the 9 goes off.. ya rep'll be covered in red like u got hit by juxtaposition
    quit ya bitchin.. purfeksion? ya name's deceitful, i'ma check this fool
    & after this, he'll be losin on names like.. phlawliss & Impekible
    collect the fuel.. each time we meet ya record gets worse, it's a found fact
    & it's only right i put u in the grave.. since u got losin down packed
    this clown's trapped.. i'ma good sport, i can say this all in fun kid
    then take u to a bomb subway lunch.. in the middle of london
    start runnin.. i'll smash ya fuckin face in & make u hate earth bitch
    plus i busted so many shots off ya moms rim.. practice made purfek
    u ain't worth it.. get into shape.. u've become a fatigue setter
    & plus.. if u diet would make the league better
    u don't intrigue, never.. ya so ugly kid, theres no embracin ya pur
    it's a given i mustache heat, cuz i wiped u off the face of the earth
    above ya worth.. in comparison i'm imperial.. u don't flow smoothly
    ya not radio material.. but u could've played him in the movie

    .. 10-0 ..



    haha. it's whatever.


    Last time we battled, u saw that u're inferior to me...
    So u suède the votes, coz u knew ya material was cheap
    U flip old lines...What am I pointing it out for? heck...
    U'd bite a bar of soap faster than a Christian with tourette's
    Sure, u bit, n' managed to copy and paste in time...
    But I'm still waiting on The Post,
    because he might actually make me try
    None of the guys up here wants to molest this member...
    So he shoves rulers up his ass...guess it's desperate measures
    Claim u got street cred, but now I'm doubtin' ya rep....
    U might be black too,
    But when I raise a fist to u...it ain't outta respect
    U got a noshow win last week...I'm suprised...
    I would'a put down $3, that $1.50 would'a posted twice as nice
    I see the belt. Yeah, u've had it for weeks...
    but the league sucks, and u have the body of a 2-year-old
    ...people only laugh at ya streak
    Bitch. I can see it in ya verses, I know u soft...
    If we bet money, u'll walk away with the purse...even tho u lost


    Odin keeps the title
  14. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    RBL Champion Odin vs. The Post Office


    Everyone wants to know who I am, but they don't want the bleak truth
    Fuck it after this battle they'll all know me .... as the dude that BEAT YOU

    Coast to coast i kill nigguhs, & back home they SHOUT for me
    but when i catch u in Philly.. i'ma tell jook to kick yall both out the league
    ya mouth'll bleed... after that, i'll stab at ya whore
    and when you meet Jesus.. it'll just be the mexican janitor at the morgue
    I laugh at the gore.. struggled in life through thick & thin
    & that includes ya fat ass mother.. & ya chick i'm in
    bitch i win, don't trip i have a quarter that will gnaw ya chest
    i know u shoot heroin.. but that's not why OD is ya cause of death
    a loss of breath, sign ya faggot ass out & step quick
    this nigguh full of sugar.. like the new johnny depp flick
    guard ya chest bitch, i can't wait to see this faggot fall
    But I guess that's why every tall nigguh is in The Post.. like basket ball
    the track is on, and fuck spittin i'm hawkin a loogey
    this nigguh visioned Hustle and Flow .. then realized he was watchin the movie
    so now it comes to the end and I am getting soft dont ask me why..


    The Post Office

    mustache heat? if u diet? what were u thinking last week?

