Here I am back online in contact with whack rhymes got facts On my mind, quick to wear a mask this s

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    Oct 4, 2005
    Here I am back online in contact with whack rhymes got facts
    On my mind, quick to wear a mask this stuff stick fast and attack
    Like crazy glue, make my road straight get with girls get a load
    Of cake, oceans of emotion starting to intensify can’ identify code
    The fact you got nice lips need advice and trips to the bedroom
    “so boo oh lets do some talking you got breasts that clever
    And I’m ready to address a letter using candies and stamps forever
    Your panties are damp I wanna camp out at your crib baby boo, you
    Run me crazy with your stew, hips all round lips all brown and true
    Ready to fall down town and lick through juice, MAKE YOU FEEL
    BRAND NEW like the STYLISTICS so boo you know the deal
    Your sex appeal complex and revealed confused next wanna kneel
    And beg for some, and title this I FOUNDED LOVE ON A TWO
    WAY STREET, by the MOMENTS, admitting you smoking boo
    Written or spoken I’m hoping you keep your mind open for a true
    Date but who cake is it now?” “HA! HA! You don’ t know do you
    Boo? Not gonna tell you, to be sincere I persevere in affairs so why
    You here with bling trying to get near my thing right now its wet pie
    You get to fly with wings if I lie on bed spring wanna go crazy on it
    Dog gone it, because I have great esteem plus cake and cream home abit
    Too much one true touch could lead to stuff I won’t discuss so I must
    Escape this crap some fake rap can get cake trapped between trust
    And a sexual thrust and broken headboards will occur through lust
    I think you wanna feast on my pies and increase the size of my love
    I’m a dame that flirt my body is framework your aim is to jerk off
    My skirt so I’m alert because I think you really want some soft
    Pudding and pie, couldn’t lie about being a slick chick but not false

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