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  1. Insanevillian

    Insanevillian STILL in CHARGE

    Aug 19, 2000
    RBL's First Title Match!!!

    Manic D 5-0 vs. Nebulotic 5-0

    Manic D

    fuck you, stupid bitch...i get gully when recitin the curses
    i think youre a faggot...but canes gayer for writin ya verses
    i'll put 1 in ya knee so you can walk with his name...
    ...'land' a few punches, n give you a whole world of pain
    yah cant take care of ya hoe either...how the fuck you gonna marry her..
    ...after her water broke and all you did was get a janitor
    you try too hard to say im mexican, no jokes get stuck on the mastahs pen
    cause all the fruits of ya labor get sold in my fams establishment
    nebs got weak attmepts wich arent provin well
    ya shits like cather in the rye...most that read it shoot themselves
    you bitchin bout shit thats old, youve become a fuckin joke
    i'd say ya shits 'straight drama'...but its more like Queer as Folk
    dudes known to print his wins, this losers out of his gord
    makes 2 copies...
    1 for his moms fridge, another for the school bulletin board
    i'll take this nig out oldschool, tighten the ends thats loose
    cause nebs the type to roll with the punches, and hang around the noose
    i beat the funniest dude on the net, i hope it dont trouble you
    i got nebs kickin 'Himself' for this L like i did...but i was after a W

    only got time for 18..gluck fam


    serge dot T: yo you act?
    ACADbynature: yup
    serge dot T: i envy you yo
    serge dot T: i love actin yo

    Wanna be a Phenom on the boards? I can show ya the answer:
    Cuz after this he won't be alone cryin over a fracture
    And ya dyin hopes as an actor? Pray for jobs in shippin, else
    If ya character's dope...you'd be playin opposite yaself
    Berate this cat quick...and before he gets over it
    He'll break down in saabs like poor Swedish motorists
    Return ta ya crib, crawl in the hole 'fore drama unfolds
    I'll fuckin cut ya throat up, like ya neck had volume control
    You in poverty yo--you ain't a menacin' thug, ya saggin
    A pair of Lees...old as the original Double Dragons
    Then there's ya mom; none know the dad of the life that this parent spawned
    Bitch had more johns on the side, than the cite of a marathon
    I am the paragon of blazin' raps kid, my blade'll hack bits
    Of ya mug, my aim in that shit is rearrangin the face of wackness

    lol @ me postin even less than you

    let's get some votes

    Final Score

    8-7 Nebulotic.. He Becomes first Champ!!!
  2. Insanevillian

    Insanevillian STILL in CHARGE

    Aug 19, 2000
    Nebulotic 6-0 vs. Mr Skull 5-1


    just ta get it out the way...

    I get revenge if I'm fucked; you'll regret if ya own me, tyrant
    Cuz one rape'll fuck up ya season, you'll be the new KOBE BRYANT


    Sonnin' this dweeb who underachieves too
    Like my semen cut ya off at the ankles, I've "cum ta de-feet" you/
    Seriously...I figured since you almost lost ta sif in the tourney
    ...I can just post whatever the fuck I want to & beat you/
    That shit proved you a numbskull: retarded and dumb guy
    Dunno what's smaller, sif's IQ or the margin you won by/
    You a bitch & ya history...
    Hope ya ain't scared of relationships...cuz you about ta be committed ta memory/
    Without pity or sympathy: ya mom's a skank & ya savior
    Next time ya at church, pray ta the crack heads & thank ya Creator(s)/
    She's a fuckin ho & I laughed
    When I told her I'd be bustin on Skull, at which she opened her mouth and posed for a photograph/
    Ya body & soul united; my desert eagle'll blast, joy stops;
    It breaks the Union like the sequel ta Bad Boys flopped/
    Ya death by my bat'll be garish I promise
    Blows ta the head create a red skull like in the Captain America comics/
    Ah fuck it I'll cop spoons...shit's barely a weapon
    And extract ya each of ya brain children through casearian section/

    Mr. Skull

    My punches are cannons to your jaws, your biting is finished
    So, you'll lose your mouth, piece... like Tyson to Lennox
    You'll lie in a hearse, never make it past me you dyin disturbed
    If I posted N-E B.S, then your name's describing your verse
    I promise...I swear it...I'll show what damagin lines do,
    If there's shadow of doubt, it's prolly Nebs standin behind you
    Nebs sucks dick, a fag that's tired, 'n he's an awful disgrace
    So I give em a towel, just to take a load off.... of his face
    You are weak,'n put up fights, though your a lil fraile bastard,
    Nebs always have drama in hand... like unprepared actors
    Nebs is 'high' is he thinks he can teach skill, it's all in technique..
    But, he's so boring even his own 'pupils' are falling asleep
    You were a reject in school, I knew it I'll bruise soft thugs'..
    Hearts. Adolensence was a stage in life.... you were booed off of
    Your a fuckin klutz who brings a kinda joy to fiends
    Try holdin your ground so much you get arrested for loitering
    You're my bitch... I'll leave this honey with sorrow
    Take a night on the town.. 'n bring my money tommorrow
    Fear instilled No one'll speak to you & ya the best dude?
    Even ya house has no number's... no one wants to address you
    The kid will fall, I'll boost you, "You're dope with the wit you brawl"
    Because everything you write shows 'flashes of skill'... small tits 'n all
    Like Kobe your parents rubbed you, its why you're gay and modest
    You were raised with johnson & johnson 'n i dont mean baby products

    Final Score

    14-0 Mr. Skull... He Becomes New Champion...
  3. Insanevillian

    Insanevillian STILL in CHARGE

    Aug 19, 2000
    Mr. Skull 6-1 vs. Shock 6-1

    Mr. Skull

    Just cause he has a turban he's no killer, Ask me I guess so..
    He claims to do drive bis but he really drives a taxi for lesbos
    In text yo' shit is weak, your scared making a pain for it
    You soil you pants so much, you added water 'n created a rain forest
    Smoke is harmful, but I'll smoke you the mind is simply too weak
    Cause your brain cells... for just a lil over a penny a piece
    All you do is say, "Fuck, damn, shit!!"once the shotty's out
    'n if defeat tastes like shit, no wonder this dude has a potty mouth
    You're not a dope fiend... you were just born a complete fag
    So when I call you a crack head, I mean your heads in Storm G's ass
    I'll post first... you can use my verse to start bruisin fame
    No one can feed off you... you could starve Username!!!*
    We're going 30 a piece, you wack dude I'll gas your team
    You told me to match you, and I will... right after the gasoline
    You're eunuch, w/ no batteries to keep going, herb can bawl in his eyes
    Because, Shock will just Die Hard** 'n a virgin all of his life
    Callin his guys, You're far from smart, it got your ass in place I see
    Because wisdom comes with age 'n your trynna get a fake ID
    You're the worst period, dude face it in text you are dormant
    So when this bitch hits the pad... he only uses extra obsorbant
    Militia is nothing, cause you're in it you lil, weak jerk
    Num could tear up your crew necks(next)... like ripped T-Shirts
    See, you're just ugly 'n twitching but confiding in Num...
    It's okay.. you're not an addict, your moms just hiding you in one
    You're still in my function? He's just here seeking his props
    For anyone that said you'd never amount to shit... you defeated the odds
    My force folds your verse, so pause as I explore modes...
    For your verse with so many dots 'n dashes.. it's read in morse code
    Swore I'm cold, you're dome is lumpy from bashing holmes is bummy
    'n I bet anyone that's in a State of Shock ...will disown their country..



    mods - we both agreed to go the full 30 lines..

