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  1. U S E R

    U S E R NON-DOHPE.squad

    Oct 25, 2002
    Calefaction vs Inkwell Q


    KDawg8298: Have u ever taken one of tha chess pieces and used it to pleasure urself?
    the risen soul: Nah, I'm a nerd, not a pervert
    KDawg8298: o ok
    KDawg8298: Do u have a girlfriend?
    the risen soul: wtf, of course not

    Judgin by the convo N Ur pic.. ink the homo's right son..
    He can't get a bitch at all.. cuz he looks so much like one..
    This kid lacks pure talent.. he had a chicks stature..
    So son came back wit a vengeance.. same one that bit fracture..
    Changed his name N his style.. its acts dude...
    Flipped lines under Hybrid Angel --yeah he bit that too..
    I smack fools.. I'ma show U.. just forget the talkin..
    Cuz Ur following patterns.. only found in a dentist office..
    Lied 'bout how U was tough N ya crew was all soldiers..
    .....Fuck wide.. this kid got some broadS shoulders..
    No sir.. U wont win.. this kid's frail N gay..
    Mad in his own pic..
    ..cuz he couldn't put his hair in pig tails or braids..
    Impaled N played.. look I'll kick N crack ya guy..
    So its good Ur wearin lipstick to kiss Ur ass goodbye..
    N dude if it was a race.. U'd be left very swoll man..
    Cuz U about to add Cale to Ur loss column.. like gary coleman..


    Inkwell Q

    Status NeSs (8:11:28 PM): I'm thinkin to be like
    Status NeSs (8:11:45 PM): Con's fucked behind bars.. like prison sex
    the risen soul (8:11:58 PM): ppl gonna say u flipped fracture
    Status NeSs (8:12:46 PM): fucking stupid behind bars like nasifs sell mate
    the risen soul (8:12:58 PM): yeah that line
    Status NeSs (8:14:18 PM): I'll flip it better then..

    Cale's pic is nowhere to be found at the moment, so I'll get it later.

    Now watch what fame tells, I'm the champ, I make it rain shells
    Got a max security prison full of bitten lines inside ya brain cells
    It's plain hell, see how ya ass'll look when I insert my shelltoes
    Body on dirt, red and twitchin like I threw away a TickleMe Elmo
    Rip open ya elbow, and faggot, Inkwell quick when he cuts you
    Cause Cale's the only cat who has thicker bones than muscles
    My tones'll bust you, uncreative fagg, I been thinkin concepts
    Puttin more shots down ya throat then binge drinkin contests
    Sinkin contests, and Cals no different, leavin ya downed, friend
    You aint taken out Ink unless you're reloading ya fountain pen
    Drownin men, you got a glimpse of fame, but I'll split ya frame
    So thin a headband around ya neck look bigger than 50's chain
    I'm no doctor, but I take care of wounds that might be cripplin
    Cause I know it ain't safe to bite Fractures .. OR flip em
    Grats on the marriage, Tom, but I'm leavin ya eye black soon
    For bein the only one to have the reception in an AIM chatroom

    Calefaction Wins, Retains Title
  2. U S E R

    U S E R NON-DOHPE.squad

    Oct 25, 2002
    Calefaction vs Namix


    Namix aka ...... yeah you're still no one

    This kid namix got DQ'd.. cuz this brother was late..
    N I've had problems wit Ur dad ever since Ur mother was late..
    Skinny lines = played.. pale lines = played.. listen, I knew..
    That's why I expected to see them in a verse written by U..
    I'm a fuckin gangster dawg.. leave his home wit funerals..
    Do away with nam' N leave Ur future rank in roman numerals..
    Bitch dont bother my aim.. cuz I'll test range..
    At this fuckin fag who'll only bboy wit a sex change..
    If U wanted a good style.. stick to mimmickin mines..
    Cuz I'm takin this by Storm, G.. so U complain no ones gettin Ur lines..
    Lets say U had a chance.. I'd be lyin'.. this hoes a disgrace..
    Cuz 'Charlie' was all up in nam'...............N all over his face..
    Ur whole steeze is wack.. dont give a fuck whatever herbs say..
    Ur clever wordplay is like Sur's minus the clever wordplay..
    Ur 'punches mrs. me' like Ur a wife beater.. enough I'll let up..
    ^^that's just me doin Ur style better then U in my fuckin set up..
    Ink got an extension N lost.. but I'm even more impressive..
    I'ma beat namix so easy.. I could ask for 3 or 4 extensions..
    I give beatin's to faggots who ain't never gon be shit..
    Then snatch the win quicker than Kotex when ink sees it..
    U might have hype now.. Cal's always doubtin gimmicks..
    This kids so fruity..
    ...I'll sit 'em on the corner N put manic outta business..
    Look this bitch is fed -- that's right U heard the slander..
    Cuz like colonel sanders -- Ur girl's a big chicken head.
    Wanna be popular on RM but my bat's blatant N known..
    Demik wouldn't be able to make an alias for all the breaks in Ur bones..
    I gotta go to the bathroom.. here's an overview..
    Some how I knew I'd wind up pissin all over U..



    like crap floating, bouyant shit to me.

    i wont reuse my last drop against u, like what i think ur hunch is
    i DID prewrite a verse tho, it just has too many inkwell punches

    bitch found anotha glitch in the matrix last week, i seen it unfurl
    he called ink a chick so much, im convinced he got beat by a girl
    ya im from bboys, so ur trailer trash ass starts to act hard?
    lets take it to the parking lot,
    …cuz im about to beat u in ur own backyard
    last time HE didnt let me post, incase ya’ll didn’t know
    im here cuz im ahead of my time,
    …he’s here cuz the RM clock’s thirteen minutes slow
    i ride Charles!? if u see me up-Chuck blame ur music whore
    “nam played off me, he’s DQ’d therefore”
    boohoo bitch, i played off ur verse where it was used before
    this w!gger is wiggedy wack, i mean it, he aint jack
    if ur such an ill cracker,
    …why’d u ask me to help get ur screen name back?
    ur a two faced bitch…at times ur cool, others ur just a punk liar
    but next time u play the middle road, i’ll be playin drunk driver
    u got the melanin of a cow, when u go out ur bound to get slander
    cuz like uncle joey in Full House, everyone around you is Tanner
    rap = great rhymes n basslines, not classical music n poser shit
    its fine that u toot ur own horn…just stop trying to rap over it
    his shows are shit, while I get crowds moving, his stood still
    he gets every hand-down, like his shoppin sprees at good will
    every battle Cal bitches and moans, gets shook up and cries
    i’d hate to be a Powder,
    …but i’d probably pout too if I looked like you guys
    ya u look like a kid from Kenya, but kenya stop ventin for once
    cuz ur two cents
    …comes straight outta my mom’s ten cents a month
    Cal cant get gayer, we all saw u dickride Island fast, then later
    like taking shits at gas stations, u always had ur ass on Paper
    u’ll serve me the day ur w!gger ass starts deservin ur wins
    imma make u cry uncle, Tom
    then make u cry when i call u a white version of him
    knew ud be in the grave wit one verse, hope ur stay was fun herb
    ya’ll can call this battle a Cal ender, cuz his days are numbered.

