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Discussion in 'Cypher' started by 6ftground, Dec 1, 2007.

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  1. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    Head Above Ground Cypher....
    Let us know how you keep your head above:
    Let Us KNow How You keep from:
    Blowing in the wind
    Blowing Like Ashes
    Let Us know how you live daily...
    This is the...
    H.A.G.-Cypher Diaries....Lets Flow Hommies
  2. barnizzle

    barnizzle HIP HOP

    Sep 25, 2004
    wake on the daily it's odd, i tell a..fallen angel ta..
    head to the heavens send a prayer to my god...
    let him know this life is hard and forgive me for scars...
    i've given, and received i was under impressions
    i'd be better than other lessons i've heed'd thus far..
    so a...thugs matered keepin my head above water
    the streets taught'em more than his drugged father
    had me, one son and a daughter thank god for sendin'em down
    they keep my head above ground

  3. Linxz

    Linxz What!

    Feb 5, 2006
    On my G keep'n my Js on, ya aint got enough strength 2turn him em back.
    Its in the blood, but I don't bang, the silent diamond dressed in black.
    the nerve of death, how life wanting me to run the stretch.
    tutor by rest, in hopes when i'm gone, i'm known as 1of the best.
    Cause I grinded hard, Broke Bread With NO Days OFF.
    took great lostes', But Every Move was Boss.
    As for these bitches, I fuck than I toss.
    probably only 2you, they fuck than they walk.
    See theres Money, but Big Pimping is all i talk.
    How to keep above ground, is all i've been taught.
    didn't want trouble still had to bubble, the bullshyt I fought.
    reasoning with minds, like why life start when death guest appearing.

    What up 6ft....
  4. RemyRed

    RemyRed The Rain

    Dec 10, 2007
    I stay away from the christian and gansta rapping//
    I believe it bitching and boasting in lyrical fashion.//
    Put the beat on crank it n ill show you true passion.//
    side by side with fuckin like a jack rabbit//
    On the track Jogging or rappin you could say ima savage//
    Saturdays I smoke the buddah sit on hill and meditate//
    Nighttime Clubs make way Cuz the honey seems to gravitate//
    honney seen me on myspace now we moving from outer to iner space//
    Then in her place then im in her face.
    Sundays I halo 4 way after the matinee and b4 the 4play//
    Mondays I put in work spit the fire and finish of finals//
    A are great but C get degrees and a loss of sleep
    Tuesday I dread the worst
    The sky is grey,I'm far from get paid, and usally far from getting laid
    I don't shave and i look like i hopped out a cave The spanish hussain
    Wendsdays Middle of the week n i get sursprise
    at how fast the days is goin by. Take the time to paint and right my visoion on a canvas and it look right.
    Thursdays My legs shakes waiting for friday. I goto work stack the fruit and shit throw out the bad and when im done steal alil bit. Pomegrams platanos and figs.
    Friday is like heart attack the stress dont stop till i out clock. I get so excited counting down i gota hold down my cock. Then freedom emerges i step out.
  5. icepick red

    icepick red New Member

    Nov 2, 2007

    wut up bitch
  6. Linxz

    Linxz What!

    Feb 5, 2006
    Now whose that? all that talk tha choppa set em straight
    Fuck beef its War, I'm Raw you short coming late
    ya want lines to bite, so don't sugar coat the hate
    bars I drop cause i took flight, go head quit try'n act hype
    most these characters posters, up here fronting they dike
    try'n be tough...Alright! We'll see what ya finger tips type
    behind screen ya got spirit, but don't have heart
    ya just a queer folk, a big ass target call ya a mark

    I wanna sit back and think...wait... I wanna sit back and rank
    This geek outline my whole script,
    Just to call me a bitch
    fine i'll honor you than
    in hopes that ya found a new friend
    cause with my luck i'll see Life
    think'n on ten for doing ya trife
    thats right i'll even bet my voice to the mic
    i'll play you like i'm ike
    a savage speaking whats trill, we know ya have no skill
    if Game, than why don't you put it up to throw it up than

    Got three bitches thats all heart, look'n better than ya dimes
    should know what it mean, when I have to cut hands
    i'll club ya best man, yes man i'm better than X amount of men
    go head and think bout it than, cause i'm all in

    blah blah blah = fire

    go head hater just retire.....
  7. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Active Member

    Mar 11, 2007
    Tryna Survive.

