Haha Where Is It Written That You Must Have Sex In A Relationship

Discussion in 'Ladies Lounge' started by mr.rip, Dec 9, 2006.

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  1. Sin is attached to sex, therefore the act of love making when not done for any other purposes than procreation becomes 'bad'. It harbours guilt and hangups in people. People have to repress natural inclinations in fear of being sinful. In Victorian England, Women were either married, widowed, or whores. An example of a destructive ideology, if ever I saw one.

    Well the fact is, in reality sex IS used for both recreation and procreation. Therefore Sin, and where life renews itself has been attatched there and is inseperable, thus not flawed. Relgious convention has added this negative dimension to sex. Kids thinking they will goto hell if they masturbate, genital mutilation to remove any enjoyment from sex. Feurbach talked about alienation of man from God. We are not, nor can we ever be perfect on earth according to religion and god, therefore we always set ourselves up to fail because he/she/god is perfect, and we are not. Its a self fulfilling prophecy, just like telling people they are infested with sin is a self fulfilling prophecy--How can they not feel they are bad people? Does the fear of masturbating come from anywhere but a deep rooted religious conflict created in ourselves?

    maybe they dont mention this because it is a given that sex is good because it brings children. You arent seriously gonna say that those with kids here, disagree with you?

    Maybe they ignore it because it doesn't seem to make sense to them? Not because they know it is right but still choose to ignore it

    Your assumption is that when people do such things they must be ignoring scripture. Not always the case. I could sense your last response was quite emotive so im going to leave it at that.
  2. I wrote this poem a lil while ago and feel it is linked to what we are talking about so here it is if anyone wants to read it.

    Feuerbach’s little darlings

    What is in us to find heaven now? When the ancient stars of our past
    that lifted us up with their shining majesty, now break our hearts
    and leave the spirit torn and divided on an altar -- as a sacrifice.
    Even the dying flowers slipping away from the grave, along a shaded path
    before the illuminated building, wilt in contradiction.
    The stars evanesce, even in memories full of passion and flame,
    the essence has fallen so deep within us it cannot climb out again.
    The God box has been broken in to, the sin has been unpicked by its slaves,
    but it hibernates within us and haunts our freshly raked up graves.
    The abyss is sapped from our souls, which dissipate, into ether,
    like guilt unclasped from its shackles, yet we cannot completely free her
    or the tender tree of femininity spitting out all its sour apples,
    as we find no solace or shelter from the silence of our chapels
    that once resonated so clearly, in every prayer, and utterance of grace,
    in every hymn we found him, in everything his resting place, a font
    stood championing our becoming, as his tears touched us darlings,
    we became as pure as the sparkling stream, yet as muddied and muddled
    as our rippling image in his unwavering reflection.
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