GRB'S. It's TIME. Suck @ writing rhymes? Do u need a Ghostwriter? Are u Cire?

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    Thanks to @J o o k and the man who uses pepper spray during physical confrontations, the GRB's are finally returning after a long hiatus, which means I am back in business and looking for garbage clients who can't write a decent bar. You know who you are too because I've wrote for you before (Hi Black Jesus and Noodles). Due to the economy and no one on RM making more than minimum wage, I have reduced my prices to make them affordable for you pathetic poor pieces of shit.

    Here are my costs this year.

    Free if you have a batman hairline or an album that you have been talking about dropping for years yet it hasn't seen the light of day...

    $0.40 If you're Noodles. The cost of pepper spray is up this year, I know you are struggling. :scared:

    $0.59 for just a single punchline. BEST DEAL I HAVE EVER OFFERED.

    $1.99 to help you with your adlibs.

    $2 to find you a dope beat to battle on.

    $8 To write Intro's and Outro's

    $15 unlimited package for DZK this year. Decided to give you a great deal this year due to the fact my lobster chef line I penned for you got horrible responses.

    $20 For Verses Below Three Minutes

    $25 For Verses Over Four Minutes

    $50 If you are facing Warbux. Just because after his horrible live performance the opportunity to destroy him will be extremely easy.

    $100 For me to make you a youtube video for your battle.

    $200 to help create an AIMRING for you. DZK actually taught online classes for this for free on the warlab last year and I took full advantage of this opportunity and can get you the votes you need quite easily.

    I take PayPal or nude pictures of your wives and/or moms. I'll also take pictures of your new toilet seats or mattresses made between 2009-2013 if you happen to have any.

    pm me or hit me up on aim between 4-12 PM Monday Through Wednesday (Central Time)

    My Credentials:

    I have wrote 2 finals verses... both ended up second by bullshit voting.

    I have wrote 5 semifinal verses.

    and over 10 First and Second Round Verses.

    You might remember a couple of my verses (remember the webcam headband line?).

    I am interested in doing business with you.
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