    Calefaction Wins, Retains Title
  3. U S E R

    U S E R NON-DOHPE.squad

    Oct 25, 2002
    Calefaction vs Vern Acular


    speakin of 30.. the anticipation of 12-0 couldnt' wait..

    Vern Acular aka Can't beat me cuz I actualy show

    I gotta say U suck at audio.. N on mics the notion is true..
    Cuz these lines here are the ONLY time I'd have to open for U..
    I took a trip N got mad cuz dude is a dork..
    So I put VA in the dust as soon as I left for New York..
    Slicin ya lungs.. Ur horrible Vern so stop denyin it son..
    Ur verse got so many holes.. they found sadam hiding in one..
    I bruise emcees wit ease.. N I was soon to see..
    That Ur verse was such ass.. I thought Ur lines were moonin' me..
    U ugly so postin Ur pic woulda took might N steal poise..
    Cuz off the boards he's pinnochio.. makin ink look like a real boy..
    This ain't the RSTL.. N I'm not Ur pal, Ur ass kid..
    Cuz if it was Ur topic would be: Write about how U lost to Calefaction..
    Face it this battles lost dude.. I dont care if U flossin too..
    Sure Ur in a class of Ur own with a helmet on N someone wipin drool offa U..
    This fuckin asian wanted to gimme back rubs.. for that I'm glad to punk ya..
    Flip script.. I'm usin pins, needles, knives N swords to leave Vern Acu'punctured..
    I'm sayin.. fuck this kid cuz he's gettin raped.. its very true..
    So watch me take this V........................N pop his cherry too..
    Like I told namix.. I know Ur punches.. Ur a non-creative vet man..
    I know cuz Ur verses get less flashed smiles than my moms webcam..
    Ur a flamin' homo son.. my advice.. stop callin Cale..
    U did.. now U beg UserName to go with U to touch balls in alleys..
    Skip the drama.. Cal's known to lay pricks to graves..
    U was always a mommas boy.. that's why U dates chicks her age..
    U think I'm gassed N U'll beat me.. but again, that's homo..
    Being that Ur last four big wins were all against no shows..
    Bitch thought he was under-rated.. until this shit drops..
    Now ya see..
    Verns so bad he could stage an attack and still not get props..
    Give up homie or let me deliver the hate..
    Ur text is wack wack wack wack wack wack wack wack wack wack wack wack .. like what the ugly stick did to Ur face..

    I'd say sorry.. but that'd be the first time I lied in the post.. good luck

    Vern Acular

    Mr. Body aka Calefaction aka Status aka Tom Ruffino

    let's put an end to the beef Cal...how's bout we empty the skillet
    i see you've held the belt for a while now...cause your just to skinny to fit
    so please, simply forget it and stop with the small talk
    cause i've Outlined your future and the topics are all chalk
    you've wandered a long walk but it's your final day as we speak
    cause after this your Record'll have all 1's like Michaels latest release
    title wave in the street'll wash away your chance to win and remove
    so how you gonna Curb your enthusiasm when the landlord's kicking you to it
    this kid is just stupid, you're hardly dope so tell your dickriders to charter hope
    cause cal's about to throw in the towel...a wash cloth, shampoo, and a bar of soap
    his heart was broke but IMO the cause was for wack reasons
    "i really did wanna son you Tom"...but then i'd have to calim you at tax season
    we're past even, your fame's sinking, and im quick to counter your punches
    and i wont call you poor white trash...even that's out of your budget
    you doubting me cousin, well grats on your nephew but i hate you faggot
    claimed you were an Uncle Tom, but it just proves you're confused of your racial Status
    face the ballots, im getting votes and forced to laugh at your opinion
    cause i'll win by not posting my links...OH! and i'll ask for an extension
    it had to all be mentioned - im Inked Well when they - rate our verses
    but let me State my purpose - and say Cal's the first - to Map for re-position
    your wacness is efficient plus you structure and style's lacking
    and now that reading your verse is suicide i guess we're all gonna die laughing
    we know you lie, act, N, cheat i mean hell, i wouldn't wanna lose either
    but when you said you went on Strike, it shocked me to see you shit on your crew leader
    dudes either a pimp or plain desperate, the slums or hollywood
    cause i heard he hit Angelic's Dairy-air...and milk does a Body good
    i know i prolly shouldn't brag but i dissed him cause i know
    VA's WAAAAAAAAAAY out of CAL's league...district and time zone
    your rhymes blow...it's over with...and yes your family's been Exposed from this
    for those that dont know...
    Cal likes to show his Ass on the net...and his Mother just shows her Tits

    props on the little run you had...
    but at least you can say you lost to your mentor...

    Calefaction Wins, Retains Title
  4. Mr.Perfect

    Mr.Perfect New Member

    Dec 23, 2001
    Calefaction vs Scientz vs Oneduh


    First 12 wins was all hype, the streak ends Friday
    The only O in your loss column will begin my name
    That roll you were on's over now, sorry it didn't last
    Now you resemble blacks in movies the way your body's in a cast
    I know, you'll cum & defeat me.. I should NOT test your text
    But still the voters'll say "O won", ^ like when those concepts were fresh
    Not yet a vet, so don't front like your lines are the best
    When they're harder to follow,
    then the ones drunks walk for sobriety tests
    You've won alot in the past, but I hope you're focused to win this
    Cuz lately.. your only win was makin the voters lose.. interest
    Forget Gucci or Prada, that aint where Cale gets threads from
    Shit, the only thing he ever seems to wear out's his welcome
    These other two won't bring flames, what would Duh lie for?
    So in the heat of the battle, well.. is just my verse
    I can't fault you for your frailness, see Cale.. it's cool
    If I let User smash for 2 months, I'd be that thin too
    Beat that shit? fool.. that's easily done
    He didn't bat around the idea of winning, instead I.deal beat him with one
    Got people believin in One, ^Sci was hopin I didn't diss em'
    But that cutting edge idea left him open for criticism
    Stop hypin him up like he's the best at this rap shit
    Cuz if Scientz is Raw I must be a whole semester of classes
    Sci didn't post his links last week, I coulda won on my own if..
    I stayed pullin bitch moves, like my other opponent
    I own shit, why you even show in the first place duke?
    Usually I got Cal more shook up than earthquakes do
    Back to the other fag, you winnin this is not in sight kid
    Aint takin risks, if I say here goes nothin.. he started typin
    Here's what it all boils down to, quit tellin kids ya shit's hot
    Your name's Scientz & you still don't possess the elements of hip hop

    Gimme my fuckin title.


    i coulda sworn the limit on 3-way battles was 20 lines...

    to oneduh/mr ego...and cale/killa blaze/mr. body

    i know yall heard bout cale's mom's pictures on the net...bwahahaha

    i got a riddle for ya...
    what do u drink outta?? thats found at any bar???
    the answer is A cup, like the size ya mothers titties are
    peep her breasts, i seen plenty chests that were curved
    but thats utter disrespect, cuz there r cow titties better than hers
    H20 stops fire, thats the realest phrase
    so ya moms broke her water 5 months early, to try n Killa Blaze
    net gangsta, talkin thug cuz it makes ya raps neat
    but u werent concieved in the hood,
    it was more like the back seat
    this aint monopoly, u'll be drowned n found in a bag
    somewhere close to the atlantic,
    like marvin gardens n ventnor ave
    oneduh's wack, but i guess heads feel the shit he yells
    but if i counted down-falls,
    he'd make the one in niagara look like a wishing well
    u kids always removing votes, n i'll stress that its foul
    but if gore had ur talents, bush wouldnt be president now
    cale's a disaster, i'll be quick to tell this herbs fate
    i'll shift the plates in his head,
    till his brain has a fuckin earthquake
    dont do drugs, or drink alcohol, n have the safest sex
    those damage the body over time,
    but he'll be murdered before they take effect
    i dont respect ya verses, everybody needs to know
    ya wack wack wack wack wack,
    ......like that ender u had a few weeks ago


    Oneduh aka unsigned hype aka fabolous jr. and scientz aka unsigned hype jr.

