Gsus vs. Holloway (Cypher Battle of the Year)

Discussion in 'Cypher' started by Gsus, Jan 12, 2006.

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  1. Gsus

    Gsus aka Wordz bka G. Legit

    Jun 25, 2003

    as many rounds as u can take
    as many lines/bars u want....minimum:10
    after every post by the opponent u have 2days to post ya next verse...
    no dr, crew, hate, or bs votes....all votes must be thoroughly explained and can be posted through out the battle

    to all u other clowns:

    no freepostin...
    no bs talkin
    only other posts other than our verses are votes...unless by me and Hollow, ya dig...

    aight lets get this poppin...

    Holloway sign in....u choose who go or u....
  2. Holloway

    Holloway New Member

    Nov 12, 2005
    I'm in!

    Cool...well I dropped last in the other cypher, so u can go first here as you got something to work with.

    Hope that's cool.

  3. Gsus

    Gsus aka Wordz bka G. Legit

    Jun 25, 2003

    This Gsus u doubtin, lets make u a believer...Im in shotgun position, u the reciever...u a "model gangsta" on the runway, runnin away, u more of a diva/
    U must be high on reefer...u the dough, motherfucka Im the toppins on the spits chill and give ya the shakes like seizures...and yes Im conquerin ya, u Rome and Im Caesar/ Clap no clap, u walk wit no straps, u aint no criminal...bitch u look at life through the same view women do...see u a high diver, jumpin into this shark infested swimmin pool...and u couldnt "Mac" to a bitch at a drive thru after bein successful in a Mickey D's interview/

    (real shit)
    Kid ya punches fallin like the toothbrush, dude u gonne need further reach...
    Killin me dukes, plz Im Gsus...u could have a "killer pen" and u couldnt "Murder Ink"/
    U a crazy fool...I dont gotta eat cha, I'll swallow ya whole, like baby food...
    See Ima homocidal reporter, crackin ya ribs, the way you'll be breakin news/
    U betta put ya best foot forward, and I aint talkin bout steppin to me in ya new shoes...
    See I'll make u bungy jump wireless u was on ya celly, usin a blue tooth/
    Get some mo time under ya belt, see u aint got the experience to diss-respect me...
    And I admit u ill kid, cuz u known to do the impossible, like fuckin up a wet dream/
    Fuck a infra-red beam...I cant miss, the barrel on my shit could shoot a nuclear warhead...
    So u can forget dodgin dawg...u betta mutate and try out runnin the blast wit four legs/
    Or you'll be more dead, than frankstein...cuz this bullet got ya name on it the way the steel detect ya...
    See dukes u betta forget rappin...and "hang diss shit up" like phone recievers on bill collectors/
    See u aint "seen shit yet" a blind dude stickin his glass eye in my asshole waitin for a bowel movement...
    Fuck punchlines and wordplay...I'll get personal and tell it all, like a snitch on the stand, at a trial, do it/
    U outta ya league homie...quick, u betta get back in ya wheelchair...
    See ya talents lackin chemo therapy patients and real hair/
    This aint a stick up but ya pussy ass keep ya hands up, like a groupie at my concert...
    see kid, u know u gonna drop some hot u know I had to drop a bomb first/
  4. Holloway

    Holloway New Member

    Nov 12, 2005
    I'll leave you leaking, just like I talked to a snitch
    I'm already done, somebody stick a fork in this b*itch
    The shotgun pump'll have you bleeding in stereo
    And the semi-auto can give you more holes than Cheerios
    You from the Big-•••••, red and juicy
    Sumthin sweet, GSUS, 5 boroughs of p*ussy. sumthin to eat
    No luck with the ladies, wanna borrow the p*ussy
    You f*ucked, or should I say I'ma Hollow the P*ussy
    Y'all can throw him votes, if you wanna follow the P*ussy
    But do it now, cos there ain't no tomorrow for P*ussy
    This is simple. I body you in 10 lines
    Then folks gon' tell their grandkids this story every night at bedtime
    Before the shot it's a gun, before the dot it's a redline
    New York Times "Faggot Killed Yet Again" is the headline
    Bread, wine
    That's everything on your menu
    You can't be the boss of your team, so who sent you?
  5. Gsus

    Gsus aka Wordz bka G. Legit

    Jun 25, 2003

    Let's remove the "A" from the phrase...and u get "Im Hollow the Pussy"...
    This kid a virgin, so when he heard about "eatin"...he tried to "swallow the pussy"...
    Now he playin "private" investigator slash stalker....tryin to follow the pussy...
    Shorty said his dick I tried to make em feel better & said he got "swallowed in pussy"/

    Kid ya father was wit all that in ya "genes", that make u a bitch...
    Kid I couldnt pull enough hardness out ya make u a dick/

    Kid u fakin this shit, I aint even tryin to be hard...ya raps like a dude settin up booths, hustlin drinks...ya lines just simply tryin to be "bars"/

    It took u the whole 2 days kid, was u scared to post?...I know, dont worry about it homie...
    those lines up there could've scared a ghost/

    Somebody's lyin, I aint from he aint a emcee...
    I'll give em "shells"...and I aint talkin bout from "NC"/ (in sea)

    Forget spittin dukes, ya flow weak...u gonna need water if u wanna fight fire...
    see the only red dot and line u know when u watchin NightRider/
    Maybe it was a mistake for invitin u...see, I thought u was better...
    But now that I look at it...I just see well placed letters/

    U wit skills is like the invisible man, I be like where the talent go...
    u must gotta bad equilibrium...
    cuz one touch to the chin, and there goes ya balanced flow/

    U got no influence in this wonder u dont gotcha self a team...
    see if props was like jenga....this clumsy bastard couldnt build his "self- esteem"/
  6. Holloway

    Holloway New Member

    Nov 12, 2005
    ....catch enuff Young gunner?!!!!!!!

