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  1. -Oz-

    -Oz- ^^^^^

    Sep 28, 2003
    Imperial Vs Dough Jordan


    You been champ before, but ima embarrass you Dough
    All I need is scissors.. since youre the heir to the throne
    Ya wack dude.. im too gangsta for you, my gat's huge
    When you see it, youll wet yaself... so I wont have to
    Leave you holdin ya chest, bleedin profuse
    And ima put ya arm in a sling.. to make it easy for you
    Noone likes you man.. ya worthless and outta luck
    So ima smash ya life.. since you kept it bottled up
    Wonder why ya girl left you? She's a great kisser
    The bitch didnt wither away... I went away wither
    Ima threaten this pussy.. jus to see the bitch cry
    Then ill make him say thanks, after he please for his life
    DJ's a fuckin square.. so when he gets popped off..
    Cops'll outline the corpse, for kids to play hopscotch
    Youll be in the hospital.. all shook up, you chump
    Cuz I got a pump.. that'll leave you hooked up to one
    Son, its time for ya fate
    Ya verse sucks..
    I had to watch ya hospital screen to find a line that was straight
    I dont like b-ball shoes.. so when im buyin some..
    Its like this battle... cuz I didnt even try And 1

    Dough Jordan

    [No Shows]

    Imperial is the new R B L Champ
  2. -Oz-

    -Oz- ^^^^^

    Sep 28, 2003
    RBL Champion Imperial Vs Oneduh


    Im serious.. this fuckin geek will lose
    You learn from experience.. so I know a lot about beatin you
    Im teachin you a lesson.. you cant rap like me
    Ya verse is in question.. no wonder you cant ask nicely
    I steal everyone's bitch.. but your hoe isnt nice
    Id only make a dash for ya girl - to show ya dick size
    I guess its whats inside that counts
    But the only thing behind ya face..
    ..is the clip I left inside ya mouth
    My verses are 10's.. every single line is great son
    And when the steaks are high.. you always get A 1
    Ya shits played out and useless, ya garbage
    Youre a nuisance for starters..
    ..and you aint spit nuisance youve started
    I told you, all I get is 10's
    Knew his verse wouldnt score close to that..
    ..so he took an IQ test instead
    You dont know shit, youre a dumbass.. this bros too queer
    Kid took the fuckin Pepsi challenge, and chose root beer
    Youll leave in a hurse.. ya keys are the worst
    Compared to models.. even Tara's a better Reid than ya verse
    Remember Imperi-Ill?, thats me you bitch
    I made a new name for myself..
    ..and its the 2nd one ive beat you with


    You don't deserve the belt.. the fact is, Dough should have it
    I'll take it out of the loops, until it matches your social status
    Now you're claiming that this'll be be my second defeat
    You never ate One, that's just what your record should be
    When he tries to get laid, his girl's like "get away, scram"
    While I get her into more positions than a good resume can
    The only way to describe Duh is sick & disturbed
    I'm known to lose my head in a battle like Nicholas Berg
    All of those fake personals will be get beat for sure kid
    You got nothin but lie ability, like cheap insurance
    That shit won't work this week, Duh's endin ya streak
    I'm not bein greedy when I read your verse & ask what's in it for me
    Flippin is gay, no wonder you mastered the task
    But those old gun lines won't make you a blast from the past
    I called you lame from the start, an internet geek
    & Imma stick to my guns, like the infa red beam
    Honestly,you've gotta be the dumbest guy yet
    I could capture your imagination with a butterfly net
    Everyone wants to know why they gave the title to Imp
    This league's blunt.. so the more you suck, the higher you get

    Oneduh wins & becomes 2x RBL Champion!
  3. -Oz-

    -Oz- ^^^^^

    Sep 28, 2003
    RBL CHamp Oneduh Vs Headless Verseman


    Your name's fucked up, don't drop another horrible post on me
    Why Headless? you always seemed like more of a nobody
    You got killed by Ink, got some cheap votes to win
    & I'll prove it by beating you with lines I prewrote for him
    When approachin this bad seed, I'll move to the bottom
    Where I'll dig up his family tree & get to the root of the problem
    Your lines aint long for audio, face it your flow's basic
    & that gun talk's like speaking properly, you say it but don't spray it
    I'm a vet in the game, you know I'm a pro
    Holdin a "will rap for food" sign's your idea of gettin the show on the road
    Plus, you already know my writtens is nice
    So get right up next to your moniter,
    & I'll beat you within an inch of your life
    ^ Yeah I stretched my format, I know it's out of date
    But I didn't wanna make your verse look so out of place
    What's the point of a battle? if you try to clown me
    I'll expose chi.nks in your armor the size of Yao Ming
    My punches'll fold him, when a sweet left's landing
    It's the opposite of a dance off, you won't see Head standing
    After that, you'll find out I got the worst right too
    When I uppercut you so high you get a birds eye view
    I always get the last laugh, known to drop hot text
    You get the last laugh.. cuz you got the slowest thought process
    Thinkin it's over, but the light at the end of the tunnel..
    Turned out to be; just another flash of brilliance from OneDuh


    Headless Verseman

    Oneduh's a patriot, and cuz of that i better be honest
    i duno whats being memorialized, veterans or those elderly concepts
    decided to settle with nonsense, ur try- u spent it w/ played shit
    verse writing isnt your thing Lyri-cold, corny alias making's the extent of your greatness get the fuck off my site, ill kill this bastard farill
    maybe u'd be signed Unsigned Hype if the HYPE part was backed w/ some skill
    ill beat this kid till the chair breaks
    then powerbomb him so bad his spine resembles a staircase
    and ill no show if the price is right
    if not, ill put a knife to this fags neck an give new meaning to a slice of life
    to spare his life, he better offer me cash
    or ill beat him so deeply they'll give my battle methods a philosophy class
    he's eager to win the title so this bums whore'n
    but unless he names that verse a disease there wont even be a run for it
    im the best an yet humble, put mirrors on ya chest an the bundle
    ya legs together, throw u into the ocean, now reflect on ya struggle
    your an emcee? ill back ur work so ur business can leap
    an give u a large Advance-
    thats not money its the name of who used YOUR lines ORIGINALLY
    this chump is king? dont front ya bitch
    musics so bad Razors wont bump yo shit
    please cuz, u being a millionaire seems dumb
    kids got about as much green as the fuckin middle east does
    see that ease of flow an wit, this man expected those
    instead i saw more predictable hits than last weeks soprano episode
    just let it go, its true, u gave it a try
    but failed, so long.....sign ya name on the line


