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    Oct 4, 2005
    HE SAID:

    Attack the enemy with fact and identity just to keep
    Crack out the vicinity, type rhymes that are deep
    Write lines that are unique had to step on some feet
    To get my point across even anoint the lost and delete
    Fakeness, wrote posts to promote growth and complete
    The process of success and try to be the best in what I
    Do, but who to say it’s the right move in a tight groove fly
    In HIPHOP, it’s a drastic call for basketball because my entire
    Group love to fire up hoops and slam-dunk which require
    Some damn punk that like to talk junk, look my skull has brains
    and love is a dull campaign with the wrong dame
    Like JAY-Z if I listen to a tune in the boom boom room
    Not riding the elevator striding to the escalator or stairway
    Some girl could have a bad hair day and like a bear slay
    With some wild overhead rights, because SOLANGE has
    Started some new stuff called elevator combat from Alcatraz
    Wow I’m running to BEYONCE quick, look HIPHOP is a blur
    Of rap and fancy but being trapped is chancy so really I prefer
    Being free and seeing tree tops from the sky of lyrics so yall
    Pride was known to have existed it was strong and ballistic tall
    Among weak ones and the street done some a favor best call
    On luck to straighten things up hating bling is corrupt, undisputed
    Fact has led to a polluted act so I was booed off the stage and saluted
    Left a nude page in my book in this attitude age stuff will happen
    So I’m thrilled with rapping, wanna shoot a group of hoops slapping
    Balls away from guards if I play my cards right its sight and sound
    Tonight pound my ears, my fracts renown like the background //
    Of a black hound on a hunting trip I’m stunting with script //
    Ready tonight to huff and puff need a girl to really strip //
    With the right stuff but right now stuck as my mind trip //
    Use love talk expertise to get sex and peace have a complex //
    Feast as vapor escapes from paper plates, my cell phone has text //
    Well-versed the smell of perfume make me thirst wearing a twist-o-flex //
    Watch band, so I’m first rate and thirst for cake but my worse mistake //
    Was not rapping to this chick and things was happening quick make //
    Me turn my head and yearn for the bed but learned instead, life //
    Is not a bed of roses and your nice lips poses a wet threat and advice //
    Is needed, to proceed have to redesign my mind just to find a way //
    With words and stay in the suburbs of ghetto rap from day to day //
    So right now on my HARLEY have to be alert wearing a t-shirt //
    Dull swagger with a skull dagger across my chest but it work //
    Out for style wearing preshrunk cotton the junk is rotten you //
    Have to be phat and fly must satisfy the need for speed in a true //
    Way each new day

    Ok I was rapping free and just happen to be in Chesapeake
    Saw a girl dress unique hips incred lips red too impressed to speak
    Right now at the REDBONE wearing headphones about to freak
    My quotes great but folk here mistake each other for stars right
    Here at bars, and the bed is a place for red lace can spread a light
    Taste around the room and go down town and sniff perfume awight
    Battlefield Boulevard out front so it’s hard to stunt it’s a real flight //
    I want sex and a feast must use my expertise to get some hormones //
    In plenty stress and her mini dress is tight enough in twilight zones //
    The right stuff do exist after a true kiss this jest put her on a new list //
    My thirst for cake is first rate need a love verse great that will twist //
    Her mind, she is top-notch and probably play Hop Scotch and then //
    Do double Dutch no trouble to clutch her waist and get much lace when //
    We kiss, this is a corrupt start but I’m up to the mark she has butt and //
    Smart, with luck maybe able to spark a date I may need a tux and a plan //
    She’s proper and wise plus authorized to give me a kiss will I ever live //
    This one down lots of fun going around in my brain right now this give //
    Me confidence, a hypnotic situation want exotic vacations but can’t afford //
    The rent onboard and spent time cruising the seas, she’s so fine and adored //
    She needs to share her sweets I don’t care to eat nothing but her never bored //
    So excuse the flight of fancy as tonight is chancy wanna date but semi ignored //
    Forced to divorce and now a free agent can now be flagrant with girls restored //
    My playboy status and now toy with apparatus such as legit tits and stuff //
    Drive a great ford but have freight onboard a chick sitting on the console //
    Gitting bold leather bucket seats can’t duck it the heat stories tons told //
    I’m able to take but so much need some stable cupcake to touch and fold //
    Short or tall dame they’re all the same will call out your name when having //
    Sex, rather win or lose we can begin to cruise on my HARLEY she’ll be grabbing //
    My leather vest forever we test the wind again and again on a SUPERGLIDE //
    Understand fun but nothing can be done unless I rap to her then
    Grab a map prefer her location and a donation of kisses when
    Possible, may write her a letter or have a sex appetite forever
    Her perfume domination will soon become a conversation never
    Ending these endeavors is spinning my head no way I could sever
    Ties know she has clever pies looked into her eyes wanting some
    Couldn’t say anything even though wearing plenty bling not a dumb
    Butt so thumbs up on that which is a strong stat when dealing with
    Girls, wearing pearls and candy curls so time is lost and my mind drift
    Getting tossed this could be a swift cost look at her body as a gift
    Gitting School while sitting on the bar stool have to pick out a chick
    Real quick and use slick words to do so, a few dudes use a Schick
    To shave and become brave I want some flave from her lips real
    Bad, the attraction unfold when I see actions on a pole deal
    With honeys that strip and money drips from my pocket kneel
    As pie rockets hurt my eye socket looking, why knock it stuff
    Cooking, this can be flagrant to any free agent I’ve had enough
    So now on a quick route to pick out a chick quick, no doubt
    My mind is outlined to fall in love then try to walk it out
    We can go to the club have fun if she’s my love one about
    To take her home that’s where her cake belong, catch trout
    On a fishing expedition not wishing for friction and kissing
    Is a condition that leads to sex and proceed in a complex fashion, missing
    The bed sometime but here comes the wine one cup be twisting
    Mind, so to be at home screwing is no wrongdoing not risking
    My chances for a date I must rap to her for real, in the past a hustler
    Tasked to be lover don’t need a gas guzzler, drives a Plymouth duster
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    Oct 4, 2005
    upping for real
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    Dec 27, 2014
    OH BOI!!!
    So much entertainment in this work.
    I enjoyed it.

    "In HIPHOP, it’s a drastic call for basketball because my entire
    Group love to fire up hoops and slam-dunk which require
    Some damn punk that like to talk junk, look my skull has brains
    and love is a dull campaign with the wrong dame
    Like JAY-Z"
  4. bagglad

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    Oct 4, 2005
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