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  1. FórmÅl LôGíc

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    Apr 3, 2001
    RBL Championship Match: 1. Blackdef 16-2 vs 2. Scientz 18-4


    u swayin ass muh fucka... stop instant messaging for wins niccuh!!!

    fuck waiting...lets go

    Richard Corey is Living Proof, that def u havent fooled me
    those r two that shoulda had blackbelt...
    like Chuck Norris n Bruce Lee
    nobody feels ya tracks, stupid...im tellin ya blacks useless
    ya skills so in question,
    they've added an interrogation room to rapmusic
    i get crowds going, but for def, its a haphazard to cheer tho
    everything about em has to be negative,
    like counting backwards from zero
    u cant get outta this fight, cuz i know ur shook of that
    death's the only outlet,
    thats why all the cords n machines r hooked to black
    ur overweight, at this rate...soon u'll be gettin buried
    ya body has no definition,
    forget the gym, get this muh fucka a dictionary
    told u ya sloppy, so yea u'd eat me in a few seconds
    if nordic tracks were real cuts,
    i'd request u make about two records
    its not u were in the army, its cuz ya grill suffered
    people call u private,
    cuz they dont want ya ass having their real number
    this pervert works in a zoo, dog they shoulda banished u
    goat-tease is not facial hair,
    its a strip show u have wit the animals
    yeah u got a win last week, but my bars are iller
    im more than double the proof,
    thats comparing whiskey to bacardi silver
    ur easy game man, im quick to fold a target
    if wackness was 'weeded out,
    u'd have more roaches around than Joe's Apartment
    stop poppin shit, tryna impress wit fake rhymes man
    if u talk before the nine, it'll cost u, like daytime plans
    i watch chappelle show, n whites were sayin this wit me
    when it comes to rap,
    i hate all blacks shit like clayton bigsby

    gimmie tha fuckin title!!!!


    I’d say don’t shit yaself, but ya know I pack a slaughterin verse
    leavin ya merked... sittin in ya own pew as if you farted in church
    If it wasn’t for cheerleaders I wouldn’t even show ‘em tha goods
    This flamin fag’s dickriders are roastin marshmallows over his wood
    Sci's future looks Dem..Ik, after all that shit he's popin to Def
    I’ll shit on this 'two too' like ballet dancers not watchin their step
    Ya flows loathed, and those shows you called live wasn’t loud
    You must be ya only fan... all I heard was a Sci from the crowd
    I’m grittier, my punches wittier, plus my flows nasty
    I got this shit down to a sciencz as if Resin showed last week
    low and behold he's played, surprised he showed to get slayed
    it’s 'Weird Sciencz' didn’t bring Gary and Wayat, he’s so bitch made
    Sci, you aint hood sucka, with a switchblade I would gut ya
    leave ya en-trails hangin like you hicks do in the woods fucka
    you overused Resin’s 3 bar scheme son, that's truly hopeless
    think his style works for you? that verse must be it’s two weeks notice
    Ya camp instructor raped you but get over it doofis, ya grown
    Boy scouts cross yur mind.. cause ya concepts too old to do it alone
    you're straight ass, who'd wana see ya borin flipped shit
    Their lookin forward to more pooh than Tigger, Eeyore, and piglet
    get a grip bitch, beating Black takes a lot more than effort
    All science brings to the tables a periodic el-ment for his record
    ever since you got internet, yur never seen out the house
    You’d grab life by the balls, but that’s just to clean out ya mouse

    Scientz Beats Blackdef & Takes The Title From Blackdef After 3 Weeks Of Defending It Successfully
  2. FórmÅl LôGíc

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    Apr 3, 2001
    RBL Championship Match - 1. Scientz 19-4 vs. 2. I. Deal 21-3

    I. Deal

    you aint as hard as me, nigguh ya whole styles rented
    i mean, i could break my bars in 3...
    .... but id say enough people bite resin.
    i know it aint halloween yet, but if need be durrty -
    ill have white sheets up over ya head about 3 weeks early
    & if you step on a personal level? ill bring the force like 'nam
    ... slugs'll give ya back issues, like the source dot com
    & sci aint neva gon have sumthin on cd for us -
    his ass get kicked offa tracks quicker then graffiti artists.
    kid is just horrible, and what only some would know
    is that i beat this same resin biter in this match, 6 months ago
    claim some dirt on me? you must be hittin the crack hard
    you aint got shit up ya fuckin sleeve but some hidden trackmarks.
    get off them drugs nigguh. ya shit is startlingly garbage
    i cant tell if its bad grammar, hood slang... or ur just partially retarded.
    tang put up numbers in every state, like electoral colleges
    nigguh, i'll have docs puttin shocks to ya chest like male electrolysis.
    i promise this. duke aint real wit those rhymes he spittin
    i mean, it dont take some kinda star wars junkie to know scientz fiction.
    so what you really trynna say? my hand game is past savage
    fuck a pool of blood. your mouth & nose'll be sprayin grand rapids.
    its damn tragic, i know. but you shouldnt test those waters
    chokeholds'll have you passin out quicker then the west coast offense.
    so dont fuck wit me. 'you prolly better off no showin'
    thats another hollow-tip ^.......... to match the ones my forty-fo's throwin.
    dogg, you aint shit to me. whatever you do is likely actin
    sci sound like he from the 5th ward.... or whichever one is psychiatric.
    & his friends aint neva home, when he call em on the phone
    they run some fuckin screen 'n rolls that rival stockton & malone.
    so next week, if you want the power ranks amountin to niceness
    just start with the best heads... & eventually u'll have it down to a scientz.



    lets go...

    if u were a computer major, u'd be living lavish, man
    but ur idea of soft-wear, is pink silk tops with satin pants
    sci is dope, but thats only if this lame did not know
    so ideal will die from an over-dos, like tres n cuatro
    he aimed at me, n yeah i was preparing to run
    but he forgot that his only clip,
    is busy holding his hair in a bun
    wit that smell u giving off, noboby could ride wit chu
    some need odor eaters,
    u should put an actual somalian inside ya shoe
    im the secret weapon, carrying a tech with tha beam
    so i can get my shot off, without nobody setting a screen
    before death he wasnt stingy, people'd take em for fortunes
    was very free-hearted,
    which means u wont have to pay for his organs
    ya whole team's scared of me, they all will get slaughtered
    cuz im know for startin, shit...i never been a bench warmer
    deal's not on my level, n definately not gettin there
    so when they ask can I C you,
    he'll be getting checked into intensive care
    even tho he rides ya sack, u still aint next to dope
    this battles a no-brainer,
    thats why u'll be counting on a headless vote
    check ya complextion, he's black as hell, skin is rediculous
    if kids came out n seen this shadow,
    they'd swear winter was ending
    peep the hit stick n playmaker control, on the new Madden
    EA perfected the freestyle, but its a shame that u havent
    drugs ruin appearance, but ya moms swears she hot still
    if cocaine is nose candy,
    she'd be the first bitch wit cavities in her nostrils
    admit that ur illiterate, cuz deal u'd do better wit help
    judges should sentence u to death,
    cuz u cant put one together ya self
    i'll kill u for playing that wack shit, deal c'mon try me
    n the only tape i'll listen to,
    is yellow ones surrounding the crime scene
    i never gave rap my all, dont be gettin misled
    he'll know i went 80 percent,
    but thats when the four-fifths to his head

    He's Done!!!!!