    Oneduh wins, signs out, and forfeits title to contendership winner Dough Jordan
  4. -Oz-

    -Oz- ^^^^^

    Sep 28, 2003
    RBL Champion Dough Jordan vs Headless Verseman

    Dough Jordan

    verseman's washed up, these days ya whole pull is lacking/
    ur the worst thing on the net since sandra bullock's acting/
    who cares about ur muscles, ya pics just homo proof/
    that ur a flash in the pan, I'm more like a photo shoot/
    save ur two cents and perhaps the crowd'll cheer em/
    cuz opinions are like ya audios, I dont wanna hear em/
    I really annoy this guy so he tries to avoid people/
    only thing under his skin more than me's steroid needles/
    I know ur game pop, ur chances are startin ta wilt/
    not ta mention ur neck's still on every carton of milk/
    nobody found it yet, ya fake son.../
    he the net roy jones, he throws punches but can't take one/
    turned on Jerry Springer to learn ur certainly fryed/
    cuz headless looks just like the head security guy/
    Steve I think it is, u were boring from the first spit/
    ya jaw's leaned, u got a grill foreman couldn't work wit/
    dont forget ur mom's a fiend, we know dawg/
    she takes more bricks to the head than deebo dawg/
    I'd say u lost ur edge just as laughter ta use/
    but u need something to jump off after u lose/

    Headless Verseman

    Ducked like a gay little bitch.

    Dough Jordan Becomes RBL Champion.
  5. -Oz-

    -Oz- ^^^^^

    Sep 28, 2003
    RBL Champion: Dough Jordan Vs Necromancer (silent)


    This kid changed everything...that's what worries me..
    Cuz dough was rocking the big face...long before currency..
    Thought about your chin...but i can't find support...
    I'll never have a jaw line strong enough to match the might of yours..
    Then you act like a gangsta...but you just playing yourself..
    Cuz you switching red and blue...like you aiming yourself..
    Talent written all over you face, well no more than me..
    but there's still enough room for original war and peace..
    Nick's stays hot in battles, and that's now, so respect it..
    But Doughs off in battles....at least from the crowd's perspective
    ^^yes..doze for doughs..if i dont..something is up..
    cuz dough's a sex symbol........mostly cuz he's ugly as fuck...
    you can't be a snitch...just a bitch in the worst way..
    there's no droppin dimes, if he couldn't pick one up in the first place..
    face it you suck, you fake, im something great..
    cuz magus has got hot keys.....dough's got copy n paste..
    and if you copy n paste...it's word i'll beat it..
    cuz that just makes you a bitch...and me an adhesive..
    this is for all the newbies that ride this fag..
    this'll be one for the record....on the right side of the dash..

    Dough Jordan

    You seemed shook but were on time wit a battle script/
    he's not a marine, he just plays alotta online battle ship/
    j-kwon's in the service? I was hopin for a sick battle/
    till I found out thats not a mustache, its his lip's shadow/
    I heard all marines are given guns well I'll bet son.../
    you should roll those sleeves down till you get some/
    Dough's vile so please I'll destruct ya style with ease/
    that outfits good in battle if u blend in with a pile of leaves/
    or maybe paintball, thats it, theres none of this punk left/
    its go hard or go home, u should be on ya front steps/
    I knew marcus changed alot but it wasn't a slight thing/
    till I found he had a dark arm and the other was light skinned/
    taken lives lately, here I was hoping ta spare one/
    so I'm debatin what line's worse, his closer or hair one/
    cuz ya edge up's dumb crooked, u'll take no bout/
    call him a broke atm cuz he can't take dough out/
    all ur aliases aren't cool either, I'm scorchin this thug/
    no points, here u need ta get donated organs and blood/
    on his road to success he heard from a car device/
    cuz even the on star told Silent he was far from nice

    Dough Jordan Wins, Signs Out, And Forfeits Title To Contendership Stand In Champ Island!
  6. -Oz-

    -Oz- ^^^^^

    Sep 28, 2003
    RBL Champion: Island(aloe) vs Ill Nik-A


    Who u scarin, honeslty dog it ain`t even worth preparin
    You cant rock me with old faded lines... unlike that shirt your wearin
    I mean please, who the fuck you think you are
    When you lookin like a flame broiled muskrat trying to act hard
    U losin, N nobodies commin to rescue you cuzz
    Whys ya face-skin look 20 years older than the rest of you does?
    Ill Nik-A? man please, u more like a homo Nsync
    Cus the blackest thing in that fuckin picture is the photo shop ink
    Forget disses, maybe u can explain instead in jest
    Why ya nose is goin east.. while the rest of ya head is goin west
    See Islands a fuckin beast, dudes set to cry now
    I`d say we see eye to eye, but ur ass has 2 sets of eye brows
    Now i like Luda lots, but this kids hysteria prone
    Holdin up 3-0-5 to let me kno i got hoes in different area codes
    N you shouldnt be actin like nothin but a bitch man
    Especially when the only ice u rock is a neon orange wrist-band
    You suck at this rap shit, i wanna inform ya with urge
    So dont quit ya day job.. sellin oranges on the corner with Serge
    N battling me? if u ever think ur by some grace worthy
    Just remember the fact that ur refugee lookin ass got some face Herpes

    Ill Nik-A

    Its no rumor, Island’s now Aloe & I’mma show u a loser
    how did u win last week when all the votes were for User
    Washed up niqqa, ur long lines’ll get thrown & jerked
    fuck Twista, a level 5 tornado couldnt flow ur verse
    fuckin herbs, UPN must be proud but I'll tell ya the facts
    how it takes two of u now to try & be RBL champs
    bring hell to ya cats, as ur attacks’ll get dismantled as usual
    aint seen an Island take command without Castro's approval
    laugh at this fool, this a beatin, fuck the season u shouldn’t bother
    u won the AA tourney but the voters weren’t fully recovered
    undercover, typical c.racker acting the part, a bad ass, a toughy
    Acting like he’s grabbing his balls when its actually all jeans
    But g, here’s a tip that’ll work, u the toughest of the nerds
    but u gotta keep ur pants falling off like the bottom of ur verse
    killed what was worth, u must be a hypocrite & proud to be
    u talking at that shit when u actually bowing down to me
    A clown as seen, living an act u know u can not follow
    unless Island's long lost text skills show up in a bottle
    U just got out muscled, clowned, couldnt bare to say no
    not only do u got User's account, u also wearing his clothes
  7. -Oz-