    Mr. Ego = Shitty alias, Scientz.. its a good thing Ur not or U gotta be messin..
    ..shit I LOST dick riders when they found out Mr. Body aint Resin..

    which means..

    Both of U dudes needa drop gems before laughter is blurted..
    Cuz if U drop normal shit U'll lose to the comments before N after my verses..
    Sci's a poor bitch but a bboy at heart its blatant N true..
    So since Ur mom dont care.. she lets him break on his roof..
    I've done paid my dues N still got cash so pardon my sport..
    But when comparin banks sci's, his always comes up carlton short..
    U know I'll swing on U kid.. best be forgettin the stiches..
    Cuz I'll hit Sci N break his mug, glass jaw N the rest of the dishes..
    I'm boss of this camp.. I'm tellin U, his talk is just amped..
    Cuz a mod helped One get here so he can say he lost to the champ..
    Suckin dick to be popular... the rumors are true in the cypha..
    One aims to please so anthraxspits N swallows if he likes ya..
    Unsigned hype eh? tell me.. why would U boast those writs..
    It'd make me oneduh about U.. but I dont do that homo shit.
    Even now with denyin' -- I used numbers N equations..
    To figure out how to be gay N -- got it down to a scientz..
    I know U tryina find dirt on me.. Ur scopin N frantic..
    No matter the news.. Cal's known to drop sci's like a hopeless romantic..
    Sliiiiick homie, In highschool U was the chiiiiick homie, I'm too serious..
    Everyone knows Ur twice the bitch.. Scientz was usualy two periods..
    Ur both scared of my fists N I know U hate the curb..
    I floss a lot..
    .. Ur so THIN on •••els <--they thought it was a racial slurr..
    I'll get nice wit guns, cock N explode wit the hot finger..
    N leave USH at the front of the ER like the pop singer..
    1 last thing one..
    Ur punches, if User wrote over a third of ya swings then he needs..
    A verse written by more Ghosts than the Return of the King to beat me..
    One's a jack ass N so are his verses.. but I'm not worried in the worst way..
    He's still not pushin his chances as much sci is pushin his wordplay..

    Now go throw the same punches EVERYONE else does, only stretch it completely..
    And Hype, we coo but start writin for yourself for the first time..

    Calefaction and Scientz Tie 5-5
  5. Mr.Perfect

    Mr.Perfect New Member

    Dec 23, 2001
    Calefaction vs Scientz vs Namix


    Namix & Scientz aka .....we've been an aka before and can't get enough of Cal tellin us how much we suck

    well good..

    I beat U twice before so I'ma stick to smackin U cowards..
    They say the 3rd times the charm but U ain't a bitch wit magical powers..
    I stay givin.. U faggots knowledge N yeah I play wit 'em..
    Cuz Scientz was a bad excuse for aftermath like shady explainin his racism..
    Namix Ur style got mad flaws.. U ain't even got the sense to bitch..
    But Ur verses ain't five stars.. this *****'s five stars cuz of censorship..
    Plus Ur persistant as a mother fucker.. U just dont stop slut..
    Most got a flair for the dramatic, U got signs N a roadblock up..
    Sci, battling dont suit U.. I'll be glad when this kids gone..
    I dropped half assed N U barely could tie me, U should keep to clip ons..
    When speakin on dick sizes.. it obvious N U might say..
    Even if Urs are so long, mine's more like thanksforcomingandhaveaniceday..
    I swear U'll deny that both of U ain't good.. but its apparent N lies..
    When its 'beat Cal or bust'.. N Ur both pullin a Jason Biggs from American Pie..
    Some say the RBL is boring N repetitive.. it truth cuz now the fact is..
    U kids are a perfect example..
    .. beat some no names, get to the title match.. then lose to Calefaction..
    Ur both just bad immitations.. I swear U couldn't compare cuz hunches..
    Say that Cal's Hi-C when he swings.. U over use Ur generic punches..
    Not only are they generic.. but they're stetched, I mean.. wait..
    Ur wordplay is so forced.. the rest of the RBL can hear it scream rape..
    I could possibly be wack as fuck.. nah.. I'm too hot to beat me..
    N if U think its a walk in the park, U'll both end up like chandra levy..

    Less than usual.. but enough to smack you kids around.. again..


    Wheaties is the breakfast of champs, so we need to respect it
    but behind Cal’s back,
    Wheatie’s the champ who’s always gettin eaten for breakfast
    cuz last weeks match? i wont say who had that battle one sided
    becuz every1 already knows who had that battle won, Sci-did
    dont deny it, u sold ur soul to win befo, but it wont help today
    cuz im hot off the top like Satans hairpiece, n u got hell toupee
    ya’ll aint even a handful for me, like Cals mommy’s tits
    n i’d hate to “Bust Sci’s” chops,
    …but he’s got even smaller ones on his BITCH
    i saw her pic hypocrite, dissin Cals ma when she should diss u
    ur girls like an optimist,
    cuz her cup is always half full…of kleenex and tissue
    i keep speakin the truth, u got a girl but u also like guys dunn
    …and being from Buffalo’s no excuse for being ‘bi son’
    they kno their asses are kicked, ‘n once Scientz has dipped
    Cal will be watchin ‘Raw Hyde’,
    …like his white suburban family did
    this lil bitch’s skill keeps gettin distorted, wit ryder supportion
    his dicks the only thing that aint been blown outta proportion
    girls get Cal worked up on this site, and i got to ponder
    u only act hopping Mad
    …cuz its the closest u’ll ever get to hopping on her
    im stopping these herbs… burnin lead thru ur heads
    then buryin u alive,
    so u go missin as a vegitable, ‘n then turnip dead
    n scientz, when it comes to livin on prayers, we kno its fact
    so Farve u got by on hail mary’s, like greenbays quarterback
    when riders say Sci’s good, its just tounge-in-ass-cheek
    ‘n only time Cal tipped scales.. was for this vote last week

    hahah, on the real, i cant believe that actually counted =)


    We all seen Cal's picture hahaha...and Namix is a joke all by his lonesome

    lets get it on!!!!