    Scientz Retains His Title, To Defend Next Week
  3. FórmÅl LôGíc

    FórmÅl LôGíc Black Listed

    Apr 3, 2001
    RBL Championship Match: 1. Scientz 20-4 vs 2. Eyedill 14-2


    aight bobby digital aka eyedill

    i see i gotta beat chu again huh?? lets get it poppin!!!

    i'll admit u were dope before, u'd show up tight for battles
    but u havent been nice in ages,
    that are now old enough to buy tobacco
    better grab ya heat, u'll need a new glock kid
    or i'll leave digital, underground...faster than tupac did
    whether guns or tha mouth, what im spittin is damaging
    i'll send so many shots in the male,
    Bobby'll be charged for shipping n handling
    stop sprayin ya wig wit moisturizer, ya hair is not dry
    if i spent that much time on the curls,
    i'd have bigger forearms than Popeye
    his gay voice makes me question the balls on dis niccuh
    it's pitched so high,
    its left the strike zone and purposely walked the hitter
    dill's supposed to be good? yall were so misled
    he was projected ill, but it was my film in the overhead
    my blade game's viscious, dont gotta put tech's to u
    u'll die from a razor's edge,
    then i'll proceed to hit u wit the wrestling move
    all ya peoples obese, taking away ya next meal'd hurt
    hopefully it runs in ya family,
    cuz yall can use some treadmill work
    u dont really need to meet Simon or Paula in person
    if u wanna be the next eyedill,
    just use some weak punches wit horrible wording
    ur mad ugly, u'd make the average broad frown, man
    u've taken enough mase hits,
    to put the preacher on top of soundscan
    u try intimidating crowds, they're gettin bored n wreckless
    n we finally stand up for ourselves,
    then start walking towards the exit
    i knew u were snitching, the jakes tryna stop my flow
    claiming this is pre-meditated murder,
    cuz i thought of these lines a while ago
    dont be comfortable in ya crib, i keep a pound wit me often
    n slugs can turn a living-room, into a house full of corpses
    Dill now wears extensions, to try n get his wrap tighter
    what yall aint know?
    bob-n-weave go together, like the strategies of fast fighters
    i only carry automatics, when i clap yall pricks
    n the bullets go three n out, their like a bad offense



    gimme the fuckin title..

    the war going on is causin stress, let me draw the case
    i thought Iraq had alot of holes, but then i saw ya face
    for real tho, how u get bitches in the clubs?
    when u got more red dots on ya face than 50 does
    wanna understand why i'm known today?
    cuz i'm an inch from being way blown.. & ur an inch from being blown away
    we battled once in the past, so bitch please
    u'll die in the same chair u needed after that incident, like Chris Reeve
    i quit drugs, & made the truth my alliance
    cuz fact is, the only dope worth shooting is scientz
    & i'd rather not talk about ya fashion, i don't wanna expose ya kind
    but i'll put a big enough gap on ya chest, to take over the clothin line
    the people have spoken, they want real flows
    & they never said u're bananas..
    they we're just hintin at what u use for dildos
    u should do some research, u'll prolly find
    that my alias isn't what u think, so there goes ya bobby lines
    da fuck kinda name is scientz?! i'll beat u & laugh between spits
    cuz after this thrashing, u'll be losin under names like maff & englysh
    bitch.. it's time to prove ya grade
    i told scientz to bring his razor to a fight, & he brought the movie blade
    dude is lame.. u ain't shit, i'll kill u guy
    i'll slay u so quick- ppl will think saint nick just flew by
    i can fill up a book with my accomplishments, they're endless
    but if i wrote one about yours, it'd be less than a sentence
    i guess u are finished.. my keyboard game got u spun like propellers
    & just cuz u write ya rhymes in the attic, doesn't make u a top cellar
    that shit will NOT help ya.. plus my flow's tighter
    i don't know whether to diss u for writing that verse, or ya ghostwriter
    so stop actin hard.. u skinny as my sister
    u ain't got muscle tone.. & if u do.. it's between a soft moan or whisper!

    fuck outta here..

    Scientz Retains His Title To Defend Next Week
  4. FórmÅl LôGíc

    FórmÅl LôGíc Black Listed

    Apr 3, 2001
    RBL Championship Battle: 1. Scientz 21-5 vs 2. Doc Richards 11-1



    are u fuckin serious????

    i'll give u props, before u start blatantly dissin me
    cuz last week u mocked my style perfectly,
    .....minus the creativity
    but thats besides the fact, im still rippin this jerk
    cuz in my eyes,
    u caught a savir beating, so i'll just finish his work
    he has a lotta things i dont got, i know ya shocked, huh?
    like periods, menstrual cramps n mood swings
    .....but talents not one
    c'mon dog ur fuckin wack, i'll tell u simple n plain
    i'll admit richard's nice, when corey's at the end of ya name
    listen niccuh, i dont be gettin worried
    cuz if ya k's clap,
    i'll bring a gauge back, like the father on pet semetary
    the jeans u wear, only bad bitches or faggots rock em
    an ~~~~~ a day keeps the doc away?
    hell nah...this dude loves some ~~~~~ bottoms
    sorta like a rock group, when droppin u bastards
    got guns n roses,
    but the flowers for the top of ya casket
    shots flippin ya team, blood'll drip on the scene
    just peep my record,
    thats the ratio of heat...to the niccuhs i'll bring
    u dont use firearms, said that u poppin?...u damn liar
    just bats some of the time, like daily cycles of vampires
    they wonder if me n nelly crossed over, were hot targets
    cuz i got my eagle on,
    n used it so much...im now considered a pop artist
    seen the stains on ya shirt, n i thought the tool sprayed
    but kids from the ghetto know,
    u cant rock white tees..when ya heart pumps kool-aid
    start choking ya throat, till he begins to slob n yell
    n leave doc's body so blue,
    that he starts getting chased round by gargamel
    stay rockin girl gear, now u wearin ya best thong
    but he's still considered mail,
    cuz he gets sent to niccuhs house wit ad-dress on
    kids endin up in the river, thinkin they flow harder
    n put a dock in the water, like most boat harbors

    it's over!!!! match me

    holla at cha boy

    Doc Richards:


    are u fuckin serious????