    Iight yo yo ..
    Everythin ya spit is false, let me show you foo’..
    Ya weakness lies in ya verse, and so do you..
    So how do I bring straight facts about a lie’n homo..
    If NS got the initial win, you must mean via No Show
    I’ll knock ya down 3 places in the rankins, stop frontin whore .
    coz only faggots rated num-before .. (number four)
    This herb is nervous, jus a nerd who’s worthless..
    and if you’re my reason for livin, ima serve my purpose..
    I aint fat, infact im fit enuff to beat up this man with my malice..
    then tie him in with my diet, so his future hangs in the balance..
    Dig my foot in ya wound, then like Christ im heal-in ya health..
    and hand u some gay porn, incase you aint ‘feelin yaself’..
    im on a route to success, so believe that you buggin me..
    your on a ‘root’ to success, that leads to the ugly tree..
    Inevitably im the next champ, it whats gonna happen so listen..
    if you learned from ya mistakes, you’d be the worlds best mathematician..
    This kids a clone, he’s the whackness of revanon..
    and with you I gotta ‘pic’ a bone, so im ‘snappin’ ya skeleton..
    num getting punches off his crew, I jus cant stand this clown..
    how the am I supposed to give‘thumbs up’ to lines that have been ‘handed down’..
    Thas right, go share lines with metasin..
    or brag about bein a champion, because nebs let you win..
    so now you reppin stc? I always said trens was the whackest recruiter..
    cuz nature called…………………..this faggot a loser..
    im the underdog, but its not gonna be no surprise when I win..
    num’s punches speak for themselves, and they shud be apoligizin for him..
    Manic tossed you out while u wasn’t ripe, and shocks standin dope..
    NumSkull’s a ‘lonely fruit’, which is why I call him ‘cant-elope’
    ^thas correct , he’s dreamin of a date, and the sex he’s gon miss..
    coz if MY dick was a debate.. it’d be the question on everyones lips..

    goodluck champ

    Final Score

    13-0 Numskull retains the title...
  4. Insanevillian

    Insanevillian STILL in CHARGE

    Aug 19, 2000
    Mr. Skull 7-1 vs. Creatical 4-0

    Mr. Skull

    here... quick key

    To start off..
    I've had 2 useless battles in a row, I'm still in pure fear
    Last week I was Shocked, now I'm fucking electrocuted that your here.
    Let's count your good punches, 'n force the dope
    Because your on a one line high... like snorting coke
    Your already washed up, I'll even stop your emergence
    Cause your verse is a load of B.S., with lots of detergent
    Your a baseball lover, look, at this fag.. he loves so many
    Num knuckleballs... while this homo just rubs them gently
    The sucks 'n it's true... he's a fake gangster so the fucker'll lose
    the drag queens only strapped with 2 pumps when he buckles his shoes
    Shit, you killin yourself 'cause the ditch you were found in
    Got your passes at greatness a flag for intentional grounding
    I'm raping you Cre, remodeling, your well known 'n fondled
    I reconstructed your manhood, 'n built pretty pink homes 'n condos
    I'm known to bomb folks.. lonely kid. this fucker should listen
    The last legs, breasts, 'n theighs he touched.. were in a bucket of chicken


    I was born dope, my tip is insanely sick
    Leaving you with more shit in ya’ jeans than Mr. Hanky’s kids
    Ya’ fuckin’ with the devil, can ya’ dance?
    I’ll leave your legs blown out like Hammer pants
    You got half a chance, and you fell gravely
    With ya’ brains scattered on the floor with the shell casings
    With no restriction, you know I’ll win this
    And you’ll be pushing out daisies like a Jahova’s witness
    The title’s mine, I’m coppin’ it now
    Cos ya’ body’s hidden in a trash can like Oscar the Grouch
    I ain’t all there upstairs, ya’ best believe it
    And when you got angry with ya’ body language, I left ya’ speechless
    Fuck with me? Never, homie,
    You talking ‘bout living with a bigger Boo Boo than Yogi
    When I flow, b, I spit in whirlwinds
    While you’re the biggest bitch next to Clifford’s girlfriend

    Final Score

    Creatical Wins 7-4... New Champ
  5. Insanevillian

    Insanevillian STILL in CHARGE

    Aug 19, 2000
    Creatical 5-0 vs. Manic D 8-1

    Creatical (ToiL)

    A Team/
    they scream/

    unlike serge,
    when i write words, you wont see me blunder
    cus this right herb is past it and lacks in-sight, like Stevie Wonder
    you were ranked 1st at UA, but had wack writtens to read
    so now...not even Roots fans, will listen to The Seed
    serge is lame and hell bleed, when he gets shot at dinner
    its as if hes champagne, cus hes getting 'popped by the winner'
    this dude thinks he has a rep, he has to be bluffing
    hes not Running on Empty...hes just Gassed over Nothing

    driblling on res's nuts, is all you do
    youre just a 'dog on his case'..like Scooby Doo
    so ill attack like a rhino and batter this dude
    hell get 'charged and flatterned' - like what batteries do
    and ill give you aching bones with no need for faking moans
    youll just go 'off' shaking, same as them vibrating phones
    youre ina a bad state holmes..but ya too slow to panic
    its just sad that, not even the anarchists are shouting "Go Manic!"

    Manic D

    ayo cre, A-TEAM, ya future is bleak
    this extra bar here's for the word of the week

    i tought ya style, now you wanna take my limelight
    kid bit the hand that fed him, n everything that rhymed right
    he dickrides audio, so itll leave no wonder
    why cre followin more 'bux' tracks than a fuckin deer hunter
    yall a faggot crew, your gay parades a demonstration
    how all ya lines are mostly miss'es like when militia is in formation
    once you get beat the fuck up, youll need help, proportions major
    id call 9-won-won for ya...but itd remind you of ya failure
    im levels above you, not a coincidence how i astound dudes
    i turned storm down for militia...so while he was on the floor he found you
    i got this on lock, they all know ill win, you here for the ride
    and if you MAY think youd win
    jan, feb, march, april, jun, jul, aug, sept, oct, nov and dec are all on my side
    i see that rtm tourny n why he dint even bother
    cause he thought the return of the 32 man was a 2nd search for his father
    im far ahead of him, would last forever readin the mileage
    the fire i spit burn you in 10000 degrees like graduation day in college

    Final Score

    Manic D Wins... Toil is not Creatical Meaning Cre No Showed... Manic D Is New Champion...
  6. Insanevillian

    Insanevillian STILL in CHARGE

    Aug 19, 2000
    Manic D 9-1 vs MudCrumb 6-2

    Manic D

    you took ya hustle to rm, manic dont let ya sell there
    no morons allowed
    shit, he thought bill-board.com was net-welfare
    serge, also manic, also the baddest in the land
    but if you Mud, than start callin ME timbaland
    ya bitch cheated on ya with me, broke rules of engagement
    so i stomped a mudwhole...n scraped him off with the pavement
    you keep tryna take the win, instead, stop it
    only title you takin is a screenshot at the thread topic
    ya worthless..*cough* scuse me..worth less than an rm crew hoe
    when you wanna go 'pound for pound' while my shits beyond a euro
    bash ya teeth, do somethin sweet or youre dyin son
    he said hed toss my salad...
    so i made him EAT the butt of my gun
    watch ya delve deep in regret
    since you ya dads pride n joy, i'll shoot up his last ounce of respect
    ya shits garbage, but so you can spit, ill be tangible
    by helpin you drop ya verse...down the deepest reveen imagineable
    you aint no pimp, shit, the fuck you foolin here dude
    only faggots hit on him..n even THEY have bats when they do
    ga'head, say im mex n how you gon shoot the dude
    ya..im known to lawnmow....the fuck outta whoever 'roots' for
    get the fuck outta here, ya stench is rancid
    everyone sniffed his smell of success n had to lite some matches
    lets say the leagues a concert, the crowds patience is rattled
    cause you cant 'manage' a title...even LESS hype up a battle
    keep fuckin cryin, i'll beat ya stance n proses
    by pushin ya waves of emotions aside n advance like moses