    cale please listen...
    drink protein shakes fam, or it'd help if u ate spam
    cuz if u get any skinnier,
    we could play a fucking game of hangman
    need to be made bigger, get a pure style first
    cale i've seen bigger calves,
    on any premature cow birth
    ur addicted to the rock, sell anything for a slight profit
    i'd lay the smack-down,
    but u'd steal it, when i take my eyes off it
    this aint a black/white thing, but ur so ugly n shit
    if any girls into ur race,
    she should be removed from all running events
    im sonnin clowns, i clap for real, makin u bastard's squeal
    so u better hope those hover-rounds, come in a package deal
    i'll aim for the baddest, nam...i was trained as a savage
    have u in ER so long,
    the next season'll be based on ya status
    goin out with a bang, when she's alone, i get at ya freak
    carrying 357 magnums,
    hoping they'll last to the end of the week
    cant move in my terrain, coward!! its guts before glory
    so watch me get thru 'nam, n come home wit war stories
    cal takin dicks cuz he choose too, panties under ya fubu
    so used to being rode backwards,
    he can't even be shifted in neutral
    are u a snitch or homo? for this i wasnt preparing
    u talk to the jakes,
    but mostly to ask him what is he wearing
    nam uses complex wordplay, n kids say "dude is flames"
    but half the shit he says dont make sense, like pootie tang
    if its 3:30 when i post, to show how much my shits buzzin
    i'll still take out 2 by 4, quicker than Hacksaw Jim Duggan


    Calefaction Wins, Retains Title
  6. Mr.Perfect

    Mr.Perfect New Member

    Dec 23, 2001
    Calefaction vs. The Nebulotic


    Nebs aka the black robin williams, minus the whole comedy thing.. yeaaaaaaah

    Nebs is shook as fuck.. I'm regulatin this fake N..
    He's a fuckin yellow belly N ain't pregnant wit an asian..
    I scar weaks N move fast, clips spit when clappin this homo..
    So scared, his heart beat was too fast for twista to rap in his promo..
    This kids gay.. man features is hardly yo frame..
    He's had more pipe laid in 'em then a mario game..
    How U think U got a chance when I'm still poppin at U whores..
    N even Manic gave U a run for Ur money.. he pick pocketed U for..
    Dear 'Tic,.. the closet Cal fan cuz he fear this..
    U ain't a big •••••, U a small black parasite, he a deer 'tic
    I'm hittin him hard in the chin until this artist is twitchin..
    Then U look like U belong in the same trailor park that I live in..
    ^Ur best diss..
    So.. I'm takin this actor when I hold N slam pretenders..
    To have him exiting stage left, in a white sheet like his role is a klan member..
    Certain cats know who made Ur structure N I'm too vile son..
    Cuz I'ma bash Ur Skull so bad.. U have no one to get a new style from..
    U dont wanna bring looks in this.. lets see guy..
    Ur so bug eyed.. sockets look like they're tapped by the FBI..
    This kid is gassed with y'all listenin..
    Fuck breakin a leg..
    .. I hope U end up in a cast bigger than the one U auditioned with..

    now ACT like you won

    The Nebulotic


    Exactly who's clownin' son? ^^^"That line's dope new shit!"
    ...that's what I said when Dough used it...back in 2001.
    You the product of sexual methods perversed.
    Caesarian or the dumpster...either one was ya section of birth.
    Came ta the conclusion that you ARE just excrement, chill.
    Fuck sight, I only C when my large intestine is filled.
    You just shit, and I swear ta God that it's true:
    Nobody would've given a YOU, if Epimetheus' shots had hit YOU.
    All these actor disses wear thinner with time.
    "The world is a stage" mawfucka...where nobody remembers your lines.
    Ya streak is endin' here. This a take over, freeze.
    My skill been raised over C's like it was from the Eastern hemisphere.
    Fuckin bitch, don't even stare at N wrong.
    Else get ya "panties in a bunch" like...oh nevamind, ya wearin a thong.
    You prob'ly a gross obese bitch whose throat could eat bricks;
    You'll be a dead C to rival the size of the one on the coast of Egypt.

    Don't even give a fuck no mo...

    pe@ce homo.

    Calefaction Wins, Retains Title
  7. Mr.Perfect

    Mr.Perfect New Member

    Dec 23, 2001
    Calefaction vs. I.Deal


    Read the custom text…

    Yall know Cale aint fly.. he dress like a faggot queer
    Manic just gave him the first fresh thread he’s had in years
    Its sad.. I know. But don’t worry, once my lefts caught him
    His face went from RM's frontpage.. to the death column
    I suggest fallin back. Cuz pic battling is a fucking disgrace
    When I could use your moms titties, instead of your ugly face
    Skeletor muhfucka. Ill break you to pieces, knock ya face in
    Docs couldn’t pick ya bones up wit the tweasers from operation
    & His parents? They cousins who believe in freedoms power
    So when it comes to inbred… he aint talkin bout yeast and flour
    Please, who released powder? This dude’ll get handily done
    Sif gets respected more as an idiot, then YOU do as a champion
    Beat me? It cant be done. Come and test me, get burned
    You flossin? Ill put two 9’s to ya ice….. like Gretzky returned
    You aint really the best in this, no need to get violent
    We all know you got a perfect score cuz you cheated on scientz
    Now you go to Prowlers? You wont get 2 wins, ur too lame
    Hahah… I wonder how it’ll feel to lose to 2 Sins… in 2 days?
    Truth is, ur too gay. You got canned from H.A. too
    Ur only groupies are nerdy white kids who can relate to you
    Face it. Vets hate you, too. Not only the new kids do
    Watch my fist put a twist in this square, like a rubix cube
    Knock you toothless, you useless. Plus you stay soft
    Ill leave you done after 16, like you missed the NFL playoffs

    serge dot T: its sad
    serge dot T: hes 16-0
    serge dot T: rbl champ
    serge dot T: no clout at all
    ThaSinsEar: hahahahah


    - No Shows

    I.Deal Wins, New Champion
  8. Mr.Perfect

    Mr.Perfect New Member

    Dec 23, 2001
    I.Deal vs Charles


    The King is here.

    You got the crown on now,looking the flyest of wack queers
    So ima bury gold in ya chest deeper then pirates of black beard
    Your poor as fuck,plus people hate the stink of ya clothes
    Its funny how you only ever change attire,when fixing ur home
    If you come to fight kid,u wont leave till ya dome is dented
    Ur only good with small scraps,when eatin at the homeless shelter
    Ideal won't mean shit to society or be rolling with profits
    Only gettin to the cabinet position,when its too cold in the closet
    Forget makin it big,act like your real n get pasted and hurled
    Only blowin up n gettin it poppin,when fuckin your inflatable girl
    How you gonna call me easy,when u'll get left boxed n swollen
    & when to u a walk in the park is being beat up with ur wallet stolen
    You get dick rode like whoa,its funny how heads do like you
    Now u love dick jocks,even tho u were bullied by them in highschool
    In ur pic ya holdin somethin,but dont think ya fuckin ill faggit
    Cuz u aint touched One Mic,like mosta Nas's stuff since stillmatic
    Island ran shit for weeks,cale was undefeated n dropping fags
    Where i know African kids that faced harder reigns on top then tangs
    If you come to battle, i'll make you sweat buckets and gasp
    And make beads form round ur neck bigger than the ones in ur ass
    The whole world thinks ive got this,this is an inevitable win
    Cause even in England people saying Charles is the next to be king
    U got scouted playin games with ur homies & once with ur sister
    Which is the main reason Rapmusic is now bein sponsered by Twista

    Crown me.