    u dont use firearms, said that u poppin?...u damn liar
    just bats some of the time, like daily cycles of vampires


    sci's not as good as ppl say, this dude is done
    you might not be a monster, but u sure as fuck can lose to one
    its like a bunch of potheads made ur style...im tired of this gay clown
    cuz all ya concepts...
    its just a bunch of User's, hyped up with Resin line breakdowns
    that line should hurt^^...cuz fuck ya style, work on ya timin' first
    if i wanted to read an example of every textcee's style...id read an Island verse
    and sci only does text, you know we'll laugh at you
    cuz his voice cracks windows, more than hackers do
    you aint winnin...fuck ya ploy kid, it's Doc ya facin
    fuck scientz...watch me drop the subject like annoying conversations
    this boy aint down to take it, fuck this bastard, dude...
    Im Doc...your Scientz...homie, i already Mastered you
    alotta riders mixed up, but no talent to boast...
    ya voters are such sheep, i fall asleep while countin their votes
    gun this, gun that, hes thinkin his guns clap?..somethings iffy..
    fuck this hunchback, his guns snap when you say somethin pretty
    posted once, then again, im gettin alot of the same hunches
    but how the hell you edit ya verse..
    and miss all of the lame punches?
    my shit'll get deducted, i gotta mind the votes
    how in the world could i match you
    if i cant tell how many lines you wrote...




    lol, gluck champ

    Doc Richards Beats Scientz & Becomes A 2x RBL Champion
  5. FórmÅl LôGíc

    FórmÅl LôGíc Black Listed

    Apr 3, 2001
    RBL Championship Match: 1. Doc Richards (12-1) vs. 2. ill nik-A (17-4)

    Doc Richards:


    the day he (Ill Nik-a) wins the title is the day hell freezes over- Username

    i crippled all others, so you're the next lock
    when i give you a halo too
    and it aint got shit to do with an x box
    already gettin votes against, ya loss is just dull
    the underdog aint gettin shit this time
    homie this aint opshins and skull
    wishin he nice, newbies, theres summin yall should know
    weve fucking battled twice
    .......he still hasnt managed to get a vote
    one foot in the grave, straight up im beatin his health
    nice guys finish last
    so i guess ya charity work speaks for itself
    he wanna brag about shags, lemme stop this silly hoe
    cause you more anti-bush than the fuckin mosh video
    even ya names a fake, he cant bling fluent
    but i guess mediocre latino aint have the same ring to it
    the damage is done, so its prolly best to end the lines
    cause you gotta write for ya tourny battle
    oh wait....nevermind

    i dont mean to be gay dude, but im disallowing the hate votes from Opshins and EmceeButtafli that i know im gonna get


    gluck dude

    ill nik-A:

    We all know about Island but it’s a little confusing now
    Hmm…cuz u went from being wack to champ with User’s style
    truth is wild, & u getting punched, cut, & dropped, punk
    but wtf is Doc gonna do now that Young Buck’s locked up
    All sought, chump...cuz everybody’s already seen ur lame sh!t
    u wait to Friday to post
    cuz u need the approval from everyone on ya AIM list
    u put Super to shame kid, fake b!tch actin like ur sh!t’s impressive
    but in reality u only felt by ion, Camber, God Speed & Demik
    every win's in question, but u need to keep tryin
    cuz Doc doesn’t work miracles its just a miracle he beat Scientz
    I mean violence, cuz u a nobody that noone'll mourn kid
    cuz Michael Moore's the most reasonable man in Canada...
    & we ignore him
    we not supportive, but then again yall have no military its a fact duke
    so how u gonna beat nik when u coming unarmed like Roman statues
    get attacked dude, U.S.A style but wont ask if breathing
    It took u a year to be Champ & u didn’t even last a weekend

    Doc Richards & ill nik-A Tie.
  6. FórmÅl LôGíc

    FórmÅl LôGíc Black Listed

    Apr 3, 2001
    RBL Championship Match: 1. Doc Richards 13-1 vs. 2. ill nik-A 18-4 vs. 2.5 Ideal 24-4

    ill nik-A

    My pic’s 5 years or older so why would the dissing hurt
    when Ideal’s hat is a hole away from fitting him as a mini skirt
    serious herbs, don’t know why u tryin be down
    cuz Doc’s the biggest nerd & he’d be the toughest guy in ur crowd
    lies all around, yall cant run my block or hell even talk like u hard
    cuz yall’d last as long as Sooper & Logic running the RBL…
    without it falling apart!
    call it an art, how Doc masters his AIM list & make his wins last
    cuz its not an easy operation but Paris Hilton wants her lips back
    don’t know what yall trying to live as…
    cuz ur rapping’s not soothing & I cant even hear none of the booing
    but don’t need the people in Tang’s background to ask wtf are u doing
    in need of some schooling, no mics, & especially hoods of no kind
    cuz we know the truth
    that comes outta rooms filled with pink flowers & sunshine
    nuff lies, Demik’s not a clever geek but I.deal isnt much better, see
    cuz when I mean business…nik is the biggest thing he's ever seen
    yaul never be…as skilled as ill no need askin who’ll be champion this week
    cuz Tang’s still performing but already pointing at where his ranking’ll be
    laughing at these, black? white? these nerds don’t know
    cuz its like they both lost their identities & inverted clothes


    this shit is fucked up

    honestly nik, how u gon claim u straight today?
    ya smirk is bisexual
    and ya wristwear look like the admission to a gay parade
    so if you don’t want ya teeth in a fixture
    don’t be breathin a whispa
    cuz i can understand not being ill… but u not even a nikka
    that’s fucked up… & i aint just hatin on ya race
    cuz beyond a buncha black heads
    i think theres now a multi cultural nation on ya face
    & demik? i think i understand why ur more hostile
    u look like a deformed fossil
    it musta been a fucked up life growin up with 4 nostrils
    plus u lookin bulky in that swelled hood
    is ya health good?
    look like u’d chase a pita harder then that nigguh denzel could
    ya i know dissin demik is lame, id rather piss in the wind
    but I cant go back to nik now
    that’s too tempting of a position for him
    plus doc look like big country...... the rural version
    aint sure what he a doc of
    but the way he fix up brains, im guessin a neural surgeon
    you fuckin wit raw deal, so you out ya class geeks
    go slap some ass cheeks
    neither of u good enough to win.. yall learned that last week
    so dont ever take the don for a joke
    or ill be stompin ya throat
    yall get out of line even ONCE.. ya heart monitors wont


