Gt ga armageddon 2 predictions

Discussion in 'Battle Video Archives' started by SYNISTA401, Jan 3, 2011.

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  1. SYNISTA401

    SYNISTA401 New Member

    Nov 26, 2010

    SYAHBOY VS. SCOTTY P- I got Syah. But this for money so Scotty Might come with some shit. But I think Syah might get this. Truthfully I wanted to see Syah and Syd go at it.

    JOHN JOHN Vs. LOTTAZAY-If John comes with a performance he did against Brixx then Zay gonna have some problems. But Zay is nice. This one I can't call.

    PC vs LANCE- I been wondering if Pc would ever hop back in the ring. Lance nice too, but PC I know gonna say some hilarious shit. I'll go wit PC. But I know this will be a dope battle.

    GODZILLA Vs DIRT-This is gonna be a dope battle. Zilla gonna come wit some punchlines. And Dirt's multi's are deadly. I seen Dirt live at Halloween Havoc. So I know what he capable of and Godzilla punchlines are sick. I think Dirt will bring out Zilla's best performance. Can't call this one but it'll be dope.

    SUPREME COURT vs ROOSEVELT- One of these two was called out many times and had shots fired there way too much. So I think that will be the feul to the fire. Roosevelt will come wit some shit. Hopefully he won't sleep on Supreme cuz Supreme a good mc.

    BRIXX BELVEDERE vs. BRIKKS-Brixx. Ya'll seen him in the Mciddy battle. I seen him live against John weeks ago. No need to explain. Brikks better have dope bars back to back every round or he will get roasted.

    RICHARD CRANIUM vs LEVY- I got Richard. He's been beasting in every battle. And Rich can outdrink any battle mc!!! LOL LOL

    CASPER VS. PARANORMAL-This is definetly gonna be the funniest battle of the night. I'm gonna make sure to smoke some kush soon as they announce these 2 goin at it cuz I know they gonna roast the shit out each other.

    P RO vs IVAN THE GREAT-Both gonna bring some punches in this one. I'm looking forward to this one. Damn can't call this one.

    KAVEMAN BROWN vs. JO SPADE- J.O. Spade is good, but Ill go with Kaveman. His flow is dangerous and he'll slip in a knockout punch in his rounds that can win a whole battle.

    RICHARD CRANIUM vs. 30 30- I haven't seen 30 30 battle in awhile and I know Richard really wants to go for the jugalar in this. I'm looking forward to this too.

    DAESTRO DOLLA VS. SMOKE- This gonna be the most street battle of the night. Smoke good but Daestro swag is crazy!!!! Daestro battled Dirt and styled the fuck out in that battle. I see him doin the same in this one. Smoke will have some punches, but Daestro will come wit some style, punches, and dope performance. I got Daestro.

    CL9WD Vs. THOUSAND- I just recently seen 2 of Thousand's battles. He got some shit. But I got Clowd. Not being biased. Thousand will probably come wit some straight punches. But Clowd will most likely say some off the wall shit. Just from the Mr. west, Blackheart and Proverb I seen em in person. Clowd be sayin some crazy shit. So I got Clowd

    GLYMPSE AUTOMATIK vs HINDUROCK- this is another one I can't call. Glympse will say some funny ass shit and he can freestyle. But I seen Hindu battle at Halloween Havoc and he went the fuck off wit some sick shit. This another one I look forward too. This will be a very dope battle.

    BASH AVE vs. MR. WILSON- This will be a very dope one too. Bash is my patna thats a youngin on the come up that's very dope. Mr. Wilson is dope too. Another one I can't call. This will be another dope battle.

    KAVEMAN vs STAINLESS- I seen a battle wit Stainless he had some punchlines and Kaveman got a sick flow. Another one I can't call.

    SYNISTA vs. REAL TALK- I gotta be honest. Real Talk is nice!!! You will def see more of him. I know I gotta come wit my best shit. I got a serious chip on my shoulder. My battles haven't dropped yet and people be dissing showin no respect. So I'm not just rap battling in this. This is a all out fight for me to get my respect!!!! I'm on a mission for 2011 to go on an all out killing spree. There are a lotta cats gonna be in the building. My only goal is to let people know when you go in the ring wit me its gonna be A MOTHAFUCKING PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I tried my best to not be biased and predict these the best I can but. Damn there are some dope ass battles going down. I honestly tried my best to call out the winners but there are some dope mc's going at it. The judging won't be biased cuz there will be lots of out of towners. Say what you want but what other division be having dope events like these EVERY SINGLE DAMN MONTH!!!
  2. KingsCourtEnt

    KingsCourtEnt Active Member

    Aug 8, 2009
    SYAHBOY VS. SCOTTY P- Syah Boy bodybag. I don't see this being close

    JOHN JOHN Vs. LOTTAZAY-Lotta Zay unless John comes like his last performance he might take it then
    PC vs LANCE- Lance
    GODZILLA Vs DIRT-Wow this will be one of the best of the event I wouldn't vote against Dirt he on a killing spree
    SUPREME COURT vs ROOSEVELT- Rossevelt been nice lately
    BRIXX BELVEDERE vs. BRIKKS-Brixx Belevder is killing I see him taking this
    RICHARD CRANIUM vs LEVY- I don't know Levy and Cranium is good so I got RC
    CASPER VS. PARANORMAL-This will suprisingly be a good battle. Paranormal has allot to prove he got bars and needs to work on performance. Plus he knows how people will attack him Casper nice with it. I think he's more well rounded vote for Casper
    P RO vs IVAN THE GREAT-I am not sure don't follow these two extensively seen 1 or battles I go with Ivan
    KAVEMAN BROWN vs. JO SPADE- Don't know Spade I go with Brown he's nice with it
    RICHARD CRANIUM vs. 30 30- Richard got 2 battles that day 3030 ain't horrible going for 30
    DAESTRO DOLLA VS. SMOKE- I only know Daestro and he's pretty good so going for Dolla
    CL9WD Vs. THOUSAND- Thousand Haven't seen Cl9wd
    GLYMPSE AUTOMATIK vs HINDUROCK- Hindu Rock he got allot to prove
    BASH AVE vs. MR. WILSON- I don't know either one but Bash Ave has the better name
    SYNISTA vs. REAL TALK- I'll give it to Synista as he sounds serious.

    Solid event Needs some Syd Vicious

    Need to try and get some Atlanta celebreties out to support
  3. hindurock

    hindurock Well-Known Member

    Feb 25, 2010
    syah vs scotty? scotty. but i might be biased. lol
    johnjohn vs lotta? lotta. easy.
    zilla vs dirt? dirty. easy.
    supreme vs rosie? id say supreme.
    brixx vs brikks? neva hurd of brikks. but imma say brixx. easy
    richard cranium vs levy? dickhead. easy.
    destrodolla vs smoke? neva hurd smoke.
    clowd9 vs thousand? tough to call. but imma say thousand.
    glympse vs hindu? Hindurock Bodybag
    Bash ave vs wilson? wilson.
    kaveman vs stainless? dunno either of them
    synista vs real talk? synista. just cuz real talk is a fucken stupid name.
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