    24 it is.

    Savor the moment, kid. It took 5 months to get here.
    & at that rate, you prolly wont be back again till next year.
    Now, they say I wont try here… & to be honest its true.
    Ive never had to battle anybody with as many losses as you.
    Nawww, you've come up. Should be owed new respect.
    So g'ahead, pop ya collar.... & let the bullet go thru ya neck.
    Better yet, go 'n hide. Facin me? I 'll use the force quick.
    U’ll wind up in stable condition.... next to manure & horse shit.
    Chuck was excluded since daycare. & Its really quite tragic.
    Nothing would ever let him play there... he even tried traffic.
    & at school he'd act happy, but long to talk to somebody.
    Cause I mean, misery itself didn’t even want his company.
    So when it comes to my skill.. don’t talk with doubts, G.
    Im your idle. Your whole engine would shut off without me.
    Im bein real here. Why would I be frontin wit a whisper?
    When my knife game could turn your belly button to a zipper.
    I’ll share the truth. This dude be wack & there’s some proof.
    Tang’ll teach you how to stunt. Then boobytrap ya paraschute.
    Im a pioneer in this shit. Don’t think so? You liein son.
    Look at ya verse.. then tell me where you got ya style from.
    I mean, look at ya fuckin record kid… you type lame.
    If your losses score 1 more touchdown, it’ll be a tie game.
    Deal will smash ya mindframe. Get into your nerves.
    This is a mind game… & I just put this kid on injured reserve.


    Much love for being cool about the extension, man.

    I.Deal Wins, Retains Title
  9. Mr.Perfect

    Mr.Perfect New Member

    Dec 23, 2001
    I.Deal vs Richard Corey

    Richard Corey

    All my scrawled, dissolvin rhymes evolve to bombs and mines
    Detonate, but it’s safe to say I.Deals with faggots all the time
    He thinks his title match was pay-perview, looked up that night
    But it wasn’t, I’m sorry…the empty box didn’t ‘put up a fight’
    Thank God for PBA, the real reason why lil’ guy copped a win
    But your not ill, wee-man!…You’re just the bitch that lost to him
    Accost this kid! I ain’t gay…robbin’ their titles ain’t incriminatin
    So I guess, ‘stickin’ it to faggots’…is still an I.Deal situation
    The shit you facin’? My phrases compiled, I got my style honed
    One shot … I’ll turn this faggots nose ring into a dial tone!
    Y’see, I’m an writer! Verbal technician, rhymings the easiest
    He's a faceless follower in a trend of pun-firing aspiring comediens!
    I’ll slice ya tendons, with lettered tools and a metal-fused appliance
    So if he do ‘stand up’ again… it’s a tribute to medical science
    Bitch, you’ll get maimed and chilled on ice! Prick, I aim to kill
    You can’t break the skin with that dull shit! I’m stainless, still!
    I’ll knock this kid unconcious, honest! Get at me some more!
    Next week, Sequel will have to remind you why you’re 17-4!
    bullets richo-then-shay like stadium, aim for his oscillating mouth
    Ya head’ll duck’n fly back like it was migrating south!
    You never earned the belt! Be real, bitch still battling delusion
    Trust me y’all, I’m body’n Blood like Catholic communions!
    My style is un-Orthodox…broke-ass can’t afford to get Rich
    I’d go thru his pockets this month and look forward to Lent!
    I spit huge slugs, kid! Trust you ain’t prepared for the scare tactics
    They’ll turn your most important assorted organs into air traffic!
    In the same vain, I’m drainin’ his blood, I’ll hollow this geek, ya…
    wanna catch it? I’ll slit ya throat and make ya play follow the liter!
    If I say I’m the best, well then grin…shut up and be real with it
    Don’t complain! Everyone knows your a moron… ‘Deal witted’


    yo dont be throwin rocks, son. if you ask around, its true
    those bus stops you sleep in? theyre considered glass houses too
    ill smack out this dude. how am i not gon stop him from cakin?
    when im the real thing... and RC just a knock-off pop imitation
    take shots at ya station. in oral engagements? i leave bruthas wet
    have all the coroners pacin, wit floral arrangements on ya mothas steps
    fuck you expect? cuz with all them big words, and logical routes
    u must be part of the 5%.... who dont know what they talkin about
    i mean, look at this filthy bum.. all he got left is his dog & a tent
    seriously, even his get up and go.... just got up and went
    & that dont suprise me. lil negro, im everything ya rap isnt
    fuck around, i'll wet ya face and head up quicker then a baptism
    you lack wisdom. say you stuntin? thats lame type frontin, huh
    "Aint Too Many Iller" then Richard Corey... its a shame im one of em
    dawg, ill throw a quick haymaker and ya ass'll be long gone
    ill leave ya eyes puffy enough to model glasses for sean john
    ya thirty bars is all the same length... cocksucka you not gutta
    i kick terrorist verses. when it comes to you, call me a boxcutter
    howd this retard get placed here? hahaha. you owe it to who?
    you owe it to me. you was gettin KO'd badly before i voted for you
    & you know that shits true. this the RBL, you cant rap here
    want a championship? you from the RSTL..... go back there.
    with that wording? i dunno why you gassed, i mean ya horrible
    so fuckin big headed, i could drive a tractor between ya cornrows
    now come on dicky. lets give up the charade, you wack as could be
    no matter what way you fuckin slice. you only a fraction of me
    plus you rap like a geek. ill show you how to win this absurb game
    you do it with punches and personals. not useless text wordplay
    muhfucka. wit ya frail ass, you needa retreat 'n get sleep
    & hope the number 7 aint lucky.. cuz thats who you facin next week

    I.Deal Wins, Retains Title
  10. Mr.Perfect

    Mr.Perfect New Member

    Dec 23, 2001
    I.Deal vs. Cane


    sorta true, but i think you should know though
    if less is more, maybe you can win this battle with no votes ;)
    your mom's annoying man..cause if you don't know
    she points and giggles at you..
    and i hate people who laugh at their own jokes
    promised a win? what's that, a wussy and his word?
    so fuck your sig
    you're no tiger in the hood, just a pussy in the burbs
    you got no props to talk about, your verse was busted
    so forget the voters conversations
    we already know how much they disgust it
    the mods knew this'd be in the bag
    cause YOU'RE the champ
    and it's no coincidence they interviewed ME in the mag
    i'll knock out this redneck with the stiffest arms
    cause i throw haymakers, but thats just what it says on your business card
    we've never battled, so hey, i'm pleased to meet you
    bitch, Nebs no showed cause he wanted to see me beat you
    but i think you'll no show..i'm fearin the champ'll...
    know his last verse was pathetic, & here's an example
    "when it comes to you, call me a boxcutter"..alright kid
    i know you didn't bite this..
    but don't talk about his verse, YOURS LOOKED JUST LIKE HIS
    anything can happen, you might wear that belt with sutures
    cause for real, who woulda thought Sur could tell the future?

    i can see clearly now, the reign is gone... ;)


    - No Shows

    Cane Wins, New Champion
  11. Mr.Perfect

    Mr.Perfect New Member

    Dec 23, 2001
    Cane vs. Raphaeill vs Dr. Fuzzy Peaches


    cane keep catchin feelings from a mag like ur in the acme ones....

    cane is the curse, so let the tension begin
    he put his name to a verse, im embarresed he mentioned me in
    left seein stars, but it's the way astrology goes
    & cane 'Let his hair down enough, to write it an apology note
    come on & hate my verses, but i'm out to give u L's
    how can u comment on my verse tho, when u dont have annouce of skill urself
    see cane, we all know when ur opponents show
    why? well u think getting up to no-good is a fuckin promotion yo
    punchlines are homo so, i'll let children blossom young.
    when his rights, lefts, & hit the road, are just instructions for crossing one
    a whore mom, means certain fame from horrible form
    & if rhyme call's Her-a-cane, then fuzzys just a Tropical storm
    in 01 they called u Jebus, well it's a lesson for the line...
    but peeps are only saying gee- buzz, cuz ur second all the time
    it's obvious duke n thats real, C'mon it's the end
    see, he got so close to a has-been, storm-g's lost his girl friend

    and notice , FUCK fuzzy.. why? because he shouldnt be here.