    & Mud against Serge, the human canopy, Can it be??
    I’ll speak on some weak shit & take a stand on Manic D
    Hate gay crews, ya name Jesus sounded as Hey Zues
    Oranges? Manic a spokesman for Tropicana grapefruits
    Ya should’ve been born black, now I’m dropping tips
    Now I’m sure..
    The Minority Report was your immigration documents
    2 rights & a nice Hook, ya gums? Cracking them too
    So get that chip off your shoulder & fit it back in ya tooth
    Bust slugs in this ese, scout the town…tell more men
    If your a shell of ya former self,expect 12 more twins
    ^An unlucky 13 shots, fuck votin, my lines better win
    Had a Serge in power..cuz Mexico has no assigned president
    To pummel ya, blasted Serge right between the eyes
    …& He cried worse than after finding out Selena died
    Animal sex is for you, since lack of pussy gave u the blues
    Cuz ya fucking nuts & the squirrel who gave em to you
    A ho is a ho, ya mom is a cunt, have I taken it too far
    If recycling ain’t a bitch..Im still certain that you are
    You hate the NFL….among daily baths & moldy bread
    Since your family always huddle up on YOUR sofa bed
    The superhero? No, those roles don’t reason w/ blacks
    ..Put “Manic D” on his chest & “eceased” on the back
    You’ll sleep with the fishes now, & with no light nerd
    It’ll be “Finding Nemo & we happened to sight Serge”
    Mud’s not AOD..
    Don’t drink root beer, or peep Bux..ya bound to be finished
    ^Theres all the dope lines..
    For the 32 Man………..or the ONE round you were in it (RTM)
    Last RBL battle? I hold the barrel leaving more dead
    Now you went out in a bang like a bitch’s big forehead

    T'was a delight battling you in your last battle in the RBL..Good Luck in the future.

    Final Score

    8-0 MudCrumb... Crumb is New Champ...
  7. Diphtheria

    Diphtheria Tazz Says "Fuck U"

    May 1, 2002
    Shock Vs. Mudcrumb

    theres that outta the way, now i slap this phony dude, right..
    and put shells to his chest like a macaroni food fight..
    muds jus sum poor kid , yet to produce a hot verse..
    ya need to take notes from my style instead of ya moms purse..
    and whas ya prob wit ya pic? that scrawny head n chest?
    or the fact you prove the 'missin link' isnt a faulty web address..
    ya styles played, so ya switchin? im dismayed at ya bitchin..
    mud be hidin his grill like user invaded his kitchen..
    and talkin bout ya mouth, id hate to see the shit that you eat..
    the ugly contest wasnt close..
    ..but mud won by the 'skin of his teeth'..
    plus the movements you make have never seen colossal..
    im a cave in ya nose .... and i dont mean ya nostrils..
    shock'll destroy ya net career .. ya might die to..
    so the only thing lookin up for you is ya right eye fool..
    and ya spots blend to ya skin, ya jus a geek who nervous..
    really you got enuff 'moles' to form the secret service..
    and check that fuckin stare dude .. you aint foolin me guy..
    if this is my 'cue' .. i'll use it to play pool with ya eyes..
    but bein first runs in the family, but which way ya choosin to go..
    seen as ya moms positions pole..
    & anythin else that involves removin her clothes..
    shock'll beat n bruise ya .. have ya screamin "help me"..
    then get ya 'title - stripped' like a christina lp..


    In Brit, ya'll got pounds? Skinny ass know it greatly true
    Look at your paycheck…that contains more weight than you.
    You seen your wrinkled face? Acne fucked up ya skin??
    I've seen two ironies & both creases are under ya chin..
    W/ a surefire verse to kill you, some'in ya'll can't fathom
    Cuz….Shock got a "Sure…Fire" verse WITH the sarcasm
    A yellow tooth bitch in social life and lacking the digits
    Teeth whiteners won't cover up the fact that ya British
    Yellow shits, you a good actor..maybe with propa skill
    Speilberg booked you for 5 years..he knows he getting a lotta film
    US role models? MJ, Vick, & Tiger..Britain often cowers
    Who ya'll got?.....ûûûûe Girls, Euro pop n Austin Powers
    Shock said "Glad I got battles before you"..no shit son
    If ya garbage in those….What'll that say about this one?
    Not ThaJoker, who'll care that you got the slyest hand
    Noone knows you..
    Unless they Militia or lame enough to watch Spider-Man
    & All you Militant niccas can watch, ya damn no names
    & Get killed
    Til "It Smells Like Teen Spirits" in hea like Kurt Cobain
    Niccas'll be surprised when I win..the title was open but
    They say..
    "Well, I'll be ".…….one of the heads that votes for Mud
    Why drink beer @ all? I look @ you & that, see wackness
    Cats like me set talent bars.. while you just drink at it
    Me or You? If you doper, shiiit only then does lying hurt
    Manic D SONNED you by A vote, but I did it by A verse..

    Shock defeats Mudcrumb, becomes new champion
  8. Diphtheria

    Diphtheria Tazz Says "Fuck U"

    May 1, 2002
    Shock Vs. Wee Man

    Wee Man

    Storm-g, Precyse - Now Shock can prove how real he is
    I got the champ, but I realize he's another militia idiot
    A text head gone bad - But kid, don't brag
    I mean, he freestyles all the time with the mic he don't have
    'SmokinBlunts 87: wanna use pics for extra leverage?' This kid is iffy
    He's the only RBL head who needs a pic to diss me
    Ya'll know he looks up to me, but his rhymes curse this game
    Comin' to me almost every day to critique your verse on AIM
    But he's ugly and dumb looking. Shock? Kid, you will see
    Don't be alarmed though..
    When you see a retard rappin', that's a Shock'er, Literally
    Exclamation points in ya name is gay, but ask the kid
    Spelling out 'solution!' is the same thing as yellin' faggot shit
    You're existance is pure nothing, so can the shit
    How you gonna talk shit..
    When your crew, LA - Is Ran by 'sif?!
    Yea he rides me, but I'da hoped my cock would fight back
    SmokinBlunts 87: maybe th eword of the week willb e Weez Is gay..
    Shock would like that..


    i'll beat you once, cuz u not holdin riders..
    then you be on a mission to seek-wool (sequel) ..
    like poor cloth designers..
    dope verse weez - im jus clown ofcourse..
    altho my bullets cheerin for you..
    watch me give you a 'round of applause'..
    but how did u get here..thas the question on everyones lips..
    see, the titles an open race - except for mexicans, bitch..
    im the best? when i come this real it seems so..
    but its funny - YOUR the lawnmower in your field of dreams, hoe..
    stayin on the topic, you must be needin clout..
    when even ya 'root' to success - is planted from a 'seed of doubt'..
    n postin that BS, what the hell you learnin at school?
    dont even mention storm, he murdered you fool..
    die please, real? im the guy G's feel.. destroy you without care kid..
    you'll be searchin for 'spare' ribs like chinese meals..
    but im blazin this battle, hyped or not..
    but when i pronounce u dead..
    is the only time you deserve the 'title - shot'..
    "no pics fool" - how dare this bitch demands..
    you aint gettin props where its 'j-e-w' (due)..
    like allah stage plays in hitlers land..
    producin 30 lines thats tight? bitch please..
    WeezThaTruth: i cant do this, im writin 16..