    Doc Richards

    Nik, this our fourth battle by my count
    a picture's worth a thousand words?
    i musta called you ugly at least that many times now
    but ya third try at the title? you lame kid
    for christ's sakes...
    he couldnt win if i loaned him my AIM list
    gettin salty off our battle, ya life's a bore
    cause you ugly as fuck
    the space between ya hairline & eyes could be DIVIDED by 4
    this is just war, that outfit aint a fly set
    you only rockin fresh threads...
    when no one's replied yet
    tang, i went easy last time,you know what i meant b
    em won the rap olympics....
    but beyold ethiopia's entry
    in a scrap, run, everyone bettin you to
    cause ya bones are hollow, man
    kevin bacon coulda taken lessons from you
    aint a thug, with all the shit this guy talks
    when his idea of a death trap...
    is the fucking cracks in the sidewalk
    so what are you messin fairy? this aint necessary
    form up a win?
    faggot you cant even spell semetary
    his lies about ballin? he'll be kiddin soon
    cause he use that same bucket hat...
    to catch the raindrops in his livin room

    blaggidy blah blag

    I.Deal Beats Ill Nik-A & Doc Richards & Becomes A 3x RBL Champion.
  7. U S E R

    U S E R NON-DOHPE.squad

    Oct 25, 2002
    I.Deal vs. Premonition/Stickman


    so you producin' now? don't plan on makin a lotta dough
    and plus your text is about the quality of Dip's audio
    that crew not makin moves, Stick'll nail ya
    Effin Godly... nah son, yall put the Effin failure
    this homo-thug tries.. too hard, he got a dumb mind
    & they Monster's wit is inversely related to tang's gun lines
    mine's truth, what you say should make you reconsider
    so I'm not gonna talk guns with you..
    'cause they say you can't bullshit a bullshitter
    see me face to face, I promise I'll knock this niqqa out
    I can see the bitch in-tangible,
    makes sense... women are impossible to figure out
    I lay groundwork for perfect plots, silently I creep
    and I.deal death... like dying in your sleep
    look, dog, I've studied religion, for what it's worth
    and any chance of original Sin ends at birth
    talkin like you winnin kid you not seein with clear vision
    cuz I'm always right, Tang's more like the mirror image

    was in a rush, i'm out.


    i read ya verse. i cant find a line thats sick
    ya only real personal
    is a link to some thread where you ride my dick
    u kinda lookin like the guy from 'saw' wit blonde hair
    aint got a clue who you facin
    and you cant really explain how you got here
    i mean, 20 lines wit deal? dogg, change ya gameplan
    the flow is ruthless
    i leave stickmen merked quicker then games of hangman
    ay, dont blame tang.. blame ya inexcusable face
    judgin from the beatings this ugly stick give out
    rm must be a beautiful place
    move? u'll get maced.. if im talkin, then u listen
    its weird, last week i had visions of a real contender
    turned out it was only a premonition
    now u talkin bout names? dont waste ya silly bars
    we'd talk about yours
    but were not exactly sure who you really are
    & when it comes to audio, you got excess weak shit
    took one glance
    and i can tell why ya soundclick page is bess kept a sekret
    so dont be actin a thug, cuz ill leave u hackin up blood
    back of the snub do like bad dishwashers
    the way it put a crack in ya mug
    get slapped the fuck up, kid i run ur whole shit
    one punch'll put you out in longer daze then summer solstice.


    I.Deal Wins, Retains Title
  8. Macabre

    Macabre Guest

    RBL CHAMPIONSHIP: 1. I.Deal (26-4) vs. 2. Shadows Edge (17-4)

    shadow's edge

    ThaSinsEar: yo.. i thought you won that battle... i got ridden to the w
    ThaSinsEar: lol

    see i'm dope, shit's not trusted i know
    but while you try to justify d/r, its my win justify show
    ya truly nothing, we see ya chances dropping
    cuz i'll put zero down, & i ain't talking financing options
    ^ see im good with money, you just generally feeble
    's why i got a dope credit line... & you credit dope line to other people
    but im feeling generous, so i might just hollar ya way
    and hopefully i can still sponsor your ass for under a dollar a day
    thin bitch still alive, best thank ya lucky stars
    cuz your life hangs by a thread... when your on the fucking monkey bars
    & you say you pull ladies, makes me laugh madly g
    cuz the last "O, T" you got... involved time and a half salary
    & ya high pitched voice is taking its toll now
    you got atonement for ladies.. best have apologies for the whole crowd
    ya audios that bad, 's why you'll fall to better
    cuz tang ain't just off the hook, he's kept off the track alltogether
    hybrind angel win? i doubt it...
    shit that whole cruso washed up, they wrote a book about it


    come on nigguh, be real

    kill the gay shit, you lost cause you need a facelift
    why the fuck else do you think ugly textcees use fake pics?
    i aint predictin ya future, its been proven ya lame
    look at ya grill...
    only thing under your 8 ball, is a torched up spoon and a flame
    ya set ups is trash, ya wordplays are the biggest forces
    you aint stiff competition, those are just symptoms of riggamortis
    and i bet you had buck teeth, as a younger fellow
    its too bad ya moms couldnt afford much more under the pillow
    but for this lazy dirtbag? i wouldnt cough up a cent
    look like his get up and go......actually just got up and went
    go get ya face scrubbed, and change to a fresh T
    cuz u aint neva faced muff.....
    and shit aint gon change much next week
    forget hunting heads, im rippin ya guts instead
    my knife could be a fucking antique...... itll still be cutting edge
    come on homey, ya bitch is enormous - & futhermore
    her menstrual pads got bigger wings then prehistoric birds of war
    plus ya friends aint neva home when u call em on the phone
    they run some fucking screen n rolls that rival stockton & malone
    so nigguh quit frontin like you let them thangs go
    when you cry yaself to sleep so much, ya nightligh projects a rainbow


    Deal Wins, Retains title
  9. FórmÅl LôGíc

    FórmÅl LôGíc Black Listed

    Apr 3, 2001
    RBL Championship Match: 1. I.Deal (27-4) vs. 2. Doc Richards (21-2)

    Doc Richards:



    No Shows

    Doc Richards Becomes Fill In Champ
  10. FórmÅl LôGíc

    FórmÅl LôGíc Black Listed

    Apr 3, 2001
    1. Doc Richards (22-2) vs. 2. John Hensley (14-2) vs. 2.5 Premonition (13-3)


    shit's a popularity contest..

    let the dickriding commence, yall need to get ya head's right
    I came to battle, you 2 are competing for Prom King on a web site
    someone shoulda told Demik canadian kids'll get killed
    cause that Eh game he's bringing ain't got shit to do with skill
    this chubby bastard won't make it through the storm
    if there's a method to madness...
    it explains why Demik's reaction to losing is so fuckin uniform
    ...and John's more like a fuckin slutty bitch
    or secret service for the vice pres., he's known to sec-ure dick
    fuck it, I'm the one who's style you jock you goof, damn..
    & I'm the one takin it back to basics while John's still in boot camp
    now back to Akademik, for real this cat's so lame
    all his aliases are the reason for half of these wack no names
    John thought I would be the chicken in this match
    someone shoulda told Hen not to count his eggs before they hatched
    this Richards kid is sensitive, he got a total bitch style
    n' I done pissed off the Doc so much... I use the bridge now

    John Hensley:

    You ain't a champ, everybody knows this kid's weak.
    Cuz if AIM ever got stopped....so would his win streak.
    ^^True or not? either way you'll get murdered sooner.
    Cuz i'll strangle you with the grape vine..
    ..and confrim the rumors.
    No skills, no girls, it can't be shown any clearer.
    See, i got puss all over me...
    ...but then again so does your mirror.
    Mr. 'won every tourney'...what an accomplishment.
    Still the only check you ever got, came out positive.
    As for stick?
    Next line i'll list his skills, cuz i respect his rhymes.
    ....hmmmm wait a second......nevermind.
    Demik? harder to take down, but yea....he's bad
    But all i gotta do to get stick to drop is hand him kneepads.
    Demik loves himself, but he'll leave with ruptured health.
    You're ya biggest dickrider...so no point tellin u to fuck yourself.
    You ain't a problem, honestly, dude's a distraction.
    Whenever i try to sum up your verses...
    ...i wind up doin subtraction.
    Just give me the title, i'm a force that you can't stop.
    Stick just wants to take demiks belt....to see his pants drop.
    Enough of ya'll. i'm droppin this bitch, cuz you're through.
    Sorry for the ass rippin stick...maybe Doc'll stitch it for you.