    ...*owl hoots*..

    i'll unload fists to chests, and cause you're a bitch
    i'll take your limbs..
    and have all foreign casts like the movie eurotrip
    who'll win? here's a tricky but sure answer
    laughter's the best medicine..
    and your ass could write 16 bars and cure cancer
    admit it, i'm what you coulda been..
    you said i could beat nebs and ideal
    so how in the fuck are YOU gonna win?
    take your forced multis and leave, all outta fear
    but this kid's a virgin..
    he'd have too much trouble gettin the fuck outta here
    your punches are fuckin pointless, but you're not the brightest
    cause the only time that you get in the mag is when you write it
    that's a bitch move, so here's another personal
    i know you read 'em
    if fuzzy shouldn't be here, how come you couldn't beat him?!?
    your verse is just plain DULL..you're makin the readers bored kid
    just ask the voters, Sur's post has more quotables than yours did
    blaaaah blah blah blah blah blah blah..don't be payin mind
    i'm just showin people how easy it is to waste a Rhyme ;)

    Dr. Fuzzy Peaches

    - No Shows

    Cane Wins, Retains Title
  12. Mr.Perfect

    Mr.Perfect New Member

    Dec 23, 2001
    Cane vs Tri Optix

    Tri Optix

    Champions Are Never Everlasting

    Even the bible says Cane is NOT Abel..fuck..I know..aight, look
    If you really hate played-out Cane lines, stay away from his rhymebook
    Get your arms and knees torn, your face will be horribly deformed
    Only reason I havent killed ya, is because you kept my seat warm
    Come on man, the only fans you got is in your XBox controllers..
    Your punches suck enough, and the fad of puttin links in your lines is over
    And youre about to find out..why Im the fan favoriate, it aint hard to tell..
    Only upset youre pullin this week,
    is that you lied and told us you were gonna sign out the RBL
    We know I parked you before..so youre only getting re-served, now listen
    Last time you took a Tri-Out, the cast of Queer as Folk were holding auditions
    Id rape you..but I wouldnt want your man Nebs to get jealous,you soft fags
    We all know that you 2 stick together like the pages in your gay porn mags
    Go ahead, put this in your little section of the mag and vent your dry concepts
    But the truth is that the RBL wont vote for Cane..they'll vote AGAINST Tri Optix
    Give it up..you've had it, dont make have to rip this clown
    They'll say Cane went out off the wall..cuz RM's finally taking your picture down..


    nice quote, ya fuckin bitch, i gotta grace this kid with lead
    if you wanna give the voters what they want, replace yourself with Nebs
    Tri thinks he's beautiful, and if he's not lyin since he's older
    beauty is like my fist..cause both are in the eye of the beholder
    i never play off a verse, but Tri has it comin and he doesn't even know it
    cause the fuckin guy's makin excuses for losin..before i even posted!?!?!
    and jesus christ, stop actin ghetto ya w.igger, you aint fuckin black
    this pussy bitch's never seen a real block like Arizona running backs
    phony personals and stale comedy, as weak as your last punch
    dude, how the FUCK you gonna pretend i didn't shut you out last month?
    Tri could get off on murder without Cochran..
    and what i said means..
    that this sick faggot sits and jacks off to death scenes
    i'll hurt ya feelings kid, cause i'm not out to please queers
    son, how the FUCK are you gonna sit on the newbie side for 3 YEARS?!
    i'll end this battle with a quote Sequel gave me
    and cause i'm honest
    i'll tell ya why he asked me back.."To Save The RBL From Tri Optix"

    Cane Wins, Signs Out
  13. Mr.Perfect

    Mr.Perfect New Member

    Dec 23, 2001
    Fill In Champ OneDuh vs Richard Corey


    If Rich thinks he deserves this match, he must have been mislead
    So I'll raise Cane with my verse, since I should be sonnin him instead
    Quit rushin the text kid, I'm nothin to mess with
    Your verse has alot of hangups, no wonder none of it connected
    Don't expect it to be close, there's no hope for stoppin this
    Check the predictions, you cant even get a vote of confidence
    His losses speak for themself, & tell why the geek's boring
    Tri beat Corey, so I don't even need to try to beat Corey
    Your topicals are boring & fake duke, just end the saga
    To cut a long story short.. I'd pay you a billion dollars
    Now diss me for studying your work & sway votes you wack liar
    I only put your verse under a microscope in hopes it'd catch fire
    We can take it to the streets, now this shit is gettin personal
    I got cats that'll get Rich quick, like pitches for infomercials
    Heard this freak's into fisting, son's the gayest clown
    See I got punches out the ass, he likes it the other way around
    Thinkin he'll make it in rap just makes this brotha look dumber
    You're scared of One, that's how I know you'll never push numbers

    Richard Corey

    You opened these cans of whupass yourself! Bitch, you’ll die!
    You couldn’t close the lids if you were Renee Zellwegger’s eyes
    A privaleged lil’ bitch who succeeds cuz the judges’ve let ‘em
    Hell! You’re more of a cliché than your punches and set ups
    Yeah, I got fucked, but R.Kelly here? His insides be bleedin’
    Dudes plug his Chocolate Factory every time I see him
    Lyrically, he’s weak. So for him, what’s essentially left…
    but commercials chargin "Hi…I’m Rusty" for Identity theft
    His sex-life is useless sans Viagra; he’s downin’ the pills
    & Jerk until his fingers do a DiCaprio and drown in the 'film'
    Kid’s a loser, dressed in smedium shirts, red-colored Tims
    Come round my way in that gettup…and you never will again.
    Check my record, folks are impressed, I’ve come into my own
    While you choose between the sexes… and come into your own
    I’ll blow his heart out and constantly, nonchalantly pop him
    And spread "One love" over everyone that’s in the Top Ten!
    You will not win! This is extreme, pure viciousness, mean
    I’ll feed him his own blood at gunpoint ‘til he pisses his genes!
    the quickest of speed, my sword will leave this dude severed
    But don’t worry, I hear San Fran puts men like you together.