    Shock defeats Weeman, Retains Title
  9. Diphtheria

    Diphtheria Tazz Says "Fuck U"

    May 1, 2002
    Shock vs. Klutch


    You surfin' the damn internet ... but STILL won't ride a tidal wave,
    YO! I don't think u get it! SAY GOOD-BYE TO THE TITLE ... WAVE!!!
    Shock's the champ but don't act like he ain't sposed to be dropped,
    I'm a grown man in a little league, I'm either his coach or his pops.
    N' ya probably think I'll give it my best shot .... tryina off this geek,
    but if I pull out all the stops .......... how would he cross the street.
    I'm not often beat ........ but hataz act like my skills are way lesser,
    that's funny, cuz after I spank this kid, we'll have the same record.
    ... But alotta you fellas only wanna see lines that'll make ya laugh,
    OK FINE … http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2003-8/328437/shock.jpg
    ... Did it make ya laugh?
    I spit the shyt that inspires ppl .... ya'll know what I'm talkin' bout,
    my punches bring opportunity but when it comes, it'll knock .. him out
    Shock ..... I got ya bitch half-naked, down a thong, charm n' a bra,
    strip searched n' cuffed, then I'll lay down the long arm of the law.
    N' to everyone in the "I Wish I Was a Nig.ga Club" I'll help yer Vet,
    when I give Shock a black eye, a fat lip ......... and a welfare check.
    4 real` ur not a G, so when ya say you are, plenty of doubt starts,
    dude thinks he's livin' in a hood .......... like Kenny from South Park.
    My rhyme are breath-taking ..... I got style that cannot be learned,
    he's just holdin his breath til' tomarrow .... prayin' for Pac's return.


    - No Shows

    Klutch becomes Fill In Champ
  10. Diphtheria

    Diphtheria Tazz Says "Fuck U"

    May 1, 2002
    Klutch vs. Island


    No1 thinks I can win this, that means I GOTTA be handicapped,
    so now we're even ... look at u ... YA GOTTA BE HANDICAPPED!
    http://www. urbanprowlers. net/tourney/pba2/nebs.jpg
    (take out the spaces)
    But ya'll are beyond ridin .... best believe I ain't resortin' to lies,
    the RBL got a gang of little kids livin' on Island, like "Lord Of The Flies."
    I mean, even leaning against a tree ... can't no1 say nobody loves him,
    his great-gramps still hangs around ... oldie was lynched right above him.
    Don't be mad ... but I'ma grimy nig.ga that'll do what is best fitted,
    the type that'll remove ya kidney stone ... then beat you ta death with it.
    I could front ... but won't act like I ain't seen what ya dropped.
    see, whether ya Nebs or not, u ain't just corny, u's the cream of the crop.
    Normally, I'm the biggest thing in the battle, with sick skills that's taboo,
    but this time it's impossible, his eye brows 'er large enough to rival Yahoo.
    I'm either a Terrorist or a Bully ... so right now I'm not the one to kid with,
    is he The Statue Of Liberty or this dweeb, both Island's are just a big bitch.
    Speakin of females, they all hated him ... ever since this brothers birth,
    when he got rejected by Lady Luck and straight cursed by Mother Earth.
    F*CK the Punch-line Pandemonium, I get no love and it will not stop,
    I'll see my highlights on Sports Center after I win ... by a long shot.
    I'm 11-3 and still considered the under-dog, children are straight hatin,
    I mold letters into works of art .... this guy looks like a claymation.


    Your needin to know…im not nebs, ya seein' this ho?
    Cus my opponents lose to bad guesses…for the second week in a row

    I spit them fire lines that'll leave your bars ashes
    I wreck Klutch's n leave'em on the pavment like car crashes
    You can't hang, i'll send you an L ..and then to hell
    Wanna talk punches? Island got more OH lines than the nfl
    See I show my feelings with guns, ive got hollow tips
    while you bottle up your emotions…next to your model ships
    Just know, Actually.... see if ya get this herb…
    I can fill ya frame with bullets, better than MS Word
    I'll make this short n to the point, i'ma ruin this fuck
    I got dependable shots, they always come through in the Klutch
    You rhymin? ...I'd rather listen to ya speak n spell
    Fuck wit me and i'll put you in hell, like the letters E and L
    I ain't gonna stop until this scrub is banned and hatin
    I'll break the Klutch so bad his sex-drive'll need public transportation
    Think ur winnin?? Rhymes aint what ya sick with at all
    Klutch... your nuts........... Like you got kicked in the balls
    I clowned u before u even knew what had happend
    If art imitates life, your this stick figure i just drew on my napkin

    Island defeats Klutch, Becomes new RBL Champion
  11. Diphtheria

    Diphtheria Tazz Says "Fuck U"

    May 1, 2002
    Island vs. Dough


    Kanye broke his jaw too, n it was makin his chin long
    but Kanye spit thru the wire...youre rappin thru brick walls
    You've been on the net for 4 years…but damn the mans a bore
    Cus Lebron made the Cavs big…while Fat did that to yours
    the guesses on who I am have been fake, but it lingers
    as he counters my lines, makin his chin shape with his fingers
    Lets leave it to dough, use the mag n see what he knows
    I won best verse, he was runner up to me 2 weeks in a row
    We make fun of user…hes fat, but his lines are forceful
    N while he's got 8 chins, you've got one bigger than his entire torso
    lets speak some more on user…not cus hes godly tho
    But cus he likes stickin the sausage to Dough, more than Somnio
    ill reverse the curse...lemme just lunge back
    And hit your chin so hard, the top a ya head'll resemble a dunce cap
    This hunch back wasnt felt for 4 years, n now i bet this ho's lovin it
    Cus he'll keep his chin up....so the bottom 30 can limbo under it
    There ain't no doubts, ...i'm pullin this win off
    Chinchilla aint a fabric, it's the name of ur chin in a Godzilla spin off
    I tried to get over your chin, .....but fuck it, it's hard
    If i broke ya glass jaw all of Hartford would be covered in shards


    I'ma save voters the breakdown since ya been smoked clear/
    his verse's content summed up: insert chin joke here_____/
    Above's ur chance for another chin diss, think of it quick/
    I can't care too much, I provided u with a link to the pic/
    and I don't need yours cuz ur considered a limited threat/
    posted my pic for u again, saw what good it did citizen x/
    there 2 differences between us, u get stamped wit ease/
    and 2? I never needed an alias to be champ of the league/
    people came online ta check ya verse, u left many bored/
    cuz ya dick's like the drug acid and nobodys on it anymore/
    get a fresh style, a fresh gimmick, and become new ta people/
    everyone knows that in ya field of dreams, i'm the root of evil/
    this battle ur sorta like a DJ vinyl, u gettin scratched and cut/
    they say u are what u eat, that makes u both ass and butt/
    thats whats up, wannabe net thug, let ya hammer tool spray/
    I'm one hard act to follow, ur more like a grammar school play/
    now I'm hoping u all understand just how this joker's lame/
    just pulled so many cards half the rbl could play a poker game/
    keep ya pics cuz women love em, I'll pretend at least/
    since his Mom, Nana, and all ya aunts got like 10 a piece/