    It won't take long for the audience to realise you a fa*ggot
    They get my rhymes, one time. (No explanation in brackets)
    P*ussy, all-over pu*ssy, at best you a maggot
    Treat ya a$$ like a new wall, I'ma spray it and tag it
    Respect my genealogy, my father is known
    Only info ya moms could give you is, "Your father could bone!"
    Drunken fumble in a rental, you're a product of a 'jones'
    They used to call ya moms the quarry, she be "breakin in stones"
    They used to call her the graveyard, she be "takin in bones"
    Nine to Five horizontal, laying, faking them moans.
    But lemme get up off that b*itch
    Like so many men before me. She made em cough and itch.
    Ain't no surprise you turned out to be a b*itch, believe me
    Cos dogs don't make cats, and y'all are b*itch by species
    Think you scary? Stop hanging round them cowards
    Had you like Eddie Murphy. Kept you sweating for 48 Hrs
    See during the day, I ain't at home with Jenga
    Or on the net, surfing porn-sites, jerkin my member, all night
    I gotta JOB, and if I'm needing to hit
    Phone a bi*tch. By the way, does your moms still finish at 6?
    I know that from her calling card, I ain't no stalker
    It don't take much anyway, just a black Johnny Walker
    To get that ol' trick to do sh*it
    She sinking ships like Titanic, when I pimp them loose lips
    P*ussy like Madison Square, check the acoustics
    One man can't satisfy her, unless he packing a pool stick
    In the case of GSUS vs Hollow, I'm raising my hand
    Other on the Bible, and call your Old Maid to the stand
    Flash a dollar bill, that always gets her mesmerized
    Then ask her if I'm a virgin? Watch her Testify.
  7. Holloway

    Holloway New Member

    Nov 12, 2005
    ...I guess that's that Bruh!

    That verse was kinda I'm not surprised you choked.

    It's been 5 days!

    Don't call me out again dawg....I work.
  8. Gsus

    Gsus aka Wordz bka G. Legit

    Jun 25, 2003
    Im bout to silence this chump, and I aint talkin bout usin duck tape...
    See u talk a good game, but u only "backin shit up" when u gettin butt raped/
    See I get bitches, u just a bitch walkin around wit ya hand in somebody's pocket..
    Kid ya ass like a fly ball, cuz its always somebody dyslexic "fill-in, in," yellin "I GOT IT"/
    Here's the logic...all that slick talk, u just practicin ya mack for New York hood rats...
    Dude wit all that rhythm and hostility in ya flow, reminds me of How Stella Got her Groove Back/
    Spittin in my genes, my DNA made of bars, so in other words, u know I was born to rap...
    My verse like stealth, u cant see me, but I can see ya shit like fresh mowed lawns and crap/
    Look at this ugly guy, frontin like he God's gift to women, just cuz his mom said he handsome....
    Hollow u could be married and kidnap ya dick, and ya wife wouldnt even put up the ASS for ransom/
    U shit homie, and I see u full of ya look in the mirror dude, even ya reflection hushin ya self...
    but dont worry I'll treat this pussy like a minute man...I aint "cummin" but Im still rushin ya death/

    Complainin about 5 days...look dude I gotta life unlike u...
    eat, sleep, work, computer...thats really all u do...
    but Im bout to put the icin on ya cake ass, cuz this time u through/

    My momma this, my momma that, I heard em all in grade school...
    u cross-eyed, "see" ya sexuality aint even straight like ya "gaze" dude/
    U gotta job, well then save up ya cash like Em and get some studio time...
    Cuz when u battlin me up here, ya flow bout as out dated as Coolio's rhymes/
    U like a blind dreamer, but dont worry you'll never see a fallin star...
    See ya time runnin out quick homie, like a generic callin card/
    But dont front homie, u was waitin on my verse, like u waitin to get ya first fuck...
    See you'll be the next 40yr old Virgin, and Im sayin thats not even wit ya worst luck/
    Lol@ u callin me a faggot....when u said u gonna treat my ass like a new wall, and spray and tag it/
    Come on guy, be real, why u tryin to commit suicide...I got enough blood on my hands...
    U a homo wit good intentions, u saw hard verse...and it started a flood in ya pants/

    Sickness, u dont really want me to bring it out...see you'll be all g'd up in ya nice suit...cuz I gave the funeral home choir somethin to sing about/

    COMMIDITY New Member

    Jan 20, 2006
    Yo ......none Of Ya'll Won.......if One Of U Comes Up Wit Creative Punches ,and Better Rhymin Words........then I Mite Vote Fo U.......but Right To Wack Mc's.......your Garbage......................
  10. KronikMage

    KronikMage Status - Blazed

    Oct 5, 2005
    Commidity just 0wned both of you faggots in one sentence
    N without my verse up in this bitch it wouldn't get honorable mention
    Both of ur verses where wack, and all the garbage that followed
    Who the fuck cares about either of you or lines on runway models?
    Go fuck ur fathers, I could beat both of you clowns in under 10
    Then you look @ ur fuckin feet an I rip the ground up from under them
    Wack mc's^ really defined the description for both of you fruits
    I might have posted a vote but then all that bullshit continued it's route
    Got less chance of upgrading ur flows than a vintage coupe, plz fuckin fry
    People gonna come in here n see this then think the cypher is beginnin to die
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