    Oneduh Wins, Retains Title
  14. Mr.Perfect

    Mr.Perfect New Member

    Dec 23, 2001
    Oneduh vs X Sample


    JayGood259Oz [9:09 PM]: I honestly didnt like 1 line
    JayGood259Oz [9:10 PM]: I think X owes me a public apology for reading that

    I bring the bombest text to battles, you're not a threat duke
    You'll never get an oz. of respect, when not even oz respects you
    Kid stacked garbage like trash compactors.. damn, it's wild
    Last time he actually dropped a verse, Calefaction had the title
    But the Champions match is elite, the place to show the best lines
    It separates the men from the boys, so there goes your sex life
    Just stop with the threads in hookups, tryin to hype your shit
    The swaying is getting out of hand, unlike your dick
    They say a X marks the spot, but is it lies or foreal?
    If it's true, my punches hit the spot just like a good meal
    I read your resume & check it, you aint a lifetime thug
    But it was a bigger list of fuck up's than the mile high club
    Can tell you tried, it's not your fault that you can't be sick
    When the topic's illness, you don't fit the bill.. like your avy pic
    Noone'll come to your defense, although I'm often subtle
    My lines are delivered with such conviction, even Johnny Cochran's puzzled
    Don't pretend to be ballin, you prolly got 3 jobs
    & still stay strapped for cash, more than bodyguards
    Now calmly dogg, step the fuck back or you might get popped
    My guns get fired for no reason like they were Byron Scott
    Nobody's feelin ya shit, there's no changin it son
    So the odds would still be against you, if my name wasn't One
    Samples are given away, it just doesn't sit right with me
    The name doesn't fit you at all, cuz the best things in life are free

    Hold that.

    X Sample

    Call me under rated...

    Yo..i should let u have this match, cause i saw at a glance,
    This skinny fuck'll need 2 belts..just to hold up his pants
    This fag loves to party, but really its off the rails,
    When this kid doesnt drink..but hes still got 'cock tales'
    Oneduh cant talk to gurls, he never dates at all,
    & he even shakes and trembles..whenever nature calls
    Told em to show me ya good lines..there was nufin to bring me,
    So your raps wouldnt be sooted..dropping lines in a chimney
    This loser never goes outside, the views still the same,
    They named an illness after Oneduh, & they called it window pane
    Your bordeline gay, but the borders sorta missing,
    When your in & out the fluid, like a water baptism
    Hes fucked from his fear..he'll stand still with a sob,
    & like Kanye West production, the Sample'll get the nod
    Ya pushing forward for queer rights, its been a gay summer,
    & its 'No Holding Back', cause your feeling Wayne, Oneduh
    This doods the greatest thinker, now watch me drop the flame,
    Cause his train of thought IS the bomb..it just went off in Spain
    This bag of bones goes swimming, an experiment gone wrong,
    When its still 'skinny dipping', with all his clothes on
    Fuck man your sooo fruity, plus you were scared all along,
    I'd 'sugarcoat' my verse..but youd fuckin wear it with your thong
    Yeah you won the title, but nufins jelling when u speak,
    I mean whos giving u props..for beating a storytelling geek?
    This poor ugly queer, his sex life lingers on the shelf,
    Its like hes pointing at the mirror the way he fingers himself
    Ive read ya verses before, and im afraid they're like most,
    Cause they remind me of a street corner..another light post
    So this guy aint a thug, & its written on the walls,
    Closest he got to a smooth criminal, was shaving a convicts balls..

    uh uh...match me..

    OneDuh Wins, Retains Title
  15. Mr.Perfect

    Mr.Perfect New Member

    Dec 23, 2001
    OneDuh vs Headless Verseman


    - No Shows

    Headless Verseman

    Im takin battles back, your an emcee with verses that are slumberish
    and your names only fitting with "one hit" in front of it
    your a gay waste, i dont want to think how ur date tastes
    im pullin you off the radio like xm satelite faceplates
    im the good guy, this dude's a dyke who wouldnt fight
    so ill put the wrench to this heel like nike removable spikes
    take a backseat like virgin sex, ur nervous i know it
    that he's beaten in his stay on the throne, im stoppin this nerd
    ya crew name brings up a good point,
    cuz i wonda where the flow went since its not in ya verse
    you on the block with a gun, hows this coward own one?
    not like u a celeb, ya made a career of goin downhill, like albert tomba
    and those so called personals arent the illest of joints
    there like family barbeque's where ya bring a friend...only relative to a point
    act like your some rm god, that shit got me bugged now
    you can punch aight, its still played, this chump tight?
    nah, he's just faced more fill ins then kids who cant brush right
    this silly bitch aint dealin shit, i dont care if ya bit or flipped
    but im finally puttin an end to this worn down vet like philly did
    you couldnt come nice, this shook son isnt bright
    when its over, the phrase "Over head" will only refer to the money i put on ya life
    your average at best, maybe you'll have some refrences,
    i got the win in the bag
    you've prolly sucked my dick in the past
    but like ya verse...they prolly werent good enough to remember it

    *The freshness of battling has been brought back. No more boring shit that this kids been bringing to the league*

    Headless Verseman Wins, New Champion
  16. Mr.Perfect

    Mr.Perfect New Member

    Dec 23, 2001
    Headless Verseman vs Dis-HonouR

    Headless Verseman

    - No Shows


    fuck thinking of ill punchlines to bomb this queer
    your shits so half assed.......[insert witty comment here]
    im breezin' thru, PBA?.....believe the truth
    I mean this dudes been 'just outside the top 20' since season 2
    your fame is so low, my blades' in slow mo
    gotta suck I just recycled lines from a battle where craven noshowed
    his chest'll get mauled, with no wrestlers involved
    this kid will catch a 'smack down'........he just isn't raw
    truthfully headless loves dissy, alotta haters bomb back
    dunny, I quit 3 weeks ago, you still got me under Moderator Contacts?
    your sig aint doin' it, this hoe's a lame
    ..when even this kids fuckin' metheus quote is played
    yall were good friends? ok, im bringin' toasters to em'
    N dont worry dunny, after this battle.....you'll be closer to em'
    no disrespect to meth, its over....im god, yall
    ...I mean I dont even think Jeff has 'HONOR over his MOD balls'
    pussy, DH is bringin' heat to your throat
    so im quick to say 'head is wack'.........while recieving a blow
    ko'd, this faggot must loath the truth
    dont worry headless, I got an allias........i'll vote for you
    yeah I gave myself an extension, think! this battle, b?...
    ....I also did the ranks, why the fuck you think you battled me
    nobody likes you for a reason, I hit lines for real
    so even if I dont win this battle cousin.....my dickriders will

    Dis-HonouR Wins, New Champion
  17. -Oz-

    -Oz- ^^^^^

    Sep 28, 2003
    Dis-Honour Vs Doc Richards

    R B LChamp -- Dis Honour

    demik the allias king? shit, i'll pound this lame;
    question: how in the blue hell can you suck on almost 2 thousand names?
    so inkwell's his teacher, fuck bluffin' - I shake dudes;
    but inkwell's only decent, so....what the fuck does THAT make you?
    I show no fear when I pass this hoe;
    whos just getting decent now,.....I was that way a year N a half ago
    so diss my image, I thought the force would be thicker...
    but white kids like demik exist, jesus christ....OF COURSE IM WI99ER
    kids reppin the topical sector, so im easily bruisin...
    cus thats the only fuckin' form of writing Wonderflow could easily lose in
    cause see, Wonderflow is nice.....I wont regret this, so;
    ..he aint just a weak link, ....he's the reason the bitch left the show
    meet demiks girl, then stand back gaspin';
    ....at the fact that demiks girl looks like calefaction
    okay maybe not identical, but the sufferin'll stay;
    somebody tell me this bitch dont look like she sufferin' from AIDS
    "Whoa, calm down there weak link", ok? but face it, damn..
    Oneduh STILL knew I was in WF, so basically...the statement stands