    -Oz- ^^^^^

    Sep 28, 2003
    RBL Champion Island Vs Eyedill & Super Dooper


    When U posted we lost U.. Those tears in Ur eyes will cost U.
    And by the looks of Ur shirt.. That's not all fallin off U.
    Super's pathetic, A waste of lines, A trick who looks hurt.
    So why try to fit in the league when U can't fit in Ur shirt?!
    And user clones Vern Acular's style, Ya Should'a stole heat.
    Since one couplet of Urs is long enough to fit a whole beat.
    Control streets with big guns, Put holes in U deeper than cliff's son.
    & get shot so much U won't know where to piss from!
    And after that U're dead, Blood from Ur head. Don't run, instead crawl.
    Now the only way I can't see U is if U stand in front of a red wall.
    Bloody as fuck. Better yet, ugly as fuck & blame that.
    When I beat U with more ease than Enemee's name has.
    My lines stay fresh & keep up with today's flow.
    Which in Ur case U got more behind than J-Lo!
    And I bet U never have fun in Ur life at all.
    But hang from my left nut so Ur life's a ball!

    now listen..

    I'll announce what, makes U lose, Think U're stout, slut?
    plzz, Get Ur mind out the gutter, it's fuckin Ur house up!
    U can say I'ma biter, But U're just wasting Ur words.
    U even got cheesy flow, And I still don't wanna taste of Ur verse.

    Super Dooper

    how dill writes..probably got his lines from a stoner
    so much Meth in his sytem he'll OD before the battle is over
    no more epimetheus archives to search for
    eye will come original for once, I ain't never posted my picture
    aloe out in the woods, where he was raised on
    his family is insects, where u think his bug eyes came from?
    how this skinny guy a rapper..it's mistifying
    he'd be out of breath after 15 seconds of freestyling
    he's makin history n been waitin a while for one
    the first cat to actually put on a jogging suit for a title run
    since i've been dissin, i'll give some recognition
    I took my pic tryin to show u guys aloe was on television
    2 advantages dill has, my pic n he's been gay
    meanin everything he does is critisize straight men all day
    beat him last week, feelin like i've been hit by lightnin
    im in shock he's here, if I took a pic now my hair'd be spikey
    if being wack hurt, A would need a helper to breathe
    the competition has hit Aloe since he's entered the league
    i'm a mexican, so I should be selling n hiding
    but these chumps wouldn't be Champs selling sports items


    Islands got riders, n why would newbies win where vets've failed
    ...cuz i can have yall pushed by 50 groupies, like Banks' record sales
    Dill’s a known biter...and all ya bold dreams.. leave that
    Plus he’s hittin’ the same old lines, like a coke fiends relapse
    See dill...i can drop the subject, but the laughter hurts him
    N we can see eye to eye, but he’d have to look up from the fracture verses
    Ur gonna get clowned quick...here, look what i found kid...
    Combined?...Island's won more tourneys than ya lost the first round in
    Just cuz he steals lines...he thinks a vet wouldnt hurt him..
    But dill....just cuz you over-bite...doesnt get you dental insurance
    N dooper..
    Look at this girl, I’ll hit u so hard you’ll wanna squeal
    The only Super worth mentionin is the size of my last McDonalds meal
    I’ve never seen cheeks so big...but i guess its fine if you let him
    U can tell he bit off more than he can chew...hes doing his eyedill impression
    Fuck this jerk, I’ll leave this kat ripped n suckin dirt
    You can tell this beaner works in the fields.. he even picked his fuckin shirt!
    So I’m battlin a pinoy n a mexican, its clear that they rattled
    Fuck Taco Bell... i got a 2 course rice n bean meal right here in this battle
    I dont wanna clown the pic anymore, but i cant get past it yet..
    Of how super looks like a shaved lightskinned hamster with a fashion sense

    Island Wins & signs out, The league grieves :-(
  8. -Oz-

    -Oz- ^^^^^

    Sep 28, 2003
    Idol Dot Z Vs Synthesis

    Idol Dot Z

    can keep bringing LS back, but son the game's over/
    ....s'why i got rid of the sig quicker than chain smokers//
    us two again? i'll leave crew members astounded.../
    when i decide to cut a liter in half like 16 ounces//
    now, everyones a rapper and spittings not unique/
    hated hearing you beat lyrixx...
    but not as much as hearing your lyrics to a beat//
    and at the rate this addict buying smack from the street.../
    he'll have more tracks on his arm than he'll have on cd//
    you may be Crip, but i'll show you what a thugs bout/
    you aint never blood in... even tho you'll have blood out//
    and i kno what 'dill and newbs look for during they voting sprees/
    i'll ketchup to your girls buns...aight maybe now they'll vote for me!//

    the motto of rbl voters, ryde or die.