    punch....u think ur certainly clever
    ^^^^heres a tip...stackin punches til friday didnt make ur verse any better
    diet? mustache? aljglakjg osh kosh bgosh i'm truly amazed bitch
    cuz thats ur verses..forced wordplays that dont usually make sense
    ur numero uno, thatll change cuz ur lines r dead Odin
    cuz OD will no longer be over dos...by the time the thread closes
    Jook thinks ur a dope alias, he said it about you
    that ur just toning down ur verses...gives u more credit than i do
    faggot, im no teacher but give a lesson to text geeks
    givin you a 101...that'll double as ur fuckin record for next week
    its like eyedills a prophet, im just tellin the truth dawg
    cuz last week he gave me a bad Omen...thats ALOT better than u are
    my verse will be flawless, everything'll be good...if u ask me...
    ...the winners gotta be Purfekt..like he shoulda been last week
    yea bitch, that win was crazy...wasnt it homie?
    but i guess u should lose ur mind..so this battle doesnt get lonely
    and im not even mad but i'll still slaugher ur writtens
    theres no need to get P-Od...since thats the order we'll finish

    The Post Office wins the title
  15. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    Serge vs. AOD


    blah...postin this for now, if u show i'll edit in somethin hotter

    u never could fuck with me, why is ya mouth even sayin shit
    its not a rumor, u 'Indeed' lost in the south under alias
    i carried you here..u should except that ur boring, when...
    ...i ghosted ur verse, they said it was ur best of the tournament
    i'm as nice as they come, u finishing last in text history
    but imma pass u the torch...since dominicans dont have electricity
    ive had the belt twice, my 3rd stand is next in line
    but if u DO win..i'll give props to Cal for bein champ a second time
    round 2 was ya last verse....man sergi u somethin else
    i only used ur name...and won the tag tourny by my fuckin self



    eyo this sif droppin for serge werd

    ya girl gave me head
    before she went to bed
    she said jesus christ
    youre momma made her rice
    she started playing dice
    she heard the bell
    that mean yo momma went to jail, my whore now
    im ill cat with claws that ground-beef like floorcow
    you wack for that i thank you
    you suck bad like a broked vaccume

    i shot yo momma 5 times and im out

    AOD wins the title and the tag tournament
  16. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    RBL Champion AOD vs. MFB


    yo u need to get off my dick...

    after i merked ur trash ass, u were seen in a buncha threads
    following me around, cosigning everything i fuckin said
    u bitch....
    i like how ur mind works and all the lines in ur dome
    ur always so outside the box...until its time to go home
    ur hopes are gone son, its something bout ur wack rhymes
    if ur rhymes were Copywritten..wait...already shut him out with that line
    so fuck winning the battle, better AIM or something now holmes
    cuz u just gettin 1 vote would be a major fuckin milestone
    i robbed ³³³³³s in the tourney, i just take their shine dude
    while u did it the Ski Mask way...and didnt make the finals
    this kid acts like a jerk, but he really isnt that type
    cuz hes not really that mean, he just really isnt that nice
    i said i'd sign out in the thread, if my opponent was trash
    but now imma just pad my stats since Dilly closed it too fast

    try harder next time....



    match me at 14....and yeah, don't feed off my verse bitch

    so he's the champ of the new era? that's funny
    i didn't know u could win a title from a hat company
    ya nothin D.. & the other letters fit u too so stay low
    cuz all u get is boos on the stage.. u never get AO
    & how's ya crew dope? it's inactive man listen
    ya the only 1 reppin.. like Billups on the pistons
    i'm serious, i rose from the flows & u pose with the hoes
    i'd shoot 'em, but he already got too many holes in his clothes
    fareal, ya not allowed in clubs dressed like that, son tell 'em
    they seen u.. & u got dismissed for wearin out ya welcome
    u won't excel from this battle.. ya style defines sin
    & ya TTT verses were only dope cuz user edited his lines in
    he stands behind men.. i peeped ya audios son ya suck
    & u made diamonds sound more like cubic zirconia


    AOD keeps the title
  17. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    RBL Champion AOD vs. Troublesome