    Doc Richards

    YOU'RE NOT JAY-Z OR EMINEM, when will it get through?
    One think I got the W, & I'm the weak link.. so where's that put you?
    You'll be done soon, snuffin this bitch, RBL? I'm runnin this shit
    Got ya tongue on kids lips on Dro without ever touchin a spliff
    Clubbin this snitch, get hurt gay cause I heard a little bird say
    That this faggot got Trax on him and that's NOT wordplay
    Superb ways, you unknown fag and I swear that ya wack
    And since servers changed you ain't even on the character map
    Personals? Ya ashamed of my facts, how gay is this? I'm slayin kids
    Anyone else noticed he could never break Top10 without an alias?
    Display his bitch, ya swayin fibs ain't savin shit rockin Fubu and a wife beater
    w.igger? S'cool, when I see fags like you I dont wanna be white either
    I smite those who're feebler and Demik's realer, you're faker, bitch
    And any bling you got is a disguise of connected paperclips
    I'll rape ya bitch, and fuck ya dickriders I'ma bomb ya protectors
    And it's WF love, but…
    It'll look pretty bad when you lose to a cat in the TOPICAL SECTOR

    Very Close. Battle ended up in a 10-10 Tie. Dis-Honour Signs Out and Doc Richards Grabs the RBL Title.
  18. -Oz-

    -Oz- ^^^^^

    Sep 28, 2003
    Doc Richards Vs Island

    RBL Champion Doc Richards 9-0

    a single line to the l column, a weak fallen soft
    ironic it came the one time you gave aloe a week off
    i broil fools, instruments? i foil tools
    after ya role in billy madison screamin odoil rules
    good luck on you paying retail for a female
    took a road trip with trap and STILL had time to check his email
    in a battle with user the riders against me, i might as well write
    that im battling island, minus the one dude we all liked
    sex, text, whatever, you destined to lose bud
    popped ya ex's cherry & searched the crib for the rest of the fruitcup
    he stays home wishin see, when i speak he's pissed with me
    i only voted for you last week so your riders'd give me publicity
    a win against this pregnant lady, dont hate me, a memory for the baby
    with demik gettin a win that is, much like his diet, is all gravy
    make it a picture theme, but cut it lean, or you'll see these kiddies scream
    at the fact that, to post yours, rm'd need to be hosted on an IMAX screen

    Island (Username)

    im fat, and i have a lot of money, but the problem with this..
    is he'll diss those alot, when i keep his minimum wage job in business
    im the boss of yall...fuck the records, i havent lost at all
    so u can watch ur career go down the drain; AFTER u wash the stalls
    Said I wouldn't get personal but I lied, this bastard's adopted
    & now your luck ran out almost as fast as your pops did
    congrats, WF made you a battle head...but when u lose to me
    youll go right back to being the piddly ass fuck piece of shit u used to be
    no skills, in Wf cuz you & Ink are dating on aim so..
    when i whisper sweet nothings i'm just saying your name low
    imma focused vet...im bored with u, n u aint even posted yet
    wanna do something for the voters? sign out, and gimme Dough instead
    the title is mine, im takin it right offa your chest, see....
    n dont get it twisted; cuz i need to strangle dough with it next week
    im the face of the RBL again, im the best ya know, fam
    so really...your not even needed as mod anymore, let alone champ

    Island Wins, and Takes the RBL Title
  19. -Oz-

    -Oz- ^^^^^

    Sep 28, 2003
    Island Vs Oz

    RBL Champion Island 20-2

    [No Show]


    Oneduh Aim = Anthraxspits...
    Blah, Oneduh is the other half of Island

    You've been blowin up, but your flowing sucks,
    Fat fuck, you should quit throwing punches & try throwing up
    Your nursing an addiction, be online til you die homie...
    & ya Roadrunner ran SO long, its preying ya get a pet Coyote
    I wet phonies, & now I'm having burying flashes,
    Users funeral & 6 Pall Bearers.....to Carry his ashes
    They couldn't carry a casket,
    As for Island, Your's flows is failing kid,
    I've got Anthrax spits, & I'm about to 'Expose' this alias,
    Oneduhs Islands better half, Just ask to know,
    & Hey, Its no Oneduh we thought User grasped a flow
    Your on Blast now ho, RBL mod runn-in the league,
    Ironic aint it, How I just ended your run in the league

    Oz wins and takes the R B L Title
  20. -Oz-

    -Oz- ^^^^^

    Sep 28, 2003
    Oz Vs Doc Richards

    R B L Champ Oz 11-1

    Sup Mantis? I Just hope you aren't done with your Praying
    Fuck Vember & Omega, & Watch Oz Overcome another 'Hating'
    No debating you were champ, ur reign didn't Commense,
    A ghostwritin Johnny Cochran 'couldn't win you a title Defense
    At your expense I'm letting you know
    We got battles, no votes, battlers, no hopes, ur a rook faggot
    Since your the Face Of The League, No wonder no-one looks at it
    Now your shook faggot, all them Alias' & you Got No Hype
    Since Demik has more Gay Accounts then a Homoerotic site
    Ya got no life, so ya look to the sky, & Ask Whyyyyyy?
    Your only 'friends' went & cancelled on you last night
    Your ass tight? Nah,
    W/ Verses watered down, you aint Bringing No Heat,
    Ya Jacked Lloyds Track 'on fire', and Extinguished the Beat
    I'ma finish with heat, & tho my Writing has had Blockage,
    Ill still Embaress you in this 'Battle', like an Iraqi Hostage
    Got It? I gotta be Honest, you dont write Tight, so dont Brag,
    Your My Boy..
    So its funny ya never got mentioned, Til I started Writin The Mags

    Doc Richards

    A funny guy, Oz you killing me
    Cuz really b, youre the reason my leagues lost credibility
    Now all fags wanna be champ, stop'm before it catches
    You still suck, but thanks for posting the mag & matches
    Strange reason I made you mod, i spose its kinda lame
    Until now, all mods have been elite, I figured we needed a change
    So be amazed, at how hes here but unworthy
    1 year battling, and not even predicted to win the SAG tourny
    Show mercy? Im nice in PBA, dude your plans are foiled
    Ill count my wins, you keep bitchin about not winnin the battle royale
    One thing in common with another champ, but its gay see
    Thats dissy, only because you BOTH get hard at Jay Z...
    & Dont break your pattern of ridin & stayin corny
    Cuz just cause Im beatin you dont mean you cant still vote for me
    Now you're authority? but costin this week at the most...
    Cause you lost to me, NOW who you gonna bitch to bout votes

    Oz wins 9-6 and Retains for a title defense. Both Oz & Doc Richards Sign out, leaving Imperial a Stand in champ.
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