    [no show]

    Idol Dot Z wins, & Becomes RBL champion, Then Signs Out Winning By No Show & Having 0 Title Defenses
  9. -Oz-

    -Oz- ^^^^^

    Sep 28, 2003
    Joseph Q Castro(Stand In) Vs Alpha Omni Vs Torch1

    Alpha Omni
    A Pic battle against two washups? That's weak for the belt...
    So Fuck a 1,000 words, this kodak moment speaks for itself

    The Dynasty, a decent crew that pursues some weak habits
    Cuz I’m seeing like 8 nice heads and two complete faggots
    1 w!igger, 1 flamer… I wouldn’t be caught shaking the hand
    …Of the two rejects from Puff Daddy’s Making Tha Band
    I could beat Torch a hundred times… with dozens of verses
    And he’ll STILL think he belongs where he doesn’t deserve it
    My ruggedness earned it, you Cr@ckers stick to the bitch flow
    It’s like Oz got high and put me up against Ritz and Nabisco
    As for Dissy, even his BEST punches are played and flipped
    I bet last week made Epi dig himself out the grave and bitch
    Now I fathered many styles, a living legend and martyr to be
    But see you two fruits just fell WAY too far from the tree
    Go ahead hate the close-up, I could pretend to be bothered
    Fact is if Atmosphere’s right…
    Torch and Joe are best-friends with our Heavenly Father
    My verse is cookin, and you two will NEVER find the recipe
    Cuz what you write is always ‘in question’ like Final Jeopardy
    From Joe’s Prom to Torch’s stance, ya’ll need to get smacked right
    Cuz yeah I might be pale as fuck, but at least I can ACT white
    Your dickriders ain’t gotta choice, this how a Champion’s felt
    So drop the fuckin act AND the ego …just hand me the belt

    Check these gangsters, i got alotta thugs to sort
    But, if yall are there..whos loitering in the mall food court?
    the bubbles burst kid, ill leave your fam in hurses
    dissy just keep his hands on serge'n vets like army nurses
    iono whats harder to explain to your kids from now on
    ya choice in women...or wearing a durag to your prom
    Not lookin too fond of ya girl, this w.iggas hopeless
    Even more so since you'd probably trade her for a Jigga poster
    Yeah I went there, cause i'm hittin you with facts, kid
    and the worst part is that the poster would be more attractive
    but straight up, it's time to leave it kid
    when ya verse ends up slouchin more than her cleavage is
    It's obvious that I'm poundin kids
    Cause Demik's in your face like those thousands of zits
    Get hit this round & sit. Rivers? Cannin' this hoe
    I'll give you props on using Balths style minus talent & flow
    Mr. Rivers..Omni, ya broke ass NEEDS to borrow some wealth
    or make Mr. Bridge, and get the fuck OVER yourself
    my stock in rivers aint rising, man yall need to help my share
    since the dudes posin with a goatee made from Chelseas hair
    & even in the match with omni is embarassin
    check ya complection, its only right you pale in comparison

    so demik wants the belt? I aint helping him to it
    cus even I didnt think his bitch ass would use a full photo album to do it

    lets go...

    lets talk crews demik, cause easily youre less then me
    when youre the worst part of 'the dynasty', like memphis bleek
    dissin' chelsea? c'mon dog.....theres more to his life, see
    this faggot likes inkwell's screen name x10 more than his wifey
    demik's scared to notice or embrace..
    that even his fuckin' camera was scared to focus on his face
    the red & blue outift aint smart, now youre dead and it shows
    when that just means he's gonna get beat down wherever he goes
    you mad son? its easy....i'll melt your raps
    and you can get bent out've shape like alpha's hat
    and mr. rivers, the shits humour....so im laughing clown
    hip-hop aint dead, shiit....we even got the lucky charms dude rapping now
    you aint on my level kid, im sworn to truth..
    why the fuck you think demik's verse is dissing me a hell of a lot more than you
    sweet mary mother of god, you gotta give up or quit
    question, alpha.....why in the fuck dont you have an upper lip?
    youre next to lose, youre garbage son, now accept the truth
    I mean, everyone in this thread is part of a dynasty......except for you

    Alpha Omni wins and becomes RBL champion!
  10. -Oz-

    -Oz- ^^^^^

    Sep 28, 2003
    Alpha Omni (Champ) vs P Nut

    P Nut

    if Mr. Rivers is the name, the connections have me dying
    ...point blank...a ran river is a poor excuse of Island
    either way he’s 10-0, I think he’s found the recipe
    ...added Resin, stirred Storm then had a little dash of me
    so in a way ya well stocked, Alpha owes me his wallet
    ...wit all my lines he retails I’m still waiting for the profit
    so gimme the cash now, ya trash and I know hot
    ...this fag is a bigger sneak than previews of I, Robot
    n’ if I ever choose you...that’s where the laughs come
    ...we only voted AO so he would stay wit And1
    never see the light of day, reading you, I’m not stressin
    ...only giving Omni-light during a Photoshop session
    had a verse...put it up...then took it down to try to scare me
    ...I would too if in the Mag the Mods said it hit barely
    go rearrange ya flow, switch the words to rhyme great
    ...ya rhymeflow’s state of the art...yea the fifty-second state
    had a time at the top, n’ nowadays ya rest’s festerin
    ...cause I’m taking Alpha out...plus stopping text messaging
    it’s elementary...but to stay in first placement
    ...bring ya online pack similar to Playstations...

    Alpha Omni

    Just being brutally honest, kid you can bet I’m as fair as that
    Since the harshest truth here is I should be at it with Arizcats
    If your goal WAS to lose in that verse, you succeeded the task
    Cuz I came across more stutters than retards tryna read to the class
    So I checked his rhyme, found this whore is just the next in line
    With slimmer chances than Vadik, Orbit and Def combined
    You’re pressed for time and won’t last if you spit weak to flow
    Shit ya best punch was the same And1 I saw… SIX weeks ago
    He’s old news… while Omni’s fresh and every line’s dope
    Nuts just the type to snatch votes from cats with 25 posts
    Plus you been in it since 99, can’t bare that ya life’s a joke
    Got 2 years on me and still embarrassed I’m twice as dope
    I’d say the foundation of his whole career is hardly sound
    A name built on affiliations with Snoopy and Charlie Brown
    P’s been a jack-off for too long, why won’t the phony retire?
    Dude gets more wrist action on the Web than Tobey Maguire
    Want words of advice? Well I’ll give you some to remember
    P-Nut, you have been and always will be JUST a Contender
    Cuz you lost it bitch, a champ run filled with the softest spits
    …Call it a comeback??? Nah P you should just call it quits