    Angel of Death? Hold up... just stop a second
    I got more scraps than him...so i'm about to pop the question
    Squeaked by MFB last week...came close to gettin beaten
    With such a tso-tso verse...the general started gettin heated
    This vet's conceited, older heads are over-rated clowns and wack
    And you're living proof...so i'm about to lay down the facts
    You ugly fuck...pimply-faced bitch, you got the queerest grill
    I'll straight toss you out the window...just so you could clear a sill
    I'm severely ill, this is the week that you depart the crown
    While Dill is gonna get Wall Street with your rank and market down
    AOD a drug dealer? Pffft...you aint sellin man
    I'm writing you off quick...because you couldn't tell a gram
    I'll melt ya plans with personals, watch how fast he pouts...
    But ima let you off the hook...so I won't be casting Doubt



    hmm ur opener looks awfully familiar...serge in the Tag Tourney:

    here the link: http://board.rapmusic.com/showthread.php?t=916271

    but anyway...

    Angel of Death:

    im respected by everyone, what u supposed to be dawg?
    when nice heads from my time dont even know who u are
    i brought him into this world and now im pullin him out
    i said its time to MEET ur maker...not put in ur mouth
    i write for ur ghostwriter..so really all your rappin is me
    kid ive fed more fuckin lines than the disaster relief
    you got a couple fans, but no rhymes that actually amuse
    yea u have cult following...how many times u gon battle me and lose
    i end careers the second time, u should be nervous as shit
    Jesus battled Death twice... n!ggas aint heard from him since
    theres something bout my skill and ya not comin near it kid
    he just cant put his finger on it...or his hands, or fuckin touch it period
    i'd call u a legend, but thats a WASTE when this boy fails
    plus if i try callin myself, it goes str8 to my voicemail

    try harder....

    AOD keeps the title and signs out
  18. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    Volkab vs. Imperial


    I’d berate ya crew, but even they ain’t got faith in you.
    I mean Jook don’t even KNOW me, and he stated I’d rape you, duke.
    From UL you’ll get dropped in a minute…I’d say ya got the roster offended
    …but them n!ggas all forgot you was in it.
    You got no quotables, ya construction is all sloppy.
    The only eye-opener’s whoever the fuck’s conductin’ ya autopsy.
    Ya lifeless husk’ll remain/ when my knife plunges correct,
    You'll watch the blade run through ya neck like a jugular vein.
    Mayne, I shimmer & shine/…it’s a whirlwind of rage.
    & n!gga the world is a stage…where none remember ya lines.
    Only the good die young…that riles me since
    That means next week I won’t be around for my title defense.
    But on the other hand, when I’m housed in sod…
    Your piece-of-shit-garbage fuckin ass will probably outlive GOD.
    You old as fuck, & ya punches remind me of smoked up joints:
    They’re gone now, but they must’ve been dope, at some point.
    In conclusion, ya dumb ass got merked, text geek.
    And these are throwaways, lines I’ve rejected for my verse NEXT week.
    So even though you ain’t worth my finest material,
    Gimme your AIM…I want your opinion on some lines for Ethareal.




    wack ass

    Im direct wit my disses.. you cant match me
    You got punches comin in all directions.. except at me
    Ya net stats are improvin.. ya now gettin thanks
    Man youll definitely go further… down in the ranks
    Every time I read ya shit, its weak dude
    But you aint come THAT wack since the last time I beat you
    Ya times up.. im still comin wit more fresh stuff
    Youre in mint condition, like the nicorette gum
    Ill have ya shook for days.. look your game is a waste
    Aint no Schick Quatros when I put 4 blades to ya face
    Ya style’s K Swiss.. ya need some new lines now
    Dont think youre a champ just cuz AOD signed out
    You had easy wins.. youre a wack disgrace
    Against good people..
    ..youd win-rar, like kids that D/L songs at this place
    I write great bars, and hang out wit my crew
    Man you write gay bars.. and hang out in em too
    Ill smack ya out this world for tryin me
    So you aint gotta watch Mighty Ducks to see a flyin V
    You werent ready, ya shook like hell now
    Damn, ya verse had a breakthrough..
    ..must be where the good lines fell out