    Island Defeats Dough, Retains Title
  12. Diphtheria

    Diphtheria Tazz Says "Fuck U"

    May 1, 2002
    Island vs. Hybrid Angel


    Touched By An Angel, its a show?..nope...n try to accept this
    its really a porno movie, starring such fags as Hybrid and Headless

    your a hybrid,...meaning two?...im makin this dude stop
    cuz ya half Angelic...n the other half is takin the nude shots
    i dont care about ya riders, i overpower groupies
    now watch #2 get clowned...like an austin powers movie
    You goin further up shits creek the faster you paddle
    Angelfire isn't a webhost, It's whats gonna be left of u after this battle
    Think you got a chance? I stay bombin with slugs fag
    I'll make Angel Dust.... quicker than ya moms in a drug lab
    the way im beatin that ass, how you gon' stop and hurt me
    when your more of a fuckin no-name...than college jerseys
    The RBL's dope…but believe the best in it's me…
    N you hold the record…for most newbies beaten in consecutive weeks
    But ill let it just be, talk shit and get ya damn frame throttled...
    so its wise to put a cork in it just like champagne bottles

    Hybrid Angel

    People sayin Island this, Island that, Islands wack, quit ya bitchin
    Cause User came outta the closet, and went straight to the kitchen
    Win? he's wishin, and while ya on ya knees I breeze through you
    Cause I'm ready to erupt on Island, like the volcanoes in Honololou
    I know Aloe wrote 99% of the alias shit, you would just speak on it
    Plus User got to a fork in the road in his life… then tried to eat off it
    Maybe I was wrong about jockin Aloe, looks like its some joint shit
    Must dick eachother, cos Aloes all over him, like feminine ointments
    Appointed to own you … So take the L stupid, we all know ya losin
    Don't make assumptions, cause User is too fat to jump to conclusions
    Knockin off the jocks, while you're stayin atrracted to ass n cocks
    So just picture me rollin ... Username down Streets Aves and Blocks
    Throwing stones and rocks, I'm taking the title from this little grouch
    Leavin ya chest with more wires, then there were in Kanyes mouth
    Livin with Cale? I know ya'll go down south, let me sit and think
    And in that house? Saying 'bottoms up' doesn't mean sip on ya drink

    Island defeats Hybrid Angel, Retains Title
  13. U S E R

    U S E R NON-DOHPE.squad

    Oct 25, 2002
    Island vs. Aura vs. Rhymeageddon


    User was a baby and..

    Words couldn't describe, his mom's feelings when she fed it
    Um, "YOU FAT FUCKING GROSS FUCK"..well there I said it
    You're just a weak bitch, no one's left readin your shit
    Cuz you ain't just wack as a mother, you're breast feedin your kids
    Look at the Dough battle, you tried to leave a rapper torn
    ..but you chin-checked bout as much as you do in faggot porn
    I've called you fat before, guess that's why you act so bitter to me
    But when God made you, he broke the mold, literally
    You're just a joke on the net while I'm on a higher plateau, check
    You should throw in the towel, try the one round Aloe's neck
    Cuz you really don't do shit, I'd dispute ya got no such life
    ..sayin you've got girls that thought you were cute at an open mic?
    Everybody know it's lies, you weren't born perfectly
    Lookin like a Lunatic, need to cover ya face with a mask like Murphy Lee
    And Rhymeageddon you're boring, ya style and ya name sucks
    Forget fresh concepts, cuz you can't even think of a played punch
    You'll spit the same stuff as last time, so I don't give a fuck
    While I'm spittin fire off the dome like User's hair if it's cut
    Pussy I'm tearin ya up, but if that’s not doubt in minds
    Ya punches like they’re misbehaving, cuz they "step out of line"
    You're about to find out it don't matter if you rhyme plenty
    You'll discover the HARDAWAY, like when Orlando signed PENNY
    So, I'm rapin ya moms but who cares? call the cops bitches
    ..her ass like that Sadam statue when it fell, half the block hit it


    aura the convulsing bitch, is deadly to no-1, but loves the shit
    cuz when i post people dont 'hold their breath', they fucking hug it
    c'mon kid's, u call them verses last week? u must be talkin shit
    cuz we've seen more ooooohze in a below average horror flick
    whooping these kid's, aura's been killed, i'm on route for the rest
    rhyme brought the recipe for disaster, that user could'nt resist
    acting harder, you idiot... time & time again i hafta scar them
    aura had a brush with death.. & rhymeageddon was the barber
    & who would fake an audio? yeh fucker....you'll suck & lose
    only track's in aura's arm's ..were from years of drug abuse
    quit text, infact fuck it, just die, but faggot i'm wrecking aura still
    say adios/audios muthafucker, because island your text is horrible
    turn the table's, user, VA's never had a quake, it's fuck'n stable
    s'why the voter's dont want him to fall off, -the fuckin table
    whos feelin em? cuz rhyme is text killing, & they say you're serial
    while voter's 'gassen em with trash' like back to the future's vehicle
    i can see auras here? it's stupid he must be keeping my hand
    saying he could'nt 'desert' us for now... in fear of island
    wrecking the worst, rhyme'll cripple these two heading the list
    island win? there's no way in hell, without exiting first
    stumble an all, as your verses read blank -something will fall
    it's tru tho, if you have nothing good, ...-to say, say nothing at all
    so i'll add another line of bullshit for the twit's to sit & read
    cuz auras chance has gone'a begging, with his mom, dad, sister, aunt, gran,user's family and nasif


    God vs. Ghostwriter vs. Ghostwriter

    Im doin some rapin tonight…bets is off, n im sayin it like…
    Island stays with the hookup…yall stay with ladies delight
    get it yet?..ill hit a vet, n ya still wont see me brother,
    toppling Island?...how, when you faggots couldn’t beat each other…
    Island and Aura…were different, n screw it ya worthless
    but were alike too, cuz each week someone else is doin our verses
    See its my job to win...and you can tell theres losses
    Your only line of work is waitin for a check at the welfare office
    User this....User that....overused the topic and played it out
    ...hes just mad i got more pounds than his UK bank account
    this bitch gets bullied at school, n at lunch he pities the moment..
    when he's going thru Hall's running more than Kansas City opponents
    go ahead and reach for the title, you wont get it in time..
    cuz ya style is lending to wackness, more than the ppl givin you lines
    rhyme’s got ghoster’s too…he needs lines, so the bastard flips em..
    Cuz each week he’s prayin for Angels…more than disaster victims*
    U wont lose like a man, u'll say i got dickrode instead
    They say misery loves company, ..u must have a shit load of friends
    fags fall in the rankings...so watch this guy get dropped
    cuz this week is Island Time…….like Hawaiin clocks
    Poor bastard, im gonna burry you deep in sediment
    If money talks, then yours got a broke jaw n a speach impediment
    Rhymes wack as fuck…and this fag aint clownin on me
    Cuz the only time we’re proud of 2.5…is when nasifs countin to 3