    P Nut wins and becomes new RBL champion
  11. -Oz-

    -Oz- ^^^^^

    Sep 28, 2003
    RBL Champion P Nut vs Arizcats

    P Nut
    aiyyo in sixteen weeks I show you to stay dope
    do a verse every week that emerges gay jokes
    have ya opener say what kind of a dick a fag took
    n’ use the other twenty-eight for punches out a snaps book
    now everybody is like...what kinda style is that?
    easy...use a search engine n’ refer to Arizcats
    I got my dance shoes on, you wanna tangle wit rap
    I’ll stomp a hole in ya back...the size of a dodge hemi
    beating him blue-black with the palm of the hand
    n’ if you got the winning vision...stop crawlin in sand
    a mirage is jus seen...I’ll tell ya somethin brother scum
    ...half the jokes ya got are live in living color...reruns
    stick to basics, proving that you fail to drop bombs
    ya lines go...from homey the clown to you to dot coms
    anyway...head to church I put the fear of god in you
    ...curiosity kills cats, fuck it...so does elephant food
    ya wack in a few words...truth...accurate...and factual
    flow is so troublesome ya got it gawking at the manual
    a hold upon reality results in flawed grips
    it slips through...so jew lose similar to Auschwitz
    adios plain and simple, ain’t no way ya would win
    cause ya got tacky in the bag...it’s filled up wit push pins
    so anything ya words say, is a stretch of word play
    jus pray tha voters got ya back sternum spine and vertebrae
    but if they don’t, plan B’s somethin ya should start scanning
    Arizcats...the next contestant found on Last Comic Standing


    Beat Alpha, he wasn’t shit, and soon we’ll be set to forget it|
    Ya title run was more of a jog through the special olympics|
    He’s adept at net scrimmage , social life? I doubt he knows|
    I’da blew my brains out before I got to 19 thousand posts|
    This soft bitch is scary, you won’t see this nerd lay a dime|
    Closest he got to the real world was TV Thursdays at 9|
    And his hunger for love means P’s gonna need diets|
    Only girl he’ll get has a butter face and cottage cheese thighs|
    I’m good with the rap and dude getting his trash sacked|
    P’s the laughing stock of the league thats outperforming the Nasdaq|
    M Jackson shares ya traits when lookin confused and then rattled|
    He lives on Neverland and that’s what your punches do in a battle|
    I’ll come to ya crib and if this nig gets rowdy|
    I’m prone to leave P on the carpet like the Big Lebowski|
    The Roots of your flow shows yours are the poorest|
    So Don’t Say Nuthin cause your rhymes sound like its chorus|
    Tear this bitch and ya current ranks don’t scare me kid|
    Cause even toddlers know that P is only #1 when compared to shit|
    Ya punches, flow and concepts are worthless than a bitch|
    Hell, the only thing workin for Pnut is circus elephants|
    Short career’ll just flounder he needs problem solvers|
    The only spins DJ’s give him come from small revolvers|
    How will he eat with no sales or applause |
    When the last single he dropped…was in a male strippers draws|
    Plus this chump is a bum. Seen P balling? Barely|
    Idiot’s the type to go to Petco and buy flawless canaries.|

    Arizcats Wins & Signs Out
  12. -Oz-

    -Oz- ^^^^^

    Sep 28, 2003
    Resin M I C vs Serge

    Resin M I C
    Rockin wife-beaters eyday. Ya styles the worst kid
    Manic hated the NBA Draft.
    … Look like his fingers had other ideas with the First Pick.
    & when thirst hits. Accept it, don- you bug me
    Your ‘dashing looks’ just entered a marathon for ugly
    Plus his house too tight. It’s a good thing u aint taller, crab
    Broads on periods are ecstatic. No ones EVER seen a smaller Pad.
    & that shack has no bathroom’s. It’s a very-damn-shame
    So his fam’ll vote Bush.
    …They jealous of the 2 John’s in the Kerry campaign.
    Just admit you wack. Hairy fucks shouldn’t lie now
    HOLY SHIT! Cousin It died & got buried in his eyebrows.
    Manic aint a pimp. Otherwise he’d train with me
    WNBA’s the only time you’ll EVER see a bitch on D
    Get tricked with ease. Over here you shredded
    I’d give you the finger but I can determine where it’s headed
    Nig thinks he suave? Man, please
    Peep top. Moose in his hair look like it’s gon stampede.
    Your face is hilarious. I can’t stop laughing at gays
    Plus that speed-bump chin can back up traffic for days
    Listen nig, you aint gritty by far
    Only drive a hard bargain… if ‘hard bargain’s slang for “shitty ass car”.
    So I’ll bury you alive. That’s what I do to trash, kid
    Fuck work.
    The graveyard-shift’s a move you do tryna get out the casket.
    You’re a flipper, a loser. Your flips are rigid in distance
    Only Crew u seen with’s the type of sweater ya grandma knitted for Christmas.

    addicted, resin so wtf is you stressin?
    ya like shaq jumpin, cant stay off the boards for 2 seconds
    you suck elsewhere n i hope that you note that
    ResinMC his aim so you see the only place hes dope at
    ya fuckin addiction is a cellphone in the makin
    see, i press n call you on it before n after ya shakin
    fuck a 12 n 0 nígga YOUR time is done
    like daylight savins is over, you goin 11 to 1
    i heard ya one audio n you aint really witty
    plus ya flow like ya mouths fartin, too loud n sound shitty
    i'll shoot ya head off, cheerleaders'll sadden
    next time they see ya brain it'll be a fear factor challenge
    ya verses?...
    without mex jokes, or cliches his flow is a fable
    now resin needs more j-pegs than foldable tables
    cliche after the other, you aint even clever
    i liked them shits, i just thought ''SNAPS!'' books wrote them better

    Resin M I C Wins and signs out for a week
  13. -Oz-

    -Oz- ^^^^^

    Sep 28, 2003
    Numskull (fill in champ) vs Serge

    24, lets go..