    Doc Richards:


    survival of the fittest, John's what extinction's for
    only way you'll see 'Star dumb' is if I'm drunk & I don't drink no more- from Monstar's original verse


    this kids honestly tryin? he aint tellin shit..
    for fucks sake
    he posted on a specific name to make one of his lines relevant
    mon's the faggot in battle, known to throw a bitch or two
    my cliches are winnin battles?
    that canadian line clinched it for you
    blowin ya welfare on net connects, you aint smart kid
    when you pinch a penny so much
    your account wanna press sexual assault charges
    mon's gettin put under wraps, you get smothered and hit
    fuckin loser
    most publicity on the name? when you gave blood's brother the shit
    john'll be gunnin, but in the end will be ghost ill bet
    Cause runnin from competiton's, the only workout he gets
    you aint got punches to land, miss and get beat
    cause im pissin all over the john- like i forgot to lift the seat
    stick to the text, its best, we dont want this geeks noise
    you unknown
    last time i saw the name, it was votin for me at b-boys
    everyone else get respect naturally, no need to make that stiffer
    so while john differs and begs
    --the rest of us just beg to differ

    now gimme back my belt

    John Hensley - 5 Votes
    Doc Richards - 2 Votes
    Premonition - 1 Vote

    John Hensley Wins His First Title.
  11. -Oz-

    -Oz- ^^^^^

    Sep 28, 2003
    RBL Champion John Hensley Vs Ibeechufarensquare

    n!ggaz frontin in the predictions like I aint already shut this ni!gga out


    before the link...u saw JH record 'n thought he was packed wit rawness
    ......now that just means ur boy beech gave Johnny half his loses
    and his success is a fluk..this nig think his rappin is ill
    'dis-guise the limit' is not inspiration..but a cover up of his actual skill
    and he mad at me still..he exposed me and I cant stand it
    i fingered his girl durin her period and he caught me red handed
    ur poor white trash bitch with busted whips that stall up
    u wont see John driving ranges unless he's got his golf clubs
    u see....I got You, some rope, a noose, and a tree to play wit
    if u want that line 'to be continued'...then Imma leave ya hangin
    ur basic u got many problems with writin, get ur text right
    when I said broad-in ur horizons I wasn't forcastin ur sexlife
    they like to compare us like ~~~~~s and oranges...when theres no use
    but Johnny boy just likes hearin his name associated wit produce
    surround u wit bullet holes dude, to make u cry and yell
    'n make no bones about it...when I put one in his wig like side show mel
    i cant predict the battles outcome or steal cleo's shine
    but i'll crack ur skull wit a hardcover...open the book..then read ur mind
    kid, u aint movin in life, it makes me so sick I vomit
    even ur window of opprotunity got parkin tickets on it
    I forget to comment...CONGRATS...on winning the title from Doc Rich
    ur officially the first one STILL considered a noname after u got it
    gettin writers block kid...so I threw him in quicksand while he's thinkin
    and told him to stay there until the concepts started to sink in
    so lose by a margin..u stink bitch....suck it in wit ur fake clout
    cause we all know John neva chills...but his gut likes to hang out
    u'll plans will neva play out.....in fact I bet u'll will fumble fast
    I got this kid under control and I aint talkin bout rumble packs

    John Hensely
    Mr. Cliché. Played lyrics. watch me fuckin blaze ya.
    N’ Beech’ll be fucked up worse than the ones in asia.
    RIP Reggie White; but i'ma keep clappin ya kid.
    And i'll be killin those Lines...sorta like sleep apnea did.
    You'll get wrecked and shot, fuck the respect you got.
    First time i read you...i thought i was playin connect the dots.
    Originally Posted by Ibeechur Moms


    You got hope for more, but don’t mention ya visions.
    Cuz if my window of opportunity got parkin tickets…
    …then yours was in a head on collision.
    So fuck ya rhymin shit, but i admit: you're quite the vet.
    Got the most wins in the league....but aint won a title yet.
    ^^HA; so I’ll drop this kid, till the prick is senseless.
    By the time I get 22 wins, I’ll already have 6 defenses.
    So fuck LM, muthafucka’s just a wanna be text geek.
    ...oh oops: sorry Beech...guess i thought it was next week.
    Word: you beat me once, but that typa shit is the rarest.
    So after this i'll claim Ibeechu...unlike his original parents.
    You got thrown in the garbage; how’s this fag respected.
    Cuz from the looks of that verse..……you haven’t left it.
    You’re poor as fuck; so I’ll talk in laymen’s.
    For Christmas I got a 50 inch big screen…
    …you got the box it came in.
    Look kiddo, I feel the win….when I look at this shit.
    I could probably reel you in, when I put a hook to ya lip.
    Fuckin knock ya head off, believe what I send.
    And notice your brainwaves….
    …cuz it ain’t ever gon’ see you again.
    So fuck ya riders, actin like they could stand his.
    You won’t do a self portrait….but you’ll face the canvas.
    You ain’t hurtin me. Ain’t got any shit I like.
    True, you’ll bring the champ pagne…
    …but not until midnight strikes.
    Title changing hands? Nah, be happy for makin it here.
    Cuz after tonight…the only thing that’ll change is the year.
  12. -Oz-

    -Oz- ^^^^^

    Sep 28, 2003
    RBL Champion John Hensley vs LM

    Don't know me?...John?...well guess what

    I ain't no lier, son..ya seen me and have read what I've written too
    truth is....i'm really FRACTURE..
    don't lie, u just jizzed ur pants...didn't you
    U would love that though, but quit wishin, ur a pawn
    Cuz even when Im not in the washroom, im still shitting on the John
    U aint part of no army, its clear im winning by cranking bolder
    Dude wouldn't rap ‘major, if he was a high ranking soldier
    Ur a pure flop, in only one way, lyrically, ud be armed, see
    All of his verses ‘tank so much, hes a thret to the US army
    Dude lives on sex hotlines, thats fate i state
    While I rep the 416, this pathetic slob's reppin 888
    Spittin flow into his ears is what this dude wants, see..
    He'll be drownin in brilliance when I turn his brainwaves into tsunamis
    I come godly, you better pray for hope and survival
    I'll put a ‘passage way through ur head, and I aint quotin the bible
    ^Don't get it? better not gimme a dumb stare
    Sure hes the best thing from b-boys, he's also the only kid from there
    I was prepared for this, cause I knew I couldn't act delerious
    Holy Shit ur not John Dough! and to think i just took you serious!
    Originally Posted by john hensley
    So fuck LM, muthafucka’s just a wanna be text geek.