    *yea..Angel admitted and so did homie

    Island Wins, Retains Title
  14. U S E R

    U S E R NON-DOHPE.squad

    Oct 25, 2002
    Island vs. Komplexx



    Look at this kid's blood on my palms now
    Uppercutted so hard even meditation won't help put a Kom down
    I'm the champ, now go away, can't you see I'm busy
    Voters getting hit on the head is their only hope of feeling Dissy
    And that's the facts, its obvious your here to budge
    We only hear "Dis Honour Nice" when ch.inks talk 'bout a lenient Judge
    Im usually angry at rich whites…but be scared cuz im calmer
    Cuz if you’re the rich whites Komplexx…ill be the terrorist bomber
    Kom's just a punk that's gon pay and get severed
    Your creativity didn't run dry, it limped itself all the way to a desert
    Your weak in the knees, ..approachin me isnt smart b
    Cuz ill make ya legs give out... more than the salvation army
    You saw my Interview talking bout your hot losses
    N since i mentioned u in the Rundown, that movie has flopped at the box office
    I'm that gangsta white kid while you just a diddy fool
    My Blood's thicker than water while you just a crip at a kiddie pool
    My city's cool, I'll punch yo nose so cringe when we fight
    Make him so swole he needs to lie face down in a hockey rink for some ice
    He’ll never get black girls…he’s hurt and his type is known
    So in Essence......... is cum shots from nervousness and nights alone
    You don’t understand how serious this is….my crews all scary
    And you’ll get fucked up cuz a island…like New York ferry’s
    Fuck a Komplexx…ill be this PLUS next weeks winner
    Cuz the only Craft with ‘cats…is prolly just tekneeks dinner....


    aiyo, craft? or kraft? fuck it, bitch dont think just choose
    pathetic how even the word of the week makes em' think of food

    fuck it, what made a bigger wave? cus all this talkin is lame
    a) your allias... or b) your gigantic ass falling off of the name
    island met a girl recently, and to think the match worked
    & he was gonna 'hit it'.........but the bitch kicked his ass first
    so thanksgiving just past right, now hold that thought..
    user aint just eat turkey...his ass ate the whole damn farm
    fuck it, i'll ruin him, and naturally nothing is screwing him
    and he's 'down to earth'...but gravity has nothing to do with it
    island'll never be hard, so just throw that cheap talk
    & i'll come back wit a pump like some throwback reebok's
    i've met a lot like you, you shook, now fucker.....pray
    cus you take the cake....no really,.......you took my fuckin cake
    silly fag, no wonder religions wanna see you deceased
    ..when your sexuality turns more ways than that G-Unit piece
    user gets no love, yeah I know its sad but yo, check this
    i'll mention, the last fuckin girl user had..........was for breakfast
    when you reach his size, its too late, hope isn't healthy
    ..cus user has enough body to make all ethiopians wealthy
    beating island aint a big deal, people be like who can't?
    run for my money? you couldn't give me a chase for my foodstamp
    this fat fuck aint no god, & its fact this bitch isnt nice
    think about it, island couldnt walk on water....even if it was ice

    Island Wins, Retains Title
  15. U S E R

    U S E R NON-DOHPE.squad

    Oct 25, 2002
    Island vs. Arizcats



    Hes dumb if hes flossin'...n who the fuck is he bossin?
    Cuz bitch...only time you hurt me, is when cuttin ya losses
    Please, u think ya gotta chance? ..ya cant fair with the kid,
    When ya boss delivered ya pink slip...and ya been wearin it since!
    See island is fat and skinny...dont front if ya wack kid...
    Cuz we reppin both sides of the Scales...you just likin his back end
    Lets be real, Nobody reads ur shit... ever, you tard
    The only red lines in ur verses are the ones at the end of your bars
    But i`ve seen your shit before, u aint the best at text or flow
    Dog you got longer lines than a welfare office next to mexico
    I've ate so many emcees it`d make a cannibal swelter
    N i`ll blow up Catz quicker than a bomb at an animal shelter
    Your wack b, step to me n you`ll get ur ass beat
    Your skills come up short, ..like the rbl mag from last week
    No secrets anymore, we all know that ur wack man
    So lets just let the Catz outa the bag.... straight into the trash can
    See whore, i`ll take u to the edge of an open seaboard
    And push you to the point of no return, ..like a broken keyboard
    This shit is easy for me, ur gettin harmed n bled
    See me gettin this win is a snap... of ya neck, legs, arms n head
    N Islands swingin wild, ..equipped with bats n logs
    I`ma uppercut this faggot so high it`ll start rainin Catz... n dogs
    Your life sucks, i`ma push this knife all the way in
    The only suite life ya livin is in ur room at the Holiday Inn
    N don`t say ur pimpin.. cus nona you catz are
    The only Real Player in your life is the one in your task bar
    Don`t ever fuck with me, ..i`m eager n famous
    And i`ll make you hit the deck quicker than dealers in vegas
    This is Aloe here...id use more punches to bruise this sinner
    But i got bigger fish to fry....cuz im going off to make users dinner


    Island got some net fame but it aint good to be proud|
    Cause when Aloe gets a big head...it just gets put in his mouth|
    Give up ya rap dreams you'll never be a label pro|
    But why don't you DJ since you got a face for radio.|
    That statment's changing though, so don't move to sue me|
    Cause you already got the face of Radio...in the new Cuba movie.|
    Obvious I'll clown this goon with ease and confidence|
    And fuck buck teeth Aloes grill got the whole Eastern conference|
    People'll believe the girth when they know what I know|
    That User don't eat buffalo wings, he eats buffalo whole|
    Nonsense, only Aloe's riders are fellin lines this ringer dealt|
    So next time polish ya skills instead of ya fingernails|
    Al's the fag with a big profile when his shit's so imposin|
    That aint a towel around his neck thats the tissue he blows his nose with|
    So shit, whats happenin to comp with these geeks ducked and dodged|
    Who would be scared of the white version of rerun and rodg?|
    The Bitches say Al's a chump and ya sex can't hack it|
    But I got his girl down wit brain like Penny from Inspector Gadget|
    This dude's look is atrocious so he'll never date women|
    He needs to take the bags under his eyes and cover his face with em|
    And I'll clown User with finesse but first get his hopes up...|
    He got the body of a model...that was swallowed by Oprah|
    Nothing could help this hefty gay get a thin hoe|
    A spare tire aint nuthin, his stomach got Escalades on Lorenzos!|
    Homos come runnin for Island when they hearin the name|
    Since Al's got a wang collection that puts Vera's to shame.|
    Beastiality's lame but Aloe'd rather have his mutt than a man|
    And he already taught his dog how to come on command.|
    Island streak of wins outs this fag couple based on this...|
    A different person gets to be the man each week in the relationship.|

    Island Wins, Retains Title...Signs Out
  16. U S E R

    U S E R NON-DOHPE.squad

    Oct 25, 2002
    Fill In Champ Hybrid Angel vs Aura


    Maim this follower, find yaself a new text style to conform to
    While I’m blowin’ ya vessels, like submarines in World War 2
    And it's been proven before, that Hybrid has that wonder flow
    Plus Aura doesn't only tide with trends, he's the whole undertoe
    To think ya leavin as champ, that would make you dumb, see
    Cause your lines got no precedence, like communist countries
    Think you can confront me? I’m finished with this gay fag
    Cause you dwell all night and day over Dick, like Captain Ahab
    Champ for a reason, and ya can't get by me
    Cuz I'm facin a weaker aura then •••••s who dont study Tai Chi
    Ya soon to die, see, so don't try and flaunt ya skill
    When ya got more Ghosts then the House on Haunted Hill
    But I was wrong, so it's with more fire I'm blastin ya
    Fuck Haunted Hill..
    Aura been written for by that, Jason X, Nightmare on Elm Street, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Carrie, Halloween H20, Urban Legends, The Blair Witch Project, The Excorcist and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre


    In shelters and soup kitchens, that's the way you try be fed
    You ain't livin on the breadline... you're waitin in line for bread
    It's no lie I said you a fag, your mouth tends to dick
    ...that's bass on truth so much peeps can nod they heads to it
    So just stop thinkin, it's obvious I'm better cunt
    And if my judgements clouded yours got every fuckin weather front
    You aren't clever, look, I'm the awkwardest dude
    You're used to dressin drag so just can't walk in my shoes
    I'll have you beggin for life on ya knees and near to death
    ...this battle's like a ouji board, a place even angels fear to tread
    It's clear ya dead if I trample ya fool, what ya plannin to do?
    Don't have'ta change ya name to eg. to make an example of you
    Fuck what ya say, everything you spit is nonsense..
    Darkwill ghost wrote for me but you even bit his concepts

    Hybrid Angel Wins, Signs Out
  17. U S E R

    U S E R NON-DOHPE.squad

    Oct 25, 2002
    Fill In Champ I.Deal vs Rev 9



    This guy is one ugly fuck. Im serious, it aint just lies.
    REV-9 got kidnapped… and milk sales went down, nationwide.
    He from NY? Fuck it, I got an eagle who speaks proper.
    & I aint afraid of BK Beef…. Like people who eat whoppers.
    You awkward. And ya girlfriend? She jock me at bars.
    I mean… She got a community chest like some monopoly cards.
    Im #1. Against the odds? U’ll need a miracle to hang & win.
    Ill have you writin PS 2 GOD like you was an online gaming king.
    My slang is sin. Your flow is dribbling, look mista.
    Il have you walkin so gingerly, ch!nks’ll try to cook wit ya.
    Put ya back in a brace, Tang torturin ‘n snatchin fakes.
    Ill wrap it on ur grill, & show you why they call it masking tape
    7-0? Ehh, that’s ‘okay’.. & trust me, I don’t speak lies.
    Im considered an expert on the matter… Ive done it 3 TIMES.
    You’ve battled the lessa known. Don’t eva suggest a throne.
    Nigguh, you aint dope… you a subsititute for it, like Methodone.
    Shouldn’t be left alone. You prolly wishin you had died.
    If Rev’s goal is to kill himself… This verse is assisting suicide.
    You and I? We have lives. But you’d trade yours to be me.
    Id say ‘channel ya thoughts’, but who wants more gay porn on tv?
    Dealin ya clips. When Deal sons you, aybody feelin the shit.
    Even def people will laugh at you… just from readin my lips.
    & if you frontin ya game? Ill put a fuckin gun to ya frame.
    Aim a nine to ya back, just to match the one to ya name.
    Huntin to maim. He came my way & had to expect the loss.
    Rev don’t have the attention span to consider any second thoughts.
    Plus ya impotent, hoping to get some pussy, but aint really.
    You just wishin on a broken bone…. like Thanksgiving.


    REV 9

    -No Shows

    I.Deal Wins, Retains Title
  18. U S E R

    U S E R NON-DOHPE.squad

    Oct 25, 2002
    I.Deal vs Scientz


    fuck atta hea

    you inconsistent as fuck, & ya moms get popped n bruised
    ya whole style is hit’n miss… i guess you play by poppas rules
    ya not cockin tools, talks for fools.. cmon don’t play dawg
    we all know that raw scientz was created to obey laws
    and his verse is old shit.. big deal, he seen my stuff
    im cutting edge, he aint sharp enough to make PBA season cuts
    talkin like im a fag? that’s just you bullshittin selfishly
    i don’t know a homo joke… uve never introduced yourself to me
    you helpless, g.. I got that crack, and as honest can be
    i got ya fam so strung out, theres no room left for wet laundry
    you garbage, ya grammers retarded & that aint dope text
    i got a license to kill… you fuckin failed ya road test
    plus my weapons is large, so this n!gga destined for scars
    now you catchin a raw deal… and trust me, death’s in the cards
    you aint a hustla, it seem more like you on sleepin duty
    i mean scientz keep a couch to his back like a cleveland QB
    so watch ya hopes break fast.. youse a no name mannn
    this text shit is my bread and butter, while ya toast stay jammed
    uno dosay.. BLAM. game over, ••••• my game’s doper
    ill get you punch drunk.. ^ that was a set up for a hangover
    so if he talkin bout getting rich? sci’s a dumb man hopin,
    the only raise he eva caught was with low spf sun tan lotion
    u a bum, maad broke and - i’ll put holes in ya stained chest
    i mean, ya crowd already lettin out sighs & don’t know ya name yet
    ya spits are tame threats, n!gga this promise is so sincere
    i hit targets.. u knew of my aim way before talkin to ThaSinsEar
    you been queer.. frail ass bitch, I beat guys wit armor on
    i mean.. im know to muscle’ems.. like bean pies and ramadan
    so it’s a safe bet to say that solo isnt what you decided to do
    the real truth is, you like 'orange' n!gga.. aint nuthin rhymin wit you.

    IM THE TRUTH, •••••.


    lets get it on...g/l fam

    ya kidneys gone bad, from taking a look at the past
    when "u pee-in", the sight reminds u of nebs whoopin that ass
    im number 2 for the moment, n im stunning n sickening
    cuz scientz has the right to one, like a fucking opinion
    i dont fold for none, i respect that ya holding guns
    but tell me hows a 4 pound, stop a ••••• who rolls wit tons
    believe ya dreams, till ya hit wit the heater n weakening
    now u seeing pitch-black, like relievers in negro leagues
    transvestites stickin u up, gettin that cash flow
    they taking deal-dough, then shoving em inside his asshole
    u were destined to lose, ur dumb, n proving ya features
    im world class...n u got four in ya room, including the teacher
    ur retarted cuz ya mother played games, she dead wrong
    the bitch hopped skotch, to any liqour she gets her hands on
    when i mention ariz, i'll bet a buck u piss in ya dickies
    ever since u were catz food.....like whiskers n friskies
    the gayest thing, got a navel ring, eyebrows wit mocha trim
    but those studs in ya ear, r asking if u going home wit them
    fags must be the smartest, im telling u that they are
    cuz nobody "knows the deal"...unless mentioned in gay bars
    think this geek is amazing? tang'll get beat wit the stainless
    cracked his wig piece,
    but he just copped some more weave to replace it
    u'll get bucked down, n strapped to bricks, u better hush now
    then u'll leap into a bay...like lambeau players after touchdowns
    u winnings a fairy tale, but stop dressing in drag, niccuh
    deal's a cinderella story,
    that never returned the dress or glass slippers
    ya surrounded by flames, knives'll leave u shoutin in pain
    goin in ya memory bank, to open an account in my name
    if the votes go ur way, these fags just hating against me
    cuz i got the win mapped out, ur just navigating on instincts