    Wut It Do Its Ya Boy Red Steppin In Tha Doe-
    Tryna Keep My Head High So I Gotta Bag Ta Blow-
    An Threw All Dat Drama,
    Who Stood By My Side God, An My Muthafukkin Mama-
    Tryna Keep My Head Above Wata,cuz Im Swimmin Wit Parana's-
    So I Give Praise,but Still Searchin Fa Betta Dayz-
    An When Dat Baretta Spray'z,i Hope Dat It Aint My Soul Dat Float-
    Sum Ni99as Smoke Dope An Sum Sell Well Wut Eva Floats Ya Boat-
    Shyt I Wish Me An My Ni99as Could Still Kick It-
    But Shyt Real So Fukk It Im Reachin Fa My Meal Ticket-
    I Den Told Yall My City Real Wicked-
    If I Dont Smoke Weed I Mite Jus Explode An Snap-
    Get Dat Big As Choppa An Expose Ya Cap-
    Wet Cha Up Wit Da K Wata Hose Ya Back-
    I Woulda Neva Came Out Da Pu55y If I Known Dis World Wus Sick-
    But I Came Out Butt As Naked An Showed Da World My Dikk-
    An I Aint Gone Lie I Do Dirt But Thankful Dat I See Sunrise-
    An Jus No U Aint Real Even If U Tell Sum Lies-
    So When The Day God Call Me Will Jesus Take Me Up-
    Or Is This Life A Dream Until The Reapa Come Wake Me Up-
    Yeah Im Untame But Still Feelin Caged But Wus Worse Is-
    I Aint Free But Dis Raw As Verse Is-
  8. barnizzle

    barnizzle HIP HOP

    Sep 25, 2004
    icepick red lost
  9. CaTchW0n

    CaTchW0n New Member

    Sep 18, 2001
    wake up in the morning, thank the lord for my blessings
    I've rested, back to the grind gotta bank dimes
    eatting till I digest it....bustahs, I could collide wit but
    y stress it, trying to tread water, not identified by dental records
    streets wreckless Im trying to eat first you can skip breakfast
    my dough is athletic dont need aerobics to stretch it
    touch it and grab you'll need calistetics wit a paramedic
    Im not trying to blow with the ashes lost in sadness
    I rather live extravagant and speak in the past tense...
    like remember when I had this, now I have that
    laugh at, low times and toast to the present happiness
  10. Deadly MC

    Deadly MC New Member

    Dec 30, 2007
    By,Deadly MC

    Ta cope i take another puff of the marijuana smoke,
    ta feel at ease, its a psychological tease
    relaxin my mind, killin brain cells at the same time,
    what ta do?
    If i could freeze time take back the pain,
    Take back the shame,
    take the controversy from my brain!
    Cuz... things ain't ever gonna be the same,
    What ta do?
    Blame it on the rain,
    Or blame the hole damn thing on my motha fuckin name
    Cuz i try ta do right,i try ta be right,
    I seen the light,
    but got carried away,in the darkness of the night...
  11. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    I've been away,,Just say I'm getting my mind right!...

    Alright been away for so many nights
    don't worry I beat the demons off
    now i see the light it's outta sight
    but wait there's more to my story
    i got a new style more substance
    more topics so don't stop it
    Man! i'm just saying
    you and I got life in the palm of our hands
    haters palm life like sand
    so what i spit, they'll never understand
    most my niccaz in the realm is tight
    bright and bound for stardom
    i want to perform in harlem
    but 4 now ill hiphop6 it
    make it hot like mommas fresh biscuit
    niccaz give me my jelly and butter
    i'm bout as mouthwatering and sour brothers
    niccaz i'm come in/how 6 get lyrics so common
    i'm dump in on you as if i was monsoon
    i'm here, back ready to consume
    all you haters wait it gets gator
    clamp-in down 0n you turning it into a deathroll...Lets Go -Lets GO
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