    ^In his battle with Ibeechu, let me just say it was rude too
    But thanks for writing about me, before I even knew you
    & I'm the text geek? kid rarely sees tits, so ya better see,
    the only time he does
    This weirdo turns his head sideways and gets turned on by the letter B
    Im killin u quick with thrilling, swift ends
    Cause Im bout to sley hen
    ^and i aint talkin about flippin his name, or killing chickens


    John Hensley

    thought you were better...

    Originally Posted by .LM.
    truth is....i'm really FRACTURE..

    You said you were Frac, i ain't done with the throne.
    But i will call you fracture...
    ...after i do it to every one of your bones.
    See i got a sixth sense for illness that'll make ya doubt.
    You're six cents is just the amount in your bank account.
    You ain't nothin man, you can't contend with me.
    You're just an Alias...
    ...that Jennifer Garner wouldn't even pretend to be.
    Seriously, that verse sucked, but i won't think to fail.
    I'll still leave you covered in blood...
    ..and laugh cuz it matches your fingernails.
    Lil scrawny fuck. you're just stupid and scared.
    Only time ya curling iron...is when you're doin ya hair.
    Ya gettin outpunched, outclassed, and outrhymed too.
    You know you're wack, when a Shadow nearly outshined you.
    After i rape you, i'll hit ya bitch and i'll be showin the world.
    That you fuck n' suck......but guess what....so does your girl.
    Won't be done for awhile, no less than a hundred styles.
    I'm known to unzip skirts....this net geek's known to unzip files.
    Been critics of the league since you entered the game.
    I see you wanted to put a stop to the wackness...
    ...so u put a period at the end of your name.
    Shouldn't be playin with John, cuz i'm stayin with bombs.
    And i'll put you in check.....like the way i payed for your mom.
    Your praying for advice, and you'll let fate guide it.
    So God gave you a sign......that was red, white, and 8 sided.
    I've graduated from greatness, i'll sell for centuries.
    But after readin you..
    ...i know why they call wack lines LMentary

    John Hensley wins and retains championship.
  13. -Oz-

    -Oz- ^^^^^

    Sep 28, 2003
    RBL Champion John Hensley Vs Ill William

    John Hensley

    You ain't a rider yet, but you'd die to be on this.
    Watch my verse pass Bills like i was in congress.
    You beat aces, but now ya in trouble for bluffin.
    Yea, you won't catch an L this week...
    ...Oz made it double or nothin.
    Don't mention guns, i'll bring some shit to your world.
    When i use a Magnum on you...like i did with your girl.
    See i stay organized, cuz i gotta earn my profit.
    I even keep a to do list...last night i crossed ya girl off it.
    Cats thought u were Super, but ya plan of attack'll fail.
    But you aint as nice as him and i think he's wack as hell.
    While you found greatness, you'll find trouble too.
    So I got IW this week.......but skillwise I double you.
    You'll wanna quit, so let's just make that an option.
    Cuz you'll be givin up...
    ...but this time it ain't for adoption.
    Can claim you got money, but i doubt it kid.
    The only change you've had....left you without a dick.
    You're overrated, and don't talk cuz i know it's true.
    I ain't even steppin...but i'll still be walkin all over you.
    Stop rappin, and stop talkin so serious.
    Truth is: Will.i.am nice
    ..if you don't forget to pause at the periods.

    Ill William

    John Hensley
    Last Activity: 01-15-2005 04:27 AM
    Viewing User Profile Ill William @ 04:27 AM

    John Hensley
    Last Activity: 01-15-2005 04:26 AM
    Searching Forums User: Ill William @ 04:26 AM

    Its time to write,
    Sorry im late, its friday night, I was out searching for bitches, you see
    Meanwhile you spent the night at home, searching for verses from me
    Loser. Stay in my shadow, I know you can tell I'm ill
    You piggy backed your way to the top, like 50's album will
    In a shell concealed, 26, living in ya ma's cellar, wonderin where the days went
    It's pretty sad man, even Big Tigger got his ass up out the basement
    It's fate when you do ya audios, you know you're a dumb loser
    When ya put ya C Disk in the stereo, and break that and your computer
    Here he is practicaly biting, a good indication of when ya weak
    C'mon! This man is flipping more Jay lines, than fucking Memphis Bleek
    Ill's king of this shit, you're broke wondering how I get bling on my wrist
    Yeah, I had a thing with ya bitch, LOOK...NO MORE RING ON HERE FIST!
    I'm bringing a clip, fucking running ya over...just bet that I'll get ya
    When you hear "Beep Beep", that's me bitch, coming through metal detectors
    To wet ya, The pressure got ya rhymes tired, yeah you drop ya shit weary
    Been in 'The Game' 10 plus years & still have no material for a 'Documentary'
    Now I hate to waste...
    I warned you, and you know that you're chances are funny
    Wasted a line last week, and now you got me wasting an additional 20?
    Dunny, stay away from my venues, unless you arm a mop
    You're show will have ticket scalpers looking for jobs in fuckin barbershops

    John Hensley Wins & Retains Title.
  14. -Oz-

    -Oz- ^^^^^

    Sep 28, 2003
    RBL Champion John Hensley Vs Muffy


    Yo hes a fuckin dumbass..and I don’t mean to ride on it/
    But if he ever had a stroke of genius..dude’ll prolly die from it/
    And its funny how you gloat about what you accomplishin b/
    Because you being champ..is one of the reasons oz restarted the league/
    So don’t get bigheaded fam..and plz hensley get out of the fever/
    Coz the only person that wants you to Sine’….is ya algebra teacher/
    And basically..this whole hype on you is simply confusing me/
    The way this wack mc gets props..reminds me of Scary Movie 3/
    But no worries….all I have to do is come through with the same stride/
    Mostly because John Hensley’s more of a walkthrough’ than a game guide/
    Look at his record…but don’t be decieved hes not harmful in fact/
    John’s easily taken advantage of…shit…look at Garfield the Cat/
    And the Rbl..has been waiting for you to produce something B/
    Coz his lines seem Minute Maid’..sorta like the Juice Company/
    Loser…take notice that ya fuckin reign aint amountin to shit/
    If I told him to take a glimpse of the real world’..
    This faggot’ll prolly start changin the channels quick//
    And I reallly wish Oz would of givin me better instead of this waste/
    Ill dissamble this dude..till it rivals the succesion of the Confederate States/
    Afterwards..ya remnants’ll prolly be fucking reeking in dumpsters/
    Wit ya limbs tied together’..like they were competing in something/
    John and females? Nah they always seem to throw up in his place/
    John and Girls lack chemistry’..
    No wonder is wackass pickup lines always blow’ up in his face/
    And when it comes to that..not even givin head to em comes in handy/
    Coz if any chic-lets’ you eat…it GOTTA be involving some Candy/