    I.Deal Wins, Retains Title
  19. U S E R

    U S E R NON-DOHPE.squad

    Oct 25, 2002
    I.Deal vs Calefaction



    im shifty & tough.. testin me aint worth riskin the bluff
    quickly, ya fucked.. i’m known to kill a cali, like dickies ‘n chucks
    stickin ya up.. u wanna step to me? best to protect ya brain
    ill have n!ggas scrape out ya lid for some dough, like a pepsi game
    its like epiliepsy came - cuz Body’s twitchin, rattled, ‘n shaken
    think you can beat me? you aint just trippin… ur its travel agent
    when it comes to droppin hot lines, you aint even got 2 or 3
    only people who put 'cale' and 'ohh' together.. are from New Orleans
    n!gga, pleeease.. choppin bars up don’t make em nice ‘n pleasant
    it just makes it much more obvious that in fact ur bitin Resin
    i aint sayin u totally wack, but to be honest ya styles a bore
    if ur the heir to the throne.. i owe ya moms some child support
    you betta max out on bars, or its ‘bout to fuckin get nasty
    cause Tang like club bouncers - 20 aint enough to get past me
    you aint dope cuz u a vet.. its too late to be grown sucka
    i mean, your win loss record already look like a phone number!
    and I don’t know about ur voice box’s molecular scheme
    but u could make a Kanye beat out of ur voice.. at regular speed
    you aint fuckin wit Deal… ur friends aint hard.. git me, pal?
    It’ll be about 30 years from now, before they ever see a 50 cal.



    ResinMC: oh shit, ••••• is 7-0 in the championship, u know u woulda been battlin me

    Yes.. I know Resin ;)

    Sinseer aka Tangible aka Tang aka I.deal


    Tried mad hard to be me.. still ya shitty bro..
    Filled wit envy.. kid's greener than the paris hilton video..
    I'll rip these hoes.. son.. dont even doubt ya dyin..
    U lost to arizcats and Cal's a fuckin mountain lion..
    Plus after the verse.. its probable WHO stinks..
    U ain't a guerilla Tang, U just model the juice drink..
    Clips wit the rounds in.. this kid is gettin a poundin'..
    I'm the top dog.. N Tang's just the bitch that I'm mountin'
    Fuckin rookie.. trust me.. U ain't no vet dude..
    Talk guns N I'ma buck I.' .. like I'm from OSU..
    I'm takin kid to school.. can't rap with me pal..
    Muffucka struggled wit scientz N that was pre-cal..
    Plus this U ain't break a mold wit ya feeble text work..
    This skinny fuck don't even fit a 3x champ...ion sweatshirt..
    Quit wit the yappin.. I know U'll stick to the wack shit..
    I beat nobody's on my way here N figure.. I'll continue the habit..
    I've seen losers but U take the cake.. I hate this lame..
    Went thru 20 fuckin bars N I.deal still ain't get laid..
    I'ma see U in VIP.. toastin to my win.. gettin it crunk..
    Cuz this kids such a fake ID.. he can get in the club..

    - M.B.

    Calefaction Wins, New Champion
  20. U S E R

    U S E R NON-DOHPE.squad

    Oct 25, 2002
    Calefaction vs Papermate


    Status NeSs: who is papermate.. you and?
    sequence is: haha
    sequence is: warlokk
    sequence is: and ink helped


    U got no chance.. cuz one of U used to be a herb that bites..
    The Second makes my beats N the Third asks me to re-word his lines
    That's three strikes.. but y'all can bring on the pitches..
    I'll be havin a 'fowl ball' ..... when I swing on these chickens..
    N Q.. lets hope ya friends.. make up for Ur chokin when..
    I let the blade in U N spill ink all over.. like I broke my pen..
    Lokk ain't that big tho.. ain't that talented, smart.. but Ur cryin..
    ^Cuz U'll be those before Ur eminem.. okay? so stop tryin..
    I'm the wrong vet to try .. a walkin bomb threat..
    In otherwords.. U'll bite the dust.. then try to flip its concepts..
    Cal's a world above the rest.. these fuckin cats are queer..
    U just made it past orbit.. N Ur about to burn up in the atmosphere..
    Save Ur name.. U can't win.. so try to get the title at a later date..
    Cuz I'm takin down erry forest in Australia so there's no paper..mate
    One of U'll run Ur mouths.. N even Lokk know he talks..
    So I'ma step up wit a board N own 'Vert' like Tony Hawk..
    Ur the wrong combination to get passed this, stop..
    N fuck.. Cal knows the right combination when I master lokk..
    I'm SOOOO the man right.. cuz I'm known to stamp guys..
    Put my hands on Ur neck N Titan so much.. U'd think I own the franchise..
    Awww man.. U had me goin.. pretendin U was tough N all thug..
    So now I'm crushin balls off the tease' like the end of a golf club..
    That means U better hope santa brings protection to U peasents..
    Cuz Cal's known to slay in the snow.. with out the dear or the presents..
    Lokk's a nobody STILL.. N Vert.. Ur nada jack...
    Soo fat.. when I hit U.. Ur skin not only waved.. but holla'd back..
    On the other hand.. Vert's also no one.. cry to me bitch..
    N Lokk's so skinny his ribs ain't just touchin.. they're siamese twins..
    U'll get ate quick.. Fuck U losers.. Cal know shitty rhymes..
    Ur just a carbon copy of Island.. minus User, Aloe N witty lines..


    -U just got Body'd


    Pfffffft .. Bitch Please..

    “Its the real thing.. I know we over the lust..
    Wasn't a nice guy.. you turned me from a soldier to one..
    You stuck around when I was close to a bum..
    Baby girl I got a feelin that I know you the one”
    - Calefaction

    ^ An audio from Cal’s page, for that bitter chick that he likes
    Its funny though
    Didn’t you meet Sammi on a rap internet site?
    And I’d rather look like Marshal Mather’s twin bro
    Than a gay Al Pacino with AIDS whos lackin skin tone
    Skinny weakling, takin pictures nude with his purse
    Why name yaself Body – If you barely put food in it first
    Dukes, what kinda fool are you thinkin Mate's a loser?
    When your fuckin alias – is also ya pet name for User
    Its weird, I believe that Cal targets to steal
    Cuz he’s bitin Kabob
    But his skinny ass obviously don’t like barbequed meals
    ITS THE WEEK OF THE 9ths! You know why the shits coolah?
    Cuz it’ll be his 9th win, on his 9th verse, the 9th time he bit Luda
    Kid we’ve all heard ya audios, you brag about it in like every verse
    So I hope you do go places someday – and decide to never return
    Don't lie about jockin Epi, Papers better and I'm fryin ya best, fag
    Cuz your only lines that are Wit-E, were on that Dialects collab
    You don’t play games, theres no doubt that your gay
    So when you say ‘Fuck Candy Land’
    You just mad User kicked you out of his place
    Dukes my guns is impatient, pleedin to buck herbs
    And make ya so red in the cheeks kids was thinking ya flustered
    My reign is now, ya fake personals aint takin Paper down
    But you’ve bit Monster, Luda, Rudge
    And apparently STILL cant gain a pound
    Its known Cal bites, not a lot, but its better to try it
    Cal Eatin Paper? Only cuz hes so skinny its part of his regular diet
    I'm whorin you, duck for cover when Paper is stormin through
    How you expect to wear the title belt when it weighs more than you?
    ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS – first off, its a game, keep fixin the tally
    But for now, its me - up against a rock, and a perfect mimic of Cale
    I’m popular, the next champ – see I’m closer to winnin
    Its true people stay on line for Mate
    Like how you meet most of your women

    So uhh .. When you're ranked 9th with an 8-1 record .. How about you leave Resins intro alone pal?

    Calefaction Wins, Retains Title
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