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  1. bagglad

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    Oct 4, 2005

    Starting to fear rom ear to ear wow it appear I can write
    Hot hardcore threads from the top of my forehead night
    Of the living dead so I’m giving bread to my art all right?
    With my crew I be raw but we saw many new words and
    True birds do fly across the blue sky so my flow expand
    Like the wings of Rhodan leaving an odd thrilla for Godzilla
    To solve which may involve monster island no nod to the killa
    Damage the lame and manage to maintain a grip on society
    And stripped a variety of rappers with battles and anxiety
    The fake is thirsty and have great adversity towards HIPHOP
    Leaving rhymes even in times of distress stay on the tiptop
    Rhymes are presented to view I’ve invented few words as
    Add ins, got mad friends with lyrical skills so stop all that jazz
    Never a disgrace at birth not even to the face of the earth took
    A smart ride on the marked side of reality and a fatality shook
    My carreer so yall look here it’s clear to me that success will
    Be difficult if the results is that of a handicap voice must build
    And plan my choice because my flows are exposed they could kill
    I stand renowned, ran down a chick after an hour
    Of search now have the power to touch her in the shower
    Tease her lace and squeeze her waist if she don’t cower
    In the Knucklehead shook no doubt now look about and
    See some slick chicks they’re fine and plain need a plan
    Tongue bind in chain dang don’t know what to say, stand
    Looking stupid wearing merry bling but dang everything
    Is OK, proceed hooked and vexed need a book about flings
    And sex, her flirt is the best just looking at her skirt and breasts
    With her hardcore love I’ll be able to soar above and have feasts
    Like angels with wings, and still dangle bling dreams never cease
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