    John Hensley

    No contest. you dunno what these bars yield.
    How am i gonna lose to a cat who still reads Garfield.?
    Ya words get scrapped g, this herb can't match me.
    But that verse did surprise me...
    ..i didn't think you could write one worse than last week.
    Went from 78th to 2nd, now this bitch'll get smacked.
    Good thing Oz redid the ranks...
    ...if not i actually would've had a difficult match.
    See, mod powers aint the shit that Oz would abuse.
    Either way, that wack style is what's gon' Coz you to lose.
    I asked for 16, but 24'll just give you more misses.
    In rap you always drop the ball...
    ...to make up for the fact that yours didn't.
    Muff's a wack dude who thinks he's hard.
    Don't care if you aint from the south..
    ...that's where you'll be when the league restarts.
    That's only 12^. i gotta ask why you writin for.
    When i've dropped half as much...
    ...but it's still twice as nice as yours.
    I've had 3 defenses, this kid'll just stay soft.
    After this i'll have as many as there is in the playoffs.
    I'm thankful, cuz you drop wacker with more bars.
    And this'll be a muff dive...
    ...that could give you a contract as a porn star.
    ^^It's played, so what did i drop it for?
    To prove i don't just copy resin's style
    ...but that i can also copy yours.
    I'ma be generic, even though i know that it's useless.
    Your girls face proves grocery bags have multiple uses.
    The vets'll vote for me, and i know that you knew that.
    I just wrote that last line so i'd get votes from the new cats.

    John Hensley Wins and becomes the final RBL Champion!
  15. -Oz-

    -Oz- ^^^^^

    Sep 28, 2003
    RBL Champion John Hensley Vs Richard Corey

    John Hensley

    Humorous cuz your name is rich, but i know your ass.
    Sense the irony, cuz in battling you're still in the lower class.
    Your flow is trash, punches lack when you drop rhymes w/john.
    Told Serge the new style is homophones...
    ...but that's just the type of hotline you're on.
    ^^True you're married. got a wedding gown from a fling.
    Don't worry, divorce ain't why you'll be takin out of the ring.
    Crown a new king? i'm a newb and handled my shit.
    That's fine you were respected...
    ...but you ain't ever won a championship.
    I got you runnin back, when you go a round w/ the boss.
    Corey ain't losin yards...but my D will take him down for a loss.
    Remember this battle, remember how my hits were in range.
    Remember line 8...
    ...cuz after the votin, none of that shit's gonna change.

    Richard Corey
    You ain’t exceptional, dude. But what d’ya expect, when its true?
    Cos’ I’ve lost every champ match I’ve had
    And I’m still more respected than you.
    He’s homeless, staying in any trollies left astray in town
    See, I train in my sleep…
    while john flips that punch the wrong way around
    Y’know he ain’t ballin’, yet he thinks he’s down to death
    Yeah, he’s Rolling 20’s
    If you mean the era when his style was fresh
    Plus his girl is a fuckin' nasty ass freak
    so many naps in her head
    you could hold a kindergarten class in her weave
    Although cocaine’s quick to test the teens of our nation
    If you wanna see sicker white lines
    Check John’s family during STD vaccinations
    Dude most definitely has AIDS, and I guess I'll tattle
    so many chicks screamed ‘no glove, no love!’
    that Payton left Seattle

    John Hensley wins, and retires the RBL Championship!!!
  16. The Second Comming

    The Second Comming you aint poison!!!

    Aug 22, 2000
    RBL Championship up for grabs week 5

    he'll see 5 more W's.. only under the worst conditions
    they'll be when, where, what, why, and who his verse has bitten
    your AIM's for voting, mine's for visionary precision
    it's clear you're creative as fuck......ing in the missionary position
    you're sure to have a mouthful, but here's a taste of truth..
    your fading text career.. looks more like a decayin tooth
    bring your forced stolen punches, i bring shit to rewrite the bible
    it's no coincidence ya hear 'fuck gnaw' when people dislike ya style
    get no props, come out on top and they'll petition the title
    cuz ain't nobody recognizin your dope lines besides their original writers
    your personals'll get roasted for fun; stick to flippin names
    you can't say Castro shoulda won, last week you VOTED FOR DRUGS
    ya moms got hit with my dick, then hit with remorse at your birth
    my nuts are my world and Cee covers three fourths of the Earth
    they say 'x marks your spot'.. we should pitch 'em some pesos
    cuz it's sad when your house could mean the system with Halo

    signed, sealed, delivered.

    J Dot C
    gee...6 lines about bitin & a played sea line...how creative...

    ^^U can call it swayin but,
    Fake personals & a hate vote from Oz are tha only way this gay'll win...
    & let's not forget, u only beat Dissy cuz tha vote time changed to 8pm...
    So u don't deserve to be here, this fag won't last yo...
    Yea I voted for Drugs.....but that's only cuz Cubans hate Castro...
    Drugs is tha queerest I'll find, & tho it appears that he rhymes...
    He's more like a lifetime telemarketer, wit his career on tha line...
    So now Drugs'll get hurt quick, kid has no skill to work wit...
    I'd give u constructive criticsism,
    but I'd need a foreman, bulldozer & fork lift...
    U should just forfeit, or u'll see how my tek fares...
    Cuz I'll push ur wig so far back, Drugs'll wind up wit neck hair...
    Then I'll tie a rope around ur neck & watch ur face expand...
    & leave Drugs hangin, like I forgot to shake his hand...
    Kid, I don't wear Air Forces, but still sport a pair of Nikes...
    & will put Shox to ur chest, like tha doc tryin to save ya life...
    Dude's a wack newb, & when I make him cry wit a loss I'm showin...
    That Drugs really isn't a good sport, just like lacrosse & bowlin...

    Drugs wins the title!!
  17. The Second Comming

    The Second Comming you aint poison!!!

    Aug 22, 2000
    RBL Champion Drugs vs. Troublesome Week 6

    it's a bad week for you..

    shit's like Big's career cause i'm too heavy for guy..
    first i met Mister Cee now im droppin Ready to Die
    too petty to fry, lookin at the league.. i'm ashamed
    even contendership's throwin jokes toward my title reign
    get stricken with terror.. i eye chicks.. u give bitches a glare
    being in trouble's so bad.. cock and semen's gettin the chair
    since my writtens scare fags, i'll put you to rest, guy
    Drugs is known to push back more childish shit than ya sex life
    you don't belong, i plan on winnin just droppin facts..
    like me beating Cas, who beat Cheema after he stomped your ass
    got ya once in the red, plus in MM just double the death
    i see mad pussy in the future.. nothing but trouble ahead
    now get outta here clown since im on that carnage steelo
    got ya shit owned by slaughter like wrestling's sergeant repots


    RBL is at a lacking state, it's not that hard to tell
    Drugs champ? That's enough proof that the league has gone to hell
    It's wrong as well for somebody to have gassed your mind
    And Graze in your success...when you're so far Pasture prime
    If you're askin why i'm not coming hard to pound this guy
    It's cuz i came wack in MM...and he's already down by five
    He aint soundin fly cuz it's clear he's wack as fuck and...
    The only time Drugs comes raw is when my dealer doesn't cut em
    I despise your style...us alike? That's embarrassing
    I'll load my gun and bucket you...til you pail in comparison
    How can you bear it kid? I've heard you're wack, and i concur
    Even my D.A.R.E officer kept telling me how bad you were
    I'll stab this herb repeatedly just end your life sooner
    So ima abuse Drugs more than Robert Downy Jr.