    Imperial wins the Title
  19. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    RBL Champion Imperial vs. E Tha Real



    You aint lost in a while.. but just quit, its time
    The fire in ya eyes went out when Classick made you cry
    E Tha Real... pfft, nah hes a fake queer
    His idea of bringin the drama is recitin Shakespeare
    E in the champ match?.. ya wack bitch face it
    5-1 without a fan ta see.. like kids wit no imagination
    Ya lines are worded all retarded.. noone feels you
    Yea I popped ya bitch's cherry.. but youre the real fruit
    Man this bitch is a wreck.. just for jokin around
    Youll get a brick to the head, like smokin some pounds
    Im on the next level.. you aint seein me
    Youd think I battled Compton MCs.. I beat you Easy, E


    E Tha Real

    Wow popejuicy now this crap?

    please in film school is the only time you'll see a highlight Reel
    ^dissed myself you'll never make me know how it might feel
    fat ass had a pic battle that ruined the degenerates text life
    now known to eat out more then Ellen Degeneris's sex life
    in class students are dissecting frogs and closing their eyes
    his participation in science was a slang term... opening flies
    temper tantrums every match then a new hairdo weathered in
    just reminds me of anna kornikova looks good but never wins
    a face only a mother could love it's a shame you saw it
    father still carries a picture of the kid that came with the wallet
    An Imperial style? please kid your horrible, drop the bluffing
    should retire after this battle, always said I'd stop at nothing

    E Tha Real wins the title
  20. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005
    RBL Champion E Tha Real vs. Fold


    E Tha Real Huh..

    Easy comp..& if u expect to win u better get polished quick
    Cuz I'ma make 'ET phone home' faster than the box office hit
    U a disgrace to writers, throw out ur paper and trash ur pen
    & help him pack on his move to Ohio...Cinci thinks he'll actually win
    Your punches suck..but mine'll leave you sore though,
    Cuz E's verse the reason the Contendership will get more votes
    No riders nor the slightest groupie, you're a bum geek
    Even the Hurricane evacuees rushed from the fear of being on E..
    You're a fucking joke...it won't be hard bashing your shit
    Verses wack..yo Imp man, I see why u came as half-assed as u did
    Broadcast your lame verse...and watch peeps be on the hate tip,
    Because Quite Frankly, You fucking SUCK, call me Steven A. Smith
    You soft and you get no pussy, E's a bitch, I ain't playing kid
    Cuz while u shoulder a great time...I was busy dislocating it
    E Tha Real, Fold's your death wish..I'm writing your will
    & me dropping dope punches, is the only time we'll see a Highlight, Real
    You're a hopeless kid...everyone knows I dealt with this E
    I've owned this bitch..now give me my second belt of the week

    If you at your girls house why you even online dawg? Ha..


    E Tha Real

    Newbies dig your style, vets call it played- look at the evidence
    votes toward you, give perspective to why Bush is President
    thanks those riders in hook-ups, truly his text passion is bigger
    bitch couldn't touch Super, man... playing with action figures
    last time he had pussy it had him, romance ina cockpit of work
    It's sad when the highlight of your sexlife.... is a pick pocketer
    audios? saves his breath for blow up dolls & fears his voice
    No one wanted to see Fold turn 5-0 like JOOKS career choice
    congrats on being the most over-rated newbie slash lame hoe
    the worst set-ups voters go next, next like mtv's game show
    if the saying is nice guys finish last, ya style is far from rude b
    about to make you 'disappear' quicker then school yard bullies
    Heard those E lines before... but better worded, take a break
    Fold is living proof to his parents... people can make mistakes
    as straight as circles when homo starts slurring his words
    faggot had his eyes on mo cheeks then the philadelphia sixers
    I'll use poker analogies on this queer let the truth be told
    Ive got poket aces pre-flop & last to act, theres no use for Fold

    E Tha real keep the title
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