    Sorry Serge but...
    Didnt you lose last week?...its obvious your drops're feeble...
    There's lotsa people...but you been fuckin with #2, more than Dr. Evil
    its been long since we played, a little too long the streets say..
    Since then, fuck sellin oranges on the street...manics moved on to Ebay
    Now I'm stuck in a bind, and inside my head and mind
    I'm having trouble picking which one I should let do my hedge designs
    I mean on one hand... Razah, careless and pissy
    But, Serge is a true Mexican, rocking plaid, hairnets and dickies
    You'll never drink an alcoholic beverage.. I'm serious dawg
    Only time you'll ever get plastered, is when doing my interior walls
    I know your whole vocabulary's fake.. I got this in the bag
    Cause “esse” and “homes” are something you've never written or had
    I'll knock your lights out dude, these scales'll foil ya
    Last Mexican to get a belt for his punches was Oscar De La Hoya
    And let's be honest, the hoes you fuck are true tramps
    Serge's version of splurgin'... is trynna eat out with food stamps
    I got a lot of memory on my computer, and mind you're past your prime
    But, you got even more 'megabytes' via Resin and Fracture lines
    You may be good, but in style he's lacking
    Cause all this work and no respect by the greats, like the new Calefaction
    Difference is he'd eat you.. he's kinda ill you're worthless
    Cause when ideas come and you run with em...
    ...Most of the time it's you stealing verses
    You're a sinner, bet you'll have fun in your corpse
    Mexican renames himself 'Jesus' in attempts to be a son of the lord


    heres the rundown, get set for a rippin
    im bout to 'take a #1 down' like pissin while im sittin
    just like head so why you tryna stunt mines?
    like the last skull i got, you suck alot n got cumlines
    youre a Customs bloodhound, that shit is a given
    since youre a bordeline-bitch that coke sniffs for a livin
    i pack stacks of gats to clap n i bring beef like cattle
    oh my bad, theres already a fake thug in this battle
    you shook, so start divin for ya safety
    outta pussy comes a Dash like if Damon had a baby
    sliced up n diced tough, bitin steelo's kid?
    you'll be rollin' with the Stitch's just like Lilo did
    he aint funny with the latino rippin n shit
    just leaves a fake impression like our citizenships
    quit rap, we seen ya pic n you know that its no win
    if flow's ya bread n butter it's no wonder youre so thin
    drugs dont motivate so back it up n see
    i'd hate to see you sober if that's what ya cracked up to be
    goddamn you stretch shit on for ages
    if you jacked resins style, this thread' have 4 pages
    you got no sexlife with chicks, youre such a hypocrit
    losins a bitch, no wonder you cant come to grips with it
    fuck yall for sayin he'd win or thinkin he good or hard...shit
    serge stay steppin' on star's, rbl's a hollywood beulevard...bitch.

    Numskull wins and Becomes 2x RBL Champion!
  14. -Oz-

    -Oz- ^^^^^

    Sep 28, 2003
    RBL Champion Numskull vs Resin M I C

    Back already?!?
    you're a hoe... gettin smacked til the pain in ya chest stops
    And you'll watch your life pass you by...as ya pimp goes to the next block
    I remember your old 2 man crew, fag cuddle like the Huxtables
    Facts are spewing kid, you were Untouchable... unless Frac was doing it
    You ain't gutta dawg, what's Matawae somewhere in the docks
    He ain't from Brick City, just a hick town with tractors and cinderblocks
    It ain't talent alone dawg, I know it's hard to face it
    But, look at it this way...
    ...Me being in Chicago and you being in NJ alone makes you far from greatness
    Retarded face it, you used to be dope now work is just shallow
    You're verses are a flash from the past... and I'm seeing a 2000 version of Aloe
    Resin is a pretty thug? Nah, just a silly fuck this lame pouts
    Cause he's the cleanest cut pussy, since the douche and razor came out
    He wants me to play reciever... on his pro team
    Always telling me to run inside and go deep
    With no decency you cyber sex saying you wanna sleep with me
    Resin is making passes at me... and wonders why they come up incomplete
    You got ryders though, they'll vote for you well I got my text rights too...
    Cause Divine Hatred changed his name to RESidual to be just like you!
    You was dope once upon a time... damn, it's over with
    Got to the point where, he'd come all the way to Matawae to hold your dick!
    While you go and piss... RBL listen to the words I said to ya
    Resin is a fucking star! Peep em on big screen in Alien vs. Predator
    His first appearance was nice, the revenge should spray
    Cause he was damn dope, playing a live alien on Indepence Day
    You gotta be mixed with another animal, so tell these fellas
    Why you gotta a cat eye that could make Halle Berry jealous
    I know why you feelin Banks, it's not his market appeal
    He's got a hunger for more, & you've been starvin for years
    I got a trap waiting for you, you'll just ramble and shit when
    Your hungry ass gets a goose egg in votes, and you trynna scramble the bitches

    Resin M I C

    [No Shows]

    Numskull wins, signs out as 3x RBL champion, & lets 2 young bucks step up to the plate.
  15. -Oz-

    -Oz- ^^^^^

    Sep 28, 2003
    J Dot C (Stand In Champ) vs BlackDef

    J Dot C

    I dismantle g's, no way Def can handle me...
    I'll leave him in a pool of his own blood, like swimmin wit his family...
    Jay's lethal wit text & I should be mentioned among tha best...
    So I'm here to stake my claim ^^^.....thru tha middle of ur chest...
    All u do is post text, u have no life at all, stupid queer...
    But noone's called u dope, matter fact, noone's called u in years...
    & ur girl hates u, stays screamin on sum other shit...
    So Black's always in tha doghouse, tryin to get wit another bitch...
    Plus I heard ur dick is small, ur bitch told me wit laughter...
    That's why Def stays wit a hand on tha pump, like kids wit asthma...
    For real tho, Def is No. 1, I'm being honest and serious...
    Now read that last line over again, this time without any periods...
    Tha fact is ur pretty wack, and I find it funny that...
    People at ur shows have their hands up.....prayin for their moneyback...
    Plus I'll fuckin end tha hype, when I shred this tyke...
    & leave a blade in Def's throat, like he's givin head to Snipes...