    Troublesome wins the title!!
  18. The Second Comming

    The Second Comming you aint poison!!!

    Aug 22, 2000
    RBL Champion Troublesome vs. Joey Donuts Week 7

    I'm the champ, you're mediocre, i doubt you'll fare well
    Cuz my verses are barrels of laughs, your verses just bare els
    I prepare hell, with my writtens, you got the odds stacked
    Cuz J.D. hasn't been shit since So So collapsed
    You're fucking wack, never told you for the sake of being nice
    But i like my Donuts frosted...so i had to break the ice
    Beauty's only skin deep, yeah that's just a random thought
    If that's the case, i'll 'Skin this faggot quicker than Santana Moss
    So can the talk, just no-show in attempt of saving face
    Even your last band of hope started playing Amazing Grace
    Kid, you're a waste...watch how easily i rock dude
    Cuz your bars carry on so much a flight attendant stopped you
    Even kangaroos son Joey...so ima make this fool known
    And give em some grave concerns when i piss on his tombstone

    Joey Donuts
    So your from jersey? Heard your states in a frantic pitty
    Troubles everywhere, but your only high stakes was in atlantic city
    And he doesn’t get girls, I might as well warn ya’ll here
    Last time he doug in a girl, was when those cartoon’s aired
    And see I’m not really trying, but you can hardly tell actually…
    …Sort of like your impact on the rbl battle league
    I know your moms, she’s a tough cookie that’s hard to crumble
    She’s a bully, when I first met her she asked “wanna start some trouble?”
    You force your rhymes, you’re a sci-fi geek and I’m truly amazed
    Yoda kid that lines up for star wars days before the movie is played
    On that note, I saw the ring 2 yesterday, and your showin up clown
    If you think you were well prepared, you can get thrown in one now
    So double the bets, I’ll leave this guy a puddle of mess…
    …When I do it piece-maker style, and put trouble to rest

    Joey Donuts wins the title!!
  19. The Second Comming

    The Second Comming you aint poison!!!

    Aug 22, 2000
    RBL Champion Joey Donuts vs. Citizen X Week 8

    Joey Donuts
    Let's get it crackin

    You’ll never be a champ here, to you, booing’s the option
    Your hostile takeover bid ended in you losing the auction
    So don’t try it again, we been through this more than once
    Dude had a longer title run than forest gump
    Parents tried to give you your life story, it was laughter at first
    Got that rap name cause that’s what they said after your birth
    Even at a party, no numbers, his life? hardly no lovers
    The last time a bitch touched ds, was to play that new Mario brothers
    And don’t think you’re a pimp, I would really smack this gay
    If I do, he’d have to pop his collar…bone back in place
    Your not nice, I should let the long 5th bury ya
    Your verses are so common it should do a song with erykah
    And I saw your pic in the tourney.Get ready to write a loss kid
    I haven’t seen such a slim thug since that like a boss vid
    I really wasn’t ready to post, but fuck it, I must bring it…
    …And pretend I’m what’s between his legs and just wing it

    Citizen X
    fuck wit' Cit, this clown gets beat
    ur headed for some trouble.. when ur rank drops down next week
    this kids a geek, nerd comes with horrid rhymes
    cuz Yoda kid last week who used a Star Wars line
    u gotta forced style, me, i spit bombs
    DS don't need any 'Friends'... Imma make Joey sit calm'
    this kids wrong, bout wit me, doubt a good chance
    u can try to sock it to me... after you take it out of your pants
    and as it stands, im gonna win this match geek
    cuz ur poor attempts of winning... filed for bankruptcy last week
    ur gay actions speak, no cults for u, fuck sacrificin goats
    they kicked u out during the brainwashing.. when u some how dropped the soap
    get no votes, Joeys got fewer fans
    cuz no ones feelin Donuts... except for Users hands

    Citizen X wins the title!!
  20. The Second Comming

    The Second Comming you aint poison!!!

    Aug 22, 2000
    RBL Champion Citizen X vs. Faceless

    I'm a Pimp,my Pimpin Allows me to Fuck and Finger Slut's
    Ya Girls head Game
    Proves u tha Only one in tha couple who Thinks Drinking Sucks
    Yeah ya Girl Swallowed..wanna know what Took Place After?
    Ask ya Mom about Looks
    And she'll Make It Perfectly Clear..That Only Face Matters
    Acting like one of tha RBL's Best..and I admitt u can Fake It
    Ya text needs Work
    Actualy....It needs Two Job's and a Loan to Make It
    Man It wont be Hard to Destroy and leave this Brother Torn
    Nothing like mothers Scorn
    And everyday he hears if Drinking Sucks u woulda never been Born
    I Aint tha One DS wants to Attempt To Tangle With
    Dance circles around U
    and A Town Stomp ya faggot ass from every Angle Bitch
    I Shit on HotDog by 6 votes..and Your Losing Worse
    I review south battles
    This is just another example of me Pickin apart a Newbie's Verse
    I win Hands Down,ya number one Rank..i hope u Enjoyed tha shit
    it's Over now
    Cause ya Riegn on top was Shorter than Earl Boykins Kids

    Citizen X
    i write illness, wont beat me dude
    cause Face drops so bad, it puts down syndrome kids in GQ


    wont break a sweat, i'll make this geek pay
    & im not talkin about push ups
    when I said im ready to beat face
    this dope sucks, & girls give loud, far cries
    ur so ugly...
    ... I couldn't save Face... with the help of unlimited webspace & two hard drives
    dont even reply, u lost but still wondering why
    DS sent u packin'..
    but u had a jumpstart with the bags under ur eyes
    this guys bluffin, got ur girl, i agree its not fair kid
    & watch me Poker' so hard ESPN will start to air it
    im not caring, its u who's gonan get beat
    cause i got Faceless now, but u'll Face less next week
    u get no sex, ur privates? no girls'll feel urs
    its known Face felt more balls then every pool Billards
    speakin of girls, all the hoes duck face
    so ugly, he gets the cold shoulder from Windows up-dates
    never touched a girl, kid has had no luck
    and when i say you suck, face... it'll only get your hopes up

    Faceless wins the title!!
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