Hey ghetto black people, lets battle!!

Discussion in 'Cypher' started by T-rettz, Jul 29, 2013.

  1. T-rettz

    T-rettz Member

    Jul 29, 2013
    attack me for being white, lazy and nasty
    meanwhile im smashing you mammys fanny in my backseat

    back seat?? shit i aint even got a car
    i stole yours, kidnapped ya moms raped her a dropped her off

    listen dog my spits is on- fire
    never hard wired to be a liar like most of americas writters

    ignite ya local orphanage set it ablaze
    im pure evil and im stuck in my sinister ways

    a sinner with aids who will give it to ur family
    god damn it g what ever happened to humanity

    cameras be flashing rapidly rappers be wanting to put a cap in me
    put the gat to me I'll admit-ally cause ya family catasthpre

    i have to pee , yup i gotta let my dick drain
    its time to leave piss stains on u bitch made shit stains

    only fuk wit thick dames, demon bitches wit them thick frames
    if you dont know that name its T RETTZ!! bitch aka chris tay
  2. T-rettz

    T-rettz Member

    Jul 29, 2013
    are u fukkin animals scared of loosing to a white man?? come on u fucking crackers..... come on... come on u fucking jewish anit semkinic chilkd molesters... u cant fukk wit me im better than u all at ur own fucking game... thats because I am ENLIGHTED and I have the love of satan in my heart.. something most people will never experience till death unless they smoke dmt
  3. Maskil

    Maskil Last Gunslinger of End-World

    Jun 27, 2013
    Okay I'll humor ya bullshit/
    is there room at ya gay church pulpit to fool wit/
    I get it, you're hyped up, just bought an eminem album/
    listened to da first song and said "my dad!, I finally found him"/
    I bet you're the type of racist that hate blacks till your'e around them'/
    cuz I got white friends that'll check you for ya hate crimes/
    I know you call me monkey so it's planet of the apes time/
    Swingin at ya head on my mentol flavored grape vine/
    i know you dont have a big brain but I got two so take mine
    (so uh yeah....eat a dick nazi)
    -sincerely the troll slayer

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