    You here off nobodies to noshows so ya record’s fake hype hoe
    Jay’s got everyone laughin at 12 like the host of The Late Night Show
    He’s so pitifully played and predictable, Jay can’t rock me writing
    I see his punches coming… especially when my aim says J dot C’s typing
    I stay proofin his lines, so I aint lying when I say Jay’s stupid Wack
    But I’m not gonna poke fun at his rap level… I wouldn’t stoop to that!
    He’ll only fade to Black in comparison, none’s felling his shitty writs
    The only Blueprint this Jay could be seen on is for building an idiot
    I’d son you into oblivion, but you have been I heard so why try..
    ya mom’s a brickhouse, so she musta got laid by Serge or Razah
    Heard Oz got ya name tatted on his dick… yea, you told me about it…
    But don’t get mad at me, ^I'm not the one puttin words in ya mouth trick
    a fagot bitch that has a lisp and his obsession with dick’s relentless...
    this Gay Cee’s charged more cocks than pissin on electric fences
    Your only dope shit was bit from Galv, now you’re wack and hopeless
    Only thing you got on lock’s ya car door when blacks approach it

    J Dot C Wins & Becomes RBL Champion
  16. -Oz-

    -Oz- ^^^^^

    Sep 28, 2003
    RBL Champion J Dot C vs Entourage

    J Dot C

    Ent wuz born 2 ride tha dick, so now I gotta play this herb...
    I know ur sharp wit tha personals, cuz my nuts got razor burn...
    This fake thug never aimed a gun, so u can't compare us...
    But I'll put so much infrared on ur face, u'll look embarrassed...
    Beatin Jay's a great task, u'll need all tha help u can get…
    So I'll aim for ur back, cuz my bullets' behind u 100 percent…
    I'll slam this kid, claim to run it all? Just cram it bitch...
    Ent's tha type to kidnap an ass just to say he ransom shit...
    I'm sweeter than most, steady beatin this hoe...
    But if I bass anything off ur loss percentage, tha speakers'll blow...
    I guess I shouldn't act cocky, he could still rise up thru tha fog...
    Cuz Ent wins once in a blue moon, thru tha eyes of a dog....
    When I drop this dumb kid, ur rank'll plumett...
    & u'll look like a care bear, when I leave ur heart on ur stomach...
    So if u think u can end my steak, u must be trippin E...
    Cuz tha last guy to take Jay out, wuz tha doc that delivered me...

    Entourage (L Dogg)

    You’ve showed your verse, each vote’s a new face
    and when this is done
    The people will call it a bird.. cuz it blew Jay
    I got punches for days, and I'm fire so pardon...
    As your face brushes the canvas quicker than aspiring artists
    You're the greatest dawg... your act is a trip
    But, I'm just pulling your leg...
    ...Until it breaks apart and detach from your hip
    I’m amazing dude now watch me blast this geek
    My style raw…your ‘conceptz’ are so last week
    It’s a One, Two, Thee, count an the belt is won
    Seven seconds faster then how boxing done
    You been champ, im glad, but ya slay is due
    look at some anti cig adds and face the truth
    I laugh at our names even matched together..
    That’s like a monkey an you playing 5th wheel,
    An the monkey mac’n better…
    Its said the bigger man has a deep voice an slow pause
    But your tone’s so high
    You would need to live in Hawaii to even get alowha

    J Dot C wins and signs out RBL champ with 13-0 record. Belt is handed down to Blackdef as stand in
  17. -Oz-

    -Oz- ^^^^^

    Sep 28, 2003
    RBL Champion Blackdef vs Super Dooper


    ayo, super...
    yur rhymes are fuckin garbage, biters wouldn’t touch ya lines
    actually, the only bar they’d roll with will scroll back up to mines
    I’m outlandish so ya bond to get merked; this super fags shookin
    My punches land-marks, so here’s an monumental asswhoopin
    on the street clown you'd catch beat downs; I’d break ya face in
    stamp super on his chest so much Clark Kent would take vacation
    jockin everybodys fuckin style.. yur a nutthuggin fag indeed
    I’d trash ya whole verse, but id end up dissin half the league
    fuck it, I’ll be ya new ghost… but I’m only offerin once kid
    So let’s save the bullshit, since Jay couldn’t rescue ya punches
    Wack as fuck and lackluster… that goes for all them writtens
    yur puns may be miss’s… but I Doubtfire like Robin Williams
    Ill flip my own alias to shun yurs, you know that I bomb herbs
    give you an afterschool flashback; you stomped by a con verse
    wack at best, in fact you just got trampled and ate alive
    so next week, follow ya loss columns example and take five

    Super Dooper

    if con was with his idol, he'd leave the thug text
    then 'bone fracture' and get injured from rough sex
    an uncle tom dressin in turtle necks an hot vests
    cons closet is just a shitload of bloodshott concepts
    like every white kid that goes and shakes to songs
    i wanted to be black..until this n!gga came along
    but i just want him to die, since i insist he suck
    i'll pay him respects, when i give his wrist a cut
    no one likes this dude, his guts? just face it
    so much people hatin black's, they seem racist
    how can a n!gga be so girlie, this mayne shady
    this cat is either super fuckin gay or wayne brady
    i got the braggin rights, my rappins tight
    con can do a headless an brag about silver all his life
    virgin nig, ya life been dedicated to some net shit
    the only thing to ever go down on u was RTM, bitch

    Blackdef Wins
  18. -Oz-

    -Oz- ^^^^^

    Sep 28, 2003
    Blackdef Vs Richard Corey

    Richard Corey

    So what you won last week, is this bitch getting gassed?
    Congratulations…you beat up the retarded kid in the class
    And honestly, deciding what’s worse here is a toss
    that you want respect for that win…or that you almost loss
    ‘Doubtfire like Robin Williams?’ that’s a bite, truthfully
    now “very good, sir,” is the only Butler line you can use on me
    You’re not ill, trust me dude
    Hallie Berry’s the only Black deaf I know…
    and even she doesn’t get fucked as much as you
    He's not a fighter, so taking this to the streets is no option
    so when I say he's wears out boxers...he just needs to go shopping
    But dude can be gutter…and I ain’t lyin’
    Strays wiz by his head daily,
    but that’s when he sleeps to close to the fire hydrant
    How'd I go from an ill battle to BlackDef? Ya verses are shit!
    it’s a small Wonder…or at least a wacker version of him
    You suck, the industry will never include you when soundscanning
    cause when it comes to sittin’ with the in crowd…B’ is Outstanding
    I see why you got so many riders, with ya wack ass vocals dude
    If I had to hear a whole audio, I’d probably wanna be Def too


    RSTL cats aren’t used to puns so I’ll apply fist to his grill duke
    And put this story teller on his back so hard his psychiatrist will too
    I don’t care for ya fame, with flame verse’s Ima brang hysteria
    I’m ahead of my time; fry ya name like Futurama’s main character
    Ya barley survived a key last week; so here comes ya obliteration
    Def’s actually taking you under… unlike Unduh’s consideration
    I endow vets with text prowess, ya wit aint matchin mine kid
    Bitch, I’d school ya thoughts if you wasn’t so absent minded
    This chump is hopeless, droping concepts so forced its embarrassin
    But I’m actually nuts over Corey… cause he dwarfs in comparison
    voters take notice of Def like obituaries; I stay roastin naives off
    chump, you couldn’t bring ya A game playin oakland baseball
    old humble muhfucka… shit talk gets you geeks ate quicker
    I set the bar; yur just pressin for a loss like weak weightlifters
    Here I’ll spark the match then light the fuse and laugh
    Yur Roy Jones with punches… tho they shouldn't be used for rap
    » muh'fucka

    Match ends in a 6-6 tie.
  19. -Oz-

    -Oz- ^^^^^

    Sep 28, 2003
    RBL Champion Blackdef Vs Richard Corey


    once ate...you're going 12-1 like lunch breaks

    Corey’s gassed n faken, knowin damn well Im’a mash n blaze ‘em
    His avy could remake the Tip Drill video the way his ass is shaken
    yur such a nobody so fuck a personal, I didn’t get one clue
    …but since I have nothing to go on… I’ll just shit on you!
    Your ending is D. E. F... yet, I’m what you’re pretendin to be
    A tie doesn’t mean we’re equals, you just have a low opinion of me
    I didnt have to try our last match, you’re not great at rhymin duke
    when ya barely tied me with hate votes and less lines than you
    yur idols Little Richard the singer?... that’s a strain to grasp
    the only “Great Balls of Fire” ya ass rocked to… was a flamin fags
    never gotten pussy, but on the bright side you should look tyke
    …where girls never give you play, ya palms Game like Suge Knight
    his wackness looks hyped, but I'll leave this Nasif clone trampled
    That mags got Corey feelin himself as if it had cologne samples
    and if you think we believe yur thuggin it… yur obviously stupid
    …you’re about as hard as a blind man in a nudist colony doofiss
    Yur shits bland and sub par bitch, my punches land the hardest
    ...must be ambidextrous, cause on the other hand yur garbage
    Voters give constructive criticism, but being yur the worst…
    there’s gonna be a load of bull dozers… fallin asleep reading yur verse

    Richard Corey

    c'mon man...that's what you came up with, lol.

    Black’s hair? Straight up…it’s like match sticks on his dome
    started so many brushfires Satan fuckin’ lent him a comb
    ya grill is ridiculous..
    he breathes and the dentures are whistlin’
    …teeth so ‘spaced out’ they need prescriptions for Ritalin
    says his rhymes never Do Fall Off, whatever dude, stop it!
    cause that verse is only a keeper…at the Do Drop Inn
    Obnoxious dude, you’re a damn janitor! You’re not that cool
    So when women give B’ jobs its with a mop and broom
    It’s true, honest! Black has to take twats and boobs hostage
    Cos he can’t knock boots without his shine box and shoe polish
    I’ve already eatin’ his ass once, now I’ll reuse this dude
    Cause I recycle my shit more than I.Deal and Spooky Tooth
    Last week I ripped him a new butthole, RM citizens noticed
    Tho’ his ass’ been on a tear lately…it took six stitches to close it
    ..and the coward didn’t say shit! Just stood in an awkward pose
    when I ran up and ‘flipped the bitch off’ like the condom broke
    Your thin ass should leave nothin’ exposed
    Fuck this skinny dip…
    Even nudist beach bitches make a run for their clothes
    I sparked the fag and for the getaway, I started the Jag
    and ‘Sped Away’ like I’d found a repellant for his retarded ass

    Blackdef wins, and continues to defend the RBL champtionship title.
  20. FórmÅl LôGíc

    FórmÅl LôGíc Black Listed

    Apr 3, 2001
    RBL Championship Match: 1. Blackdef 15-2 vs 2. Living Proof 9-0


    fuck it

    My left hooks will leave him left hooked up to respirators
    punchdrunk, they’ll find Proof near dead like good investigators
    used to be my hype man, so he knows I’d crush his raps
    …none’s pullin’ for duke… but the gravity of my nuts this match
    you boastin a fluke, it should be Headless I’m roastin duke
    …he pulled his verse and STILL got more fuckin votes than you!
    I know it kinda hurts you try so hard, yet we never mind ya verse
    ...nobodies ever thought of u highly, without smokin the ganja first
    sluts on Black’s meat like barbeque sauce, ya chick adores it ya see
    she may bend over backwards for you… but it was forwards for me
    I’m one of the greats with flows, every verse you make is loathed
    Ya verse askin for change to be exact… cause wackness takes it’s toll
    I can tell yur hot garbage.. anything yur featured on fails and flops
    …hell, if the proof’s in the pudding, Bill Cosby wouldn’t sell a pop
    So what you been herbin geeks, you rank two now's absurd to me
    treat that verse like yur last... cause that’s where you deserve to be

    Living Proof:

    lah hes fucking no showing.....he is showing

    i went out....came back

    this is what i got....i still win

    Stuck when battlin mines its simple, your flowin sucks
    Now your lines are stuck in limbo..
    But even that sport cant set the bar low enough
    def, ya first name is bound to curse
    and mislead...
    cause you're as black as chris rock in down to earth
    your jabs at wit stutter and stop..you aint bombin me man
    so it got shit to do with russell simmons when i watch def's comedy jam
    A fight?, no, leavin with a broken nose in a hard scrap
    with rings around your eyes big enough to throw darts at
    i dont even need a proper setup or punch to stoop this two bit loser
    dogg, you had the worst champ match to date & BARELY beat super dooper
    im lookin past, you best see, ill whip this text geek
    look-a-like swizz beatz...
    SEE!! im already practicin for my battle with resin next week
    Ya shit is immature, rockin a juvenile mind see
    I took a walk in ya shoes and the shits lit up behind me
    Verse full of filler, champ?...pfft you aint fly dunn
    im just scannin ya verse for a line without cliches...
    ......I'll let you know when i find one.....

    cheque please

    Blackdef Wins, & Retains His RBL Title.
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